Nashville, IN. Aug.13,1897. 
The vote of Brown county, as shown by the canvass of the board yesterday, is as follows: Griffith, 1,106: Lee, 541,: Browder, 63. The majority of the Populists voted the Democratic ticket, as there are about 115 Populist in this county.

Date: 1896-04-22; Paper: Indiana State Journal
COLUMBUS, Ind. April 18.—While two little girls of Robert Walker were playing in the yard of their father's home, Hamblen township. Brown county, Thursday after-noon, the younger one, aged about five, fell into the well. The older, aged seven, climbed quickly down the slippery walls of the deep well and caught hold of her sister and supported her head above the water until their parents were attracted to the place by their cries. Ropes were procured and the children released from their perilous situation. The little girl was badly bruised about the head and body, and may die in spite of her sister's heroic efforts to save her.

Brown County Has Three Delegates.
NASHVILLE. Ind. March 9.—The Republicans of Brown county met at Nashville Saturday, with G. W. Allison presiding and James Jones secretary. Delegates to thecongressional convention of the Fourth district were appointed, as follows: Shelby Hedrick, of Nashville: John Laurie, of Mount Liberty, and William B. Grazy, of Bean Blossom.
The Indiana Journal March 11, 1896