Woodford County, Illinois Schools
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Woodford County School Bulletin, December 1910

Woodford County School Bulletin, May through December 1912
Woodford county School Bulletin, Sept, 1919-May 1920

1913 8th Grade Graduates for Woodford County

8th Grade Graduates from Public Schools, 1914-15

Ray School

Webster School - Courtesy Pat Myers


Center School (Historical)

The Mill 1941, Benson High School

1930 School Photo

El Paso
1908 Baseball School Photo

1915 Baseball School Photo

El Paso High School, 1917

El Paso High School, 1920

El Paso High School, 1923

El Paso High School, 1924

El Paso Grade School

McKinley School

Bethel School

1940 Jefferson Park

1945 El Paso High School, Cometeer Yearbook

1946 El Paso High School, Cometeer Yearbook

1949 El Paso High School, Cometeer Yearbook

Basketball Team - unknown year

Davenport Elementary

Versailles School, 1912 photo

1923 Eureka High School, Nautilus Yearbook

1926 Eureka High School, Nautilus Yearbook

1927 Eureka High School, Nautilus Yearbook

1928 Eureka High School, Nautilus Yearbook

1929 Eureka High School, Nautilus Yearbook

1931 Eureka High School, Nautilus Yearbook

1934 Eureka High School, Nautilus Yearbook

1936 Eureka High School, Nautilus Yearbook

1937 Eureka High Schook, Nautilus Yearbook

1921-1922 photo

1928 Lowpoint Township High School Year book, The Quill

Lowpoint High School Alumni, 1917-27

Lowpoint High School Year book, The 1949 Cargo

Lowpoint-Washburn High School Yearbook - Flashback 1956

Lowpoint High School - building still stands but no longer holds classes

Washburn Township High School - 1928/1929

Grade and High Schools from the early 1800 to mid 1900's

Morsetown School Centennial Book, 1857 - 1957

St. Mary's School

Metamora Grade School

Metamora High School

Metamora High School, 1939, The Parrot Yearbook

Hickory Point

Minonk High Schoo1, 1914

1917 Caldron Minonk Year book

1939 Minonk High School Graduating Class

Class of: 1902, 1929, 1930, 1931-32, 1934, 1947, 1949, 1955

1928 Junior-Senior Banquet Program

1943 Senior Class

Grade School

St. Patricks School

1944 Mi-Hi-Daze High School Yearbook

1945 Mi-Hi-Daze High School Yearbook

1946 Mi-Hi-Daze High School Yearbook


Many schools within the Roanoke district listed here

School photo

Some schools from the early 1900's

Spring Bay
Bluff View School - 1921 Class photo

Woodford County School Listing
Alcott School (historical)
Bethel School (historical)
Bluff View School
Bricktown School (historical)
Centennial Elementary School
Columbia School (historical)
Congerville Elementary School
Davenport Elementary School
El Paso High School
Eureka College
Eureka High School
Eureka Middle School
Fairview School (historical)
Fieldcrest Elementary School-South
Fieldcrest High School
Galey School (historical)
Garrison School (historical)
Germantown Hills Elementary School
Germantown Hills Middle School
Glenwood School (historical)
Grand View School (historical)
Greeley School (historical)
Happy Hour School (historical)
Harmony School (historical)
Harvey School (historical)
Hazel Dell School (historical)
Hickory Point School (historical)
Hillside School
Hopewell School (historical)
Jefferson Park Elementary School
Lewis School (historical)
Lincoln School (historical)
Lowell School (historical)
Lowpoint-Washburn High School
Maple Grove School (historical)
Maple Lawn School (historical)
Meridian School (historical)
Metamora Grade School
Metamora High School
Morristown School (historical)
Mount Pleasant School (historical)
North Carlock School (historical)
Oak Dell School (historical)
Oakenwald School (historical)
Oakhill School (historical)
Olio School (historical)
Olive Branch School (historical)
Panther Creek School (historical)
Partridge School (historical)
Pleasant Valley School (historical)
Pleasant View School (historical)
Prairie Lake School (historical)
Price School (historical)
Ray School (historical)
Reed School (historical)
Richland School (historical)
Riverside School
Riverview Elementary School
Roanoke-Benson High School
Roanoke-Benson Junior High School
Rock Quarry School (historical)
Saint Marys School
Saint Patricks School
Science Hill School (historical)
Shepherd School (historical)
Sowers Elementary School
Spring Hill School
Spring Hill School (historical)
Tom School (historical)
Tucker School (historical)
Union School (historical)
Vernon School (historical)
Versailles School (historical)
Walnut Grove School (historical)
Webster School (historical)

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