Roy L. Moore

Woodford County School Bulletin
Issued Monthly by the County Supt. of Schools
December, 1910
Vol. IV, Eureka, Illinois
Roy L. Moore
County Superintendent of Schools, Term begins Dec. 5, 1910

transcribed and contributed to Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy Trails, by Dena W.

Corn Exhibit and Corn Judging Contest of the Woodford County Country Schools
pages 3-7

Ten boys and one girl entered the contest. The names of the contestants and the schools are:
Victor Ward...Panola
Elsworth Dixon...Kappa
Carl Dodson...Panola
Clarence Fever...Bethel
Glenn E. Dorward...Cruger
Lester Davison...Jefferson
Irvin Reeser...Panther Creek
Victor Davison...Jefferson
Harvey Crusius...Bethel
Clarence Wertz...Versailles
Esther Wertz...Versailles
Esther Culp...Versailles

Victor Davidson
of the Jefferson School
who won first place in the
Corn Judging Contest

page 9
The people of Woodford County will he deeply grieved to hear of the tragic death of W. J. Whetzel who was caught in a shaft at his electric light plant shortly after eleven o'clock Satur day morning. November 26, and almost instantly killed. Many of the teachers and hundreds of the children of the county will long remember Mr. Whetzel with the definition found, memories and will look back upon his eight years of faithful and efficient service as County Superintendent of schools with a feeling of thankfulness that such a man had been sent them. The love and respect which his teachers felt for him was shown by the beautiful floral offerings that came from many of the towns of the county with heartfelt sympathy to his wife and four little sons.

Charles Crawford, Webster School, Received Second Place [wrote about Our National Emblem], pages 12-14

Pupils, Teachers and Directors of the Bethel School

The girls in the front row graduated last spring and are all in high school at El Paso this year. This School having won the banner for the best general exhibit for two years in succession, will under the rules adopted last year be permitted to keep it. [page 15]

School Notes
Mr. H. A. Winter of Wenona had charge of the corn judging contest of the schools of Woodford county at Eureka, Nov. 12. He also judged all the corn in the general exhibit. There is not a corn judge in Illinois whose services are more in demand than Mr. Winter's.
An entertainment and luncheon were recently held at Low Point for the benefit of the school library and $31.51 was recieved.
There are a few extra copies of the Second Biennial Report at the County Superintendent's office. They will be given to those who first call for them.
Miss Garmire, primary teacher in the Eureka public schools, now has 97 pupils enrolled. As soon as the new school building is completed another teacher will be employed to take charge of a part of this number.
The directors of the Lourdes school in Worth township have purchased new dictionaries and two new pictures.
The Happy Hour school, near Metamora, taught by Miss Lillian Theena has jsut put in a Waterbury heating plant.
Miss Alice Murphy of the Cruger school brought her pupils to Eureka on Monday afternoon, Nov. 14, to see the corn exhibit. The children had paper and pencil and took notes for sue in their language work.
The country store and box supper given by Miss Esther Bohlander of Dist. 61 was well attended.
The Oak Hill school taught by Miss Ethel Boyer gave an entertainment and box social Nov. 12.
The teachers of Metamora have had perhaps the most successful series of Reading Circle Meetings in the county.
Miss Edna Kirby of the Clark school had a very bad night for her box supper but in spite of the inclement weather a large crowd attended.
The new wall paper at the Douglas school adds much to the appearance of the room.
The school board and teachers of Metamora have held several meetings at the suggestion of Prin. H. C. Whetzel to consider the advisability of introducing domestic science and manual training in schools.
An entertainment and box social were given by Miss Eunice Nellinger and her pupils at the Jackson school on the evening of Nov. 18.
The Eagle school near Minonk has jsut purchased a Beckwith heater.
Corn Day was observed by a large number of rural schools in the county. At the Tool school a program was given after which the visitors were served with corn bread, molasses, and pop corn balls. The Webster and Thorp schools also served appropriate corn Day refreshemnts; and the Roth school after the program treated the seventeen guest to pop corn balls and candy.
Miss Dora Nebel and her pupils of the Panola school gave an extertainment and box supper in Hart's Hall, Oct. 31.
The pupils of the grades in the Eureka public schools took up a collection and bought twenty-six Pupils' Reading Circle books
Miss Grace Beecher and pupils of the Bricktown school gave an ice cream social and entertainment recently and the proceeds were used in buying library books and necessary supplies for the school.
Clarence Wertz of the Versailles school penned up a 94 lb. hog on Oct. 11 and fed it for thirty days, weighing all the food he gave it....

Woodford County School Bulletin
Aug. 1912 - May 1912
Vol. 6, Eureka, Illinois, May, 1912

Officers Board of Supervisors
Howard M. Leonard...Chairman
Joseph Hertschuh...Clerk
Committe on Education
N. L. Davison...Minonk Township
Henry Heininger...Metamora Township
Bejn. Moulton...Partridge Township
Roy L. Moore...County Superintendent
Hailie A. Bally...Assistant

The sixth annual commencement for the eighth grade and the third annual play festival held on the Chautauqua grounds July 11th, was a great success. In spite of the rain of the previous day, which made the roads bad for travel with automobiles, there was a splendid crowd, and the program passed off without interruption. The exercises opened with the commencement program, at which Hon. J. V. Graff, ex-congressman from Peoria district, made the address. It was well received by the great, audience that heard it. The music by the pupils of the Eureka, Panola, Roanoke and Congerville schools were thoroughly enjoyed. Diplomas were granted to 124 graduates from the eighth grade in the county. Of this number 78 were from one-room schools.

After this program a number of drills and games were given by the pupils from the various schools. In the afternoon the spelling contests were held, the winner of the first place receiving a gold medal and the second place, a silver medal. The winners are as follows:
Rural Contest.
1st  Esther Gulp, Versailles.
2nd Walter Wolpert, Partridge.
Town Contest.
1st Sophia Tomischeski, Minonk.
2nd Grace Hettinger, Secor...
The closing feature of this portion of the program was a contest between the winners of the preceding contests. Esther Gulp who represented the rural schools won the medal as the best speller of the county. The athletics were interesting and there were many enteries.

Prof. W. P. Miller of El Paso, will give several talks before the young teachers, taking up subjects that are of special interest to those who are just beginning their work as teachers. In the course of his talks he will discuss the following topics: Discipline, The Teacher's Personality, The First Day of School and kindred subjects. The talks will be on an informal character and opportunities will be given for teachers to ask questions whenever they wish to do so.
The primary work will again be in chare of Miss Lura M. Eyestone of  Normal,  who had charge of the work last year. The observation work    will be given at the morning period. The afternoon talks will be as follows.....

Boys' State Fair School
The committee on the selection of boys to represent this county at the Boys' school conducted during the State Fair at Springfield have chosen Rolland Tucker of Minonk and Bennie Bratt of Washburn.

Woodford  County's  Exhibit at the State Fair.
The schools of Woodford county sent a very interesting exhibition to the State Fair at Springfield this year, the exhibit consisting of work from a number of schools of the county. Some of the most interesting exhibits are as follows: A collection of twenty specisupervision of Miss Lydia Builta; a series of maps of Illinois, showing the products, glaciations. railroads, etc., made by the pupils of the eighth grade of the Eureka school, taught by Miss Delia Gaddis; a set of water color maps, showing the various sections of the United States, made by the pupils of the Jefferson school, taught by Miss Martha Swan. Aside from these there was an exhibit of sewing, a set of water color pictures, a set of language papers and drawings from Miss Pierce's school.

Lillian McDermott...Dis. No. 40
Marie Eyster......Dis. No. 128
Elsie   Marquet....Dis. No. 128
Frank   Hexamer... Dis.  No. 97
Percy   Lawyer.....Dis. No. 97
Viola   Proctor......Dis. No. 57
Josephine  Meek....Dis. No. 64
John   Heiken......Dis. No. 28
Cecil Sharp........Dis. No. 55
Carl Bechtel.......Dis. No. 87
Hermon   Claymon. .Dis. No. 59
Delia   Knapp......Dis. No. 130
Cecil Johnson......Dis. No. 114
Hannah Dora Knack... Dis. No. 1
Minnie   Knack.....Dis. No. 1
Erma   loerger......Dis. No. 66
Fae   Tomb.........Dis. No. 88
Ruth Camp........Dis. No. 88
Frank Klopfenstein Dis. No. 88
Dean Reynolds.....Dis. No. 88
Arthur Klaus.......Dis. No. 88
Florence   Hopping...Dis. No. 88
Paul Mount joy.....Dis. No. 88
Charlie  Knapp.....Dis. No. 130
Ada Johnson.......Dis. No. 88
Lizzie  Smellie......Dis. No. 88
Leah   Bowald......Dis. No. 88
Rexford Regnial Brown......Dis. No. 88
Myron Higby.......Dis. No. 88
Dorothy Musick Diskinson.Dis. No. 88
Gladys Malone.....Dis. No. 64
Lena Bachman......Dis. No. 33
Alma  Sharp.......Dis. No. 55
Hazel May Hahn...Dis. No. -

Madeline lsch......Dis. No. 64
Ida  Hoffman.......Dis. No. 68
Henry  Warnke.....Dis. No. 28
Norma Esther Bullock.Dis. No. 88
Roy  Pinkham......Dis. No. 79
Elsa   Dressler......Dis. No. 96

The following is a list of Normal scholarships issued by the
State Superintendent of Schools.
Frances G. Blair, for Woodford county: Otilda Ferhing, Mary Gerner, Walter Dyar, Charles Crawford, Mabel Winkler, Arthur Smith, Lawrence Heintzman, Theresa Theobald, Clarence Wertz, Ethel Haggard, Mary Kelly, Esta Hefler, Marguerite Cleary, Esther Culp, Maurine Lantz and Mary Robinson.

School Improvement Column.
The directors in District No. 92 have purchased a Waterbury heater and ventilator. A new chimney will be put in and the heater placed in the corner of the room. The directors are Henry Culp, Joseph Roth and Christian Wertz.

The directors in District No. 44 are erecting a new school building. It is located on the site of the old building and it will be a great improvement to the district. The directors are, John Imhoff, Oscar Unsicker and John Keller.

The school building in District No. 49 is being improved by the addition of a hall. This is a convenience that every rural school building should have. The board of directors are also making other The directors in District No. 128 are improving their school by the construction of a new hall. The directors are, H. L. Guengerich, Jacob Wolber and J. W. Rich.

District No. 233, in Panola township is another school which is being improved by the addition of a Waterbury heater and ventilator. The directors are, Geo. Wilkey, Archie Nethercott and Charles Brown.

District No. 33 is to have a new school building, built in accordance with the modern plans for rural school buildings. The directors in this district are, Sol. D. Schertz, Peter Bachmman and Peter Schrock.

The interior of the Benson school is to be greatly improved by calcimining this with other improvements that are to be made will add much to the appearance and comfort of the school. The directors are H. R. Keiken, J. E. Eckhart and Theodore Ficken.

District No. 111 is erecting a new school house, which they hope to have ready for use for the opening of school. This is a great improvement and will add greatly to the school equipment of Kansas township. The directors are, E. S. Mishler, W. N. Kunkler and John Hart.

The school in District No. 130 is being improved by  the installation of new slate blackboards and the erection of a new porch. The directors are, Ben Rider. Charles Knapp and Everett Ramsey.

District No. 119 has been improved by the addition of a Smith heater and ventilator. This school is another of the many aiming to secure the State diploma as a Standard School. The directors are, Andrew Woltzen, M. R. Fischer and John W. Uphoff.

The directors of District No. 41. John Shea, Jr.. Ed. C. Schertz and Fred Bohlander, have purchased a Smith System heater and ventilator, which will he ready for service by the opening of school.

The directors in District No. 83 have purchased a new heater. This with other improvements recently   made   will   entitle this school to inspection for the State diploma when Mr. Hoffman visits the county this fall. The di-rectors are as follows: W, F. Sutton, Byron Stitt and Michael Fitzgerald.

District No. 100 has replaced the jackated stove that has been in use for several years with a Hero heater and ventilator. The directors in this district are, E. T. Benson, R. L. Ackerman and John E. Breese.

District No. 4 has purchased a Hero heater and ventilator. This improvement will be greatly appreciated by the pupils of the district. The directors are as follows : George Ruestman, A. J. Parks and William Barth.

District No. 80 is another of those purchasing a Hero heater and ventilator. This school is rapidly nearing the Standard list The Directors are as follows: Albert Blackmore, Joseph P. Haase and William Eft.

A number of important changes are being made in District No. 56 this year. By a unamious vote it was decided to move the school building from its present location to a site on the public road, west of Patton's bridge. This will make a much more satisfactory location for those living in the eastern part of the district,. The directors are also planning several important improvements, among these being the installation of a new heater and ventilator. These improvements mean the opening of a new era of prosperity in this district. The directors are as follows: Wm. Mannings, Charles H. Hammers and Ernest Ray.

District No. 40 has installed a Smith System heater and ventilator in their school. The directors in this district are: Frank W. Wagner, Wm. F. Rohman and Frank C. Smith.

District No. 27 is making extensive improvements in its school property this term. New single   seats   will   be installed, some painting will be done and other improvements made. The directors are, Frank Hock, Joseph Koch and Barney Brockling.

District No. 13 has been greatly improved by the installation of a Waterbury heater and the purchase of new seats.   This will be a great improvement to this
school. The directors are as follows: Louis Poignant, Wm. Jones
and Ernest De Guibert.

The school in District No. 46 has been nicely equipped with new single seats. The directors in this district are: A. F. Benders, E. A. Woltzen and Fred Weasel. Among other improvements in this district are a new floor, newly built foundation, etc.

The new school building in District No. 111 will be equipped with a Smith heater and ventilator and new single seats. The directors are, E. S. Mishler, W. H. Kunkler and John Hart The Lowell school building, with the outbuildings and fence are to be nicely repainted before the opening of school. This with other improvements will put this school in first-class condition The directors are. C. W. Camp, J. D. Smith and Samuel Leman.

District No. 37 is another district that has been greatly improved by the installation of a Waterbury heater and the purchase of new seats. This will greatly improve school conditions in this district. The directors are, Herman Bodinus, Sol. Winkler and Hubert Bishell.

District No. 21 has been equipped with a new Smith heater and ventilator. The director are as follows: Otto Uphoff, Chas Koch and Chas. Von Behren.

The school in District No. 76 will be supplied with a Smith heater and ventilator when school opens this fall. The directors are David Ulrich, J. J. Hunzinger and Ben Ludwig.

District No. 32 has purchased a Hero heater and ventilator and the same will he installed prior to the opening of school. The directors are Ludwig Tjaden, Herman J. Tjaden and Peter E. Unsicker.

A Smith heating and ventilating system is to be installed in District No. 78. This is another of the many schools aiming forthe Standard list. The directors are, Jerry Ray, W. H. Ambrose and J. E. Koerner.

District No. 35 has placed an order for a Smith Sanitary heater and ventilator to be installed later in the season. The directors are, Edward McFarlin, Frank Carrithers and John Seckler.

District No. 10 is among those districts that will install new single seats for the opening of school. The building has been weatherboarded and will be repainted. The directors are, Joseph Fox, Edward C. Cluerr and William Shugart.

District No.96 has purchased a Hero heater to be installed before the opening of school. This school aims to bring the Standard of its equipment up to the point which will entitle it to the State Diploma within a short time. The directors are as follows: S. K. Sutton, C. E. Armstrong and Richard Mayne.

The directors in   District No. 50 and erecting a new building to take  the place are erecting a new building to take the place of the one destroyed by fire several months ago. The building is being erected on the same site. The directors are as follows: H. G. Crawford, Henry Krug and John E. Jannsen.

District No. 79 has purchased a Hero heater, which will be installed before the opening of school. Other improvements will be made, which will add to the comfort and appearance of the school room. The directors are, George Burroughs, S. C. Barringer and A. F. Johnson.

The Metamora and Low Point schools have each purchased a Smith Sanitary Bubbling fountain to be installed for use of the pupils.

A modern school building is being erected in District No 31. The building will add another to the increasing list of good school buildings   in   Woodford county. A Smith heater and ventilating plant will be installed in this structure. The directors are, Henry Harms, John Rogge and William Mennen.

District No. 93 is installing a new Hero heater and ventilator in place of the furnace that has been in use for several years. The directors are, John Reeser, L. K. Grove and Harvey Wright.

The directors in District No. 69 are making a number of improvements this year. A new Smith heater and ventilator has been purchased, new slate blackboards will be installed and an addition made for a coal room. The directors are, Theodore Miller, George Wernsman and Wm. Nauman.

The directors of district No. 33 have purchased new single seats. This will place the equipment of the Spring Hay school in first-class condition. The directors are, Peter Fischer, John Winkler, Jr. and L. G. Scheerer.

The directors of District No. 66 have purchased new seats. These will he installed for the opening of school. The directors are, Henry Greiner, Frank Kohl and Henry Eichhorn.

The directors in District No. 77 are planning some very satisfactory improvements  in their school. A hallway will he built, a new floor put in and new single seats will be installed.

Woodford County School Bulletin
Vol. 6, Eureka, Illinois, Sept. 1912

Woodford  County Teachers in in Summer School Woodford county was well represented in the various summer schools this year. The following is a fairly complete list of those attending:

Irene Banta, Elsie Kerrick.

Guy R. French, Ruth Jackson.

Ruth Kerrick. Edna Hester, Frances Kelly, Edna Campbell, Nell Goodrich, Florence Hughes, Burton Shapland, Clara Sneed, Charlotte Nellinger, Henry Livingston, Myrtle Tucker, Camilla Thorn, Leora Janssen, Minnie Janssen. Mae Raub, Edith Reibschlager, Sadie Philippi, Mabel Dearth, Pearl Kershaw. Austin Kershaw, Nora Davidson. Hazel Bamber, Florence James, Zella   Howell, Charlotte Vogelsang, Ochel haines, Sara Robinson, Bertha Ehringer, T. L. Black, Frank L. Black, Glenn W. Stephens, Harry R. Jones, Henry W. Schroeder, fred L. Dye, Edith Jenkins, Lucy Spires, Lydia Schroeder, Frances Stambach, Blanche Schweitzer, Gertrude Wheelwright, Pauline Petri, Edward Woltzen, Vida Davis, Elizabeth Evey, Elizabeth Vogel, Frank Damman, David Ritz, Mary Ritz, Jessie Patterson, Vera Patterson, Chester Chism, Nell Patterson. Mary Lyons, Lida Rock, Ella Yoder, Ruth Gaddis, Delia Gaddis, Ethel Gaddis, Angie Haas, Mack Evans, Beula Howell, Ruth Smith, Juanita Norton, Esther Bohlander, Myrtle Rehner, Alta Murray, Hazel Grove, Elizabeth Roe, Kathleen Roach.

Resolved: That we greatly appreciate the work of Miss Lura M. Eyestone, Mr. D. C. Ridgley, Dr. Search, Miss Beulah Hootman, Dr. Paulson, Mr.W. P. Miller and Mr. B. R. Morris and endeavor to carry out their suggestions.

Resolved: That the resolutions be published in the Woodford County School Bulletin and a copy of the same be sent to each of the instructors. Committee: Frank Damman Minnie B. Janssen, Nettie Dawson, H. G. Dougherty, Minetta Courtright.

Diplomas Renewed
The following diplomas of standard schools have been renewed this month for the year that has just opened:
District No. 73-Directors, J. W. Kuntz, John Bittner and S. S. Fehr.
District No. 72-Directors, Cari Volz, J. L. Rocke and H. A. Isch, District No. 62-Directors, Sam Leman, S. E. Smith and Joseph Leman.
District No. 63-Directors, C. W. Camp, Christ Leman and J. D. Smith.
District No. 70-Directors, Geo. I. Sommer, Fred E. Zimmerman and John G. Weaver.
District No. 71-Directors, Wm. A. Kern, Geo. Rexroth and Geo. G. Steiglitz.

Names of Teachers.
The following list shows the schools in which the various teachers are employed for the coming year:

East Grant-Frances Scott.
Beal-Florence Hughes.
Minonk-Supt. B. R. Morris; Prin. Marie Jensen; Ass't Prin. Marguerite Watson; Domestic Science, Lenora Higgins; 7th and 8th grade, Anna Kraker; 6th grade, Alice Beck; 5th grade, Lottie Benedict; 4th, Daisy Christians; 2nd and 3rd, Elsie Kerrick; 1st and 2nd, Minnie Janssen; West side-3rd and 4th grades, Mary O'Rourke; 1st and 2nd, Julia Gallagher.
Center-Nina Denholm.
Spires-Burton Shapland.
Maple Grove-Edna Campbell.
Hawthorne-Kathryn Quinn.
Woodford-Leora Janssen.
Grant-Henry Livingston.
Jackson-Rose Vogel.
Jefferson-Martha Swan.
Lincoln-Frances Kelly.
Center-Edward Woltzen.
Adams-Daisy Thorn.
Eagle-Camilla Thorn.
Benson-Prin.   G.   E. Clark grammar   grades,   Nellie Fox
Intermediate, Alice Hughes; primary, Etta Habben.
Oglesby-Vida Davis.
Washington-Bertha Ehringer.
Franklin-Lillian Hawk.
Vernon-Edith Riebschalger.
Greeley-Glenn Stephens.
Wellington-Sarah Robinson.
Sherman-Thomas Black.
Logan-Elizabeth Evey.
Irving-Harry Jones.
Lincoln-Frank Black.
Webster-Henry Schroeder.
Garrison-Emma Krull.
Columbia-Geneva Andrews.
Bricktown-Edna Clark.
Low Point-Prin. H. G. Dougherty; primary, Sarah Vaublesang.
Cazenovia-Frances Dougherty.
Oak Dell-Effie Schleich.
Alcott-Annetta Pergande.
Washburn-Maud Miller.
Partridge-Pauline Petri.
Oaken  Wald - Esther Bohlander.
Spring Bay-Katherine Roach.
Bluff View-Chester Chisim.
Hazel Dell-Emily Theena.
Morsetown-Elizabeth Grob.
Mt. Pleasant-Rose Schleich.
Lowell-Olive Belsley.
Metamora-Prin. W. C. Stautor; grammar grades, Agnes Robertson; intermediate, Minetta Courtright; primary, Madalon Caroll.
Maple Grove-Lulu Koch.
Happy Hour-Lillian Theena.
Tomb-Florence James.
Harmony-Sadie Phillippi.
Schirer-Ivan Snow.
Zion-Edna Kirby.
Roanoke-Supt. D. W. McCartney; Prin. Elizabeth Roe; grammar grades, Gertrude Wheelwright; 5th and 6th, Harriet McLemore; 3rd and 4th, Annie B. Smith; 3rd, Mildred Davis; 2nd, Bess Reeder; 2nd primary, Lava Yeck; 1st primary, Louise Miller.
Pleasant Valley - Frances Wertz.
Maple Lawn-Nell Patterson.
Schertz-Mae Raub.
Belsly-Irene Banta.
White Pigeon-Richard Folkers.
Garfield-Margaret Lyons.
Tool-Anna Listen.
Center-Beula Howell.
Willow Tree-F. B. Daraman.
Cram-Jessie Patterson.
Enterprise-Frances Stambach.
Douglas-Ruth Kerrick.
Hill Grove-Clara Carlson.
Thorpe-Nelle Goodrich.
West Point-Ena Jergensen.
Roth-Alma Schroeder.
Panola-Lydia Schroeder.
Bassett-Marie Lund.
Hodgsoa-Edith Jenkins.
McOmber-Hazel Bamber.
Pauley-Adelina Jenkins.
McKinley-Prin. and teacher of the grammar grades, Etta Cusey; 5th and 6th grades, Emma Michel; 3rd and 4th, Nettie Dawson; 1st and 2nd, Ethel Corbin.
Jefferson Park-Grammer grades, Mabel Pumphrey; 5th and 6th, Mary Gregory; 3rd and 4th, Ruby Ried; 1st and 2nd, Edith Shiner.
Union High School-Supt. C. H. Brittin; Prin. Isabelle M. Vandervort; 1st as't. Glen Griggs; 2nd asst., Florence Baker.
Bethel-Angle Haas.
Tucker-Mack Evans.
Kappa-Mabel Klopp.
Hopewell-Ursula Hayden.
Lewis-Florence Bailey.
Grand View-Jennie Gunn.
Olive Branch-Edna Hester.
Walnut Grove - Winfred Thompson.
Union-Pearl Kershaw.
Secor-Prin. J. M. Kirby; intermediate, Mrs. Ritz; primary, Grace Davis.
Shepard-Lida Rock.
Meridan-Iva Kindig.
Harvey-Mrs. Allie Wilhoit.
Price-Elizabeth Vogel.
Versailles-Mrs, E. T. Reynolds.
PantherCreek - Vera Patterson.
Eureka-Supt. Guy R. French; Prin. Mabel Dearth; Asst. Ruth Jackson; 8th grade, Delia Gaddis; 7th, Lula Cressey; 6th, Ethel Gaddis; 5th, Laura Kice; 4th, Coral Norton; 3rd, Jennie McCord; 2nd, Jessie Petri; 1st, Frances Davis; music, Ada Holbrook; art, Ida Campbell.
Rock Quarry-Ruth Smith.
Cruger-Ruth Gaddis.
Olio-Blanche Dillard.
Ray-Nora Davidson
Goodfield - Prin. Frances
Young; primary, Mary Reag.
Reed-Ruth Cornwell.
Science Hill-Lydia Bolliger.
Galey-Zella Howell.
Consolidated-Prin. F. L. Dye;
intermediate, Mabel Patterson;
primary, Faye Nixon.
North Carlock-Ella Yoder,
Spring Hill-Emma Abby.
Glenwood-Mayme Craig.

State Certificates.
Misses Isabel Vandervort of the El Paso High School, and Ruth Jackson of the Eureka High School, have received state certificates as the result of the recent examination given by the State Superintendent of Schools.

The following are appointed as managers of the various circles for the coming season's work:
Minonk-Julia Gallagher.
El Paso town school-Emma Michel.
El Paso Rural School-Lydia Schroeder.
Secor-F. B. Damman.
Eureka-Maggie Pierce.
Congerville-Fred L. Dye.
Roanoke-Gertrude  Wheelright.
Benson-Richard Folkers.
Washburn-Maude L. Miller.
Metamora-Emily Theena.

School Improvement Column.
The school room in District No. 51 has been improved by the laying of a new floor and making various other changes. The directors are, E. S. Phillips, Christ Wagner and Geo. F. Bell.

A fine woven wire fence with iron posts has been erected around the school yard in District No. 43. This is a splendid improvement. The directors are, G. W. Robinson, John Leman and J. J. Bauchman.

In District No. 63 a number of improvements have been made including a numeral frame, a twelve inch globe, the repainting of all the buildings and the fence and other improvements. The directors are, C. W. Camp, Christ Leman and J. D. Smith.

Many improvements were made in the Goodfield school during the vacation months. The interior has been repainted and the walls nicely tinted, so that school opens under very favorable conditions. The directors are, C. D. Heiser, S. E. Naffziger and Samuel Hohulin.

In District No. 76 a number of very substantial improvements are being made. A new foundation has been placed under the building, a new chimney erected, a new roof put on and a heater installed. A new coal house will soon be erected and other improvements made. The directors are. David Ulrich, J. J. Hunzinger and Ben Ludwig.

The school room in District No. 77 has been improved by the installation of adjustable seats. This is a very satisfactory improvement. The directors are, Floyd Ekiss, W. H. Armstrong and J. E. McCauley.

A Smith system heater and ventilator is one of the improvements in District No. 9. The directors are, Bloom Faw, Chas. B. Safford and W. F. Peabody.

District No. 27 has purchased new seats and the same will be installed for use this fall. This with other improvements made during the year will add much to the comfort and appearance of the school room. The directors are, Fred Kock. Joseph Koch and Barney Brockling.

A Smith sanitary bubbling fountain is one of the improvements in the Spring Bay school, District No. 38. The directors are Peter Fischer, L. G. Scherer and John Winkler.

A new floor is being put in the school house in District No. 14. The  directors are, Theodore Braun,   Otto   Staudemeyer and James Kenyon.

District No. 68 has purchased new single seats. This improvement will put this school in first-class condition. The directors are, Wm. Collins, M. A. Brautigan and Alfred Hosher.

District No. 22 has purchased new single seats and a Hero heater. These improvements will make this school one of the best equipped in that part of the county. The directors are, J. H. Harms, Fred Broers and George Ketwich.

District No. 75 is being improved by the setting of window-guards and by other improvements. The directors are, J. J. Schoor, David Leman and Samuel Blunier.

The directors in District No. 32 have been making a number of very satisfactory improvements. The exterior has been nicely painted, the seats have been revarnished and the walls repapered. Considerable concrete work is being done around the building. The directors are, P. J. Saltzman. Frank M. Taylor and E. H. Schrock.

District No 79 has added a number of new seats to its equipment. This school is now ready for inspection by Mr. Hoffman on his visit to this county. The directors are, George Burroughs and S. C. Barringer.

The interior of the school in District No. 73 has been nicely repainted thruout [sic]. The directors are, J. W. Kuntz, John Bittner and S. S. Fehr.

The directors in District No. 16 have purchased a Smith system heater and ventilator. The directors are, N. B. Crawford, F. O. Jury and Thos. D. Parkins.

District No. 40 is expending considerable money in school improvement this year. Aside from the installation of a Smith heater and ventilator, they will build a coal house in connection with the school building and make other improvements. The directors are, Frank C. Smith, Frank W. Wagner and Wm. T. Rohman.

The school in District No. 71 has been nicely repainted and the interior revarnished. New single seats will be purchased and other satisfactory improvements made. The name of the school has been changed to the Maple Lawn. The directors are, Jeff Rocke, Emil Martin and Andrew Schertz.

District No. 11 has purchased a Smith system heater and ventilator which will be installed with the coming cold weather. The walls are being repapered and other improvements made. The directors are, David Knoblauch, Henry Davis and Victor Adami.

New window guards will be placed on the windows of the Gayley school in District No. 106. The directors are C. A. Pepper, Harry Grossman and R. L. Lockwood.

A Smith system heater and ventilator has been purchased in District No. 102, and will be installed in a short time. The directors are, Levi Riehl, Fred C. Meyer and Albert Letcher.

A concrete walk and platform and a concrete cover for the well have been constructed on the school grounds in District No.72. The directors are, Carl Volz, J. L. Rocke and H. A. Isch.

Woodford County School Bulletin
Vol. 6 Eureka, Illinois, October, 1912

The following is a list of the schools visited which received the diploma:
Rock Quarry School. District No. 103. Directors, Albert Schiller, Basil Hallam and Henry Sauder.  Teacher. Ruth Smith.
Hopewell School, District No. 83. Directors, W. F. Sutton, Byron Stitt and Michael Fitzgerald. Teacher, Ursula Hayden.
Douglas School, District No. 50. Directors, H. G. Crawford. Henry Krug and J. E. Jannsen. Teacher, Ruth Kerrick.
Harmony School, District No. 44. Directors, John Imhoff, Oscar Unzicker and John Keller. Teacher, Sadie Philippi.
Oak Hill School, District No. 40. Directors, Frank Smith, Frank Wagner and Wm. T. Rohman.   Teacher, Bessie Bonner.
Fairview View School, District No. 33 Directors. Sol. Schertz. Peter Baehman and  Peter Schrock. Teacher. Charlotte Vogelgesang.
White Pigeon School, District No. 47. Directors. John Schroeder, George Hinrichs and George Reintz.    Teacher, Richard Folkers.
Enterprise School, District No. 78.   Directors, W.  H.  Ambrose. J. E. Koernner and Jerry Ray. Teacher. Frances Stamhash.
Eagle School, District No. 27. Directors, Frank Hock, Joseph Koch and Barney Brockling. Teacher. Camilla Thom.
Center School, District No. 22. Directors, J. H. Harms, Fred Broers and George Ketwich. Teacher. Nina Denholm.
McOmber School. District No. 233. Directors. George Wilkey. Archie Nethercott and Charles Brown.   Teacher, Hazel Bamber.
Partridge School. District No. 37. Directors. Herman Boninus, Sol. Winkler and Hubert Bishell. Teacher. Pauline Petri.
Spring Bay School, District No.38. Directors. L. G. Scheerer, John Winkler and Peter J. Fischer.   Teacher, Kathleen Roach.

Diplomas have been issued for the following schools, to be delivered as soon as the suggested changes have been made.
Tool School. District No. 49. Directors, Henry Waldschmidt, Frank Vogel and C. E. Greene.
Hazel Dell School. District No. 41. Directors, John Shea, Jr.. Ed. C. Schertz and Fred Bohlander.
Franklin School, District No. 8. Directors. John Winkle. Jr.. Wilke Arends and James Hawk.
Center School. District No. 8. Directors, Wm. Kolb, J. P. Oyer and John Trantina.
Bluff View School, District No.68. Directors, W. Collins, M. A. Brautigam and Alfred Hoshor. Teacher, Chester Chism.
Richland School, District No. 13. Directors, Louis Poignant, Wm. Jones and Ernest Guibert. Teacher, Ruth Borton.

Diplomas Renewed.
Schertz School. District No. 75. Directors. J. .J. Schoor; David Leman and Sain Blunier.
Winkler School, District No. 117. Directorss, Otto Boehle, Peter Winkler and Michael Staab.
Sherman School. District No. 18. Directors, Reuben Faw, Wm. H. Reinken; Herman Meinhold.
Panther Creek School, District No. 93. Directors, John R. Reeser, Leslie Grover and Harvey Wright.
Price School, District No. 87. Directors, John Martin, John Pfister and Amos Newhouser.
Cruger School, District No. 90. Directors, W. H. Nafziger, John W. Dorward and G. G. Ludwig.
Versailles School, District No. 92. Directors, Joseph Roth, Henry Culp and Chris Wertz.
Reid School, District No. 128. Directors, R. H. Guengerich, Jacob Wolber and J. W. Rich.
Olive Branch District No. 84. Directors, A. M. Dearth, Mrs. Carrie A. Snyder and B. F. Brubaker.

Dipolmas and Pins Awarded
The following have received diplomas for 18 months and pins for 36 months for perfect attendance:
Diploma-Henry Reich, District No. 110.
Pin-Charles Kaufman, District No. 90.

Patron's Day at the Eagle and Adams Schools.
A union patron's day program was given by Misses Daisy and Camilla Tom. teachers in District 21 and 27 respectively. Both districts Mere well represented, and those present enjoyed the address given by Rev. dames Thomas Ph. D. of Chicago. He opened his address by setting forth the advantages of educational advancement. He then spoke of his extensive travels abroad. This is the first of a series of meetings to be held during the year.

School Improvement Column.
The school in District No. 61. has been greatly improved by tinting the walls, oiling the floor and making other changes. The directors are J. J. Camp, Ben. Schertz and Casper Blunier.

The Garfield school in District No. 48 has been nicely painted inside and out, the floor has been oiled and some new seats ordered. The directors are Dick Behrns, Frank X. Vetter and H. C Reinken.

One of the improvements in District No. 75 is a well. A pure water supply is one of the essentials of a well equipped school. The directors arc J. J. Schoor, David Lernan and Sam Blunier.

Supplementary readers for the primary grades have been purchased at the Rock Quarry school in District No. 103. The directors are Basil Hallam, Henry Sauder and Albert Schuler.

The interior of the Sherman school in District No. 18 has been nicely repainted. The directors are Ruben Faw, Wm. H. Reinken and Herman Meinhold.

The directors of the Winkler school in District No. 117 have sunk a well. This with some grading of the school grounds will be a great improvement. The directors are Otto Boehle, Peter E. Winkler and Michael Staab.

The directors in District No. 61 have had the walls nicely tinted and the floor oiled, The directors are J. J. Camp, Ben Schertz and Casper Blunier.

A contract has been let by the Metamora school board for the installment of more radiators in the various school rooms. This will heat the rooms much more satisfactorily.    The  board have also ordered some additional seats for the room that were crowded. The directors are J. W. Theena, P. O. Belsly and J. A. McGuire.

The interior of the Bethel school, District No. 96, has  been nicely repainted. The directors are S. K. Sutton, C. E. Armstrong and Richard Mayne.

A new recitation bench has been ordered in District No. 45. The directors are J. C. Kamm, Alvin Kauffman and Wm. Beer.

The school in District No. 76 has been greatly improved during the past few weeks. Aside from the heater, coal shed, roof and concrete foundation, new single seats are contemplated and a new fence will be built. These improvements will entitle this school to the diploma as a Standard school. The directors are David Ulrich, J. J. Hunzinger and Ben Ludwig.

The interior of the Franklin school in District No. 8 has been repainted. Other improvements arc contemplated. The directors are John Warnke, Jr., Wilke Arends and James Hawk.

The school room of the North Carlock school in District No. 30 has been repainted. Several new desks have also been added to the school to accommodate the increased attendance. There is talk of a new school building in that district next year. The directors are George W. Karl, Herman Moritz and Frank Benders.

The  Hopewell school. District No. 83 has been   supplied with new single seats.    The directors are W. F. Sutton, Byron L. Stitt and Michael Fitzgerald.

The directors of the White Pigeon school in District No.47 have ordered a set of maps and a number of pictures for the walls. The directors are Jacob Schroeder, Geo. Hinrichs and George Reintz.

Woodord County School Bulletin
Vol. 6, Eureka, Illinois, November, 1912

The following is the list of the cities and villages of the county showing the name, location, population and date of founding of each:




Date of layout









































Spring Bay


Spring Bay


Cazenovia   Cazenovia


Goodfield   Montgomery


Cruger   Cruger


Low Point   Cazenovia


Woodford   Minonk


Woodford county derived its name from Woodford county, Kentucky. El Paso is from the Spanish, meaning, " The Pass." Eureka is from the Greek, meaning, "I have found it." Minonk is presumably an Indian name. Roanoke was named for Roanoke, Virginia. Secor was named for Zeno Secor, who held a position with the T. P. & W. R. R. when Secor was established. Benson was named for S. H. Benson, who was connected with the Chicago Pekin and Southwestern R. R. (Now the Pekin Branch of the Sante Fe) at the time Benson was established. Kappa is an Indian name. Cruger was named for W. H. Cruger, who was connected at that time with the T. P. & W. R. R.   Cazenovia was so named for the township which was originally named for Cazenovia Lake, N. Y. Low Point derived its name from the low point of land on which the original town was located, a short distance from its present site. Washburn was originally called Uniontown and later changed to it's present name. Spring Bay is so called because of the number of springs in the bay there. Metamora derived its name from Metamoras.

Several of the townships of the county have no cities or villages in them, while a few, as will be seen from the above list have two and one township, Cazenovia, has three. The townships in which there are no towns are as follows: Linn, Partridge, Greene. Worth and Kansas.

Several towns that were at one time of considerable importance, have passed out of existence. Versailles, in what is now Olio township named for Versailles.  Kentucky;  and Bowling Green in what is now Palestine, named for Bowling Green, Kentucky, at one time held quite prominent places in the life of the county, but each has ceased to exist, and nothing remains to mark the site the once occupied.

Diplomas Renewed
The following diplomas have been renewed as Standard schools since the last issue of the Bulletin:
District No. 128, Directors, R, H. Guengerich, Jacob Wolber, J. W. Rich.
District No. 5, Directors, J. J. Camp, Ben Schertz, Casper Blunier.
District No. 52, Directors. P. J. Saltzman, Frank M. Taylor, E. H. Schrock.
District No. 34, Directors, Henry Bachman, John Ivins, L. T. Bradburn.
District No. 36, Directors, Jesse Bohlander, Andrew Elbert. Ottis Baggs.
District No. 23, Directors, Herbert Spires, C. F. Hasselman, Jno. Tammen.

Several Schools Receive the Diploma.
The directors in District No. 96 have arranged the seats in their school and made other changes that entitle the school to the diploma as a Standard school The directors are: S. K. Sutton, C. E. Armstrong and Richard Mayne.
The new school building in District No. 31 is completed and the single seats and the heater have been installed. The school is now entitled to the diploma. The directors are: Henry Harms, John Rogge and Wm. Mennen.
The directors in District No. 20 have met with the conditions for the state diploma, and the school is now entitled to hold the diploma. The directors are: W. B. Uphoff, Wm. Uphoff and Ed. Turner.
The directors in District No. 49 have met the conditions for a state diploma and the diploma has been issued. The directors are: Henry Waldschmidt, Prank Vogel and C. E. Greene.

Diplomas and Pins.
Diplomas have been issued to the following pupils who have been perfect in attendance for eighteen months.
Minnie Aesehliman, Dist. 48.
Anna Schieber, Dist. 90.
Harold Punke, Dist. 54.
Benice Laws, Dist. 88.
Isabelle Faux, Dist. 59.
Walter Sander, Dist. 59.
Eugene Audi, Dist. 59.
Henry Sands, Dist. 59.
Cordellia Gudeman, Dist. 59.
Ida Beer, Dist. 59.
Laurice Orussa, Dist. 59.

Pins have been granted the following pupils who have been perfect in attendance thirty-six months:
Wilma lsch, Dist. 64.
Charles Kaufman, Dist. 90.
Dorothy Wright, Dist. 93.
Paul Audi, Dist. 59.

Improvement Column
New seats have been purchased for the school in District No. 31. The board of directors is composed of Henry Harms, John Rogge and Wm. Mennen.

District No. 41 has purchased new single seats, which will be installed as soon as received This will entitle this school to the diploma as a Standard school. The directors are John Shea, Jr.; Ed. C. Schertz and Fred Bohlinder.

New slate blackboards have been purchased for the Kappa school. The directors are James A. Langen, H. W. Crowe and A. L. Grant.

The directors in District No. 105 have purchased some seats of the smaller sizes, and new blackboards. This school is aiming for the Standard list. The directors are Wm. Ludwig, R. Prank Dorward and Jacob King.

School Notes.
The Board of Education in Eureka has purchased a number of supplementary readers for the various grades and a set of reference books for the eighth grade.

Miss Marion Wilkinson of Bloomington, is teaching the primary room of the McKinley school in the absence of Miss Ethel Corbin, who is on the sick list.

A country store was given at the Hazel Dell school taught by Miss Emily Theena,Tuesday evening. October 29th.   It was very I well patronized and the evening was enjoyed by all.   The entertainment netted  $26.81  for the school.

A pleasant social was given at the Union school, District No. 102, recently. The program, which was in charge of Miss Kershaw, was enjoyed. The receipts of  the evening amounted to about $13.00.

Woodford County School Bulletin
Vol. 6, Eureka, Illinois, December, 1912

The first railroad to be constructed thru Woodford county was the Illinois Central. This soon became, and has since remained, an important factor in the industrial life of the eastern portion of this county.  Work was begun in 1852 and continued tor a number of months before the line was ready for active service. Four towns soon sprang up along this line of road, Minonk, Panola, El Paso and Kappa. At a much later day Woodford was founded midway between Panola and Minonk. The operation of this road served to open a wide territory that previously was practically unsettled. A market was opened close at hand and it became an inducement for farmers to secure farms in that region. The broad prairies were soon a scene of activity.

The road is an important means of connecting this county with the outside world, both by its passenger and freight service.

The line which extends thru this county directly connects New Orleans, Louisiana, and Madison, Wisconsin, so that cities and villages along its right of way, not only have the means of direct intercourse between these cities, but with a great number of other cities, such as LaSalle, Freeport, Bloomington, Cairo and Jackson, Miss.

The central line was not, however, to remain the only railroad thru the county for many months, for in 1855-56 the eastern branch of the Peoria & Oquakwa, later known as the Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw, now the Toledo, Peoria & Western railway, was constructed, crossing the Illinois Central railway at right angles at El Paso. Other cities soon sprang up along the road, among these being Eureka, which had previously had its beginning a mile south of the present location of the business portion of the city. Secor, midway between Eureka and El Paso, and Cruger two miles west of Eureka, were also started. The construction of this road along present right of way was a source of disappointment to at least two villages in the county, for Kappa and Panola had hoped to be the points at which the new road would cross the Illinois Central. The crossing at El Paso gave that city a prestige and advantage that neither of the neighboring villages enjoyed.

This railway is important as a connection with the large eastern cities. It connects Keokuk, Iowa, and Effner, Illinois. At the latter point it makes connection with the Pennsylvania system for the large cities of the east, including New York. The western division not only connects with Keokuk, but also with Davenport, Iowa, and Warsaw, Illinois.

For a number of years these were the only two railroads in the county. Not until several years after the Civil war were any other roads constructed- The early seventies witnessed the completion of several lines that have done much to develop the wealth of the county.

In 1870 the St. Louis, Jacksonville and Chicago railroad was built to Metamora, and was later finished to Washington. This road is now a part of the Chicago & Alton system, and is known as the Dwight division. The line connects Peoria and Chicago, its trains using the T. P. & W. tracks from Peoria to Washington. At Dwight it connects with the main line of the C. & A. and runs directly into Chicago. As in the case of the other railroads constructed, this road had much to do with shaping the geography and history of the portion of the county it touched. Washburn, which had its beginning a short distance north of its present site, just across the line in Marshall county, moved so as to be near the railroad. Low Point also changed its location, while Cazenovia was established a short distance southwest, of Low

In 1872 the Chicago, Pekin & Southwestern, road was built between Pekin and Streator and has direct connection with Chicago. This is now a part of the Santa Fe system and is known as the Pekin branch. It is completed from Pekin to the main line of the Santa Fe at Ancona, with the exception of a strip of probably six miles of track from Pekin junction east of Washington to the Streator junction east of Eureka. The T., P. & W. tracks are used for this distance, a stipulated rental being paid for the use of them. This line cononnected Eureka and Minonk with Streator and Pekin. Two other towns were soon established between the above named points, Benson and Roanoke. This brings a wide and very futile territory in touch with the markets of Chicago. It also connects at Streator with the great main line of the Santa Fe, which touches many of the great cities of the west and southwest.

About 1873 another branch of the Illinois Central was constructed, which connects this county with the cities and villages of Livingston and Kankakee counties. This is known as the Middle division and extends from Minonk to Kankakee. It enters Woodford county a short distance south of the line running east and west thru the middle of Minonk township. It extends west until it connects with the origjnal line of the Central, a mile and a half south of Minonk and  its trains run into that city on the north and south line. This road makes Minonk one of its division points and there is a small round house located in the southern part of the city. The Central coal chutes are also located south of Minonk and many engines on both lines of the Central coal  ? each day. The chutes were recently erected at a considerable expense and have every convenience for coaling an engine without loss of time. The coal cars are run on a switch, the coal is unloaded and then elevated by means of a stationary engine, so as to be ready to supply engines needing fuel.

A grain point and station was later established on this road in the eastern part of Minonk township, known as Spires. This road gives direct connection with Pontiac and Kankakee, and, from the latter point, with Chicago.

The latest railway to he constructed in this county was the Lake Erie & Western, which passes thru the southern portion. This line is now a part of the New York Central system and connects Peoria, Illinois, and Sandusky, Ohio, passing thru numerous important cities midway. The road was constructed about 1888 and touches a portion of the county that previously had been a considerable distance from any line of road. Two villages soon sprang up within the borders of the county, both of these in Montgomery township These were Congerville and Goodfield. There were, in addition to these, two other villages that were established along this road, just across the line, each of which draws much of its trade from Woodford county. One of these is Deer Creek, in Tazewell county, and the other Carlock, in McLean county.

The construction of this line has placed the southern part of this county in direct and very convenient connection with both Bloomington and Peoria, as well as many other important points on this line.

From the above it will be seen that Woodford county is connected by the rail, with the great cities in all directions, and that these are within comparatively easy access. The Santa Fe opens the great western region for convenient communication. The T., P. & W. making its connection with the Pennsylvania system and the L. E. W. as a portion of the New York Central system, places the people in touch with the east. The Chicago & Alton branch makes possible easy communication with the cities of the main lines of that great system, while the Illinois Central opens the regions of the southern states as well as those of the north and northwest.

These lines are so well distributed over the county that practically every township is touched by one or more of the great arteries of commerce. Of the townships of the county, but five are without a railroad. Kansas, Spring Bay, Partridge, Worth and Linn. Three of those have a road within less than a mile, from its border.

The river traffic merely touches the western boundary of the county. The extreme west is not touched by any railway system, hence it is necessary to use the steamers for transportation. An elevator is located on the edge of the river at Spring Bay. The ease with which transportation is carried on there is due to whether or not the water is high enough to come within reason-able distance to the elevator. Boats stop at Spring Bay during the season for passengers and also to deliver freight. Before the railroads became so numerous this traffic was of more importance than it is at present.

Every teacher in the county should be familiar with the names of the county officers. Those who were recently, elected were installed into office Monday, Dec 2. The list as it now stands is as follows:

Circuit clerk, D. C. Belsley county clerk, Joseph Hertschuh sheriff, John E. Woltzen; treasurer, D. H. Bedinger; county judge. A. C. Fort; state's attorney, Thos. Kennedy; surveyor, W. T. Jackson; coroner, Ferd. Seidl; county superintendent of schools, Roy L. Moore.

The newly elected state officers will not be duly installed until next month. They are as follows Governor, Edward F. Dunne; lieutenant-governor, Barratt O'Hara; secretary of state, Harry Woods; auditor of public accounts, James J. Brady; state treasurer, William Ryan, Jr.; attorney general, Patrick J. Lucy,

Members of the legislature recently elected for the 16th district are: Senator, Christian Haase; representatives in the legislature, Michael Fahey, Henry A. Foster, Charles H. Carmon.

The newly chosen national officers will assume the duties of their offices March 4th. They are: President, Woodrow Wilson; vice president, Thomas R. Marshall; member of congress from 17th district Louis Fitz Henry.

Diplomas Renewed
The diploma in Dist. No. 16 has been renewed for the current year. The directors are, N. B. Crawford, F. O. Jury and Thos. Parkins, teacher, Glenn Stephens.
The diploma of the Jefferson school in Dist. No 6 has been renewed. The directors are, Frank Swan, Paul Davidson and Henry Barth, teacher, Martha Swan.
The diploma of the Walnut Grove school, Dist. No. 100, was also renewed for the year. The directors are, E. T. Benson,R. L. Ackerman and John Breese, teacher, Winfred Thompson.
The Tucker school, Dist. No. 97, was inspected recently and the diploma was renewed. The directors are, Judson Bigger, F. L. Jones and Joseph Wadsworth, teacher, Mack Evans.

During the past month the following received diplomas of honor indicating eighteen months of perfect attendance:
Clarence  Willman,  Dist. 64.
Ella Dick,........Dist. 86.
Annie Bauer,.......Dist. 67.
Albert   Schwenk,..Dist. 67.
Margaret Reising,. . .Dist. 67.
Clara Beuer,........Dist. 67.
Joey  Williams,.....Dist. 59.
Julia Young,.......Dist. 59.
John   Proctor,......Dist. 59.
James   Parkhouse,. Dist. 55.
George  Parkhouse, Dist. 55.
Alfred Stimpert,. .. .Dist. 55.
Robert  Grove......Dist. 64.
Ethel  Dixon,.......Dist.102
Olga Greuter,......Dist. 59.
Thomas   Harris,. .. .Dist. 53.
Lauretta   Morrow,. .Dist. 91.

During the past month the following received punctuality pins, indicating thirty-six months of perfect attendance:
Faye  Grove.......Dist. 64.
Harold   Dixon.....Dist. 102.
Frank Hexamer... Dist. 102.

Corn Day Awards
First-Mary Wistenhuff, Ray School, Dist. No. 91; second-Alvin Yordy, Meridian School. Dist. No. 94; third-James Bentfield, Tool School, Dist. No. 49.
There were not so many exhibits of com as there were essays, but the corn chosen indicated careful selection by the pupils.
The decision of the judge was as follows:
1st-Clifford Wright, Dist. No.93.
2nd-Judd Evey, Dist. No. 48.
3rd-Harley Dingledine, Dist. No. 91.
The Ray School, Dist. No. 91, having the highest average retains the banner for the coming year.

Diplomas Granted.
The conditions fixed by Mr. Hoffman for Dist. No. 32 have been met, and the school will now receive the diploma. The directors are, Ludwig Tjaden, Herman Tjaden and Peter Unzicker.

The Hodgson school, Dist. No. 79, has met the requirements for the standard school diploma. The directors are, George Burroughs, S. C. Barringer. The teacher is Edith Jenkins.

School Improvements.
The school room walls of the Low Point school, Dist. No. 15, have been nicely tinted, greatly improving their appearance. A substantial gas pipe fence has been erected in front of the grounds. These improvements place the school property in first class condition. The directors are A. D. Banta, E.  R. McBroom and Val Garber.

The directors in Dist No. 74 have purchased new single seats and window guards. The improvements will put this school in excellent condition. The directors are, Jeff Rocke, Emil Martin and Andrew Schertz.

An addition of 24 books has been made to the library in Dist. No. 33 by the directors of that district. The directors are, Sol. D. Schertz, Peter Bachman and Pete Schrock.

A teachers' desk and chair and a dictionary have been purchased by the directors in Dist. no. 32. The directors are, Ludwig Tjaden, Herman J. Tjaden and Peter Unsicker.
The Garrison school in Dist. No. 11 has been greatly improved. The building has been repainted inside and out, a new heater has been installed and some new seats purchased. The directors are, David Knoblauch, Henry Davis and Victor Adami.

The interior of the Congerville school is to be nicely repainted greatly improving the appearance of the building.

The directors of the Rock Quarry school, Dist. No. 103, have installed some new seals of the smaller size. The directors are Albert Schuler, Basil Hallam and Henry D. Sauder.

Dist. No. 79 has installed a number of small single seats  and rearranged the remaining seats in the room. The directors are, George Burroughs and S C. Barringer.

School Notes.
H. G. Dougherty's pupils of: Low Point school have purchased the Wreath Music Series tor use in the school.
Miss Alice Hughes has resigned her position as teacher in the intermediate room at Benson, owing to the death of her mother.
The vacancy has been filled by the selection of Mrs. Jennie B. Jones.
Miss Sadie Philippi, who has been teaching the Harmony school in District No. 44 has resigned.
A pleasant social was given by the pupils of District No, 105, on the evening of Nov. 22nd- An interesting program was prepared by the school under the direction of the teacher, Miss Blanche Dillard. The proceeds will be used for the benefit of the school.
Miss Edith Jenkins, teacher of the Hodgson school, Dist. No. 79 is doing some hand work that is commendable. She has purchased a set of scroll saws and carvers, and the pupils are doing some good work. The smaller pupils arc working on hammocks.
A pleasant social was given at the Maple Lawn school, Dist. 74, Wednesday evening, November 27th. There was a good attendance, a number being present from Eureka. The Thanksgiving program which was rendered was enjoyed by all. The proceeds, which amounted to about $25.00, will be used for the benefit of the school. Miss Nell Patterson had charge of the program.
Wednesday evening, November 27th, a pleasant social was given at the Belsley school, taught by Miss Irene Banta. A very pleasant program was given, including selections by pupils and visitors.
A very pleasant and successful social was given at the North Carlock school in Dist, No. 261, in which Miss Ella Yoder is teacher, Tuesday evening, November 26th. There was a good attendance and the exercises of the evening were greatly appreciated by those present. The net proceeds were $45.00 which will be used to purchase books for the school library and other school improvements.

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