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James Haas Pantagraph - Feb. 12, 2013
Jeremiah William Wayne Haas Minonk News-Dispatch - May 28, 1986
Peter Haas, Sr. Undated newspaper clipping from the Bloomington Pantagraph
Irvin Hall The Pantagraph - April 25, 2007
Florence Hammer Woodford County Journal - Feb. 22, 2007
Ann Hangartner Woodford County Journal - Feb. 22, 2007
Margaret M. McCue Hankey Peoria Journal Star - March 2, 2011
William C. Hare Metamora Herald - December 3, 1964

Wilma L. Hare

The Pantagraph - June 17, 2007

Alfred G. "Al" Harms The Pantagraph - June 8, 2008
Arthur Harms Untitled, undated newspaper clipping
Edd Harms Untitled newspaper clipping dated Sept 17, 1959
Eldon W. Harms The Pantagraph - Jun 21, 2004
Eric John Harms Untitled newspaper clipping dated 18 December 1941
Frances [Frauke] Poppinga Harms Untitled newspaper clipping dated 15 January 1953
Harms M. Harms Untitled newspaper clipping dated 3 March 1955
Harm W. Harms Untitled newspaper clipping dated 24 July 1958
Henry Herman Harms The Pantagraph
Heye J. Harms unknown
John A. Harms Untitled newspaper clipping dated 3 April 1952
Kathrina Marie Tjaden Harms The Pantagraph
Lena Adams Harms Untitled newspaper clipping dated 26 Oct 1939
Lena Margaretha Harms The Pantagraph
Leroy J. Harms unknown
Mathilda HINRICHS Harms Untitled newspaper clipping dated April 10, 1952
Maude Adele Schneider Harms Untitled newspaper clipping dated 23 July 1942
Tjark R. Harms Untitled newspaper clipping dated 28 May 1953
Vernon G. Harms unknown
Donald Harris Peoria Journal Star, The (IL) - Friday, March 27, 2009
Edwin Harris Minonk Register
William D. Hart Minonk Talk website
Richard Hartman Pantagraph - Thursday, December 16, 2004
Anna M. Hartter Peoria Journal Star - October 15, 1991
Agnes Hartzler Woodford County Journal - Jan. 25, 2007
Frederick M. Hartzler Bloomington Pantagraph
Paul David Hartzler Pantagraph,(Bloomington, IL) - April 4, 1999
Robert "Bob" Hartzler Woodford County Journal - Feb. 22, 2007
John Harvey Pantagraph, The (Bloomington, IL) - Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Norman Hattan The Pantagraph
Virgil Reed Hattan Minonk News Dispatch?
Howard Haushahn Metamora Herald  March 3, 1916
Infant Haushahn Metamora Herald 3-29-1900 page 5 col 3
Katharine Haushahn Metamora Herald, July 13 1934 page 8 col 2
Roscoe Haushahn Metamora Herald, Feb 8, 1957 page 1 col 5
Ardeane E. (Zimmerman) Heck Metamora Herald - June 23-1994
Charles Herman Heck Metamora Herald - February 21, 1974
Frederick William Heck Jr. Metamora Herald
Margaret Josephine (Foster) Heck Metamora Herald - September 3, 1959
Marion Joseph Heck Metamora Herald - September 19, 1974
Maynard V. Heck Metamora Herald - Jan.1-1987
Myron E. Heineke unknown
Gladys Melissa (Klinginsmith) Heineman Peoria Journal Star - March 8, 2011
Charles Peter Heininger Henry Republican, Henry , IL  July 15, 1915
Cora (Winkler) Held Metamora Herald - Jan.21-1993
John Edward Held Metamora Herald - 12-9-1999
John W. Held Metamora Herald - December 2, 1949
Sarah Elizabeth McClure Held Metamora Herald - 2-6-1931
William M. Held Washburn Leader - August 11,1977
James F. Henderson Minonk Talk website
LeRoy Henkel The Pantagraph
Mrs. T. W. Hensley Washburn Leader
Helen Heppard Woodford County Journal - Jan. 25, 2007

John E. Herington

The Peoria Journal Star - February 8, 1999

Thead D. Herington Henry News Republican, Oct. 26, 1966
Myrtle R. Herrmann Metamora Herald - January 21, 1993
William R. Hewitt Bloomington Pantagraph, July 9, 2011
Richard R. Hibbs Metamora Herald
Delores "Dee" Hickman Eagle Publication - January 9, 2004
Paul Hielscher
Robert G. Hilger Metamora Herald Jun 28, 1946 pg 1 col 2
Everett S. Hill The Bloomington Pantagraph
Harry Hitch Metamora Herald, October 24, 1919]
Martha Anna Hodge unknown
Edward L. "Ed" Hofstatter The Peoria Journal Star (IL) - April 5, 1993
Grace H. Hofstatter The Peoria Journal Star - April 27, 1995
Daniel Hollenback Marshall County Republican
Jacob Henry Hollenback Washburn Leader
Sophia T. Hollenback Washburn Leader
Ed Hodgson El Paso Journal
William G. Honeg unknown (The Pantagraph)
Tilton Howard The Inter Ocean March 27, 1878
Alta Mae Cannon Hubbell El Paso Journal - January 20, 1916
Bradley Zane Hulick Peoria Journal Star, November 18, 1997
Magretha Hinrika Seggerman Huntling Untitled, undated newspaper clipping
Charles Hunzinger Untitled, undated newspaper clipping.
Curtis Hunsinger Illinois Prairie District Library, Metamora, Illinois Obituaries 1887 - Present
John H. Hunzsinger Metamora Herald Newspaper - March 24, 1954
Elof Hylin Pantagraph, The (Bloomington, IL) - May 24, 2002




Sanford D. Imhoff unknown
Frank W. Ioerger Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)
Patricia A. Ioerger unknown
Ralph Joseph Ioerger unknown
Tena Folkers Ioerger Untitled paper dated 20 April 1950
Edward B. Ingerski Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)
J. C. Irving Metamora Herald - Feb. 25, 1927
Edna G. (Call) Ivins Metamora Herald - March 12,1970




Ethel Viata (Held) Shafer, Jacobs Metamora Herald - April 1, 1982
Mrs. Lamert Jacobs Minonk Journal
Eugene Jackson Henry Republican
Frank Jankowsky The Pantagraph
Alje Wilts Janssen Unknown
Alje W. Janssen Unknown
Donald Janssen Bloomington Pantagraph
Gilbert Janssen BloomingtonPantagraph
Harrison Janssen Bloomington Pantagraph
John J. Janssen Bloomington, Illinois Pantagraph
Robert D Janssen The Pantagraph [Bloomington, Illinois, Jun 26, 1968]
Tillie Klatt Janssen  The Pantagraph [Bloomington, Illinois, Aug 29, 1941]
Adalia C. Johnson Bloomington, Illinois Pantagraph
Bernhard "Ben" Johnson Untitled newspaper clipping hand-dated 17 Dec 1974
Edward F. Johnson Bloomington Pantagraph - July 10, 1994
Eliza F. “Lizzie” Harms Johnson The Pantagraph
George W. Johnson Untitled, undated newspaper clipping
Grace Minnie Johnson Untitled, undated newspaper clipping
Irene Ropp Johnson Bloomington Pantagraph - July 28, 1992
Lorene Bernice Johnson Peoria Journal Star 25 June 1992
Miss Lulu Del Johnston Untitled newspaper clipping hand February 4, 1942
Richard Albert Johnson Dixon Evening Telegraph Monday - 25 July 1955
Charles Clyde Johnson Minonk Journal - Oct. 28, 1882
Odelia A. Johnson unknown (The Pantagraph)
Ferne Corlena Jones See obit
Thomas L. Jones Minonk News Dispatch - April 9, 1953
Alvin C. Jording Minonk News-Dispatch - May 28, 1986
Caroline A. Jording unknown news source
Wanda Jording Minonk News-Dispatch 23 August 2001
Little Child of David Justice Henry Republican




Katie Kamp Henry News Republican, July 16, 1969
Nelson Kamp Metamora Herald, Nov. 29, 1918 p1 col 1
Doris Kapraun unknown (probably The Pantagraph)
Rita I. Kapraun Minonk News-Dispatch 24 March 1994
Edward Timothy Kearney Metamora Herald - October 1, 1943 p1 col 5
Charles Keeler Henry Republican
Ethel B Keller

Peoria Journal Star-12/19/2005

Nancy Keller

Peoria Journal Star-06/14/2012

Ruth M Keller

The Pantagraph (Bloomington)-04/24/2012

John Kellog Washburn Leader
Osborn Mitchell Kent Jr. The Watseka Republican, Watseka
Allie (DeBolt) Kenyon Metamora Herald Newspaper
Dale L. Kenyon The Peoria Journal Star (IL) - June 10, 1992
Elizabeth Kenyon Washburn Leader
Elizabeth C. Kenyon The Peoria Journal Star (IL) - December 6, 1999
Fannie Harriett Foster Kenyon Metamora Herald - 12-17-1959
George Frederick "Fred" Kenyon Metamora Herald - 6-6-1968
Henry Alfred Kenyon Metamora Herald - March 10, 1983
Virdie Kenyon Metamora Herald
Angela R. "Angie" Ketchmark The Pantagraph
Donald Raymond Ketchmark The Pantagraph
Joseph L. Ketchmark Minonk Talk website
Frank Ketchmark The Pantagraph [Bloomington, Illinois, Nov 4, 1968]
Stanley John Ketchmark Chicago Tribune  - July 6, 2000
Thomas Ketchmark The Pantagraph
Thomas Dean Ketchmark, Sr. Woodford County Journal
Margaret Kiblinger Peoria Journal Star - March 10, 2002
Mary Klopfenstein Woodford County Journal
Jane Kerrick Unknown
Alfred Tjark Kettwich The Pantagraph - May 26, 2007
Gesche Hinrichs Schloemer Kettwich Untitled newspaper clipping, hand-dated 15 February 1952
Raymond E. Kilpatrick Register Star [Rockford, Il] Aug. 25, 1996
Grace Kingdon unknown
Richard W. King Metamora Herald - March 23, 1945, p1, col. 2
John Kirkton Minonk Talk website

Anne Kizer

The Pantagraph - March 18, 2003

Wallace L. Kizer

The Pantagraph - October 31, 2001

Garmer R. "Baldy" Kleen Bloomington Pantagraph
Dorothy Klendworth Woodford County Journal
Robert W. Koehler ThePantagraph, October 1, 2015
Mary Koehler Kohl Webster City Freeman, December 09, 1918
Dolores Z. Kominoski Unknown
Anna Konwinski Minonk Talk (obit section)
Lloyd A. Krahling Minonk Talk website
Irma Kuehl Woodford County Journal - Feb.22, 2007
Lawrence Kutchma Pantagraph, Feb 6, 1917

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