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The cemetery is located off of Rt 116 on Rt. 26, 2.4 miles north, (section 26) in Spring Bay Township, Woodford County, Illiinois, The cemetery sits on a hill on the west side of the road (left) as your heading into Bay View Gardens and towards Spring Bay. This cemetery has at least five Civil War Veterans and three 18th century births. Thanks to Al & Carole Martin for helping find this cemetery, taking pictures & verifying military data. Click on to view marker.

The first person to hold the deed for this land was Mr. Davis in 1839. In 1853, Mr. William K. Burt gave 1 acres to Jacob Wilson to be held in trust for use as a free public burial ground. The deed was written on June 24, 1853 and recorded with Woodford County on March 23, 1854. (source: Virginia L. Schultze, who surveyed this cemetery in October 1971)


Birth date

Death Date


Askey, Elizabeth   11/5/1866 10y 4m 10d; d/o Wm. & S.
Bateman, Catharine   3/9/1856 19y 7m 3d; d/o H. & R. A.
Bateman, Harvey H.   11/11/1844 34y 8m 26d
Blanchard   7/1/1870 2y 5m 17d
Blanchard, Effie     infant d/o T. L. & G. G.
Blanchard, Elizabeth   12/18/1867 67y 2m 2d; Our Mother, w/o Wm.
Blanchard, Isabella   10/11/1886 1y 1m 15d; d/o R. A. & M. L.
Blanchard, Margaret I. 9/9/1828 1/21/1873
Blanchard, Thadeus   8/30/1881 1y 4m 28d; s/o R. A. & M. L.
Blanchard, Thomas L.   2/11/1863 34y 11m "he died for his county"Pvt. Co. G 108 IL Inf...enlisted 15 Aug 1862...died 11 Feb 1863 of disease at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis MO.
Blanchard, William   4/30/1883 85y 8m 8d "1812 Vet"
Bogher, Thoddii Dr. 10/28/1812 4/5/1861 Wurttemberg, Germany
Britt, Ella 6/7/1868 3/10/1872  
Britt, Thomas no dates   70 y; war vet
Bruce, Polly   12/24/1891 36y 2m 21d; w/o R. B.; s/o A. & M. Lewis
Burt, Samuel J.   9/16/1852 65y 2m
Burt, Samuel S.   3/21/1853 34y 4m 3d
Chitty, Stephen   9/10/1852 23y 6m
Chitty, Stephen   1875 61y
Collins, Della E. 10/23/1902 2/16/1906 d/o W. & L. E.
Collins, John W. 10/9/1882 3/20/1906 s/o W. & L. E.
Collins, John W. 6/10/1860 10/25/1933  
Collins, Mary Elizabeth Caho 5/19/1951 9/8/1998 "Mother of John & Tony"
Collins, Lorinda E. 1863 1939 w/o W. P.;Mother
Collins, Perry 1892 1973
Collins, Willard 7/27/1895 2/19/1906 s/o W. P. & L. E.
Collins, William P. 1858 1943 h/o Lorinda E.; Father
Coutch, David A.   12/27/1856 49y 9m 6d
Coutch, David A.   2/16/1857 1y 6m 20d; s/o D. A. & A. M.
Coutch, Frances   5/16/1866 13y 9m 11d; d/o D. A. & A. M.
Coutch, J. Willie   5/16/1864 18y 2m 3d; s/o D. A. & A. M.
Crocker Austin   4/24/1843 51y
Crocker, Hannah   9/10/1829 60y
Crocker, Rowland Sr.   8/9/1824 55y
Crocker, Rowland Sr.   5/8/1881 65y 11m 8d
Danner, Adolph 3/18/1864 9/13/1887 s/o M. & E.
Danner, Elizabeth 2/1/1829 4/29/1893 w/o Michael
Dean, Norman D. 12/8/1923   h/o Evelyn I.
Dean, Evelyn I 6/14/1925 2/16/1997 w/o Norman D.; mother of Joyce, Douglas, Scott, Lorinda, Jeanette
Deford, Elsie L. 11/14/1860 1/24/1883 w/o Geo. W.
Deford, Leon L. 9/18/1877 2/7/1879 s/o G. W. & E. L.
Delong, Johnny D.   9/26/1868 1y 11m 2d; marker, in shape of book, shared with William T
Delong, William H. 10/4/1840 5/20/1869 s/o W. H. & M.Cpl. Co. F IL US Inf. (Spring Bay, Woodford Co., ILL)
Delong, William T.   10/11/1868 7m 29d; marker, in shape of book, shared with Johnny D.
Donaho, Infant   1846 infant son
Donaho, Mary J.   4/29/1849 1y 2m 11d; d/o Allan & Kitty
Dwyer, Patrick 6/24/1847 10/17/1884  
DuBois, Donald 1934 1976 Dad
DuBois, Priscillia Bolton 1941 1995 Mom
Easter, Noah   12/7/1862 39y; Co. G 108th Ill. Vol. Rgt. Inf. Pvt. G 108 IL Inf
Eichhorn, Elizabeth 6/24/1824 4/7/1867 w/o George
Eichhorn, George 1/24/1824 8/7/1867  
Eichhorn, Phillip   1/29/1855  
Fago, Genoways D.   2/3/1872 26y 2m 16d; w/o Prosper
Genoways, G. A.   8/22/1881 59y 11m
Genoways, Samuel   2/12/1873 10y 6m 9d; s/o G. A. & D.
Goutch, Charles L.   11/8/1865 1m; s/o C. M. & M. A.
Higgins, R. G. Dr.   4/26/1831 32y 7m 11d
Lucinda Palmer Huff 7/20/1819 7/1/1910 no marker found, view death certificate
Hurst, Robert C. "Chuck" 2/17/1943 6/27/1998 h/o Betsy
Hurst, Betsy J. "Patty" 4/22/1953  
Lewis, C. W. 9/21/1842 12/14/1862 Pvt. Co. G. 108th IL Vol. Inf.died of disease at Memphis TN.
Lewis, Ella   10/19/1875 18y 11m 5d; w/o D.
Loveless, Crosier   7/13/1878 72y 6m 14d
Loveless, Frances M.   6/28/1871 19y 9m 25d; w/o J.
Loveless, Minnie E.   10/12/1859 1m 15d; d/o H. G. & E. E.
Loveless, Rolla   5/8/1865 2y 3m; s/o H. G. & E. E.
Loveless, Susannah   7/21/1875 61y 4m 25d; w/o C.
Mason, Franklin H.   12/18/187? 18y 5m; s/o Rev. J.
Mason, Mary J.   10/9/1871 17y 7m 9d; w/o Rev. J.
Mathis, Jonathan   4/28/1857 41y
Mathis, Leulla 6/16/1881 6/17/1881 d/o J. S. & D. D.
McKinney, Mary A.   9/2/1852 24y 5m 26d; w/o Isaac; d/o W. K. & C. Burt
Melcher, Alice Mae 5/10/1924 12/18/1996 w/o Wesley Roy
Melcher, Wesley Roy 8/22/1919 5/26/2006 h/o Alice Mae
McMannis, Mary J.   12/5/1852 24y 8m 9d; w/o Moses; d/o W. K. & C. Burt
Merboth, Albert 5/7/1861 8/1/1861  
Merboth, Catherine 8/26/1837 3/15/1861  
Merboth, Francis 1/21/1859 8/11/1860  
Merboth, Fred?      
Neumann, Christine 1/26/1865 9/18/1865 d/o F. W. & A.
Neumann, Fred Willhelm 8/21/1866 8/29/1866 s/o F. W. & A.
Parker, Emily A. 8/8/1832 11/12/1880 w/o Wm.
Parker, Jessie 9/23/1862 7/12/1866 d/o Wm. & Emily
Partridge, Alexander 7/24/1830 3/28/1890
Partridge, M. 1836 1898
Partridge, S. 1869 1910  
Robinson, Rowland   11/28/1842 2m 9d; s/o N. & A.
Ruckle, Almah   5/18/1873 12y 2m
Ruckle, Annie   1/3/1873 26d; d/o W. & M.
Schmitt, Lawrence 2/10/1911 4/2/1985
Shepler, James M. 6/2/1846 1/21/1905 top of marker broken off
Sornberger, Carolina 11/13/1861 7/16/1883  
Sornberger, Jacob 1856 1893
Sornberger, Peter 4/12/1805 2/2/1879  
Staples, Harry G.   8/22/1866 s/o S. & L. Staples
Staples, Loretta C.   2/26/1866 21y 10m 2d; w/o Silas
Staples, Silas W.   12/31/1863 1y 9m 29d; s/o S. & L. C.
Taylor, Rosalie D. 10/14/1951 7/13/2004
Thurston, Louie V.   8/8/1872 1y 7m 23d; s/o G. T. & M. J.
Tobin, Margaret     55y
Tobin, Mich'l (Michael) no dates   Pvt. Co. E. 108th Ill. Inf.
Truitt, Ellen   5/14/1866 3y 3m; d/o J. G. & E. A.
Truitt, Noah Adam   11/14/1865 1y 3m 2d
Williams, Alfred   8/21/1872 4d; s/o C. & M. Williams
Williams, Louis B. Dr. 1/10/1859 5/25/1891
Williams, May 8/7/1854 9/10/1913 no marker found, view death certificate
Williams, Milton   5/1/1873 12y 6m 10d
Williams, Susan A.   3/18/1873 2y 9m 8d; d/o C. & M.

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