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Dec. 30. 1898.  
Brazil, IN. Mrs. Lucinda Reese filed suit in the Circuit Court today asking for divorce with $10,000 alimony, custody of their 7 minor children, and $500 a year from their father’s income to help support them. The Reese’s have lived together over 30 yrs and have 14 children living. The defendant resides in the south part of the county and is very wealthy. Mrs. Reese alleges that her husband strikes her and treats her in an in human manner; that he will not allow her to go to church or visit her neighbors. The case has created a sensation on account of the prominence of the family, as their neighbors and friends knew nothing of the domestic troubles of the family.

Brazil, IN.
Sept. 1, 1899. Dr. A.M. Kirk charged with gaining his license by Fraud, was today bound over to court in a $500 bond, which he gave. The prosecution was brought by the State medical Board, which alleges that Kirk secured Dr. Shepherd’s certificate, erased that name and inserted his won, on which the license was granted. Kirk is now practicing at Parr, this State and is a prominent druggist there.

Brazil, IN.
Aug. 31, 1899. three hundred miners employed by the Keeler Coal Company went out on strike today because the boss at the mine refused to allow them to use powder purchased at a store that did not belong to the coal company. The miners say they bought the powder 50 cents cheaper on the keg that that sold by the company.

Brazil, IN.
Sept 2,1899. The annual meeting of the old settlers of Owen, Clay & Vigo counties was held at Bowling Green today. Several thousand people were present, being the largest crowd seen at the old county seat for many years. Speeches were delivered by R.L.Keith, president of the Old Settlers’ Association, Major Brant of Bloomington and E.S. Holliday of this city.

Brazil, IN.
Feb.24,1898. the district meeting of Knight’s of Pythias, composing Parke, Vermillion, Vigo, Putnam, and Clay counties, met at the opera house today and was largely attended. James L. Wilson, of this city, delivered the address of welcome, and Hon. Union B. Hunt, of Winchester, grand chancellor, responded. A street parade was given at 10 o’clock, and was headed by the Brazil Cornet Band. The merchants had their building elaborately decorated for the occasion. The session closed with work in the 3rd degree by the Brazil team and a banquet at night.

Brazil, IN. Feb.25,1898.
John McLenhart, treasurer of the harmony Odd Fellows’ Lodge, was arrested at harmony today. McLenhart notified Chief of Police Lauderbock today that burglars had entered his house last night and robbed him of $410, belonging to the order of Odd Fellows. Officers were immediately placed at work on the case, and it was learned from the trustees of the order that McLenhart had been instructed to deposit the lodge money in Zeller & Riddell’s Bank, of this city, but instead of doing so he kept it at his house. The officers were unwilling to believe that McLenhart had been robbed, and placed him in jail until further investigation can be made. The books of the order are being audited to determine the shortage, if any, in the treasurer’s account. Mr. McLenhart is a prosperous citizen of Harmony, and has always borne a good name, and his friends are unwilling to believe him guilty of appropriating the money to his own use.

Brazil, IN. Feb.13,1896. 
For the past few weeks the mines though-out the county have been rapidly closing down, throwing hundreds of miners out of employment. At present not one-half of the Clay county shafts are in operation, and those that are running are so crowded that miners cannot make good work.
No 3, of the Brazil Block Coal Company, located near Harmony, and the American Beauty, owned by The Zeller Coal Company closed down yesterday, throwing over 200 men out. No reason is given by the operators for closing, except that the demand for coal is dull. This is partly caused by the mild weather of the past month, and from the fact that numerous large manufacturing establishments through-out the county are closing down as a result of a general depression in business.

Brazil, IN. Oct 31, 1898
Charles Bachelor, while cleaning his shotgun today, accidentally discharged it and the contents lodged in his 10 yr old brother’s right side and thigh, wounding him so badly that he will die.

Brazil, Ind., Dec 3.
The wedding of Mark Patterson and Martha Ferno, which took place At the home of the bride last evening, was quickly turned from joy to sadness. Just after the ceremony the bride's grandmother, Mrs, Sophia Ferno. clasped the bride's hands and wished her much joy, then passed into an adjoining room, where she fell to the floor, dying in a short time. Heart disease is said to have caused her death.
Source: Indiana State Journal December 9, 1896

Brazil, Ind., Jan. 9
Much excitement prevailed in the Superior Court room here, this afternoon, when Prosecuting Attorney Lewis rose in the midst of the Cory murder tr!al and. addressing  the judge  said that he had not the conscience to insist on the court sending Cory to prison on the evidence given for the State. Cory's attorneys asked Judge McGregor to instruct the jury to acquit Cory, which, was done. The court room rangs with cheers for several minutes, and Cory broke down and wept for joy. George Cory shot and instantly  killed Eugene Fry in a fight near Alum Cave. June 21. 1893.The case was venued from Sullivan county.

The $5,000 damage suit of Aaron Sanders, administrator of the estate of Josiah Wells, against the Chicago and Indiana Coal Company at Brazil, went to the jury at 4 o'clock Monday and the jury disagreed yesterday. Wells was killed In a mine belonging to the defendants one year ago.
Indiana Journal April 14, 1897

Brazil, Ind., Jan. 27. -About a week ago Edward Yocom, a young farmer of this county, secured a license to marry Miss Nancy Goodin, aged fourteen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Goodin, residing south of the city. The license was procured by a friend swearing that Miss Goodin was of age. The wedding was set for last night, but Mr. Goodin and his son armed themselves with double-barreled shotguns and declared they would kill any one who attempted to take their child. This information was communicated to Yocom, and he failed to appear to claim his betrothed. To-day a man representing himself to be an officer called on Mr. Goodin, stating that he had a warrant for the arrest of Miss Goodin, but failed to state the nature of the charge. He attempted to induce her to come to this city with him, but Mr. Goodin, suspecting that the pretended arrest was a scheme to get his daughter from home so she could wed Yocom, refused to allow Miss Nancy to accompany the man, quickly turning him from the house. To-day it developed, after a thorough investigation, that there had been no warrant issued. Mr. Goodin and his son are keeping Miss. Nancy under  surveillance to prevent the possibility of an elopement.  The Indiana State Journal, (Indianapolis, IN) Wed., Feb. 1, 1899 - Submitted by Candi

Clay county logs are curious things. A baby was found in one on the farm of A. Stewart, Esq., near Bowling Green, Monday.
Date: 1877-02-01; Paper: Indianapolis Sentinel

Indiana General News Items from the Indianapolis News 8 December, 1890
While Miss Dora JONES, of Brazil, was asleep some one raised the window of her chamber and clipped off her luxuriant hair.

Miss Josie WATTS, daughter of Joseph Watts, of Brazil, who mysteriously disappeared from home, and for whom the woods were searched and the ponds dragged, fearing she had met foul play, quietly went to Terre Haute, where she was joined by Guy TATE, her lover, and they were married. She then acquainted her parents, and the families were reconciled.
Indiana General News Items from the Indianapolis News 11 December, 1890 Page 6 column 5 and 6

Minor Events and Little Happenings at Various Places.
The Indiana state fair begins to-day.
Fifty-nine striking miners at Brazil, Ind., returned to work at mine No. 3.
Newark Daily Advocate (Newark, Ohio)  Tuesday, 24 Sep 1889
Submitted by Cathy Schultz

Date: Wednesday, March 25, 1903 Paper: Elkhart Truth (Elkhart, IN) Page: 2
Vandalia Line Offered for Sale to Satisfy a Judgment. Indianapolis, lnd., March 25.—Sheriff Bray of Clay county has received from the clerk of Marion county a legal notice under which he will proceed to sell the Terre Haute & Indianapolis railroad to satisfy the judgment of the Marion Superior court, affirmed by the state Supreme court. The judgment is $913,905.01 and the costs are $1,986.80. In addition there is 6 per cent interest, which makes the total liability to the state of Indiana of the Vandalia a little over $1,000,000. It is thought that the Vandalia "will bring an injunction proceeding in the
Federal court to prevent the sheriff from proceeding.
Submitted by Tam Inman

Date: Thursday, October 3, 1872 Paper: Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart, IN)  Page: 2
The tooth of a mastodon was found in Clay county the other day that weighs ninety-two pounds.
Submitted by Tam Inman

Clay County, Brazil, Indiana:
William Penman and wife, who for two months mourned their son as dead, a friend having written that he was killed in the Philippines, were treated to a joyful surprise by receipt of information from the war department that their son is alive and in good health
Source: Custer Co. Republican, Nov. 15, 1900 edition
Contributed by Melody Beery

Richard Stotten, bank boss in mine No. 2 at Brazil, had his back broken by falling slate, and can not possibly recover. 
Date: Thursday, June 18, 1891  Paper: Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart, IN)  Page: 2

NOTICE is hereby given, that I will offer for sale at the Court house door, in the town of Bowling green, Clay county, In. on the first Monday in October, 1837, the following described tracts of land. To wit: All of the 16th section, in township, No. 11, North of Range No. seven West and also the 16th section in township [illegible] ten, North of Range No. six West. Farmers would do well, to call and look at the land before sale--all of which will be offered for sale according to law. Given under my hand, this 11th day of July, 1837.  ELI ANDERSON, School Commissioner of Clay County  (Western Plough Boy, vol. 3, no. 25, Greencastle, Ind., Thursday Morning, August 24, 1837, by J. W. OSBORN & J. H. KNIGHT; Submitted by Sally H)

Three Men and Boy Trapped When Gasoline Engine Explodes.
Staunton, Ind.-bodies of three men and a boy who were trapped in the Hunter "wagon" coal mine, one mile south of here, by the explosion of a gasoline engine, were removed from the passage of the mine.
Death was caused by suffocation from the smoke and fumes which filled the mine after the explosion. Timbers and debris caught fire and prevented rescue workers from entering the mine.
A squad of workers from a United States mine rescue car rushed here from Vincennes, and finally gained entry to the passage where the bodies were found
Winthrop News, Nov. 1, 1923, page 5
Winthrop, MN.
Submitted by Robin Line

W. B. Roberts, Governor Hovey's private secretary, who was sent to Brazil, Ind., to investigate the condition of the Clay County miners, said on the 12th that there were thousands of people in the mining district who were destitute and near the verge of starvation, and many of the families had eaten nothing but bread and water for weeks.
Mower County Transcript, June 19, 1889, page 2
Lansing, MM transcribed by Robin Line

Fort Collins Courier, 31 Jul 1907, transcribed by J.S.
Take the Postmaster's Word for it. Mr. F.M. Hamilton, postmaster at Cherryvale, Indiana, keeps also a stock of general merchandise and patent materials. He says: "Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea[sic]. Remedy is standard here in its line. It never fails to give satisfaction and we could hardly afford to be without it." For sale by F.P. Stover.

The Western Register and Terre-Haute Adviser, Vol 3, No 5 (Terre Haute, Vigo County, IN) 14 Jan 1826
State of Indiana, Clay County, Harrison Township, November the 14th 1825.
Taken up by Thomas L. Gellaspie, one gray Mare Seven years old fourteen and a half hands high no marks or brands perceivable appraised to $40 by Mordecai Denney and Jacob Cooprider. J.H. Downing J.P.

State of Indiana, Clay County, Harrison Township, November the 14th 1825, transcribed by J.S.
Taken up by John Cooprider one Bay Mare, fourteen hands hand 11 or 12 years old shod all round a star in her forehead left hind foot white a small white spot behind each shoulder and the pole Evil arising. Branded on the near shoulder and buttock with J.W. appraised to $20 by Mordecai Denny, Jacob Cooprider, William Maxwell. J.H. Downing J.P.

Indiana Intelligencer, Vol 5, No 253 (Charlestown, Clark County, IN) 25 Jun 1823, transcribed by J.S.
FRANKLIN, (MO.) May 13
We received a letter, a few days since, from Col. Martin Palmer, of Clay county, stating that he had received information that the laway Indiana had lately robbed a house in a remote part of that county, and stolen five horses. The colonel requests us to state, that he is now raising three or four hundred men with the intention of marching to their village, recovering the stolen property, and punishing the aggressors." He requests the aid of 100 mounted riflemen from Howard County, to meet him at the mouth of Grand River, in the 25th inst.

This expedition, if carried into effect, will we fear, be productive of serious consequences to our frontier inhabitants, by involving them in a savage war. If it is true, as stated, that the Indians have actually stolen these horses, we have no doubt measures might be adopted to compel a restoration, without marching a hostile and unauthorized forde into their country. [Intelligencer]


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