Spring Bay Tax Payers
Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy Trails
Source: Past and Present of Woodford County, Illinois, 1878, pg 532-36
transcribed by D. Whitesell

AHRENS, JOHN B., retired farmer; P. O. Spring Bay; was born in Hanover, Germany, Dec. 21,1810 ;. emigrated to America in 1846, stopping in New Orleans about five years, and in 1852, came directly to Spring Bay, purchasing two lots and erecting a small house. For the next ten years was employed most of the time in warehouse; in 1863, purchased forty acres of land and commenced farming. He was married in Germany in 1831, to Miss Ka-trina Knoll; she was born in Germany in 1805 ; have had five children, three living-Wilhelniina (now Mrs. Peter Peterson, of Marshall County), Margaret (now Mrs. Wm. Fisher, of Spring Bay), and Henry; lost two- Joseph died in the army in 1864; and Harmon, died in Spring Bay in 1871. Mr. A. now owns 72 acres of land and 23 town lots.
BARTH, GEORGE, farmer; P. O. Spring Bay.
Blanchard, Wm., farmer; P. O. Fond du Lac. Tazewell Co.
BUOKLER, JOSEPH, far ; Sec. 36; P. O. Fondulac, Tazewell Co.; owns 80 acres of land in Woodford, and 40 in Tazewell County, was born in Alsace, France, in June, 1824. Emigrated to America in 1852; came to Peoria, 111., remaining there about eight years, working at day labor. In 1861, came to Spring Bay Township, his present location. Married Miss Ellen Schop at Alsace in 1848 ; she was born in France in 1824, and died at Spring Bay Feb. 26, 1875. Have had nine children, sis living-Joseph, Jr., Jacob, William, Mary, Ellen and Charles; lost three-Joseph, Mary and Charlie. In addition to above mentioned land, Mr. B. owns 80 acres of fine cultivated land in Metamora Township.
BELSLEY, JOSEPH, retired far. 5 P. O. Spring Bay: S. 24 ; was born near Alsace, France, May 20, 1S12: emigrated to America in 1831. coming direct to Tazewell Co., Ill., remaining about five years, then to (what is now Spring Bay Township) Woodford Co., his father, Michael Belsley, purchasing 314 acres of land; Mr. Belsley now owns 309 acres in this township. 480 in Roanoke Township, and 160 in Livingston Co., Ill.; married Miss Barbara Engle, in Tazewell Co.: in 1840; she was born in   France,   Feb.   8,   1821 ;   have  had 12 children, seven living-Peter, Chris tian, Joseph, Jr., John, David, Solomon, Benjamin ;   lost five-Joseph,  Michael, Jacob, Jacob and Catharine; coming at an   early  day,   Mr.   B.   has  seen  vast changes;   by industry and indomitable energy he has accumulated a nice property ; as a farmer he has ranked among the most enterprising, and as a citizen he is much esteemed.
Chickeny, Charles, far.; P. O. Spring Bay.
Cook, Micajah, mail messenger; P. O. Spring Bay.
CROCKER, OZIAS, farmer; P. O. Fondulac, Tazewell Co.; Sec. 25 ; born in Spring Bay Township, Oct. 2, 1835 ; married Miss Ellen Loveless, in Peoria Co., Sept. 7, 1862; she was born in Ohio, June, 1841; two children-John Russell, born July 18, 1863; Hannah, born Dec. 15, 1868; owns 96 acres of land.
CROCKER, ROLAND, farmer and milling; Sec. 35; P. O. Fondulac, Tazewell Co.: was born in Columbia Co., N. Y., May 24, 1815.   When 13 years of age, came to Tazewell (now Woodford)   Co.,   and   has resided here ever since.     Owns 240 acres of land and   a   flouring-mill.    Married    Miss Lydia Loveless at Spring  Bay,   March 18, 1860.     She was born in Ohio, July 11, 1838;    one   child-Austin,   born Oct. 30. 1869. Mr. Crocker was one of the early settlers, and a more extended notice of him appears in the historical part of the work under head of Spring Bay Tp.
Drury, J., farmer; P. 0. Fondulac.
Davis, Oliver, carp; P. O. Spring Bay.
Dubois. F., farmer : P. O. Spring Bay.
Dubois, A., farmer;  P. O. Spring Bay.
DeFord, Isaac, farmer: P. O. Spring Bay.
DE FORD, GEO. W., farmer: See. 26: P. 0. Spring Bay; was born in Polk Co., Iowa, Feb. 12, 1850. Parents came to Woodford Co. in 1852, locating in Partridge Tp.; resided there about sixteen years, then to Linn Tp., remaining four years, then back to Partridge Tp. for four years; finally, in 1876, to Spring Bay Tp., his present home. Married Miss Elsie Williams at Spring Bay, July 2. 1876. She was born in Woodford Co., Nov. 14, 1860. One child-Leon Lewis, born Sept. 12, 1877. His father, Isaac De Ford, resides 1/2 mile south, in Spring Bay Tp. He was born in Ohio, Aug. 8, 1820.
EGE, JOHN, carpenter and lumber dealer; P. O. Spring Bay; was born in Wurtembnrg. Germany. April 12,1826; emigrated to America in 1846 ; locating in Philadelphia, remaining there three years, engaged in furniture trade ; then to Peoria. Ill, in 1849, and in 1851. to Spring Bay, his present home; owns 134 acres in Spring Bay Township, about 2S town lots, and other town property ; married Miss Margaret Stan-ter. at Peoria. in Dec. 1849 ; she was born in Bavaria, Germany, Sept. 19. 1825; have had seven children, three living-Hannah (now Mrs. John Belsley, of Roanoke), Carrie, Amelia : lost four-Catherine, died Jan. I8. 1851: John C. died Sept. 19, 1860; Mary died in Dec, 1872 ; Louisa, died in Oct., 1873. Mr. Ege now holds offices of Justice of the Peace. Assessor and School Trustee; is also Notary Public. and has been Supervisor five years.
EICHHORN, PETER, Sr., brewer: P. O. Spring Bay; was born at Walldorf, in Baden, Germany, Aug. 30, 1828: emigrated to America. June 8. 1847: located first at Dresden, Ohio, remaining there about one year, employed in a cooper shop; from there, to Cincinnati, working about nine months as a brewer, then about three months in St. Louis; thence, in 1849, to Peoria. Ill.., working as brewer, and also keeping a saloon and boarding house; in 1851, came to Spring Bay Township, building a brewery the same year, which he has continued ever since.. Married Josephine Schultz. at Peoria, in 1850; she was born at Weier,in Baden, Germany, March 15. 1832, and died Nov. 10,1869; married Miss Catharine Winkler, at Peoria. May 12. 1870; she was born (in what is now Woodford Co.) Aug. 6, 1848; nine children by first marriage- George C., Louisa (now Mrs. Ehringer, of Washburn), Peter, Jr., Frederick, Mary, Henry, Anna, Bertha, Bosa; four children by second marriage-Herman, Julius, William and Edward Anton. Mr. E. owns 80 acres of timber land, 21 miles from Spring Bay, and 640 acres of land in Nebraska.
FAUBER,   PERRY, farmer; P.   O. Fondulac. Fischer. Win., wagon maker; P. 0. Spring Bay.
Fasott,   F.   G.,  farmer:    P.   O.   Spring Bay.
Fagot. Jos., farmer: P. O. Spring Bay.
FRIEDRICH,  ERNST, farming and milling : P. 0. Spring Bay; was born in Saxony. Germany, Sept. 28, 1834; emigrated to America in 1853, locating first in Shebovson. Wis.: working at carpenter trade about one year, then to Ontonagon, Lake Superior, remaining about two years, then back to Wisconsin two years, thence to Peoria. Ill. in 1858, locating there; finally in 1867, came to Spring Bay, his present home; purchased a flouring-mill of Alex. Patridge, and has continued it ever since; in 1876, bought 308 acres of land of A. N. Biard, Sec. 1. valued at about $12 per acre; married Miss Lousia Lingel. at Sheboygan. Wis., Nov., 1855; she was born in Saxony, Germany, Dec. 6, 1835 ; have had six children, four living-Frances (now Mrs. P. Eichorn, Jr.), Wm. F., Emma and Lousia ; lost two, Emma and baby not named: Mr. Friederieh has been elected to various town offices at different times; is the present Town Clerk, and has discharged the duties very acceptably.
GENOWAYS, C. A., retired far.; P. O. Spring Bay; was born in  Ohio, Sept. 22, 1821; resided there until 17 years of age, then came to Tazewell (now Woodford) Co., purchasing a farm of 40 acres, about one and a quarter miles southeast of Spring Bay; in Feb., 1874, commenced mercantile trade in Spring Bay, continuing same until March 4, 1878 ; Mr. Genoways has held office of Supervisor at different times, and is the present Supervisor of the town ; was also Constable for 24 years; married Miss Diama Burt, in Spring Bay Tp., Sept. 18, 1844; she was born in Ohio, June 6, 1827 ; had ten children, eight living-Hannah L. (now Mrs. Forney, of Roanoke Township), Julia E. (now Mrs. Rochford, of Spring Bay), Adeline A. (now Mrs. Marshall), Maria J. (now Mrs. Elsworth of Nebraska), Margaret E., Fannie L., Lydia J., Douglas A.; Diama, died Feb. 3, 1872; Samuel A., died Feb. 12, 1873.
GOEHRING, LOUIS, farmer; Sec. 1; P. O. Spring Bay;   owns 203 acres  of  land, valued at $30 per acre ; was born in Bavaria, Germany, July 5,1820; emigrated to America in March, 1848, locating in Evansville, Ind.; remained only two months; then to Kentucky for about two months;  then for five years spent the Winter seasons in Mississippi. Finally, in  1853, settled in Partridge Township, Woodford Co., being  there thirteen years engaged in farming; then came to Spring Bay Township, and has lived here since.    Married Miss Elizabeth Bair, in Partridge Township, Feb. 24,   1853;   she  was  born  in Alsace, France, in June, 1823: eight children -Daniel, Catharine (now Mrs. Daniel ; Wagner), Louis, Susan, Lawrence, Elizabeth, Jacob and Christine.
HULBERT, H., farmer; P. O. Spring Bay.
Hawkins, Dempsey, far.; P. O. Spring Bay.
Hewitt, J. C, merch.;   P. O. Spring Bay.
Hewitt, Sarah, P. 0. Spring Bay.
Hodge, John, laborer ; P. O. Spring Bay. 
Hildemeier, Mich'l, far.; P. O. Fondulac.
Haas, Jacob, farmer; P. O. Fondulac.
HOSHOR, PERRY  W.,  farmer; Sec. 23 ; P. O. Spring Bay; was born in Spring Bay Township, Nov. 5, 1841,  remaining there about six years; returned to Spring Bay and has lived here ever since. Married Miss Catharine Dwyer at Spring Bay in June, 1865; she was born in Ireland; have six children-Mary E., Cordelia. William, Alfred, Ellen and John. He owns 280 acres of land in Worth Township, 240 in Metamora Township and about 80 in Tazewell County.
JONES,  ELI,   miller;   P. O.   Spring  Bay.
JUNG, GOTTFRIED, retired; P. O. Spring Bay; was born at Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, April 2, 1823 ; emigrated to America in 1844; after remaining six weeks in New York City, he returned to Germany; came back in 1845. returned again in 1847, came back in 1848, and in Jan., 1852, located in Woodford Co., commencing the mercantile trade at Spring Bay; about 1861, he established a lumber yard, which he continued until 1870; in Aug., 1872, he discontinued the store, selling to Charlie Koelcher, the present occupant; married Miss Christian Meinnolt, at Peoria, Ill., Jan. 23, 1851; she was born in Germany, Feb. 21, 1831; no children. Mr. Jung was very successful in his mercantile pursuits, and has accumulated a nice property; built himself a handsome residence, and owns land in different parts of the Co.; for the past fifteen or sixteen years he has been afflicted with rheumatism, which confined him most of the time to the house; is very popular and universally respected.
KOELSCHE, CHAS, P. M.; P. O. Spring Bay.
KOEMPEL, JACOB, boots and shoes; P. O. Spring Bay; was born in Bavaria, Germany, July 14, 1831; emigrated to America, in June, 1852, coming direct to St. Louis, remaining there, working at the shoemaker's trade about one year; in April, 1853, went to Germantown, Worth Township., and worked at his trade three years; came to Spring Bay, in April, 1856, remaining about four years, and then to Partridge Tp. for four years; finally came back to Spring Bay, and has lived here ever since: married Miss Eve Volk in Worth Tp., Jan. 1, 1856; she was born in Bavaria, Germany, March, 12, 1829 ; five children-Elizabeth, Sophia, Terese, Adam, Frank.
LEINEWEBER, CASPER, carpenter; P. O. Spring Bay.
Leonard, Wm., farmer; P. O. Fondulac.
Loveless, Abraham, carp: P. O. Spring Bay.
Loveless, Thomas, far.; P. O. Spring Bay.
Loser, Peter, farmer: P. O. Spring Bay.
MEISTER,J. A., far.; P. O. Spring Bay.
Matthis, John, farmer; P. O. Fondulac.
Matthis, James, farmer: P. O. Fondulac.
Mader, Gottfried, butcher: P. O. Spring Bay.
Merbath, Maria A., merchant; P. O. Spring Bay.
Meister, Conrad, blacksmith: P. O. Spring Bay.
Mourer, Jos., laborer; P. O. Spring Bay.
Meinholt, Geo., tailor; P. O. Spring Bay.
NICOLAS,   ELIZABETH,   P.   O. Spring Bay.
Newman F. W., shoemaker; P. O. Spring Bay.
NICOLAS, FRANK, far.; P.O. Spring Bay; was born in Lorraine, France, July 15, 1851: his parents emigrating to America, same year, locating in Spring Bay Township; his father N. Nicolas, was borne in Lorraine, France, Sept. 17, 1811, and died in April, 1861; his mother, Elizabeth Nicolas, was born in France, March 3, 1821; they were married in Ashville, France, Sept. 17, 1850 ; two children living- Frank (the subject of this sketch), and Ellen, born in Spring Bay, Jan. 24, 1858; lost two-Elizabeth and Prosper. In 1872, Mr. Nicolas went to Nebraska, remaining about fourteen months, and then returned to Spring Bay; in March, 1878, he again started for Nebraska, to return during the Summer; while there, had charge of land belonging to L. Williams; it is the intention of Mr. N. to locate permanently near Lincoln. Neb.
REISING,    ADAM,   mason; P.   0. Spring Bay.
Richwein, Simon, cooper ; P. O. Spring Bay.
Rohmann, Peter, farmer; P. O. Soring Bay.
Rohmann, Jno., far. ; P.   O. Spring Bay.
Ragy, Jos.,  farmer; P. 0.   Spring   Bay.
SNYDER, NICHOLAS, farmer; P.O. Spring Bay.
Stotler, Wm., far.; P. O. Fondulac.
Sigel, Fred, lab.; P. O. Spring Bay.
Shults, C. S., lab. ;   P. 0. Spring Bay.
SPILLMAN, WM. P., farmer; Sec. 36 ; P. 0. Spring Bay ; owns 286 acres of land in Spring Bay and Partridge Tps.; was born in Zurich, Switzerland, March 14, 1836; emigrated to America in 1851 settling in Peru. Ill, remaining there eight years. In 1859, came to Spring Bay-his present location; served three years in Company " F," 85th Ill. Inf., being discharged at Springfield, Ill., June 5, 1865: married Miss Therese This at Peru, Ill., March 4,1859. She was born in Lorraine, France, Aug. 28, 1838; have had eight children-MaryB., born Jan. 17. 1860 ; Eugene W., born May 16, 1863; William J., born March 23, 1866 ; Anna F., born June 21, 1868 ; Henry J.. born Oct. 11, 1870; three deceased-Julia M., Albert S. and Louisa M.
SHOTTENKZRK, P., farmer; Secs. 11 and 14; P. O. Spring Bay; was born in Johnstown, Montgomery Co., N. Y., April 22, 1812. In 1838, removed to what is now Spring Bay Tp., and has resided here ever since. His brother, John C, had preceded him about three years. Married Miss Elizabeth Williams April 17,1857. She was born in Spring Bay Tp. July 16, 1841; seven children-DeEtte H., Dewitt C, Susan, Jay, Ellen, Phineas, Cora. Owns 627 acres in Spring Bay Tp.; 360 in Panola Tp. His father lived to be 73 years of age, having served in the Revolutionary War, and was buried in Montgomery Co., N. Y. His brother, John C., died here at the advanced age of 80 years. Mr. S. was one of the first pioneers of the county, settling here at a very early day. Like many of the enterprising pioneers, he arrived here with scarcely any property, and in journeying over an almost unbroken wilderness he experienced a good share of inconveniences and disappointments. Mr. S. is now pecuniarily well situated, and has been spared to see his children enjoying the fruits of his own economy and industry.
SCHEERER,   CASPER,  wagon maker; P. O. Spring Bay ; was born in Wurtemburg, Germany. Dec. 4, 1826. Emigrated to America in 1854, locating first in Northumberland Co., Pa., then to Springfield, 0., to Peoria, Ill., to Pekin, Ill., and finally to Spring Bay in 1856, living here ever since, working at his trade. Married Miss Catherine Moorer at Spring Bay, June 10, 1861. She was born in France Oct. 15, 1843 ; have had six children, four living- Catherine, Mary, William, Elizabeth. Lost two-John, died May 13, 1872; Anna, died Sept. 30, 1873. Owns fifty-six acres marsh land, besides seven town lots and other town property. Mr. Scheerer has been engaged in the manufacture of wagons upward of twenty years, turns out first-class work, uses the best material, and is well and favorably known as a skilled mechanic.
Williams, B., farmer; P. O. Spring Bay.
Williams, C, farmer; P. O. Spring Bay.
Williams, R., farmer; P. O. Spring Bay.
Walker,Wm.,farmer; P. O. Spring Bay.
WILLIAMS, LEWIS, grain dealer; P. O. Spring Bay; is one of the earliest settlers of the county; was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 4, 1825 ; his parents removing to Illinois when he was but four years of age ; Mr. Williams has resided in what is now Spring Bay Tp., Woodford County, since 1829 ; been engaged in farming, buying grain, lumber, etc., etc. ; established a general country store in 1860, doing a large and flourishing business; married Mrs. Morty Heufling, at Chicago, Nov. 29, 1869 ; she was born in Switzerland, Nov. 12, 1841 ; besides 334 acres of land in this township, Mr. Williams owns land in Worth Township, and a large tract in Nebraska.
ZELLER, JOHN G., physician and surgeon; P. O. Spring Bay; was born in Bavaria, Germany, Dec. 10, 1828 ; emigrated to America in 1847 ; returned to Germany in 1849, and came back in 1853, stopping at St. Louis, Mo.; came to Woodford County in 1854 ; returning to St. Louis in the Fall of that year, and graduating there; came to Spring Bay, To eating here in 1855; married Fred-erika C. Nicholas, at St. Louis, in March, 1855 ; she was born in Prussia, Germany, in 1826, and died in May, 1865. leaving four children; in Sept., 1865, married Caroline Winkler; she was born (in what is now Woodford County), in 1846 ; four children by first marriage- Charles A., George A., Josephine M., Frederika C. ; three children by second marriage-Catherine, Julius and Christine; Dr. Zeller is to-day one of the most successful and largely patronized physicians of Woodford County; has a large and lucrative practice, being a gentleman of acknowledged ability and well educated in the medical profession.

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