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1850 Mortality Schedule



Name Age Sex Month Died Cause of Death Birth Place
Catherine Akin 38 F Jul Pulmonary OH
Polly Anderson 25 F May Consumption IN
Virginia Ayers 4M F Aug Not Listed IN
Jonathan Beans 1 M Aug Erysipales IN
Rebecca A Vickerton 13 F Jun Billous Fever IN
Frances Bivin 36 F Jan Pueperal Fever IN
Catherine A Blades 13 F Sep Whooping Cough IN
Sarah Boaz 57 F Jul Consumption SC
Cindarilla Brown 1 F Jul Measles OH
Margaret Ann Brown 2 F Jul Measles OH
Deborah Bunnell 57 F Oct Plumonary CT
John W Burk 1 M Jul Cholera IN
William Burnett 20 M Jul Fever IN
Brice Burns 60 M May Gravel Ng
B Franklin Carpenter 24 M Aug Quinsy OH
Jane Carter 30 F Dec Child Birth IN
Jesse Comer 26 M Jul Cholera IN
Elizabeth Cooley 19 F Feb Burned IN
Millisent Cox 52 F Aug Cholera NC
Mary E Criteser 25 F Mar Inflamation OH
Enos Davis 6 M Aug Diarrhea IN
Anna Devore 30 F Jun Fever IN
Catherine Dilman 2 F Jun Flux IN
Sarah Ann Donilson 23 F Apr Plurisy KY
Thomas Dudley 31 M Jul Cholera KY
Turner B Eccles 21 M Jan Fever KY
Christain Edde 61 M May Accident NY
Mary Edde 27 F Nov Fever NY
Robert B Ellis 11M M Apr Cholera IN
Jacob Evans 21 M Jul Chronic IN
Rosanna Evans 54 F Aug Fever Ng
Sarah Ann Fawcett 29 F Aug Cholera NY
Catherine Findley 3 F Jul Cholera IN
Isaac Findley 46 M Jul Cholera KY
Sophia Finkle 23 F Aug Cholera SW
William L Fox 1 M Apr Accidental IN
Nathaniel Greene 43 M Aug Cholera IN
Eliza Ann Griffith 20 F Jul Cholera OH
George Guhn 48 M Oct Accidental PA
Daniel Hacker 43 M Jan Consumption TN
Jane Hacker 20 F Nov Consumption IN
George A Harington 2 M Mar Not Listed IN
James Herod 55 M Jul Cholera KY
Louisa Herron 27 F Mar Inflamation Lungs IN
Susan E Hinman 26 F Feb Plumonary NC
Eliza Jane Horn 31 F Jan Plumonary KY
Mary Houck 40 F Jul Cholera Gr
Nicholas Hyde 35 M Aug Cholera OH
Sarah Hyde 30 F Jan Fever OH
Daniel Jones 46 M Sep Hernia IN
Joseph Kibbee 60 M Apr Consumption NY
Elizabeth Layman 61 F Dec Congestive Fever VA
John M Lee 10 M Nov Flux IN
Malinda Lewis 37 F May Inflam Bowels NC
Rebecca Lewis 48 F Feb Not Listed PA
William May 18 M Dec White Swell IN
William McCalip 48 M May Dispepsia KY
David McCoy 68 M May Consumption PA
Emela J McDonald 1 F Sep Erysipelas IN
James McGinn 18 M Mar Not Listed Ir
Jane McIntire 23 F Apr Inflamation IN
Emma Mitchell 1M F Jan Not Listed IN
Sophia Mooney 4M F Mar Whooping Cough IN
Sarah E Neatherton 8 F Jul Flux IN
Elizabeth Owan 9 F Aug Diarrhea IN
Lucretia Parkeer 1 F Jul Cholera IN
James N Parkerson 1 M Aug Flux IN
Elizabeth Parker 26 F Jul Cholera KY
John Parker 32 M Jul Cholera KY
Mariah Patterson 50 F Dec Cancer OH
Mary J Paugh 2 F Sep Flux IN
Harriett Piatt 8M F Jul Flux IN
Jane Powers 4M F Apr Whooping Cough IN
Mary Ann Right 20 F Jul Diarrhea IN
William T Right 8M M Jul Diarrhea IN
Phebe Rilman 33 F Dec Cancer SC
Richard Scaggs 2 M Oct Jaundice IN
John W Sims 3 M Nov Not Listed IN
Charles Smith 89 M Nov Lung Fever MD
Elzabeth Smith 4 F Jan Fever IN
Jane Smith 26 F Aug Plumonary OH
Jane Smith 37 F Jul Fever OH
William Smith 1 M Nov Not Listed IN
William Smith 3 M Jan Dropsy IN
Jeremiah Sperling 36 M Apr Winter Fever VA
Samuel Spurgin 54 M Aug Cholera Cd
Mary Ann Stanley 42 F Apr Fever OH
Ellen C Stewart 1M F Apr Inflamation IN
Jane Taylor 9 F May Fits IN
Fredrick Tibberan 30 M Sep Flux Gr
Mary Ann Vanasdall 45 F Mar Chronic KY
Peter Wentel 90 M Mar Old Age Gr
Phebe White 37 F Sep Consumption OH
Richard White 53 M Aug Cholera NC
Jehu Wright 52 M Jul Fever PA
Unknown Infant 1M M Jan Not Listed IN
Unknown Infant 1M M Jan Not Listed IN





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