Misc. News from the Past

Metamora, Woodford County, Illinois

Taken From the Henry Republican - August 3, 1876

  • W. H. Whiffin of Metamora has gone to Lacon to take charge of the Sherman House. The Metamora Sentinel recommends him highly both as a citizen and hotel keeper. Lacon needs a good hotel, and it is hoped they have found the man to approximate to it.

February 22, 1877

  • Thomas L. Powers, editor of the Metamora Sentinel, was in town on Friday and called at the Republican office. "Tom." Was an apprentice with the writer at the printing business at LaSalle, and it was a gratification to us to greet him at our desk. Mr. Powers is prospering at Metamora, and is making a good paper. Mr. Powers went from here to Chicago, and thence homeward.

The Minonk Journal - Saturday, April 22, 1882

  • Mr. and Mrs. Collins have just returned from Saybrook, Ill., where they have been visiting.
  • Mr. James Whitmire started for St. Simson's Island, Georgia, where he will fill an important position in a mercantile business.
  • Mr. Allison, of Chicago, was the guest of Mr. Hale Morse.
  • Mrs. Cornelison and daughter visited in Metamora, this week, the guests of Misses Emma and Minnie Hesse.
  • Rev. Jamison delivered one of Joseph Cooks lectures at the Wednesday night prayer meeting.
  • Miss May Whitmore visited parents in this burg last Sunday.
  • Mr. Henry Martin and son Pomp, returned from Flanagan last Saturday.
  • Wm. Pifer and wife, of Eureka, visited in town last Sunday.
  • Miss Della Berry has closed her school, and returned home to spend the summer.
  • Silvester Maugin moved his paint shop last Monday, one door east of Thena's butcher shop.
  • Mr. S. D. Stewart and wife, and little son, Freddie were the guests of M. and Mrs. D. C. Slyter, last Sunday.
  • The freight train on the C. & A. railroad jumped the track last Friday, so we had no freight until Saturday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McGinnis and Miss Jennie Nichols, visited in Groveland over Sunday.
  • Miss Long, cousin of Miss Ida Barnes and Mrs. Irwin, both of Ohio, are here visiting friends and relatives this week.
  • Mrs. George F. Walton of Flanagan, is here visiting friends and relatives, this week.
  • The divorce ? of Eva Dubois vs. Peter Dubois came up last Wednesday and terminated in the plaintiff coming out victorious.
  • Miss Fannie Payne and brother Claud, and Miss Messie Stivers, of Eureka, visited Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Stivers, last Sunday.
  • Jerry Ray, of Eureka, visited his father last Sunday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Beal, of Peoria, were visiting Mrs. Maugin over Sunday.
  • At the village election on Tuesday, Messrs. C. J. Gibson, C. T. Coleson, Henry Keeler and F. C. Piper were chosen trustees; Bigson, Coleson and Keeler each for two years, and Piper for one year. F. M. Hoyt was chosen for village clerk, and W. E. Reynolds for constable.

The Minonk Journal - Saturday, February 11, 1882

  • Messrs. Warner, A. and S. Potter were in town and were seen coming out of Collins & Hereford's well loaded with dry goods. They were not stolen goods, either. This speaks well for this store, as the gentlemen are from Palestine. However, it is no uncommon sight to see people from Roanoke, Washburn, Spring Bay and Washington following suit.
  • Wednesday evening Mrs. Ann Eliza Young lectured to an appreciative audience and full convinced us what it is to be a Mormon
  • Master Robert Cassell was agreeably surprised last Tuesday by his friends, it being his 14th birthday.
  • The sermon delivered by the Rev. Jameson last Sabbath, was a rousing good one and was the topic of much talk. Give us some more.
  • Mr. Geo. Page is severely ill at this writing.
  • A child of Mr. Golden, of this city, died of diptheria.
  • Miss Nettie Wilson is on the mend again.
  • Mrs. C. P. Bosworth, of the far-famed Bosworth House, entertained friends this week.
  • Monday morning fire broke out in the handsome residence of Father Rouse. The building was totally destroyed. Insurance, $8,000.
  • It is rumored that Mr. Lawrence Portman, of Denver, Col., has gone to Washington Territory to join his uncle.
  • Mr. Ire, of Wills county, is visiting friends here.
  • Mrs. Chas. Anthony was the guest of Mrs. C. E. Bartlett.
  • The family of Milton Nessmith is afflicted with scarlet fever. Also a child of Mr. Valentine's.
  • Mrs. Pierd and son, Mr. Parmington and wife propose going to England together. They will start about the first of June and return some time in September.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wikoff spent Sabbath in Washington with Grandpa Ireland.
  • The firm of Collins & Hereford is dissolved and the business is carried on by T. S. Collins. Mr. Hereford will, however, remain with Mr. Collins for some time, much to the joy of his many friends and customers.
  • Miss Graybill started last Thursday for her future home in France.
  • The suit, George Krater vx Alvah Carpenter, for labor, on Thursday, was dismissed.
  • John C. Sommers will have a public sale on the 15th inst.
  • George Noirot was elected, by an overwhelming majority, village trustee, Monday in the place of Joseph Knoblauch, lately deceased.
  • Frank Cassell, of El Paso, was in town on Wednesday.
  • S. B. Pool and wife have returned from Danville, where they have been visiting.

The Washburn Leader - December 11, 1902

  • G. H. Mason was a business caller in Peoria Saturday
  • Miss Ada Weber of Peoria, visited over Sunday with J. W. Frant and family.
  • R. W. Martin of Coal City spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Martin.
  • Mrs. Arthur Jones and daughter of Lowpoint visited last Friday with her mother, Mrs. Jacob Wagner.
  • We learn that Rev. J. J. Mason has secured a charge at Long Point and will move his family there in the course of a few weeks.
  • Mrs. J. W. Frantz who had an operation performed at the hospital in Peoria returned home last Thursday. We are glad to hear that she is greatly improved.

The Journal (Minonk) - September 2, 1882

  • The young child of John L. Leonard, of Gibson City, was buried in Oakwood cemetery Thursday.
  • Peter Schertz and wife returned from a visit to Chicago, Wednesday night.
  • The democratic caucus Saturday resulted in the choice of John Kellogg, A. K. Smith, Dominique Jacquine, G. L. Harl, J. Irwin, J. L. McGuire, W. Stowell, Peter Aley and Peter Schertz for delegates to the county convention, with instructions to support Leys for county clerk, and Wilkerson for sheriff. Feilitzach says wverything is all right, and that there's a good many ways of choking a dog to death.
  • Frank N. Ireland, of Washburn, was here on business Thursday.

Metamora Herald - August 14, 1931

Paralysis Cause of Death of Jos. Grebner, Aged 18
Son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Grebner Died Wednesday of 4 Days Illness

Infantile paralysis, which became manifest last Sunday caused the death of Joseph J. Grebner, 18 years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Grebner, at the family home in Worth township Wednesday night at about 10 o'clock.
Joe became ill Sunday and was brought to Dr. Knoblauch's office for examination.  Signs of infantile paralysis developed rapidly and Monday the lower limbs and one arm were paralyzed.  The paralysis continued to spread, gradually affecting the vital organs and death followed development of respiratory paralysis.

Joe was born in Worth township June 19, 1913, and had spent his entire life there.  He was a pleasant young man, enjoying high esteem among his associates and his death comes as a great shock to all, particularly to his parents, brothers and siters, with whom he was a favorite.  Sadness is added in the fact that the family home has been quaratined since the develpment of the disease.

Because of the nature of the disease the funeral was private, the body being taken to St. Mary's cemetery, Lourdes, and interred with simple rites at the grave Thurday afternoon.

Miss Verna Smith to Get Degree at Goshen

Goshen, Indiana, March 8 - Miss Verna Smith of Metamora, a senior in Goshen college, will receive the B. A. degree June 6.  She is a member of the A Capella chorus, president of the Ladies' Chorus, and has studied piano during her four years in college.  She is vice-president of the Women's Athletic association, secretary of the College Record staff, a student publication.  Her major subject is English, and her minors are social science and music.  On graduation she will be licensed to teach these subjects in both elementary and high schools in Illinois.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Feb 14, 1913
Washington Tinshop Sold
Metamora, Feb. 10- Louis and John Bride, the former of this place and the latter of Salisbury, Mo., have purchased the plumbing and tinshop business of their brother's estate, the late George Bride, of Washington. John Bride, who has been here for some weeks, returned to Salisbury to make preparations to move his family to Washington.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Feb 14, 1913
Died in Peoria Hospital
Metamora, Feb. 10-Mrs. John Shea, who was taken from her home, two miles north of Metamora, to the Proctor hospital in Peoria, a week ago last Sun., died at that institution Sun. night, suffering from dropsy. Besides her husband deceased leaves one daughter.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Feb 14, 1913
Mrs. Henry Koch Dies
Word was received here today of the death of Mrs. Henry Koch at Peoria, who passed away Sun. night after a prolonged illness. The Koch family were former residents of Metamora.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Aug. 1, 1913
John A. Alig has purchased the residence property of Frank Trumpeter in Metamora, The consideration was $1350.
John M. Schrepfer recently bought the residence property of Mrs. Breining. The consideration was $1250. Mrs. Breining will go to Peoria to make her home with her son.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Aug 29, 1913
Body of John Waldschmidt buried
The body of John Waldschmidt, who died at St. Francis hospital Fri. evening following an operation was brought to Metamora Sat. and funeral services held Mon. morning at 9 o'clock from St. Mary's church, interment being made in St. Mary's church. Mr. Waldschmidt submitted to an operation some months ago for an abscess in the left ear. Wed. of last week he was again taken to St. Francis hospital for a similar operation and passed away Fri. Mr. Waldschmidt is a son of Mrs. Adam Waldschmidt and the senior member of the firm of Waldschmidt Bros. & Co., of Metamora. In Oct. 1912 he was united in marriage to Miss Jane Elbert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Elbert of Metamora, who survive him besides his wife and mother he is survived by six brothers and three sisters, namely, George and Henry of Benson; Edward of Minonk; Joseph, Leo and Andrew of Metamora; Mrs. Michael Heinzmann; Anna and Maggie, of Metamora.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Aug 29, 1913
Ernest Giehl and Carl Heinzmann, who left Fri. for Grinnell, Iowa, on the mission of bringing back the ill fated auto, which turned turtle near Malcom, Iowa, July 24, at which time Mary Heinzmann, oldest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. C. B. Heinzmann was instantly killed and the doctor receiving injuries from which he died, returned Sun. evening with the car. The trip from Grinnell was made via Iowa City and Davenport. The car is in good shape, the only damage being the windshield is broken and the lights battered. The trip was made over the River to River road as far as Davenport and not even a blowout was experienced on the entire trip. Rudy Heintzman who had been visiting near Des Moines, was a member of the auto party from Iowa City to Metamora.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Sep 26, 1913
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rossman, of Benson, were visitors here Sat. and Sun.
Andrew Gangloff, of Rensselaer, Ind., spent Sun. with his brother, J. J. Gangloff, and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hagen were guests of Prof. and Mrs. H. W. Weirman, Fri. and Sat.
M. G. Fandel left Wed. for Gregory, S.D., where he will look after land interests, to be gone several weeks.
Theodore Koenig, of Pocahontas, Ia., is here visiting his grandmother, Mrs. J. D. Zimmerman, who is seriously sick.
C. L. Stivers, Metamora's efficient auctioneer, will leave next week for Wayland, Ia., where he will cry a large stock sale for L. G. Wenger, a prominent stock raiser.
James Irving Griffs, a brother of J. D. Griggs, of this place, was here last week on a visit. Mr. Griggs is an aeronaut and has gained considerable notoriety, making parachute drops from an altitude of 2,500 feet. Mr. Griggs left here for San Francisco to take up his hazardous work.
The news of the engagement of Miss Madalon Carroll to William F. Costigan, two prominent young people of Bloomingto9n, which was announced Sat. at the Woman's Exchange in that city, will be read with much interest by the many Metamora friends of the couple. Miss Carroll is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Carroll, 403 West Chestnut street, while Mr. Costigan is a practicing attorney in that city. The bride-to-be was a teacher in the Metamora public schools during the past two years and while here made may friends.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Dec 5, 1913
The marriage of Miss Anna Scholl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scholl, of Elkhart, Ia., to Rudolph Heintzman, of Metamora, was solemized last Wed. at St. John's church, Des Moines, Ia., Rev. Father Waldron of Elkhart, read the nuptial high mass. Following the wedding ceremony "Leonard's Mass in B flat" was sung by the choir. The bride was attended by Miss Blanch O'Mara, of Elkhart, and Mr. Ernest Giehl, of Metamora, acted as best man. The bride wore a gown of brocaded satin draped in marquisette with bead trimmings and carried a bouquet of bride's roses. Miss O'Mara wore a gown of pink charmeuse with rosebud trimmings. The bride is a former Metamora girl. Mr. and Mrs. Heintzman will be at home at Metamora after Jan. 1, where Mr. Heintzman is a contractor and builder.

The Pantagraph, January 7, 1924, Page 2.
Metamora.  Jan. 6. - Woodford County people are at a loss to account for the motive of a vandal or vandals who have desecrated the Pattonsburg cemetery near the northern boundary line of that county one evening last week and badly mutilated markers and monuments.  Especially the stones of the Perry family and their descendants were picked upon and broken up, apparently with a hammer. [contributed by Pam G.]

Metamora Herald, October 24, 1919
Mrs. Alice Sinclair is quite sick.
Mrs. L. H. Ulrich has an attck of influenze.
Mrs. Anna Rowan has gone to Ohio to visit her old home.
Mrs. Tracy Kelton is visiting relatives in Abingdon.
Mrs. Margaret Wilbanks is sufffering with a severe attack of rhuematism.
Erwin Pifer is suffering with painful injuries received when he fell from a roof Tues. afternoon.
James Mooberry are the parents of a son, born Tues. at the F. W. Nickel hospital.
Miss Margaret Roehrer, of this city, was married Sat. to Frank Wochinger, of New York. Prof. Roy L. Moore officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Wochinger left that same day for their home.

Woodford Journal June 28, 1916
Metamora, Ilinois June 28, 1918
Metamora in Charge of Farewell to Boys
Gives Program at County Seat Thursday Afternoon in Honor of Woodford's Largest Single Contribution of Boys, Who Leave Friday Morning for Camp Grant
Five Boys Off Last Sunday
Woodford county is short seven or eight men in filling its requirement of 102 draftees, scheduled to leave for Camp Grant, Rockford, at 8 o'clock this morning. There were but 97 men to draw upon in class one and several of these were called in the draft of five that left Eureka last Sunday for the Sweeney Auto School, Kansas City. The local board expected, as The Herald went to press, the number leaving today would be 93 or 94.
The boys who left Sunday are John Volker, Metamora; Chas. Probasco, Eureka; Wm. Tucker and Lloyd Memmen, Minonk, and Nelson Kamp, Palestine. They were given a patriotic send-off by the citizens of Eureka at the courthouse in Eureka.
The boys in the  big contingent leaving today, the largest single draft upon the young manhood of the county, assembled in Eureka at 3 o'clock, Thursday afternoon. Since the work of arranging appropriate farewell exercises developed upon the citizens of Eureka during the last year, Chairman Ed E. Robeson has lately turned the program over to the different towns of that county and Metamora was given charge of Thursday's program, which was arranged as above. It was planned to hold the exercises on the court house lawn if the weather was favorable and in the circuit court room in case of rain.
On Thrusday the local board began sending out questionnaries to the 125 new registrants and are mailing them out at the rate of 25 per cent each day, the lottery for determing the order of call of the new draftees will take place in Washington D.C. this morning.
The work of reclassification of deferred classes of men, made necessary by the exhaustion of class one, will be taken up soon by the local board. Calls for draftees for the month of July are expected now any day.
The men called to report at Eureka yesterday are here named. There are 977 in the list. Two of the number left Sunday, namely John Voelker and Chas. Prohasco.
John Voelker, Metamora
Otto Kienhafer, Metamora
Elias Fehr, Eureka
Charles F. Probasco, Eureka
Hillie Oltman, Benson
Andrew Martin, Roanoke
Ralph S. Kerker, Metamora
John Neuenschwanter, Roanoke
Antone Birkner, Peoria R.R. 35
Henry Schumacher, Roanoke
Minet Saathoff, Minonk
Herman C. Noel, Metamora
William Engle, Metamora
Charles H. Otto, Terril, Iowa
Ralph Ioerger, Minonk
Jasper Reynolds, Washington
Frederick L. Diener, Secor
Roscoe Newkirk, El Paso
Jesse R. Smith, Panola
Albert Woltzen, Roanoke, R.R. 2
Henry Uphoff, Benson
Bernud J. Johnson, Eureka
Earl M. Knoll, Secor
Ed. J. Stickelmaier, Metamora
Frank Stimpert, Panola
Joe Groat, Secor
Jos. C. Alig, Metamora
Louis J. Kolb, Benson
Walter M. Oncken, Dana
Benjamen Heiser, Goodfield
George W. Moser, Roanoke
Tjark R. Harms, Minonk
Levi O. Keidel, Cissna Park, Ill.
Ernest D. Schieber, Secor
William C. Mool, Jr., Panola
Albert Aeschleman, Roanoke
Enno Tiddens, Roanoke
George C. Kamm, Roanoke
William Blunier, Roanoke
Frederick Herring, Metamora
Henry Greuger, Washburn
Benjamen Kenyon, Low Point
William K. DuBois, Metamora
Williams Williams, Metamora
Ellis J. Chaffin, Kappa
Arthur Punke, El Paso
Joseph Birkey, Carlock
Joseph Zimmerman, Minonk
John F. Irvin, Cazenovia
Andrew Unzicker, Metamora
Rudloph O. Attig, Metamora
Leo Sims, Minonk
William Schrock, Metamora
Paul E. Greider, Chatsworth
Nelson R. Kamp, El Paso
William E. Bachman, Roanoke
Charley D. Koch, Congerville
Charles H. Krug, Panola
Lawrence J. Woelfe, Roanoke
Edward J. Knoblauch, Washburn
Theodore Graufelman, Benson
Minert Sloter, Secor
John H. Bammann, Washburn
Fred P. H. Martens, Roanoke
Gerd A. Quathamer, Washburn
John R. Johnson, Benson
Andy Moulton, Washburn
Lincoln W. Breese, Panola
Lee R. Wagner, Cazenovia
Lester Cannon, Panola
Harvey Wilkenhauser, Roanoke
Arthur W. Laible, Washburn
John Fuchs, Roanoke
Erick Buettemeier, Benson
Lewis A. Kapraun, Benson
Benedict W. New Boston
George H. Miller, Secor
Elmer E. Bayles, Carlock
Joseph W. Davis, Roanoke
Rex McTucker, Minonk
Petr A. Winkler, Peoria
Benjaman Bachman, Secor
Henry Lehman, Minonk
Joseph D. Kennell, Roanoke
John R. Moser, Goodfield
Earl Wilson, Mendota
Frank Hear, Minonk
Edward J. Janssen, Minonk
Leo C. Fandel, Metamora
John G. Harms, Benson
Wm. N. Schupp, Metamora
Guifford D. Zook, Congerville
Bernd Warnke, Washburn
Elmer Marshall, Minonk
Herman J. Matter, Minonk


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