Central Illinois Obituaries
1871 - 1880
(compiled from old newspapers)
by Milo Custer, Bloomington, Illinois (1912)

Transcribed by Teri Moncelle Colglazier

ADEN, John and wife, both killed by a railway train near Minonk, Ill. Nov. 9 1880. [ a. n. s. ]

ARNOLD, Isaac O. d. Panola, Ill. March 10, 1875, aged 41 years.

BROWN, Mrs. Sadie, wife of Riley Brown, d. at the residence of her mother in Eureka, Ill. about Sept. 1, 1875, aged 29 years

CASSEL, Hon. J. J. b. Woodford County, Ill. 1841, d. El Paso, Ill. Nov. 13, 1880, aged 39 years.

ELDER, George G. d. Eureka, Ill. March 30, 1876, aged 34 years 10 months 20 days.

FOSTER, Mrs. Eliza, ( Wife of John Foster. ) d. Metamora Twp. Woodford County, Ill. May 23, 1871, aged 34 years.

LOWELL, Frank F. d. at the res. of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Sarah Burger, El Paso, Ill. Nov. 7, 1879, aged 33 years. (Left widow and 2 ch.)

Plumb, Mrs. Frances, (Wf. of G. M. Plumb,) d. Eureka, Ill. 2/28/1871.

Powell, Reuben, (Son of Ethan O. and Arribella Powell,) d. nr. Eureka, Ill. 2/11/1878, a. 20 y. 5 ms. 4 ds.

Ransom, Mrs. P. C. d. El Paso, Ill. 3/11/1880.

Stivers, Mrs. Mary, ( Wf. of J. B. Stivers,) d. Roanoke Twp. Woodford Co HI. 5/.../1871.

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