Robinson Chapel Cemetery

Perry Twp, Allen County, Indiana Sec.25



Cemetery Inscription
Early 1800's to mid 1900's
Cemetery Read by Marc Young


When I arrived at the site of the cemetery, I was impressed by how well the Church building and cemetery grounds were being taken care of.I was able to copy down as much info as was observable. Several yrs later I returned to make sure I had not missed anyone and to double check what I had already copied. Much to my horror every stone was gone!!!

A memorial had been created to the west of the Chapel to those who had been buried on the other side of the church. Several of the stones had been saved and were placed around the memorial.Upon inquiry of the church pastor I was informed that there were no original records and because there were no living relatives, the members of the current church had the stones removed from the site

Name Inscription
Porter, Allen b.11,06,1841 d. 8,03,1902 (AOS)
Porter, Margaret A. w/o Allen b. 5,23,1847 d.9,14,1914
*Porter, Luella b. 9,26,1877 d. 5,25,1878
Crawford, John W. b.10,18,1849 d. 2,25,1894 (!884-1894(CR-AOS)
Crawford, Harriett A. Opdyke (CS) w/o john b. 8,12,1854 d. 7,21,1901
*Crawford, Stella infant d/o J.W.& H.A..(NDG)
*Crawford, Andrew d.10,20,1888 (1883-1888) 73 yrs 9mo's 7days (AOS-CR)
*Crawford, Rachel Metcalf b.11,06,1821 d.3,08,1895
Byers, Hiram A. b. 2,12,1832 d. 5,12,1879 (Father) (AOS)
Byers, Charity F. b. 10,015,1840 d. 2,04,1911 (Mother) 71yrs 3 mo's 20 days (IPR)
Byers, John D. s/o H.A.& C.F. d. 11,25,1880 6 yrs 8 mo's 8 days (IPR)
Vanzile, Elizabeth w/o Terry b.2,13,or 14,1823 -1828 d.6,03-08,1875 47 yrs 8m's 6 days (CR)
*Vanzile, Francis M.d.(UNR) 8,(IPR) 08,1867-1869 1 mo,6days(DTR-AOS)
Children of Terry & Elizabeth Vanzile
*.Vanzile,Mary A. d.9,06,1865 (July-Sept,UNR-CR) 6 yrs 6days ( 6-16days,DTR-CR)
Children of Terry & Elizabeth Vanzile
Hursh, Jacob d.7,06,1879 54 yrs 7mos, 2 days
Hursh, Elizabeth A. b.1835 d.1927
Hursh, Marion F. d.9,02,1865 2 yrs,16 days (AOS-NR) Children of J & E.Hursh
Hursh, Melvin d.7,22,1860 5 days; Children of J & E.Hursh
Hursh, Susan d/o J & E d.9,17,1852-1862, 1 or 2 yr 5 mo's 13days (CR)
*Hursh, Margaret d.3,08,1859 54yrs 5mo's 28days
Hursh,Oliver Simion b.1872 d.1926 (CS)
Hursh,Ella or Eliza J.(UNR) 8,26,1849 (CR-IPR-AOS); Children of G.A. & A.M. Hursh
Hursh,David M.(UNR 9,03,1852 1yrs 2 mo's (IPR); Children of G.A. & A.M. Hursh
Chapman, Eunice d.2,20,1879 79 yrs
Barve, child of Joe Barve d.3,27,1889 13 days (OIS)
*Cook, Jacob C. b.12,16,1827 d.8,08,1901 (AOS)
*Cook, Elizabeth H. w/o Jacob d.6,18,1880 49yrs 4 mo's 2 days (CR)
*Cook,Carrie E. d.9,28,1854 2 mo's 2 days; Children of J.C.& E.H. Cook
*Cook,James L. d.3,06,1862 26days; Children of J.C.& E.H. Cook
*Cook,Thomas d.5,19,1840 42 yrs (AOS)
*Cook, Catherine w/o Thomas d.12,15,1864 63yrs
Moody, John d.8,03,1848 56 yrs 9mo's 16days (CS)
Moody, Elizabeth w/o John d.1,20,1871 82yrs 2 mo's 6 days
Moody, John W. d.5,26,1888, 62 or 64 yrs 1 mo 8 days (CR)
*Moody, Catherine Ann w/o John W. d.5,17,1857 34 yrs 5 days
Moody, Elizabeth w/o J.W. d.1,16,1891 55 yrs 6 mo's 13days
Moody, Samantha A. d/o J.W. & C. d.8,04,1862 7 yrs 9 mo's 29 days
Moody, Susannah d/o J.W. & C. d.7,26,1852 9 yrs 6 mos;10 days
Moody, Catharine C..d/o J.W.& E. d.2,16,1874 15 yrs 14 days
Moody, Lula L.d/o J.& E. d.4,16,1878 10 yrs 1 mo
Moody, Willard E.s/o M & M.E. d.2,17,1868 10 mo's
Moody, Walter C.or O.d.8,07,1872 (CM-CR)
Moody, John (UNR) H. (IPT) d.3,18,1874 (DTR) 11 yrs 21 days
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*Burials listed above are from obituaries, not from onsite transcription
Mistakes can be made so please use as a guide