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Christian B. Eden Metamora Herald 2 March 1956
Galt I. Eden Metamora Herald - 11 April 1963
Elsie Monnk Ehlers Pantagraph
John Leo Elkin Metamora Herald 6 Apr 1945
Alpheus W Engel Metamora Herald - June 20, 1941
Barbara (Naffzinger) Engel Metamora Herald - May 21-1909
Evelyn F. "Lena" (Grass) Engel Metamora Herald - April 5-1935
John Engel, Sr. Minonk News - March 25, 1888
Leah Engel Metamora Herald Newspaper
Robert F. Engel Metamora Herald - July 6, 1984
Mary Engel Unknown newspaper - June 26, 1942
Mearl Squire Engel Metamora Herald -October 17, 1968
Paul Arthur Engel Peoria Journal Star
Peter E. Engel Metamora Herald - March 17, 1922
Peter E. Engel Metamora Herald - April 21, 1950
Susan Catherine (Baker) Engel Metamora Herald - August 12, 1938
Velda M. (Snider) Engel Metamora Herald - September 30, 2004
Walter Engel Metamora Herald - Jan. 25-1996
Wallace C. Etcheson El Paso Journal
Visa Evans Toluca Star
Thelma Teeters Ewert Knapp Johnson Harris Funeral Home website




Clarence M. Falk Bloomington Pantagraph - Nov. 9, 1991
Norman Francis Falk Blooming Pantagraph - July 22, 2007
Robert Earl Faulk Pantagraph, The (Bloomington, IL) - Sunday, May 21, 1995
Robert Feeney Peoria Journal Star - Jan. 17, 2007
Lucille M. Feller Woodford County Journal
Edward Finck Pantagraph, The (Bloomington, IL) - Friday, August 8, 2003
Richard Finck Peoria Journal Star, The (IL) - Thursday, May 17, 2001
Dorothy E. Fischer Unknown
Meint R. Fischer Unknown
Minnie Timmerman Fischer (Jennings) Unknown newspaper
Remmer Fischer Unknown newspaper
Wilbur Fisher Woodford County Journal
Joseph F. Fitzgerald

John C. Flanagan

Peoria Journal March 24, 1925

Margaret Flanigan

 Peoria Star, November 1, 1931

Wilmke Brachter Flohr Unknown
J. Lena Folkerts Woodford County Journal
Garrelt Folkers Metamora Herald - 29 Feb. 1924
Gebke Dirks Monk Folkerts Unknown
Hiemke Marie Folkerts Untitled, undated newspaper clipping.
Julius Folkerts Unknown
Geo. St. John Foote Minonk News Dispatch 10 March 1921
James Ford Minonk Talk website
Lowell E. Forney Bloomington Pantagraph
Melvin L. Forney Minonk Talk website
Bernard Dale Foster Metamora Herald - April 13, 1978
Bertha Marie (Heck) Foster Metamora Herald - Jan 12, 1984
Charles Minor Foster Metamora Herald - Nov 22, 1940
Clara Helen Foster Metamora Herald - Nov. 21, 1930
Henry Alfred Foster Metamora Herald Newspaper
Henry Foster Metamora Herald - April 22, 1897
Rev. Jeter Foster New York Christian Advocate, November 16, 1865, page 367
Josephine Alice Foster Metamora Herald - March 7, 1968
Laura Althea (Ramsey) Foster Metamora Herald - Oct 13, 1960
Lee Henry "Dutch" Foster Metamora Herald - August 28, 1975
Luella or Lulu (Ramsey) Foster Metamora Herald - Dec 19, 1930
Lyle Nottingham Foster Metamora Herald -  Jan 23, 1964
Margaret (Calvert) Foster Metamora Herald - January 1, 1909
Maude Jane (Ivins) Foster Metamora Herald - Nov 27, 1931
Mildred Mae (McKittrick) Foster Metamora Herald - Dec 20, 2001
Norman Robert Foster Metamora Herald
Randall Lane Foster unknown news source
Robert Henry Foster Metamora Herald -  February 22, 1979
Stacey Dee Foster Metamora Herald - October 8, 1964
Stephen Brent Foster Metamora Herald
William Jeter Foster Metamora Herald - June 11, 1954
Zillah G (Dodds) Foster Metamora Herald - May 31, 1962
Marie Foate Unknown
J. J. Ficken Unknown newspaper clipping dated  August 7, 1942 (El Paso Journal?)
Ernest Froman

Francis Fuchs

The Peoria Journal Star - May 9, 2005




Catherine Garber Gospel Messenger - August 8, 1903
Michael Garber Altoona Herald - 1879
George Gardner Peoria
Clyde Garrison Woodford County Journal - Feb. 22, 2007
Trientje Uphoff Gastman Unknown untitled newspaper clipping hand dated July 6, 1939
Harriet Emeline Perry Gebhardt Unknown untitled newspaper clipping 1942
Mary L. Seifert Gebhards  Woodford County Journal
Harold W. "Gebbie" Gebhards Woodford County Journal
Franklin “Frank” D. Gerber unknown news source
Malinda J. Gerber Unknown
Edwin C. Gerdes Minonk Talk website
Katie (Timmerman) Gerdes Unknown
Lawrence Francis "Larry" Gerdes Woodford County Journal
Martin Gerdes Unknown
Wiepke (Phoebe) Bens Gerdes Metamora Herald - 1945
LaVerne Gerjets Washburn Leader
Emery Getz Woodford County Journal - Jan. 25, 2007
Donna Gibbs Woodford County Journal - Feb. 15, 2007
Esther A. Rippel Gillespie The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois), Jan 10, 1971
Julian H. Givens Unknown newspaper - April 28, 1944
John L Glowacki Minonk Talk website
Thomas A. Goff Minonk Talk website
Robert Caryle Gordon Pantagraph - Saturday, August 17, 1991
Millard Eugene Gorrell Metamora Press
Hannah C. Grampp Woodford County Journal
Wilbert J. (Hank) Grebner unknown
Harry W. Green Minonk Talk website
Melvin Green The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)
James Ivan Greene Pantagraph - Wednesday, November 22, 1995
Dora I. Grenier Pantagraph, (Bloomington, IL) - February 25, 2000
James Greskoviak The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)
Emma Belle (Ivins) Gronewald Metamora Herald - December 18, 1931
Carl Frederick Gronewald Metamora Herald - January 26, 1978
Mary Elizabeth (Heck) Gronewald Metamora Herald - October12, 1989
Vyrl D. Gronewald Metamora Herald -December 13, 2001
Sadie M (King) Grove Metamora Herald Newspaper - May 3, 1940

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