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1949 Cargo Yearbook
 Lowpoint Township High School
Lowpoint, Illinios
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Faculty - left to right...

W. Burdell Smith.....Principal - Bradley University, A.B., University of Illinois, M.A., Northwestern University, Washington University, St. Louis University, Instructor in Social Science.
Mrs. J. Harrison Buckingham - MacMurry College, A.B., Northwestern University, M.A., Instructor in English.
Mrs. Deen Wiseman - I.S.N.U., B. Ed., Instructor in Commerce and Physical Education.
Mrs. Virgil Bachman - I.S.N.U., B. Ed., Instructor in Home Ec.
Edwin E. Zilm - E. Central State, Okla., Bradley University, B.S., Instructor in Math., and Coach
Mrs. LeRoy Fagot - (not present when picture was taken) University of Illinois, B.S. Instructor in Home Ec. (completed year fro Mrs. Bachman).

Senior Class

Nyla Bachman

Nyla Bachman "Babe"
"A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men."

Class President 4

Class Secretary-Treasurer 1

F.H.A. Vice President 4

F.H.A. Secretary 3

Student Council 2

"For Pete's Sake" 3

"Bolts and Nuts" 4

Yearbook Staff 3-4

Don Knoblauch

Donald Knoblauch  "Don"
"A second thought is ever wiser."

Class President 2

Classs Vice-President 1-3

Student Council Vice President 3-4

Track 3

Basketball 1-2-3-4

Baseball 1-2-3-4

"Don't Darken My Door" 1

"Damsels in Distress" 2

"For Pete's Sake" 3

"Bolts and Nuts" 4

Science Club 1

Yearbook Staff 3-4

President L Club 4

Robt Buchanan

Robert Buchanan  "Bob"
"Words are women; deeds are men."
Class President 3

Student Council 1-4

Track 1-3

Basketball 1-2-3-4

Baseball 1-2-3-4

"For Pete's Sake" 3

"Bolts and Nuts" 4

Science Club 1

Yearbook Staff 3-4

Vice President L Club 4

Jayne Clark

Jayne Clark "Janie"
"If I can't win, I'll make the one ahead break the record."

Class President 1

Class Vice President 2

Class Secretary-Treasurer 3-4

Student Council 2

Cheerleader 1-2-3

F.H.A. Reporter 3

F.H.A. Presdient 4

"Damsels in Distress" 2

"For Pete's Sake" 3

"Bolts and Nuts" 4

Track 1

Science Club 1

Margie Porch

Margie Porch "Marg"
"Sail on the sea of ambition, and land on the shore of success."

Class Secretary-Treasurer 2

Student Council 1

F.H.A. Member 3

F.H.A. Secretary 4

"For Pete's Sake" 3

"Bolts and Nuts" 4

Yearbook staff 3-4

Art Head

Arthur Head "Art"
"A merry hearat doeth good like a medicine."

Basketball 2-3-4

F.H.A. Parliamentarian 3

"For Pete's Sake" 3

"Bolts and Nuts" 4

Yearbook staff 3-4

Senior Class History

Back in good old days of 1945, in the month of september, seven bashful freshmen walked up the steps of L.T.H.S.  They were: Nyla Bachman, Jayne Clark, Margie Porch, Robert Buchanan, Donald Knoblauch, John Shull, and Harry Ulrich.  At the end of the first six weeks, we lost one member of our class, Harry Ulrich.  We were fully initiated and I'm sure no one enjoyed it more than we did.

President.....Jayne Clark
Vice President.....Donald Knoblauch
Secretary-Treasurer.....Nyla Bachman
Student Council.....Margie Porch and Robert Buchanan
Class Adviser.....Mrs. Hoffman

We took time out from our studies to have two theater parties.
After a successful year in '45 we entered L.T.H.S. as seven silly sophomores.  This year Arthur Head joined our class.  Our class officers:

President.....Donald Knoblauch
Vice President.....Jayne Clark
Secretary-Treasurer.....Margie Porch
Student Council.....Nyla Bachman and Jayne Clark
Class Adviser.....Mrs. Bachman

The juniors went with us to Lacon as our guests to see "Sister Kenny."  After the show, we enjoyed refreshments at Mrs. Bachman's apartment.

When we were jolly juniors, we entered L.T.H.S. witht he same seven students as the previous year.  Our class officers were:

President.....Robert Buchanan
Vice President.....Donald Knoblauch
Secretary-Treasurer.....Jayne Clark
Student Council.....Donald Knoblauch and John Shull
Class Adviser.....Mrs. Bachman

The senior class joined us in going to a show at Lacon.  We were also in charge of two all school parties, which were held in the gym.

Our main job this year was to raise financial funds to give a banquet in honor of class of '48.  It was held in the Jefferson Hotel, at Peoria, Illinois, on May 6th.  We carried out the Navy theme at our banquet with a color scheme of blue and white.  All were presented with white carnations and sailor hats, which we wore during the banquet.  We saw the movie, "Duel in the Sun."  I'm sure everyone enjoyed the evening immensely.

We entered high school in the fall of '48 as seven sophisticated seniors.  At the end of the first semester we lost John Shull, so we were left with six seniors.  Our officers were:

President.....Nyla Bachman
Secretary-Treasurer.....Jayne Clark
Student Council.....Donald Knoblauch and Robert Buchanan
Class Adviser.....Mr. Smith

Baccalaureate was held May 22nd, and we were presented withour diplomas on May 26th.
We are planning to go to Washington, D.C. on an educational trip.  We hope to go during the first part of June.

We come to the close ou our fun in Lowpoint High.  I'm sure that four years have been enjoyed by everyone.....Nyla Bachman

Senior Class Will

We, the  Senior Clas of '49, being of sound mind, hereby declare this our last will and testament:
To the faculty we express our thanks for their kindness and patience to us during our trying moments.
To the juniors we leave our heartbreaks, headaches, spats, joys, and pieces of gum which Mr. Smith likes to see us chew.
To the sophomores we leave our ability to study in the study hall when there are no teachers around.
To the freshmen we leave our ability to learn everything we didn't learn during our last four years.

I, Robert Buchanan, will my good grades to Duane Finch, and my ability to tell an empty fountain pen from a full one to Eddie Miles, and my ability to study hard and make good friends to Cora Gorrell.

I, Don Knobluach, will my long curly hair to Willard Kenyon, and my glasses to Gordon Finch, and my hard pine seat and much marred desk to Beulah Garber.

I, Art Head, will my height to John VanDeVeer, and my ways with the women teachers to Merle Hardman, and my extremely small feet to Catherine Luckett.

I, Margie Porch, will my ability to get an "A: in Home Ec. class to Cora Gorrell, and my personality to Merle Hardman, and my host of boy friends to my sister Ruth Porch (she can use them).

I, Nyla Bachman, will my size to Willard Kenyon, and my ability to blush at any time to Rich Miller, and my bright and happy smile to anyone who can use it as well as I can (especially on boys!).

I, Jayne Clark, will my ability to get my sewing done on time to Beulah Garber, and my ability to get to school on time to Cora Gorrell, and my cracked ping-pong balls to anyone who wants to use them.

Subscribed and sworn to this 5th day of May, 1949.....The Senior Class

Class Prophecy

This is the story of the Old Covered Wagon as it follows the trail of the six 49'ers of Lowpoint High.

In 1959 our trail led us to a peaceful little ranch house..and Jayne Clark answered our knock on the door.  She had married a tall, dark and handsome stranger, but the catch to this story is...we can't remember his name.  During our brief visit we met Jayne's six lovely daughters who keep her quite busy teaching them all the home ec. fundamentals.  Jayne still wonders if she'll ever get another chance to play the piano for a president agian as she did back in 1949 when the seniors went to Washington, D.C.

When we finally caught up with Nyla Bachman it was 1969.  She's the famous singing beautician and keeps very busy beautifying all the movie stars.  She's been true to her work and remained an old maid but she had that certain look in her eyes when a certain gay young bachelor came to call.  She'll probably change her mind before long.

Heading back east, we arrived in Washington, D.C. a few years later to learn that Bob Buchanan and Don Knoblauch had been chased out of town to put an abrupt end to their two-year filibuster in Congress.  We found Don in New York in 1979.  He had become a very famous news commentator with his own ideas about what's wrong with the world.  He was still a bachelor because none of the girls he knew could support him in the fine style to which he was accustomed.

In 1989 we found Bob in Italy and asked him why he had gone there, and he promptly replied that he liked the climate better there than in Washington.  Bob, together with his wife and four youngsters, was very busy initialing olives from his olive orchard.  He's known the world over for Buchanan's initialed olives...he suggested that we try some at Art Head's "Covered Wagon"...the most famous restaurant in Hollywood.  Bob also told us that Margie  Porch had spent a few days with them while she was on her way back to the U.S. at the completion of her trip around the world.  So we turned back once again.

By 1999 we still hadn't found Margie but we visited with Art in Hollywood.  Art's wife is his chief assistant in his restaurant, and his two sons and two daughters are all vice presidents in charge of salting the breakfast cereal.  Art has other interests besides his restaurant...he felt so sorry for all cats because they have to wash their feet so often that he has opened a shoe factory for them.  Things are really purring at his factory.

Finally in 2009 we found Margie Porch..completely surrounded by kids!  Yes, she had started a nursery but not until she had given up dress designing.  She had spent quite some time making costumes to sell but had to rip them so many times that she decided to quit.  Incidentally, ten of her charges were Don Knoblauch's boys who had formed a baseball team and were now in the midst of a very successful season.
And now our mission is completed and the old covered wagon is parked by the side of the road to spend the rest of time cherishing the memory of our six 49'ers.

Junior Class
- left to right:

Back row...M. Hardman, R. Shull, E. Miles, W. Kenyon, R. Miller.

Front row...C. Luckett, Mrs. Wiseman (adviser), C. Gorrell.
B. Garber not present when picture was taken.

Junior Class History

In September of 1946, seven freshmen entered Lowpoint High...Willard Kenyon, Richard Miller, Eddie Miles, Richard Shull, Cora Gorrell, Catherine Luckett, and Beulah Garber.  Later in September, Pat Anderson joined us, and in February of 1947 Merle Hardman entered the class.

Our class officers were:
President.....Willard Kenyon
Vice President.....Richard Shull
Secretary-Treasurer.....Eddie Miles
Student Council.....Beulah Garber and Richard Miller
Class Adviser.....Mr. Jordan

Eddie Miles resigned in February, and Beulah Garber was elected.  We had two class parties and our initiation, which we enjoyed as much as anyone else.

In September of 1947, all the members returned, and the following class officers were elected:

President.....Willard Kenyon
Vice President.....Richard Miller
Secretary-Treasurer.....Beulah Garber
Student Council.....Eddie Miles and Beulah Garber
Class Adviser.....Mrs. Wiseman

We were entertained at a weiner roast by the Freshman Class.  Our class was in charge of the school parties held in January and April.

In the fall of 1948, we entered the Junior Class with eight members.  Pat Anderson had moved away.  In December, Dick Shull started to another school, leaving us seven members.

Our class officers were elected as follows:
President.....Willard Kenyon
Vice President.....Richard Miller
Secretary-Treasurer.....Beulah Garber
Student Council.....Willard Kenyon and Catherine Luckett
Class Adviser.....Mrs. Wiseman

Our main event for this year was planning the banquet for the seniors.......Beulah Garber


Sophomore Class
- left to right:

Back row...Mr. Zilm (adviser), J. Trantina, W. Ruder, R. Kunkel, G. Finch, B. Abel, D. Finch.

Front row...J. Jenkins, D. Kenyon, W. Hillips, R. Porch, J. Safford, V. Hattan, T. Buchanan.

Sophomore Class History

In September of 1947, 11 freshmen entered school; they were: Roger Kunkel, Bill Abel, Bill Ruder, Duane Finch, Gordon Finch, James Trantina, Doris Kenyon, Wilda Phillips, Verla Hattan, Joyce Safford, and Thelma Buchanan.

A class meeting was called, and class officers were elected as follows:

President.....Roger Kunkel
Vice President.....Bill Abel
Secretary-Treasurer.....Thelma Buchanan
Student Council.....James Trantina and Joyce Safford
Class Adviser.....Mrs. Buckingham

In 1948, all 11 members returned plus two new students, Ruth Porch, who came from Detroit where she attended school the previous year, and Joretta Jenkins, who transferred from Metamora to Lowpoint.
Class officers for the year were elected as follows:

President.....Bill Abel
Vice President.....Roger Kunkel
Secreetary-Treasuer.....James Trantina
Student Council.....Bill Ruder and Thelma Buchanan
Class Adviser.....Mr. Zilm

At the end of the first semester Joyce Safford moved to Washburn, leaving only 12 members in our class.....James Trantina


Freshman Class - left to right:

Back row...J. Van DeVeer, G. Foster, L. Hardman, R. Garber, R. Schertz.

Front row...Mrs. Buckingham (adviser), S. Seymour, B. Hahn, B. Ruder.

Freshman Class History

There were eight freshmen at the beginning of the year...Shirley Seymour, Bonnie Hahn, Barbara Ruder, John Van DeVeer, Richard Schertz, Lyle Hardman, Gene Foster, and Robert Garber.  At the end of the first semester Richard Schertz transferred to Roanoke.

The class officers are as follows:

President.....Robert Garber
Vice President.....Gene Foster
Secretary-Treasurer.....Shirley Seymour
Student Council.....Bonnie Hahn and Barbara Ruder
Class Adviser.....Mrs. Buckingham

Richard Schertz was the secretary-treasurer until he transferred to Roanoke, then we elected Shirley Seymour.

The freshman initiation was held in November, and we enjoyed it very much.

I know the rest of the class will join me in saying that we have thoroughly enjoyed our freshman year at Lowpoint High School...Robert Garber


Yearbook Staff
- Left to Right:

M. Porch, A. Head, J. Clark, D. Knoblauch, J.
Shull, B. Buchanan, N. Bachman


Student Council
- Left to Right:

Standing.....Mr Smith (adviser), S. Buchanan, W. Ruder,

Sitting.....C. Luckett, B. Hahn, T. Buchanan, D. Knoblauch, W. Kenyon, B. Ruder.


Play Cast - Left to Right:
Back row.....C. Luckett, Mrs. Buckingham (director), N. Bachman, M. Porch, E. Miles, A. Head, B. Abel, W. Phillips, R. Porch, D. Knoblauch.
Front row.....W. Kenyon, R. Miller, J. Clark, R. Buchanan, J. Shull, T. Buchanan.

Special Events Calendar

October 1...Farm Youth Day
On October 1st the students attended Farm Youth Day in Peoria.  The morning was spent at the air show.  In the afternoon we toured the Central Illinois Light and Power Company and Block and Kuhl Department Store.  We then enjoyed supper and entertainment at the Shrine Mosque.

October 14...School Play

The students of Lowpoint High presented "Bolts and Nuts," a comedy farce, on October 14th.  The cast was as follows:

Benita Bolt........Jayne Clark
Lutie Spinks........Ruth Porch
Rebecca Bolt........Nyla Bachman
Martha Grubb........Thelma Bauchanan
Dr. Hippocrates Joy........John Shull
Henry Goober........Eddie Miles
Twink Starr........Donald Knoblauch
Phineas Plunkett........Robert Buchanan
Prunella Figg........Wilda Phillips
Cadwalledar Clippy........Bill Abel
Gertie Glossop........Margie Porch
Wilbur Glossop........Richard Miller
Jack Gordon........Willard Kenyon
Prompter........Catherine Luckett
Stage Manager........Art Head
Director........Mrs. J. Buckingham

Beulah Garber who was to have been Miss Figg could not take the part because of illness.
Mrs. Buckingham directed the practices in her stocking feet..I wonder why?  At practices the stage was pretty small, but not small enough to keep Richard from using his sling shot.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the play, and I an sure the cast enjoyed presenting it.

October 28...F.H.A. Carnival

The Lowpoint F.H.A. Chapter sponsored a carnival October 28th.  We had several concessions and stands.
At 10 o'clock the students put on a free stage show.  It was as follows:

Barbershop Quartet.....Nyla, Wilda, Thelma, & Jayne
Harmonizers.....Don, Bob, Richard, Eddie, Dick, & Art
Duet.....Joyce & Nyla
Bluebeard Stunt.....Jayne, Don, Ruth, Bob, Doris, Wilda, & Joyce
Clowns.....Bill Ruder & Bill Abel

The last event of the show was the Queen Ceremony.  The queen, Beulah Garber, and her attendants...Joyce Safford, Jayne Clark, and Bonnie Han...who were impressively attired in formals, were escorted to the stage by the top ten baseball players.  The queen was crowned by Bob Buchanan.  The evening was enjoyed by all who attended.

November 8...Freshman Initiation

Eight green freshmen were duly initiated November 8th.  The boys, of course, came to school attired as girls, and the girls came as boys.  They presented a previously planned assembly program for the rest of the students.  It was very interesting, especially for the freshmen.

In the evening, they were entertained at a very nice party by the rest of the students.  We played several games, including a treasure hunt, and danced.  Refreshments of cake, ice cream, and cider were then served.

November 15...Home Ec. Trip
The home economic girls enjoyed a field trip to Bloomington on November 15th.  We went through the Jefferson Cafeteria Kitchen.  The manager treated us to dinner at the cafeteria.
In the afternoon we went through the home management house on the Illinois State Normal University Campus.  The trip was very interesting as well as educational.

December 2...F.H.A. Installation

The Leading Lowpoint Lassies installed their officers in a candlelight service December 2nd.  The following girls were installed as officers:

President.....Jayne Clark
Vice President.....Nyla BAchman
Secretary.....Beulah Garber
Treasurer.....Margie Porch
Parliamentarian.....Thelma Buchanan
Reporter.....Joyce Safford

Each officer wore a red rose, and during the service red roses were presented to our sponsor, Mrs. Virgil Bachman , and our Chapter Mother, Mrs. George Clark.  After a short program presented by the girls, refreshments of cocoa and cookies were served.

December 17...F.H.A. Christmas Party

On December 17, the F.H.A. held their Christmas party.  The early part of the evening was spent in Christmas Caroling.  The boys were invited as our guests.  After a few games and dancing, we had a grab bag.  Refreshments of pop corn, pop, and ice cream drumsticks were served.

April 20...Athletic Pot Luck

A pot luck was held in the Lowpoint Gym April 20,, at 7:00 p.m., in honor of the athletic letter award winners and cheerleaders.  After dinner the letters were presented by Coach Zilm, and a talk was given by Vince Lloyd, sports announcer from WMBD.

As guest we had several of the Bradley boys; they showed a film of the New York University vs. Bradley basketball game.  It was narrated by Coach Don Ashley.

April 25...College Day

The seniors attended College Day at Illinois State Normal Unviersity on April 25th.  After touring the campus in the morning, we enjoyed a free luncheon.  During the afternoon, we attended the special activities which were given to entertain the visiting seniors.

May 5...Junior-Senior Banquet

On the evening of May 5, 1949, at 6:30 p.m. the senior class and the faculty were the honored guests of the junior class at the junior-senior banquet held in the Sun Room of the Hotel Jefferson.

The theme, "The Forty Niners," was carried through by using cowboys and Indians as place cards, tepees as programs, and two covered wagons as table decorations.

Willard Kenyon acted as toastmaster for the evening, and other members of the junior and senior classes participated in the program.

After enjoying a delicious dinner we journeyed to the Madison Theater whre we saw the show "Whispering Smith."

May 22...Baccalureate

May 26...Commencement


F.H.A., Left to right: Back row...S. Seymour, C. Gorrell, C. Luckett, B. Hahn, R. Porch, B. Ruder, W. PHillips.

Front row: T. Buchanan, J. Safford, J. Clark, M. Porch, N. Bachman, Mrs. Bachman (adviser).  B. Garber not present when picture was taken



F. H. A. Queen's Attendents, Left to right:  J. Clark, J. Safford, B. Hahan.



Left to right:  T. Buchanan, W. Phillips, J. Safford



Left to right:  Back row...L. Hardman, W. Kenyon, R. Miller, D. Knoblauch, M. Hardman, A. Head, R. Shull, R. Buchanan, G. Finch, J. Shull, E. Miles, and Mr. Zilm (coach).
Front row...G. Forster, R. Schertz, R. Garber, J. Van DeVeer, R. Kunkel (manager), B. Abel, W. Ruder, D. Finch, J. Trantina.



Left to right:  Back row...R. Kunkel (manager), M. Hardman, R. Shull, R. Buchanan, G. Finch, L. Hardman.
Second row...J. Trantina, D. Knoblauch, A. Head, J. Shull, E. Miles, W. Kenyon.
Front row...J. Van DeVeer, G. Foster, R. Schertz, Mr. Zilm (coach), B. Abel, D. Finch, W. Ruder, R. Garber.  R. Miller not present when picture was taken.

Athletic letter winners for 1948-1949 were Bob Buchanan, Gordon Finch, Art Head, Willard Kenyon, Don Knoblauch, Eddie Miles, Richard Miller, Jim Trantina, and Roger Kunkel, manager.  Numeral winners were Merle Hardman, Bill Abel, Duane Finch, and Bill Ruder.


Girls Physical Education

Left to right:  Back row...B. Hahn, S. Seymour, R. Porch, C. Gorrell, kC. Luckett.
Second row...Mrs. Wiseman(adviser), W. Phillips, N. BAchman, M. Porch, D. Kenyon, B. Ruder.
Front row...V. Hattan, J. Safford, J. Jenkins, T. Buchanan, J. Clark


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