Bricktown Church Has Faithful Following

Washburn Leader - April 24, 1941

So closely is Bricktown Church of the Brethren allied with Washburn churches in carrying on the work of God's Kingdom in the vicinity, that it seems fitting that it, too, be given a place in this anniversary edition of the Leader.

The church is located in that part of Cazenovia township known as Bricktown, which was so named because many, many years ago a thriving brickyard was operated there. It is said that even today farmers, when plowing their fields, will turn over bits of brick-bats scattered there in by-gone days.

Bricktown church is one of the few remaining roadside churches, and is in a thriving condition. This was manifested two years ago when no sooner had the almost a hundred year old house of worship burned to the ground than plans had begun for rebuilding.

The new building, larger than the first, stands as a monument to the pastor and his helpmate, Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Whisler, to his faithful congregation and to those liberal hearted friends who contributed toward the rebuilding and the furnishing of the new edifice.

The Washburn Leader is happy to call attention to Oak Grove Church of the Brethren at Bricktown.