Minonk, The Old Days
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Gaede's Homestead Resturant, US Rt. 51,  Minonk
Max Hill ran the restaurant early on and later, Morris Gaede and his wife Berniece ran it.
To this day [2013] the building still looks the same but is a residence.

Minonk State Bank, 1901

Schlitz Opera House, Minonk
From the News-Dispatch account of August 30, 1934
Flames Destroy Old Schlitz Opera House
Fire that apparently began at 3: o'clock Friday morning in a half hour had made of the Schiltz builging, Chestnut and Sixth streets, a furnace of intense heat and soon the structure was thoroughly gutted; leaving only empty walls of brick.
The wind was from the north and embers of fire were scattered all voer the business district and men were on every roof to extinguish them as they fell. Had it not been for the rain taht poured down, it is generally believed that more of the business district would have been destroyed, even with the excellent fire equipment here and a bunch of firemen who are the best.
The building, three stories, was unoccupied and undoubtedly set afire, the object of which is not know. It is not proable taht it will be rebuilt, but it is thought that a smaller building will be made out of what is left.
Many people flocked to the scrne, fascinated by the intensity of it and they assisted in stamping out the bits of flying embers as they fell. The firemen, several of the, were on the job all of Friday forenoon, and there were manyh spectators during the day.
When the fire alarm was sounded the skrieking whistle failed to function and it could hardly be heard in the outskirts of the city. Later, howver, the wierd, shrill alarm awakened everybody.
The Schlitz block, built in 1896, is extremely interesting in retrospect and much of Minonk's history is the last 38 years is connected with it.
Before it was erected, Louis Lichtenstein owned one opera house in Minonk, which was the thrid story over the building now owned by J. W. Van Doren and Jacob S. Gerdes, the rooms being occupied by Mr. Van Doren with his jewelry store and Ellis Ciciarelli with his hardware store. [This building is now occupied by Palmer's Jewelry store and the Country Florist]. When his opera house became into disuse Mr. Lichtenstein had the building reduced to its present size.
It was in this building the Myers-Daly prize fight was to have been held after a special train rolled into town and the opera house had been rented. But Mr. Lichtenstein, after learning of the intent, chased them out and the fight was held in the John Ryan Saloon in Wooford.

E. J. Bennett, Watkins' Agent, Minonk

Hindert Building
Hardware and Farm Machinery, early 1900's.
400 block of Chestnut Street, Minonk.

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