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A Record of Indiana Men and Women who Died in the Service of the
United States and the Allied Nations in the World War.

Son of Lewis Frank and Minnie E. Allbaugh; born March 3, 1893, near Flora, Carroll County, Ind. Farmer. Called into service April 27, 1918, Delphi, Ind. Sent to Camp Taylor, Ky.; assigned to 17th Company, 159th Depot Brigade. Transferred to Medical Detachment, Camp Hospital No. 51, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.; later to Camp Crane, Pa. Overseas in August, 1918; assigned to Camp Hospital No.1, Roanne. Died of diphtheria November 30, 1918, Roanne, France.

Son of George and Francisca Becker; born September 2, 1887, Lafayette, Ind. Farmer. Entered service September 21, 1917, Delphi, Ind. Sent to Camp Taylor, Ky.; assigned to Battery F, 115th Field Artillery. Transferred to Camp Sevier, S. C.; thence to Camp Mills, L. L Sailed for France June 5, 1918; saw four months combat service. Died of pneumonia September 12, 1918, in hospital, Toul, France. Buried in cemetery at Toul, France.

Son of David A. and Annie E. Bohannon; born June 15, 1890, Kempton, Tipton County, Ind. Family moved to Carroll County in July, 1890. Laborer. Enlisted in U.S. Regular Army May 8, 1917, Logansport, Ind. Trained at Ft. Thomas, Ky., and Camp Greene, N. C. Embarked for overseas March 30, 1918; assigned to Company L, 38th Infantry, 3rd Division. Severely wounded, and drowned in Marne River, July 1, 1918. The American Legion Post, Delphi, Ind., is named in his honor.

Son of John Milton and Elizabeth Barnett Bowman: born October 15, 1848, Delphi, Ind. Graduated from U. S. Naval Academy in 1869. In continual service until June 30, 1907, when upon his own request, he was retired, having attained the rank of Commodore. Volunteered his services again early in 1917; appointed Inspector. Stationed at Milwaukee, Wis., where he died of acute bronchitis October 5, 1918. Buried in Masonic Cemetery, Delphi, Ind. Survived by widow, Josephine McFarlane Bowman.

BUCHER, ELMER ERNEST --- 1st Lieutenant
Son of Samuel and Sarah Bucher; born November 8, 1884, Clinton County, Ind. Removed to Carroll County in 1901. Salesman. Entered First Officer's Training Camp, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Inc1., in May, 1917. Commissioned First Lieutenant. Transferred to Camp Taylor, Ky.; then to Camp Sherman, Ohio. Overseas in September, 1917; assigned to Company C, 369th Infantry, 84th Division. Killed in action October 28, 1918, Alsace. Awarded Croix de Guerre, (posthumously) for bravery in action. Buried in Moosch, France.

CLARK, JOSEPH KING --- Private, U.S.M.C.
Son of Benjamin and Mary Clark (deceased); born April 3, 1896, Cutler, Carroll County, Ind. Enlisted in U.S. Marine Corps May 18, 1917. Sent to Parris Island, S. C.; assigned to 82nd Company, 6th Regiment, U.S. Marine Corps. Sailed for France October 24, 1917. Gassed while fighting in Verdun Sector, and died of pneumonia May 24, 1918 in French Hospital- Buried in Mont Osche Cemetery, American Section, Souilly, Meusc, France.

Adopted son of Rev. G. F. Fife and wife (both deceased); born July 2, 1899, Delphi, Ind. Enlisted in U.S. Marine Corps when he was 16 years old. Fought in the Battle of Vera Cruz. Enlisted in the Canadian Army, Carting Heights, London, Ont., in August, 1917. Trained at Arlington Heights. Went overseas and was killed in action October 1, 1918, vicinity of Ablain-court (Ablancourt).

Son of Joseph and Mary Garrison; born March 11,1897, Lafayette, Ind. Living in Delphi, Ind., when he enlisted in U.S. Regular Army April 11, 1917, Columbus Barracks, Ohio. Assigned to Coast Artillery Corps, 3rd Company. Transferred to Syracuse, N. Y.; assigned to Battery A, 4th Field Artillery. Later transferred to Company F, U.S. Engineers. Overseas in November, 1917. Killed in action September 12, 1918, in battle of St. Mihiel. Buried, Seicheprey Meurthe-et-Moselle, France.

Son of Charles M. and Ella Kirkpatrick (Boyer); born March 15, 1895, Sharon, Carroll County, Ind. Automobile salesman. Entered service October 3, 1917, Long Beach, Cal. Sent to Camp Lewis, Wash.; assigned to Company C, 364th Infantry. Overseas in June, 1918. Lead the command that resulted in the capture of Spitalls Bosschen, Belgium. Killed in action October 31, 1918. Awarded Belgian War Cross for bravery in action. The American Legion Post, Burlington, Ind., is named in his honor.

Son of James T. and Sarah Jane Lewis; born October 27, 1892, Hardin County, Ky. Family moved to Carroll County, Ind. in 1900. Painter. Enlisted in Indiana National Guard, Company C, 3rd Infantry, June 5, 1917, Monticello, Ind. Sent to Ft. Benjamin Harrison; transferred to Camp Shelby, Miss. Overseas in June, 1918; assigned to Battery C, 18th Field Artillery, 3rd Division. Killed in action July 24, 1918 by bursting shell. (Place unknown).

Son of Stark and Elsie Peters; born October 22, 1899, Middle Fork, Clinton County, Ind. Living on a farm in Carroll County, when he enlisted in U.S. Regular Army July 25, 1917. Sent to Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Ind.; assigned to 150th Ambulance Company. Transferred to Camp Shelby, Miss., where he died of appendicitis March 1, 1918. Buried in Geetingsville Cemetery, Clinton County, Ind.

SIMS, CHARLES N. ---1st Lieutenant
Son of Joseph A. (deceased) and Ella N. Sims; born January 9, 1885, Delphi, Ind. Author. Entered First Officers Training Camp, Ft. Harrison, Ind.; commissioned First Lieutenant. Transferred to Camp Taylor, Ky.; thence to Camp Sherman, Ohio. Overseas in September, 1918. At the 3rd Corps School in Clancy, France, he won the championship in the Musketry School. Died November 12, 1918, from injuries received in motor truck accident, Chatillon Sur Seine, France.

Son of R. J. (deceased) and Mary Skellenger (McCurtain); born August 31, 1892, Smyrna, Mich. Moved to Carroll County, Ind., in early life. Carpenter. Enlisted in U.S. Navy July 28, 1917, Miami, Fla. Sent to Charleston, S C. for training. Went aboard the Cyclops, January 8, 1918. Lost at sea between March 4th and 13th, 1918. Survived by widow, Rebecca Skellenger, and two children, Francis A. and June Shirely, Menomonee, Wis.

Son of Charles and Emma Calhoun Wiles; born December 23, 1895, on a farm near Pyrmont, Carroll County, Ind. Employee Nordyke-Marmon Company. Called into service March 29, 1918, Frankfort, Ind. Sent to Camp Taylor, Ky.; assigned to 13th Company, 4th Battalion, 159th Depot Brigade. Transferred to Camp Mills, N. Y.; assigned to Company G, 47th Infantry. Overseas in May, 1918. Killed in action August 9, 1918, near Vesle River, France. The American Legion Post, Flora, Ind., is named in his honor.

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