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Baker Murder Trial
Ryan Murder Trial


The following new suits have been filed in the superior court

—August C Beaver vs Geo P Bisssell [sic] et al, foreclosure;

—Marx J Lauferty vs Jane Francis Brahier et al, foreclosure, $2,000;

—Chas McCulloch vs Wm N Kennan et al, foreclosure $1,400;

—Wm M Crane vs Chas P Fletcher, account, $615;

—Fort Wayne German Building, Loan and Savings Association No5 vs Gottlieb Rudolph et al, foreclosure, &1,500;

—Lafayette Building, Loan and Savings vs Francis Manier et al, foreclosure, $1,800;

—Edwin Evans vs Samuel T Hanna, foreclosure, $12,000;

—Hamilton Bank vs Cornelius S Smith et al, notes, $600;

—Wm T Reynolds vs Samuel T Hanna et al, notes, $900;

—Lafayette Building, Loan and Savings Association vs Jules P Manuel, mortgage, $200.

The following new suits have been filed in the circuit court:

—Lucien P Stapleford vs Almira A Benham, attachment, $1,500;

—Mary M Greene vs Mary E Wheeler et al, foreclosure, $500.00;

—same [Mary M Greene] vs Lorenz Schmidt et al; foreclosure, $150.

[Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, Wednesday, August 8, 1877 pg1 — transcribed by bmt]



—Alexander Huguenard sons Harry and Felix Grosjean for $500 on promissory notes, S.M. Hench is attorney

—The case of William S Vought et al. vs Johnson Nicholson has been appealed from the court of Justice Bird, in Adams township.

—Judge O'Rourke sentenced Earl Arnold to the reformatory for one to three years for connection with a series of robberies.

—Judge O'Rourke also committed Caroline Bloom to the State School for Feeble Minded Youth, and ordered Elizabeth Nahrwols sent to the Eastern Hospital for the Insane at Richmond.

—In the superior court the case of Henry Bragg vs. the Wabash Railroad company was dismissed for lack of prosecution , and in the case of Mary E Davis vs. W.M. Griffin and L.B. Davis the cross-complaint of the last named defendant was dismissed.

—The case of Fred Walters vs William O'Hara was continued to March 23, owing to the illness of Attorney E.V. Emrick, who is a?raved as counsel in the cause. Mr Emrick has been ill since the Godfrey trial.

—The Hon. Wilmer Leonard, sitting as special judge, heard motions in the case of Cordon E Phelps vs the L.H. Hursh company.

—The county commissioners will be in session today

[Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Feb 25 1905, Saturday Morning; page 11]


Justice Courts

—William Ainslee was finded $1 yesterday by Justice Skelton on the charges of having provoked David D Jones.

—Truant Officer Wesley I Work has filed an affidavit in Justice Skelton's court charging Thomas Dolan with failure to send his children to school. Dolan resides southwest of the city.

[Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Feb 25 1905, Saturday Morning; page 10]




In the matter of the estate of Amelia Blomback, deceased.

Proceedings to sell real estate.

Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an order of the Allen Circuit Court, of Allen county, Indiana, the undersigned, executor of the last will of Amella Blombach, deceased, will offer at private sale at the law office of Samuel M. Hench, situate at the north-west corner of Clinton and Main streets, in the city of Fort Wayne, in said county, on the 28th day of February, 1905, the following described real estate, situated in Allen county and state aforesaid, to-wit: Lot twenty-two (22). In Skinner's addition to the said city of Fort Wayne. Terms of sale: cash. The sale will begin at one o'clock P.M., on said day.


S.M. Hench, Attorney for Estate.

[Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Feb 25 1905, Saturday Morning; page 10]


Criminal Trial-Insanity-Evidence.

Joseph Osburn vs state of Indiana.

Adams C.C. Affirmed. Monk, judge, supreme court.

(1) It is not misconduct, calling for interference by the court, for the prosecuting attorney to assrt as proved an inference which might legitimately be drawn from the evidence. (2) Instructions given or refused and exceptions, and a joint exception to several s?c? instruction is not available if any one is correct. (3) An instruction that a killing in combat, etc., would be murder "if the elements of purpose or malice concur in the act," is erroneous. Both purpose and malice must concur to make murder in either degree (4) Only when his unsoundness of mind extends to incapacity to entertain a criminal intent can a person be relieved of criminal liability by reason of insanity. (5) Where the evidence offered showed, without conflict, that defendant attacked the deceased and was the aggressor throughout, evidence of the bad character of the deceased was not competent. (6) Where evidence was elicited on cross examination which was competent, but did not relate to what was testified in chief, any error was cured by the opposing party, on re-examination, questioning the witness fully concerning the matters so testified.

[Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Feb 25 1905, Saturday Morning; page 11]


Charles CORKLE and Robert KING, arrested at Ft. Wayne by patrolman KENNELLY, whom they tried to murder, have each been sentenced to the penitentiary for substantial terms. Kennelly was the officer afterward dangerously shot by the desperado [Mervin] KUHNS.

Indiana General News Items from the Indianapolis News 10 December, 1890


FORT WAYNE, Ind., April 11—In the suits against Millard W. Simons by J. H. Bass. R. T. McDonald and others, judgments aggregating $182,000 were rendered against the Plymouth man yesterday in the Superior Court, wiping out the fortune he Inherited from the late Oscar A. Simons. Messrs. Bass and McDonald secured judgment for $94.659.84. and their attorneys, Morris. Bell. Barrett & Morris, got a fee of $7,500 for their services. Other judgments are in favor of Plymouth parties, and their attorneys receive equally big fees. This was one of the most important cases ever brought in this part of the State.

Indiana Journal April 14, 1897



Injunction Against a Bankrupt and Slot Machine Decision.
FORT WAYNE, Ind.. July 21. At Warsaw today Judge Baker issued an order restraining A. U. Friend and the Fort Wayne Trust Company from disposing of the property of the Friend clothing store pending the hearing of a petition in bankruptcy. The petitioners are Eastern clothing manufacturers, who asked that Friend be declared bankrupt. They allege that he has converted $16,000 worth of personal property into cash to delay and defraud his creditors This affects both Fort Wayne and Muncie stores. Judge Baker today dissolved the temporary Injunction against Mayor Schere and Superintendent Gorsline, which restrained them from interfering with operations of the slot machines. It was claimed that the machines were advertising devices, but it was shown they were nothing but gambling machines. The police will rid the city of them.

Date: July 26, 1899 Location: Indiana Paper: Indiana State Journal



— Huldah Slowinski has applied for a divorce from Henry Slowinski. Attorneys Somers & Hennery penned the complaint, alleging, abandonment. She wants $300 alimony.

— The last will of Rhoda A. Webb has been filed for record. She leaves her real estate to her daughter, Mary Doswell, and gives $1,500 to her son, Reuben M. Webb.

— Louis Jacquay was appointed guardian of Clarence Jacquny. and other heirs of Rebecca Jacquay.

— In the case of Wagner vs. Seavey a motion for a new trial was filed in the superior court.

— The case of Hartzell vs. Grubb has gone to a circuit jury.

— County Recorder Gillette is slightly better to-day.

The Fort Wayne News Thurs. May 8 1902



WASHINGTON. Ind., Sept. 9-— Charged with having caused, the death of James Buckley, a farmer, by striking him on the head with his fist. Seed Hudson, 18 years old, was acquitted by a jury to-day. Hudson had admitted striking Buckley, but said he acted in defense of his sister, whom Buckley had Insulted.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel Wednesday September 10 1910



Rescued from a mob of angry citizens, near the Calderwood hotel. Sunday afternoon, when it looked like a fine young chance for a lynching, as Anderson had been calling at various homes in the neighborhood and vilely insulted some of the women when they answered the rings of the door-bells.

Anderson instead of appreciating what the police were saving him from gave joyful battle as soon as he had been placed in the wagon and in the course of the row kicked Stationmaster Joe Degitz back of the ear. This morning he was sent over for thirty days and promised the limit the next time.

The Fort Wayne Daily News Sept. 29, 1913


The charge of entering the Bueschng & Hagerman store house and office, on Murray street, with intent to rob the place, filed against William Jones, was continued until Thursday. Jones is a negro and was found in the office his morning by Patrolman Zwick, who happened to notice that one of the windows was open and investigating found the reason in the shape of the big negro.

The Fort Wayne Daily News Sept. 29, 1913


"We got as far as we could go and then we laid down to rest a while," was the only explanation that Ralph Rackman and John Siley could give for going to sleep on the St. Mary's school steps Sunday morning. The men had a bottle of whiskey with them when found, but both promised fervently that they never would again lay in a supply on Saturday night to last over Sunday. Both were let go.

The Fort Wayne Daily News Sept. 29, 1913


Judge J. W. Kerr -- cases below

Are These Potatoes or Hickory Nuts?
Court is not sure about make up of tiny tubers

"Did you really mean these for potatoes?" asked Judge H.W. Kerr of the defendant in a short weight case in police court Thursday morning. The judge scanned two baskets of little tubers which had been brought in as evidence of the bad faith of W.F. Kesterson, railroader, who had sold the potatoes to Michael F. Maylan, 215 East Lewis street.

"You could hardly call them potatoes", added the judge, looking again at the two baskets. "Look more like hickory nuts," said Attorney Byron Hayes, deputy prosecutor, who conducted the state's part of the case. The attorney for Kesterson was visibly disconcerted by these remarks. He walked over to the baskets and groveled among the diminutive spuds. He failed to find a tuber bigger than an egg.

"If I could only empty the baskets I think there are bigger ones on the bottom," said the defendant's counsel. "I wish you would empty them," said Michael Maylan. The defendant's attorney tipped one basket a little. "Wait a minute," said Station Master Degitz, who thought of the soil which sometimes cling to "murphies" and which might not return to the basket. The potatoes were not emptied and the case went on.

Evidence showed that Kesterson had told Maylan that he delivered seven bushels of potatoes at the East Lewis street home, while City Sealer Berry Tolan testified that he found only five and three-quarters bushels of the tubers in the Maylan cellar. The allotment was 76 pounds, below seven bushels. "Probably Mrs. Maylan hid the rest of the potatoes upstairs under the bed," stated Attorney David Hogg for the defense. "Considering the size of the potatoes I suspect that they may have rolled down a rat hole," added Attorney Hayes.

Several witnesses were called to show the character of Maylan and Kesterson. There were varied testimonies, from nine persons, relating to the bearing of the principals in the case. Mrs. Maylan would not admit that she had hid any potatoes under the bed of an upstairs room. The Maylans stated that the tubers had been under lock and key since their delivery. Judge Kerr attempted in vain to induce a settlement. He wanted Maylan to take four more bushels of potatoes and to pay for nine bushels as was originally agreed. Maylan considered the remarks which had been made concerning his character by the defense. He refused to compromise.

Kesterson was accordingly fines $10 and costs. He announced that he would appeal the case on grounds that he is not through delivering spuds at the Maylan home and that he was received no pay as yet for the potatoes.

Wednesday October 24, 1917 The Fort Wayne Sentinel


Minnie Morris, who operates the Eureka rooming house, 120 West Main Street, had Bert Bockover, 24, arrested on a charge of defrauding a boarding house keeper. She testified in court Thursday morning that Mr. and Mrs. Bockover owe for a week and a half of room rent. The woman further stated that Bockover was running some kind of a game in her house, in which contest men were taking part, and to which she objected. It was because of this game that Bockover was asked to move, the lady stated. Bockover told that the woman had ordered him from the house and gave that as his reason for not paying the back rent. After some conversation it was agreed that Bockover pay the woman $7.50 and the case will be dropped. Judge Kerr is holding the case open until proper transactions have been carried out..

Wednesday October 24, 1917 The Fort Wayne Sentinel


Police say that Sadie Smith and John Smith are not the real names of a couple which were taken on an intoxication charge Wednesday night. The man is well known in industrial circles and Sadie is married to somebody else, it is stated. John Smith put up bond on Wednesday night and neither of the parties appeared in court Thursday morning. The judge declared the $30 bond forfeited to the state.

Wednesday October 24, 1917 The Fort Wayne Sentinel


To Foreclose a Lien

Nina Somers has sued Tom George and the Northern Indiana Gas and Electric company on complaint to foreclose a boarding house keeper's lien. Howard Hanthorn is the attorney for the plaintiff.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel March 6, 1917


Complaint on Account

G. H. Hammond & Company, through their attorneys." Heaton & Heaton, have begun action against George Bender on complaint on an account. The demand is for $200.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel March 6, 1917


Appointed Special Judge

Samuel Morris has been named special judge to sit in the case of Andrew Dine against Albert J. O'Laughlin. The suit is for foreclosure of a mechanic's lien.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel March 6, 1917


Judgment Is Given

Judgment for $924.29 was given the plaintiff by Judge Eggeman" of the circuit court Tuesday morning in the case of Joseph T. Ryerson against Henry A. Wiese.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel March 6, 1917


Old Case Set for Trial

The case of Killian Vonderan vs. Martin Stanger, et. al., which has been on docket for two years, has been set for trial. It will be heard in the circuit court April 13. The suit is for damages.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel March 6, 1917


To Be Heard March 12

The case against Walter Anderson, et al., on a charge of forfeitures of bonds has been set for trial by court
for March 12

The Fort Wayne Sentinel March 6, 1917


Traction Company Sued for $10,000

Electric Light Company is Made Defendant in a Big Damage Suit.
Suit against the Fort Wayne & Northern Indiana Traction company for $10,000 damages was filed in superior court Tuesday morning by Ida Lovelace, administratrix for the estate of Charles M. Lovelace, deceased. Ryan, Ryan & Aldrich are the plaintiffs attorneys.

It is set forth in the complaint that Charles M. Lovelace met his death by reason of negligence on part of the defendant. According to the complaint Mr. Lovelace was electrocuted on the evening of December 4, 1916, at his home, 2206 Curtis avenue, while in the act of firing up the furnace.

It is charged that the defendant was negligent in maintaining its wires led into the Lovelace home for lighting purposes. It is said that 2,600 volts passed through the deceased's body on a wire which was contracted for and was not to carry any more than 120 volts. It is further set forth that Lovelace was in good health at the time of his death and was able to earn at least $1,000 a year.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel March 6, 1917


Court Notes

— The S. Viviano Macaroni Manufacturing company has commenced suit against Joe Colone
to recover $249.50 on account.

— The Mary Freiburger' company has commenced suit against Morning & Poinsette to recover $200 on account.

— David Webber today began action against James Hamilton et al. to recover $100 on a note.

— The will of Avery Hollopeter was filed for probate today. The estate is left to a brother-in-law, Samuel P. Wann.

— A dismissal has been entered in the case of Charles E, Netdig vs. Elmer B. McCray.

— The case of William F. Hornberger vs. William Griebel, et al., has been venued to Adams county

— The case of Kenneth Hauer vs. John C. Kohr will be tried on June 7th.

— A change of venue to Whitley county has been granted in the case of Charles W. Scherer vs. the city of Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne News and Sentinel Thursday April 4, 1918


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