Washburn Churches - past and present

German Evangelical Church One Of Earliest (Washburn Leader - April 24, 1941)

Earliest available information regarding the German Evangelical church of Washburn, the congregation of which has long since been disbanded, is that the church edifice was built in 1877. It is now the home of Mrs. Fred C. Quiram.

During its lifetime it was served by Pastors Donner, Wilman, Egle, Ehler, Barth and Schultze. At its abandonment by the Evangelical congregation the church was used for a time by the Holiness congregation, and a number of the Evangelical people continued to worship with those of the Holiness faith. Others affiliated with the various other churches of the town.

Fifty years ago Rev. George Barth was the pastor and upon the church records were Mr. and Mrs. Anton Shafer, their family, George, John, William, their daughter, now Mrs. Kate Shafer Ehringer, Charles, now of Detroit, Michigan, Mrs. Lylia Shafer Cochran, Henry, Benj., Mrs. Mary Shafer Truckenmiller.

Fred Ehringer, Sr., Anton Ehringer, John Immel and family, John Scahell and family, Mrs. Anna Grass Aicher, Mrs. Anna Shultz, Fred and John Klinger and their families, August Cross and Henry Dikleman.