World War I Casualities
Woodford County, Illinois

Source: Soldiers of the Great War, Volume I
by W. M. Haulsee, F. G. Howe, and A. C. Doyle, 1920
transcribed by Dena Whitesell for Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy Trails

Birkner, Anton F. Pvt- Metamora, Died of Disease

Briggs, Richard, Pvt - Germantown, Killed in Action

Cummins, Jesse B. Pvt - Roanoke, Killed in Action

Diesen, Anton, Pvt - Germantown, Killed in Action

Doty, Harry L. Pvt - Spring Bay, Killed in Action

Haecker, Benjamin F., Corp. - Eureka, Died of Disease

Herring, Frederick, Pvt - Metamora City, Killed in Action

Herron, Charles Homer Pvt- Washburn, Killed in Action

Hoover, Lyle R. Pvt - Washburn, Died of Disease

Horn, Joe H., Corp - Eureka,  Killed in Action

Ioerger, Ralph J. Pvt - Minonk, Died of Disease

Landenford, Frederick C. Pvt - Roanoke, Died of Wounds

Lenhart, Harry K., Pvt - Germantown, Died of Disease

Memmen, Dean E. Pvt - Minonk, Died of Wounds

Onken, George J. Sergeant - Minonk, Died of Wounds

Seaton, Raymond R., Pvt - El Paso, Killed in Action

Sheppard, Frank R., Pvt - Cazenovia,  Killed in Action

Skinner, Fred S., Pvt - El Paso, Died of Disease

Slaughter, Lem W. Pvt - Roanoke, Killed in Action

Sly, Lee, Corp - Eureka,  Killed in Action

Smith, Alva H., Pvt - Carlock,  Died of Disease

Wilcox, George E. Lt - Minonk, Died of Disease

Winkler, George C., Pvt - Germantown, Killed in Action


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