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Jas. Ferguson
Peter Smith.
Wm. Ferguson
Ephriam Arnold
George McCormick
Wm. Smith
John Ferguson
Mathias Crumb
Bazil Prather
Henry Bulof
George Wood
Abraham Epler
Charles Matthews
Henry Reagan
Sam Gwathmay
Henry Fait
George Jones
Geo. Fait
John Jackson
Robert K. Moore
Geo. Huchleberry
Aquila Rogers
Jacob Ulmore
James Waldon
Leonard Bowman
James Sweeney
James Davis
Isaiah Casper
Abraham Huchleberry
Hugh Espy
Tho. Ferguson
John Prince
John McClintick
Davis Floyd
Martin Huckleberry
Sam'l Kay
Andrew Mitchel
Michael Lee
John Nulin
Elisha Kerr
Sam'l Cofman
John Ruth
Sam Applegate
John Baldwin
Valentine Storrer
Wm. Clark
Moses McCan
Peter McDonald
Votes were cast for Jno. H. Wood (35),
Chas. Beggs (29),
Wm. Clark (16), and
David Floyd (16).
The Poll appears in full and is certified as follows:
Clark County, Indiana Territory :
We do hereby certify that the foregoing
is a true copy of the Poll kept at the Election
of members for the General Convention
held at Jeffersonville, on the 7th and
8th of December, 1802.
Given under our hands
Hugh Espy, John- Douthitt,
Poll Keepers.
Source: The National Genealogical Society Quarterly January  1915
Contributed by Barb Z.