PROBATE RECORD 1 - 1823-1829.

1. At court in the town of Columbus, Monday 8 April 1822. Present the Honorable John Pence and Ephraim Arnold Esquires, Associate judges of Bartholomew Co.
1. 6 Nov. 1821 L.A.(Letters of Administration) to Nathan Richardson on the estate of Charles Drain, deceased, of Delaware County, Indiana.
1. Allen Williams appointed guardian of John Drain age 12, Jane age 7, Charles age 5, Samuel age 3, infant heirs of Charles Drain, deceased.
2.8 Feb. 1822 L.A. to James Goodwin on the estate of Garard Smith, deceased.
2. 26 Jan. 1822 L.A. to William McFall and Polly McFall on the estate of Joseph McFall, deceased.
3. Aaron J. Davis appointed guardian of Willard Howard age 17, heir of Silas Howard, deceased.
3. Joseph McHenney(?) appointed guardian of Silas Howard age 14, heir of Silas Howard, deceased.
4. 4 Nov. 1822 Judges are John Pence and Thomas Hinkson.
4. Comes James Todd the administrator of Andrew W. Davison - to sell real estate, mentions infant heirs of the estate.
6. Absolom Law appointed guardian of Jefferson Lowe and infant heir of Thomas Lowe deceased, late of Delaware County - now within jurisdiction of Bartholomew County - Wm. Sanders, John Leber (?) as securities, Eleanor Lowe, widow of Thomas.
7 & 8 would seem to be "scratch" pages. I will reproduce page 7 in this issue, and page 8 in the next issue of the Journal.
9. Joseph Vanmeter, Miguim Boaz and Spencer Records appraisers of the estate of Garland Smith, dec'd.
9. Lydia Parker is administrator of the estate of John Parker, deceased.
10. William Reddick and Woodson D. Parker are administrators of the estate of Edward Ballenger, dec'd.
10. David Deets & Ebenezer Ware administrators of the estate of Daniel Detter(?) - to pay George Moon $8.00 for keeping the infant child of said decedant and Abraham Archer $6.28 for boarding two children of said decedant.
11. 31 July 1822 L.A. to David Deitz and Ebenezer Ware on the estate of Daniel (David?) Detter, dec'd.
12. 11 Jan. 1821 L.A. to John Pence on the estate of John Steambarger deceased.
12. Ordered that Lawrence Graham and Lenord(or Lenore?) Graham be allowed $18.00 for boarding four of David Detters children for 9 weeks, 3 days.
12. Appeared William Maskel (to question) the validity of the L.A. obtained by Jacob Levie(?) on the estate of Jane(?) Markel deceased. Said letters are confirmed.
13. 8 Nov. 1823 Jesse Ruddick appointed guardian of Nancy, James, Robert, Smith, Elizabeth and Shannon all under 14 years of age, infant heirs of William McWilliams, deceased.
14. Archable McQueen administrator of Jerry Brown, deceased to sell real estate.
15. Nucomb Jones appointed guardian of Ellis Moore infant heir of John Moore. Ellis aged 15 years.
17. At a special term of the probate court held at the house of Thomas Hinkson in Columbus on the 6 April 1824. Present John Pence and Thomas Hinkson associate Judges.
17. Benjamin Irwin appointed guardian of the infant children of William McWilliams instead of Jesse Ruddick, he relinguishing his rights. Jesse is allowed $30.00 for his services as guardian.
17. Nathan Thompson, administrator of the estate of John Orr, deceased, files inventory.
18. Benjamin Irwin and Robert Simonton administrators of William McWilliams deceased, file sale bill.
18. 19 April 1824 L.A. granted to Newton C Jones on the estate of John Coniland. Joseph McKinney is the Clerk of Bartholomew County.
18. Robert Blake and Joshua Whitely are administrators on the estate of Peter Blake, deceased.
19. Evan Arnold and Joseph Pownal are administrators on the estate of Felix Redman, deceased.
19. Gideon B. Hart and Rachel Robertson are administrators on the estate of Joseph Robertson, dec'd.
19. Ordered that Woodson D. Parker and William Ruddick, administrators on the estate of Edward Ballinger be authorized to sell real estate.
20. Ordered that Nathan Thompson adm. of the estate of John Orr be authorized to sell real estate.
20. William Ruddick and Martin Wilson are administrators on the estate of John Davis, deceased.
21. Aaron S. Davis is the administrator on the estate of Silas Howard, deceased. May 1824
22. Ordered that Ephraim Arnold be allowed $4.00 for 2 days services as Judge of the Probate Court. John Pence be allowed $20.00 and Thomas Hinkston allowed $16.00 for services as Judges of Probate Court. Gideon B. Hart allowed $5.00 for attendance as sheriff to this court. Samuel Downing and David Hagan be allowed $1.00 each for sheriffs to this court.
23. June 1824, 16th day.
23. Newton C. Jones administrator of John ?(Couilard) ?. - to sell real estate.
24. 18 Sept. 1824 L.A. granted to James M. Crawford &David Haile on the estate of Isaac Crawford dec'd.
25. Nov. 1825, 24th. Judges John Pence and Samuel Downing.
25. In relation to the estate of Joel Maskal, deceased. Ordered that a citation issue, notifying the heirs of said estate, why a decree should be granted for the sale of the real estate of said decedant. The personal estate not being sufficient to satisfy the debts due from said deceased. Ordered that Gideon B. Hart, Jacob Server, Newton C. Jones, David Hall, applicants for business at this session pay the costs thereof.
26. 13 Jan. 1826 David Newsom appointed guardian of Nancy, Penelope and Daniel Cook infant children of Ephraim Cook, deceased.
28. 7 Oct. 1826. Judges John Pence and Nathan Davis
28. Samuel Wailes appointed guardian of Deborah & Sarah Naylor infant heirs of Benjamin Naylor late of Prince George County, Maryland, deceased. John P. Wailes and Benjamin Wailes, securities.
28. L.A. to Francis J. Crump & John Newson on the estate of Henry Smith, deceased.
29. Lyda Parker administrix of John Parker deceased. Joseph Carr, Joseph Hart and Joshua McQueen appointed commissioners.
29. In the estate of Charles Depaw - James Gabbard, Jesse Reudcet, Benjamin Crow and Benjamin Irwin be allowed $6.25, by Benjamin Crow, administrator.
32. 14 Oct. 1826 David Hall administrator of Isaac Crafford be allowed $14.00 for his services.
33. Ordered that L.A. formerly granted to Jacob Isaacs on the estate of Joel Markel be revoked and that Ajae Markel be appointed administrator.
34. L.A. granted on the estate of John Faryaa(?) - can't make out.
34. Nathan Davis appointed guardian of Ephraim May infant son of Elisha May deceased, late of Jackson County.
35. Comes Benjamin Crow adm. of the estate of Charles Depaw. Mentions Charles Cosby and Cynthia Cosby his wife, late Cynthis Depaw. David Deitz and James McAchran appointed appraisers.
36. 11 Nov. 1826 - Looking for heirs of Charles Depaw in Jefferson Co.
37. James Spesgen is administrator of the estate of Jesse Everts, Deceased. Azel Markel administrator of the estate of Joel Markel to notify heirs.
37. Joseph McKinney is chosed guardian by William Hannars age IS heir of Alexander Hannars deceased.
38. 1st Monday of March 1827 Synthia Brown, widow of Edwin Brown, files inventory.
38. Aaron Davis adm. of Silas Howard and James Goodwin adm. of Garland Smith - heirs legally notified of said estates.
39. Azal Markal adm. of Joel Markal to sell real estate (in this record the names are plain and easy to read for the first time.)
39. Robert Wilkinson and Lydia Parker adm. of John Parker allowed $30.00 & $16.00 resp. for services and $8.00 to Philip Sweetser for council fees.
40. Lydia Parker appointed guardian of heirs of John Parker - James, John, Daniel Ketcham, Eliza, Mahala, William and Napoleon.
40. Comes William Herod and Newton C. Jones, commissioners appointed to settle the estate of Jeremiah Brown.
41. Azal Markal to sell real estate, heirs of Joel Markal notified, to be sold subject to widows dower.
42. Newton C. Jones, Jesse Reddick and Joseph Pownall appointed comm. to set off Dower for widow of Joel Markal, dec'd.
44. 3 Sept. 1827 Mary Moore adm of Elisha Moore mentions heirs and minor heirs of deceased.
45. Mary Moore is guardian of Barret 16, James 14, Hannah 12 and Ann 9.
45. L.A. granted to Daniel Hutchens with G.B. Hart and David Hagan as securities (doesn't say on whose estate. Comes by counsel Nancy Wilcox, late Nancy Davis widow of John Davis deceased, and James Brazelton guardian of Samuel, Polly, Aaron and Lucinda Davis, to sell real estate and money to be vested in land in the State of Illinois for the use and benefit of the said heirs.
47. Comes Ann P. Keith widow of Walter Keith by Herod her attorney, to set aside dower, a will having been made with out executors, appointment made of James Keith as next of kin to said decedant for L.A. a disagreement, cause is continued.
48. 11 Sept. 1827. On motion of P. Sweetser, John C. Hubbard is appointed guardian of Edmund and Orvill Orr, infant children of John Orr deceased.
49. On motion of James Keith, in will of Walter Keith, deceased, proven by Martin Wilson and Thomas Hawker (?), James Keith is appointed administrator.
Source Hoosier Journal October 1979

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