Will Records of Allen County, Indiana

1831 TO 1869



Page 1
Volume 1
Testator John Mathews
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Heirs - Wife Martha
Sons John, William Lewis David. George Daughter Jane who will share equally with other daughters (names not given) if she pays estate the money advanced her. 95 acres off E Side of S.E. fraction of NW qt. of Sec. 30 Township No 31 of Range No 13, also NE qt sec No 30 Township No 31 of Range No 13.
Date of Will - Oct. 18. 1831
Date of Probate - Dec. 24, 1831
Executors - Wife Martha, assisted by son William
Wittnesses -Thomas Swiney--Thomas Hatfield.

Page 3
Volume 1
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator Zachariah Griffis
Sons John and Thomas
300 acres of land situated and lying in the Virginia line No.36 granted to him by Congress for services in Rev. War. Willed to the first male child born to his beloved son Thomas Griffis which child should be called Zachariah. Thomas to receive all profits of land till prospective grandchild reaches age of discretion, not before.
Interesting fact. Mr. Griffis was a Rev. soldier on St. Joseph River, Allen Co. Near Fort Wayne.
Date of Will -Nov. 12. 1831
Date of Probate- Apr. 23. 1832
Executors - Son John
Wittnesses -Jesse Klinger--C.H. DeRome.

Page 6
Volume 1
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator -James Dingman
Heirs - Wife Fanny
Date of Will -Mar. 20. 1832
Date of Probate -May 1, 1832
Executors -Wife Fanny
Wittnesses -John Rodgers - Anna (her x mark) Meeker

Page 8
Volume 1
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator -Anne Turner
Heirs- Two friends, Klizabeth Stinson and Jane Cushman Jane J. Greggs Jack Hackney. Ann Hackney. Wm. Suttenfield, A.L. Davis. Dr. Cushman. B.B. Kershval. R. Hoods. Dr. Thomason. 40 acres of woodland below Davis Hill.
Interesting Facts- Lived alone, and made the will in the middle of the night. She left "To Jane J Greggs my large bible in the hope that it may be the means of her salvation".
Date of Will -Aug. 27, 1832
Date of Probate - July 14. 1834
Executors and Wittnesses - "Signed in the presence of him who knowth all things." The executors are her sister Rebecca Hackney and David Colerick . The handwriting attested to by Robert Hood and Smallwood Noel. Nathan Farrand swore the paper was found in the desk of Anne Turner, deceased.

Page 10
Volume 1
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator Michael Spitler
Wife Sarah. Joel Dillman (stepson) Sarah Buckner. Jonathan Spitler, David Spitler. Mary Dillman. Sec. 34 Township 29 N. of R 13 E .
Date of Will -Feb. 3. 1834
Date of Probate - Aug. 27. 1834
Executor -John Spencer
Wittnesses -David L. Howard, Spencer Putman, Isaac Spencer.

Page 14
Volume 1
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator -James Weeks
Heirs - Nancy Weeks
Date of Will - Dec. 2, 1833
Date of Probate - Jan. 25. 1834
Witnesses -Jesse Adams, James Green and Thomas Weeks

Page 15
Volume -1
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator - Abram Little
Heirs - Adopted son John Little Wife Milla
Date of Will - Jan. 7, 1835
Date of Probate - Jan. 15. 1835
Executor - James Post
Witnesses - L. G. Thompson, James Post

Page 17
Volume 1
Name of Volume
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator - Rebecca Mackney
Heirs - Anne F. Farrand. Jack Hackey (appoints Hugh McCulloch or Samuel Hanna guardian for son Jack) Property in states of Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. If necessary to sell anything to pay debts stipulation is made) that real estate rather than personal property be sold
Date of Will - May 13 1835
Date of Probate - July 8, 1835
Executor - Nathan Farrand, son-in-law sole executor
Witnesses - Sarah Notestone, Lewis Bucher, Hugh McCulloch

Page 20
Volume 1
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator - Thomas Carter
Heirs - James. Jacob, Jane, Crawford, Win, Rachel, Maria Elizabeth
Date of Will - Nov. 12. 1834
Date of Probate - June 20. 1835
Executors - Sons Wm and James
Witnesses - Philip (his x mark) Klinger, Jeremiah (his x mark) Hudson, Mosses Swartz

Page 24
Volume 1
Will Record Allen Co.
Testator - Daniels James (his x mark)
Brothers Thomas, William Children of his sister. Neff and children of sister Jane Whitney. Children of sister late Mrs Senseny Brother John Farm on Maumee River known as home farm not be sold, but proceeds from rent be applied to debts to state evidently for cana! lands.
Date of Will - Not dated
Date of Probate - Aug. 31. 1836
Executors - Thomas and William
Witnesses - John B. Dubois, Allen Hamilton

Page 26
Volume 1
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator - James Wilcox
Heirs - To his apprentice Lewis Pelkey set of tools for his use. Also to Lewis Pelkey for no 81 north plot of Ft. Wayne. Plot to Allen Hamilton for his kindness towards me in aiding me with such articles as I stood in need of in the transaction of my business and indulgng me until I could pay for the same $200.00 Isaiah Crow could have rifle which I purchased from by paying the sum of $25. If the said Crow is still disposed to Purchase the said rifle gun at that price. Date of Will
Date of Will - April 21. 1836
Date of Probate - Oct 17. 1836
Executor - Allen Hamilton
Witnesses - Thomas Johnson, R.E. Fleming.

Page 29
Volume 1
Will Rec. Allen C
Testator. Christopher Range
Heirs Mary Range
Date of Will Sept 19. 1838
Date of Probate Nov. 12. 1838
Wittnesses Jacob Fry - -Conrad Nil

Page 30
Volume 1
Testator Me She nac quah
Will Rec Allen Co.
To his only child
In case of decease of said child leave and bequeath all to Not to ma quah. in other words Chief Richardvilles wife. (his x mark)
Date of Will Aug. 17, 1839 Witnesses- James Avoline --Samuel Stophlet --Thomas Hamilton

Page 30
Volume 1
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator James R. Godfray
$200.00 in trunk at home to be left with the daughter of Revory. my supposed wife. One half land on Wabash River in neighborhood of Pipe Creek to his mother. A horse, sleigh and harness to brother Alexander. Bal. after funeral expences to be left to fathers family. First money coming in from estate so much as is necessary, he paid to Francis Comparet for tract of land purchased from him. lying in Wabash Valley and as soon as practible do convey said land to Pishne or Wild Cat, they having paid me fcr same. A codicil of same date witnessed by Bradford Stephens and Samuel Wick bequeatns to Catherine Minnie, residing with Mrs. Lacray $100
Date of Will Jan. 27. 1840
Date of Probate Feb. 18. 1840
Executor and Witnesses
Allen Hamilton Ex. Stephen R. Ball L. I. Tourr and Samuel Wick.

Page 32
Volume 1
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator Richard Andrew
Heirs Sons Henry (eldest) Ely. Thomas. Asbury Westley Daughters Eliza Ann, Mary .Ann, Nancy. Sally. Wife Sally
Date of Will Mar. 11. 1840
Date of Probate Aug. 13 1840
Executive Enoch Turner 2nd Wife Sally
Witnesses Jesse Vermilya--Enoch Turner.

Page 34
Volume 1
Will Rec. Allen Co.
Testator Cornelius Gailanghe:
Heirs Resigns his soul to God and his body to the Burrylng Ground at Delphi.
To James Johnson - -80 acres of land four and one half miles north of Ft. Wayne. Sec. 8. in Range 12 Not East lot. Also $100. earned of William Warrameg Vigo County Ind who produced to me a due bill which due bill I acknowledge I give to Lawyer Culter in Terrihut in order to recover my money
Date of Will Apr. 23. 1840
Date of Probate
May 26, 1840 Carroll Cty Ind
Jan. 19. 1841 Allen County. Ind
Executors - -Witnesses
Patrick Bruen--Daniel Riley -Reed Case