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Frederick Janssen Saathoff Minonk News  4 October 1900
William Janssen Saathoff Minonk News  4 October 1900
John Safford Metamora Herald - April 13, 1906
Christina Sake Minonk News
Mrs Anna Folkerts Sakes Untitled, undated newspaper clipping
James D. Sample Minonk Talk website
Robert Lee Samuelson Woodford County Journal
Donald Sanders Henry News Republican
Anita J. Sansone Pantagraph
Ruth Scherer Woodford County Journal - Feb. 15, 2007

Joseph Schertz

Metamora Herald - October 29, 1915

Owen W. Schertz

Unknown newspaper - January 10, 1980

Zachary Schertz Peoria Journal Star
Rosa Schlenker Minonk Dispatch - Mar. 18, 1882
Wilhelmina Kathrine Körner Schieber unknown news source
Walter Schmidt The Pantagraph [Bloomington, Illinois, Sep 20, 1918]
Mrs. Martha Schmitt Metamora Herald - June 6, 1917
Edna (Clark) Schneider Metamora Herald - 10-17-1974
Emily Schneider Pantagraph - June 21, 2008
Joan Marie Schneider Bloomington Pantagraph
Leland Schnieder Bloomington Pantagraph
Clayton Eugene Schofield Metamora Herald Jul. 15, 1949
Hue H. Schooler Marshall County Republican
Annie Margaret Timmerman Scifers Unknown
Leonard L. Schrader Metamora Herald Jun 11, 1948 pg 8 col 3
Harry S. Schramm Untitled newspaper clipping dated 18 April 1958
Daniel Schrock Metamora Herald, Nov. 29, 1918 p1 col 1
Christian G. Schroeder Metamora Herald - Apr. 22, 1938, p1, col. 2

Donald William Schubert

The Peoria Journal Star - February 20, 2001

Kathryn  Schumacher Peoria Journal Star - October 6, 1995
Ernest H. Schwitters Untitled newspaper clipping dated 20 April 1958
Albert H. Seggerman undated newspaper clipping
Etta R. Dirks Seggerman unknown
Gesean (Cassie) Bremer Seggerman unknown
Henry (Hank) Bernhard Seggerman Woodford County Journal Aug 21, 1953
Jasper Seggerman Untitled, undated newspaper clipping
John Seggerman unknown news source
Raymond E. Seggerman unknown news source
Vera Irene WOLTZEN Seggerman Pantagraph - August 7, 2007 
Viola M. Seggerman Unknown newspaper
James Sharp Unknown newspaper
Jonn Gerald Sheets Peoria Journal Star
Imogene Sherman Pantagraph July 4, 2011
Cliff Shoemaker Woodford County Journal - Feb. 15, 2007
Fred Skinner Metamora Herald, Nov. 29, 1918 p1 col 1
Dorothy C. KUHLMAN Sloter Woodford County Journal - Mar. 26, 1992
Eleanor Smith Chicago Tribune - March  29, 2000
Leonard Smith Metamora Herald, Aug 3, 1961 page 1 col 2
Oman Smith The Pantagraph [Bloomington, Illinois, July 2, 1978]
Eldon Vern Snider Metamora Herald - March 7, 2002
John Straud Snider Metamora Herald - June 18, 1954
Marcia L. (Johnson) (Grant) Snider Metamora Herald - August 19, 1965
Dorothy Sniff Woofdord County Journal - Feb. 15, 2007
Edward W. "Ed" Snyder unknown
Florence E. Snyder Woodford County Journal
Emma Pearl Sommers Pantagraph - Nov 11, 2008
Anna Sprehe Peoria Journal Star
Ronald J. Stalter unknown (The Pantagraph)
Kenneth R. Steinhilber Bloomington Pantagraph
Michael Sterbenz Minonk News
Judy Ribbe Stewart Pantagraph - Jan. 10, 2007
Paul C. Stiles Unknown newspaper
Alfred Daniel Stimpert The Pantagraph, October 5, 1989
Edward Stimpert Metamora Herald, August 4, 1944 p1 col 2
Mrs. Elizabeth FOLKERTS Stimpert Untitled, undated newspaper clipping
Harvey A. Stimpert Bloomington Pantagraph June 1992
Phillip Stimpert Undated, untitled newspaper clipping
Ira C. Stone Minonk News Dispatch - February 2, 1911
Victor Stortz Metamora Herald - October 12, 1945, p4, col. 2
Merle R. "Randy" Sullivan Pantagraph
Dr. Franklin Delano Swan Minonk Talk website
Mrs. Ollie C. Swan Minonk News Dispatch - July 4, 1984
Simon Swan Toluca Star




Everett Tallyn Unknown source
Erma Jeanne Kingdon Tammen Pantagraph
John Tammen Metamora Herald  25 August 1905
William Tanton Woodford county Journal - Feb. 15, 2007
Charles Tarman The Pantagraph
Tena Tarman Bloomington Pantagraph - May 30, 2008

B. W. Taylor

Metamora Herald - April 13, 1917

Margaret Tervilliger Minonk News
Christopher William Tesch Peoria Journal Star
Mary E. Tesch Woodford County Journal
Robert D. Thario Bloomington Pantagraph
Kathryn G. Thayer Untitled, undated newspaper clipping
Joseph Theena Metamora Herald Jan. 25, 1907
Joseph Thierer Henry News Republican
Margaret Thierer  Woodford County Journal
Mrs. L. R. Thomas Henry Republican, Henry , IL  July 22, 1915
Hiram Thompson Henry Republican
Elmer T. Timmerman Bloomington Pantagraph
Elizabeth Murath Timmerman Unknown newspaper
Emilie May Timmerman Unknown newspaper
Henry Timmerman Unknown newspaper
Herman Timmerman Unknown newspaper
Irma Timmerman Bloomington Pantagraph
John B. Timmerman Unknown newspaper
J. (John Bernard) Timmerman (Sr.) Unknown
Julia Timmerman Unknown newspaper
Junior H. Timmerman Unknown newspaper
Marie Timmerman Unknown newspaper
Raymond G. Timmerman Minonk Talk website
Alma Tjaden Henry News Republican, Oct. 5, 1960
Elsena Schlachter (Mrs. Heike) Tjaden Tazewell Co. Reporter - 11 Aug. 1921
George Tjaden Metamora Herald - 11 Dec. 1953
Harm Tjaden unknown
Lester (Ted) Ernst Tjaden unknown
Paul H. Tjaden Minonk Talk website
Tjade (Charles) Meemen Tjaden Metamora Herald 9 October 1931
Violet M. KELSEY Tjaden Minonk News Dispatch, Feb.22, 198
Alta "Maurine" (McKittrick) Tolan Metamora Herald - September 15, 1994
Glenn W. Tolan Metamora Herald -  July 17, 1986
Leona (Jacquot) Tolan Metamora Herald - August 31, 1934
Lucile Johanna KETTWICH Tolan Bloomington Pantagraph - July 16, 2007
Louis E. Tolan Metamora Herald - August 19, 1965
Robert H Tolan Metamora Herald -Oct 20, 1922
Robert J. Tolan Metamora Herald - Nov 4, 1993
Thomas A. Toler Minonk Talk website

Maude Tomblinson

The Peoria Journal Star - May 16, 2007

Preston Tomblinson

Unknown, undated newspaper clipping

Rose Alena Toole unknown
William R. "Pat" Topolski Pantagraph
Rowland H. Tucker, Jr. Minonk Talk
William Tucker The Pantagraph [Bloomington, Illinois, May 14, 1951]
George Alfred Tunis Metamora Herald, November 11, 1910
Curtis Turner Woodford County Journal - Feb. 22, 2007
Carrie (Shafer) Tweddale Metamora Herald  - June18,1992
Irma Dell (Ramsey) Tweddale Metamora Herald - April 5, 1984
Harry Eugene Tweddale Metamora Herald - July 1, 1976
Dr.. James R. Tweddale Metamora Herald
John Franklin Tweddale Metamora Herald - May 21, 1998
John R "Jack" Tweddale Peoria Journal Star
Roy Lee Tweddale Metamora Herald Newspaper - August 26, 1955
Russell Tweddale Metamora Herald - June 26, 1925




C. E. Underwood Woodford County Journal, July 5, 1917
Jessee A. Underwood The Pantagraph
Donald D. Uphoff Minonk Talk website
Esther A. Uphoff  Woodford County Journal

Fred Uphoff

The Peoria Journal Star - May 25, 2001

Miriam Uphoff

The Peoria Journal Star - November 4, 2007

Wait B. Uphoff Untitled newspaper clipping dated 9 June 1960
Joseph Villiger Metamora Herald March 1945
Erma K. Vissering unknown (The Pantagraph)
Howard Vogel Metamora Herald, Mar 16, 1945, p1, col. 2




Mrs. George C. Wagner unknown
Mary (Sharp) Wagner unknown

Anna Waldschmidt

Metamora Herald - April 13, 1917

Anna Collmann Warnke Untitled, undated newspaper article
Delmar C. Warnke Untitled, undated newspaper clipping.
Edward Warnkes Metamora Herald 26 March 1964
Ida Gerdes Flohr Warnkes Metamora Herald 29 March 1946
Larry N. Warnkes Pantagraph, Bloomington, Ill., January 19, 2007
Norman L. Warnkes Pantagraph, Bloomington, Ill.,
Menne Andreas Warnkes Unknown newspaper, hand dated Oct 27, 1938
William R. Warnke Metamora Herald 10 October 1952
Gladys Hazel Dabler Watson Pantagraph, October 29, 2007
Katherina M. Harms Weers The Pantagraph
Harry F. Wehking The Washburn Leader April 26, 1990
Dwight A. Welch

Daily Gazette, Sterling-Rock Falls, Ill, May 12, 1955

Ellen G. (Kenyon) Wheeler Metamora Herald -  June 1, 1995
Sarah E. Whiffen Minonk Journal - Feb. 25, 1882

James Whirrell Jr.

The Peoria Journal Star - October 1, 2006

Jacklyn L. Whirrell

Unknown, undated newspaper clipping

Joyce "Lorene" Wiley Whisler The Pantagraph - September 20, 2007

Juanita Whisler

The Peoria Journal Star - May 2, 2005

Arthur Whited Jr. Journal Star, Peoria - Jan. 19, 2007
Mary Whitmer unknown
Louise Whittington Woodford County Journal - Feb. 22, 2007
Minnie A. Wilcox Minonk News Dispatch
Carrie Wilcox Henry Republican
Josie B. Wilcox Henry Republican
Mrs. DuNois Wilder Untitled newspaper clipping July 19, 1942
Nan Livingston Williams The Pantagraph  - August 18, 2008
Reba L. Williams untitled, undated newspaper clipping
Mary J. Wilson Minonk News
Mary Jenkins Wilson Unknown newspaper clipping August 13, 1942
A. H. Wilson Metamora
Laura Wilson Unknown
Helen A. Heighway Wirth Bloomington Pantagraph - December 21, 1991
James S. Wise Pantagraph
Andrew Wissel Metamora Herald, April 7, 1898
Margaret “Maggie” (Reising) Wissel Metamora Herald ,March 16, 1906
Lawrence J. Woelfle Pantagraph,  Mar 13, 1989
Bernard Woltzen Metamora Herald
Dona Jo Sizemore Woltzen Woodford County Journal
Albert J. Woltzen Metamora Herald, 12 May 1922
Mrs Albert J. Woltzen Untitled, undated newspaper clipping
Ed H. Woltzen Woodford County Journal January 13, 1955
Elizabeth Barbara Sommers Woltzen Untitled newspaper clipping Dec 24, 1931
Emma Elizabeth Woltzen The Pantagraph
Fenna B. Saathoff Woltzen Feburary 20, 1911
Florence Mae (Sowards) Wolpert Metamora Herald - 1939
Cecil Alan Wood Washburn Leader - 3-24-1960
LeRoy Oliver Wood El Paso Journal, April 28,1900
William (Uncle Billy) Wilburn Wood unknown
George W. Wright Minonk Register
Nancy Wright Minonk News
William H. Wright Minonk Dispatch
Gerhard Wragge Untitled newspaper clipping hand dated June 2, 1932
Harold W. Wragge Woodford County Journal
Richard William Wyss Minonk Talk website
Robert L. Wyss Minonk Talk website




John Yotty Peoria Journal
Jacob C. Yotty Unknown
Norman A. Young Minonk Talk website
Charles L. Younger Washburn Leader
Helen Youngman Peoria Journal Star
Miss Laenia Yunge From an untitled newspaper clipping (she died about 1939)
Fannie A. Zehr The Pantagraph
Mary M. Zehr The Pantagraph
Mrs. William Zeiger Unknown
William Zeiger Unknown
Gene Joseph Zimmerman Sr Register Star [Rockford, Il
Elaine J. Zivney The Pantagraph
Sheila R. Zivney The Pantagraph
Mamie E. Zook Peoria Journal Star - July 4, 1993
Violet Unzicker Zoss Peoria Journal Star

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