Wards, Conservators and Guardians
transcribed by D. Whitesell for Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy Trails

A conservator is a court-appointed surrogate decision maker who is responsible for a ward's financial affairs. Conservators are appointed for individuals who cannot effectively manage their financial affairs and whose property may be wasted or dissipated if proper management is not provided. The ward may, or may not, have a guardian appointed for them, depending upon his capabilities. For example, the ward may still have significant capacity to manage his or her other activities of daily living but just needs help paying bills and managing assets. A conservator acts like a trustee of a trust, managing the ward's financial affairs, investing assets, collecting income and paying bills.
A person may have both a guardian and a conservator appointed for him or her if the circumstances warrant it--a guardian to make decisions of daily living and a conservator to make financial decisions. In appropriate circumstances, the same person may act as both a conservator and a guardian.

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