Mrs. Elizabeth Sneed, 88 years of age, was found dead in her bed at Bloomington, yesterday morning. She was one of the earliest settlers in Woodford county.  [Wisconsin State Journal September 17, 1889 - Sub. by a Friend of Free Genealogy]


State Items

  • Woodford county contains 6,796 persons between the age of 6 and 21. Employs 194 school teachers, has 96 schools and has paid the past year to teachers, $28, 863.


Rural Routes To Be Established

  • Postmaster Wilcox received notice Wednesday from the Post office department authorizing him to establish two rural routes from the Minonk post office to commence March the 1st, 1902. They will be known as Routes No. 1 and 2. Robt. A. Crawford has received the appointment as carrier of No. 1 and Arthur D. Scott of No. 2 with Faron L. Radebaugh as substitute. The routes to be followed are as follows:

Route No. 1

  • Beginning at the post office of Minonk the carrier will go to town limit 3/4 mile; thence north to Ames corner 1/2 mile; thence west to schoolhouse 1 mile; thence north 1 1/2 mile; thence west to Belle Plain 6 1/2 miles; thence south 1 mile; thence west to Hollenback’s corner 3/4 mile; thence south to Hawk’s corner 3/4 mile; thence east to schoolhouse Sec. 3, 5miles; thence south to Kohl’s corner 1 mile, thence east to town limits 3 1/2 miles; thence into post office 1/2 mile. Total length of route 22 3/4 miles; area covered 33 square miles; number of houses on route 121; population served 600.

Route No. 2

  • Beginning at the post office in Minonk the carrier will go south to city limits 1/2 mile; thence south along I.P. R.R. 1 mile; thence west to schoolhouse 1 3/4 miles; thence south 1 mile;  hence east to town line 1 mile; thence south 3 miles; thence east to Kirk’s corner, 2 miles; thence north to town line 1 mile; thence east to cemetery 1 mile; thence east 1 mile; thence north 1 mile; thence east 1 mile; thence north to Grant schoolhouse 1 mile; thence west to Thom’s corner 4 miles; thence into the post office 3/4mile. After the establishment of the route no. 1, the old star route from Bell Plain to Minonk will be discontinued as will the Yankee Town post office. Bell Plain will still retain its post office, carrier taking closed pouch to and from that point. - Minonk News


Transcribed and submitted by Marilyn Buie

The Eureka Journal, Oct. 10, 1889
Court House News, Real Estate Transfers

Anna Hosher to Talbot Hosher
E ½ NW¼, 10, 18, 3W.

Toluca Star, Friday, Nov.1, 1901

John Manly Sr. of Minonk died Thursday morning.

Lacon Home Journal, Dec. 21, 1881
Richland Valley News

Mr. Victor Boulier, not long since returned from France, bringing with him a beautiful bride, (at present visiting relatives in Richland) will try their destinies in Chicago.

Mrs. Alex Boulier is suffering with chronic sore throat.

Lacon Home Journal, Jan. 17, 1883
Richland Valley News

A. Boulier received a kick on the knee from one of his horses, from the effects of which he has to move about on crutches.

Crow Creek News

Mr. Alex Boulier is confined to his room with a very painful knee, caused by the kick of a horse, the calk of the shoe cutting the bone.

Mr. Perry Hoshor of Ohio is visiting friends in Partridge.

Lacon Home Journal, January 31, 1883
Richland Valley News

Mr. Boulier’s limb has taken a relapse, he being one of those individuals that never can give a would time to heal or let good sleighting (sic) to unimproved.

Lacon Home Journal, February 7, 1883
Richland Valley News

A. Boulier has built himself a boat which he will launch and go for the feathery tribe in opposition to Clawson and Jones.

Lacon Home Journal, May 9, 1883
Richland Valley News

Mr. Alex Boulier and son, besides tending their own large farm, have rented quite a number of acres of land from Hoshor (signed: Mrs. L.A.G.)

Lacon Home Journal, Sept. 19, 1883
Richland Valley News

Mr. Alex Boulier returned from his visit to Nebraska like every one else, perfectly transported with that salubrious clime. Mr. L. A. Guibert and son Clarence will return via Central Illinois, stopping off at Sioux City, to see his son Louis who was admitted to the bar the sixth inst. by the circuit court of that city.

Lacon Home Journal, Oct. 17, 1883
Richland Valley News

Mr. Alex Boulier and family will go to Nebraska, their future home.

Lacon Home Journal, Dec. 12, 1883
General News Item

Alex Boulier will remove to Nebraska and will have a public sale Saturday December 15th. He has a large lot of stock, farm machinery etc. to sell on 9 months time.

Lacon Home Journal, Feb. 4, 1884
Richland Valley News

Alex Boulier and family reached their destination in the west safely, and write that they had a little of every kind of weather upon their arrival.

James Dunn formerly of Crow Creek but now of Cedar Bluff, Nebraska, will soon visit here to see relatives and settle accounts with his land lord. Hard work, and economy has always been his watchword, and the consequences is he can buy a good farm any day.

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