Genealogy Trails
Daviess County, Indiana
Deaths 1882-1920
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Name Date Location Age Gender Race
John A. Abel22 Jan 1918Daviess County74 yrMaleWhite
Mary Isadora Abel13 Mar 1920Daviess County62 yrFemaleWhite
Sadie May Abel6 Oct 1900Daviess County17 yrFemaleWhite
Pearl AbleSept 1910Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Sarah E. Abler31 Jul 1900Daviess County75 yrFemaleWhite
Albin L. Adams7 Aug 1898Daviess County71 yrMaleWhite
Dennis Agan15 Jul 1902Daviess County45 yrMaleWhite
Edward Aikman8 Jun 1903Daviess County27 yrMaleWhite
Lula M. Akester22 Jul 1905Daviess County37 yrFemaleWhite
Walter Jackson Albert15 Feb 1920Daviess County39 yrMaleWhite
Mary Louise Albin19 Oct 1918Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Madge Albright4 Jun 1908Daviess County8 yrFemaleWhite
Abner R. Alexander28 Feb 1920Daviess County69 yrMaleWhite
Clara B. Alishouse30 Nov 1918Daviess County54 yrFemaleWhite
Florence Allen16 Jun 1920Daviess County FemaleWhite
Geneive W. Allen28 Jun 1918Daviess County3 yrFemaleWhite
Howard H. Allen15 Oct 1918Daviess County5 monMaleWhite
Irene Allen4 Mar 1899Daviess County72 yrFemaleWhite
James A. Allen17 Feb 1919Daviess County65 yrMaleWhite
Lavina Allen24 Nov 1907Daviess County41 yrFemaleWhite
Louis D. Allen13 Dec 1900Daviess County21 yrMaleWhite
Mary Allen26 Jan 1918Daviess County93 yrFemaleWhite
Mary C. Allen3 Apr 1902Daviess County17 yrFemaleWhite
Milton L. Allen10 Jul 1918Daviess County75 yrMaleWhite
Ortha Snow Allen4 Oct 1903Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Preston Allen28 Mar 1919Daviess County64 yrMaleWhite
Ross Allen18 Nov 1904Daviess County1 yrMaleWhite
Ruth Allen15 Jul 1915Daviess County18 yrFemaleWhite
Sherman Allen23 Jan 1904Daviess County7 monMaleWhite
Ted Allen22 Dec 1898Daviess County15 yrMaleWhite
Joseph C. Allison21 Aug 1918Daviess County76 yrMaleWhite
Myrtle Allison11 Oct 1903Daviess County20 yrFemaleWhite
Sadie E. Allison8 May 1901Daviess County44 yrFemaleWhite
W. A. Allison17 Feb 1906Daviess County80 yrMaleWhite
Harrison Alsman23 Dec 1900Daviess County87 yrMaleWhite
Stella Alvey16 Feb 1920Daviess County36 yrFemaleWhite
Fay Elizabeth Amann5 Jun 1918Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Laura Bell Anthony28 Jul 1902Daviess County54 yrFemaleWhite
Pheba Arford21 Jan 1902Daviess County57 yrFemaleWhite
Duse Eliza Arlingh14 Jun 1902Daviess County67 yrFemaleWhite
Goldie P. Armes4 Feb 1901Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Samuel Armes21 Jun 1900Daviess County40 yrMaleWhite
Fany J. Armey31 Oct 1902Daviess County47 yrFemaleWhite
Mary E. Armey30 Oct 1902Daviess County22 yrFemaleWhite
Henry Arms6 Aug 1902Daviess County60 yrMaleWhite
William Arnett2 Jul 1911Daviess County17 yrMaleWhite
Fanney Jane Arney31 Oct 1902Daviess County47 yrFemaleWhite
John H. Arney22 Mar 1920Daviess County69 yrMaleWhite
Mary E. Arney30 Oct 1902Daviess County22 yrFemaleWhite
Mary J. Arterburn3 Aug 1905Daviess County50 yrFemaleWhite
Samuel Arterburn17 Jan 1919Daviess County68 yrMaleWhite
Jas R. Arthur15 Mar 1905Daviess County70 yrMaleWhite
John Arthur14 Oct 1906Daviess County67 yrMaleWhite
Mary E. Arthur17 Oct 1920Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Annie M. Arvils8 Apr 1906Daviess County18 yrFemaleWhite
Edward Arvin19 May 1904Daviess County30 yrMaleWhite
Francis Arvin2 Aug 1906Daviess County10 monMaleWhite
John L. Arvin30 Mar 1899Daviess County66 yrMaleWhite
Joseph E. Arvin11 Apr 1900Daviess County84 yrMaleWhite
Julia Ann Arvin26 Jul 1919Daviess County84 yrFemaleWhite
Levada Arvin10 Jan 1910Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Mary Arvin3 Mar 1904Daviess County3 yrFemaleWhite
Richard Arvin7 Jun 1906Daviess County65 yrMaleWhite
John M. Ash7 Aug 1918Daviess County79 yrMaleWhite
Mary A. Ash16 Jun 1903Daviess County83 yrFemaleWhite
Rosco Atha18 Jun 1903Daviess County1 yrMaleWhite
Charles Atkins21 Jul 1912Daviess County3 monMaleWhite
Frank E. Atkins14 Feb 1900Daviess County21 yrMaleWhite
Joseph Bacon27 Jan 1904Daviess County61 yrMaleWhite
Nathaniel Baily13 Jul 1903Daviess County57 yrMaleWhite
Philip BairJan 1910Daviess County67 yrMaleWhite
S. S. Bair12 Feb 1906Daviess County68 yrMaleWhite
George W. Baker7 Dec 1904Daviess County58 yrMaleWhite
Lindel Baker3 Apr 1906Daviess County3 yrFemaleWhite
Louella A. Baker5 Nov 1919Daviess County4 yrFemaleWhite
Mary M. Baker6 Apr 1918Daviess County FemaleWhite
Cynthia Baldwin15 Dec 1902Daviess County8 yrFemaleWhite
Mary E. Baldwin23 Aug 1919Daviess County2 monFemaleWhite
Donaldson J. H. Ballow25 May 1908Daviess County11 yrMaleWhite
Marthy H. Bandy6 May 1919Daviess County89 yrFemaleWhite
Apha E. Bannan20 Nov 1906Daviess County24 yrFemaleWhite
Eli D. Banserman28 Apr 1908Daviess County MaleWhite
Abram T. Banta24 Jul 1904Daviess County80 yrMaleWhite
Elizabeth I. Barber15 Dec 1918Daviess County23 yrFemaleWhite
Essie Barber16 Mar 1905Daviess County43 yrFemaleWhite
Helena Barber29 Mar 1919Daviess County18 yrFemaleWhite
Nelson Barber8 Oct 1906Daviess County73 yrMaleWhite
James Barden7 Apr 1918Daviess County FemaleWhite
Joseph R. Barker4 Nov 1919Daviess County MaleWhite
Mary Barker23 Oct 1904Daviess County70 yrFemaleWhite
Malintha Barley2 Oct 1919Daviess County84 yrFemaleWhite
Alfred Basset9 Mar 1899Daviess County75 yrMaleWhite
Susan Bateman2 Jun 1908Daviess County79 yrFemaleWhite
Charles F. Bauer30 Jul 1919Daviess County50 yrMaleWhite
Bernard E. Baumart6 Oct 1918Daviess County3 monMaleWhite
Charles L. Beauer28 Jul 1905Daviess County21 yrMaleWhite
Carrie Beavers30 May 1905Daviess County2 monFemaleWhite
Aaron D. Bechtel17 Jun 1918Daviess County67 yrMaleWhite
Doris M. Bechtel11 Mar 1918Daviess County4 monFemaleWhite
Anna G. Beeker22 Mar 1905Daviess County4 monFemaleWhite
Beulah M. Beeker14 Aug 1919Daviess County12 yrFemaleWhite
Henry W. Behrman15 Nov 1919Daviess County59 yrMaleWhite
Glide Belcher26 Jun 1902Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Mary Belcher18 May 1904Daviess County19 yrFemaleWhite
Anna Bell14 Mar 1920Daviess County FemaleWhite
Arthur M. Bell28 Aug 1903Daviess County1 monMaleWhite
Mary A. Bell7 Jan 1905Daviess County83 yrFemaleWhite
Eliza J. Belt22 Nov 1901Daviess County59 yrFemale 
Francis Bender4 Oct 1901Daviess County5 monMaleWhite
Emma Benefield12 Jul 1903Daviess County21 yrFemaleWhite
Page Bennett15 May 1902Daviess County65 yrMaleWhite
Percila A. Bennett27 Jul 1902Daviess County70 yrFemaleWhite
Wilma Bennington11 Dec 1918Daviess County FemaleWhite
Edward Berder14 Apr 1900Daviess County8 monMaleWhite
Elias F. Berry12 May 1908Daviess County51 yrMaleWhite
Jessie Billings20 Mar 1906Daviess County74 yrMaleWhite
Myrtle Bissey12 Nov 1918Daviess County27 yrFemaleWhite
Ulysses G. Bixler3 Jun 1920Daviess County59 yrMaleWhite
Kittie Bledsoe23 Nov 1902Daviess County38 yrFemaleBlack
Joseph Blevins8 Jan 1902Daviess County41 yrMaleWhite
Claud Boger19 Feb 1920Daviess County21 yrMaleWhite
Edward M. Bolding12 Feb 1904Daviess County43 yrMaleWhite
Stella M. Boner30 Nov 1906Daviess County12 yrFemaleWhite
Alice Bonham28 Jul 1919Daviess County32 yrFemaleWhite
Lydia A. Booker15 Jun 1920Daviess County53 yrFemaleWhite
William E. Borring4 Oct 1904Daviess County47 yrMaleWhite
Frank Bradford14 May 1900Daviess County58 yrMaleWhite
Julia A. Bradford14 Nov 1900Daviess County67 yrFemaleWhite
Mary Bradley13 Aug 1901Daviess County2 monFemaleWhite
Mary Bradly7 Jun 1919Daviess County65 yrFemaleWhite
John Brady31 Jan 1901Daviess County10 monMaleWhite
Betta L. Brandon4 Feb 1919Daviess County36 yrFemaleWhite
Joseph A. Brandon13 Apr 1920Daviess County38 yrMaleWhite
Stella Brandon15 Jun 1905Daviess County26 yrFemaleWhite
John Brannen20 Aug 1904Daviess County93 yrMaleWhite
Catherine Brewer20 Jan 1919Daviess County67 yrFemaleWhite
Elizabeth Brewer15 Apr 1902Daviess County72 yrFemaleWhite
Mary A. Bright8 Feb 1905Daviess County77 yrFemaleWhite
Paul Bright16 Oct 1918Daviess County MaleWhite
James H. Brock21 Jun 1918Daviess County71 yrMaleWhite
Jno W. Brock21 Nov 1919Daviess County17 yrMaleWhite
Mary E. Brock14 Dec 1901Daviess County27 yrFemale 
Gennie Brothers18 Jul 1904Daviess County53 yrFemaleWhite
Jerome Brothers25 Mar 1905Daviess County80 yrMaleWhite
Wm Brothers3 Jun 1905Daviess County83 yrMaleWhite
Bert J. Brown23 Feb 1904Daviess County26 yrMaleWhite
Cecil C. Brown9 May 1900Daviess County4 monMaleWhite
Jason M. Brown15 Mar 1914Daviess County51 yrMaleWhite
John F. Brown3 Jul 1918Daviess County72 yrMaleWhite
Minnie L. Brown27 Jan 1918Daviess County4 yrFemaleWhite
Olva Brown31 Jul 1899Daviess County14 yrFemaleWhite
Samantha E. Brown2 Jun 1903Daviess County FemaleWhite
Zadie C. Brown13 Feb 1919Daviess County28 yrFemaleWhite
Homer Brummett14 May 1901Daviess County6 yrMaleWhite
Catherine Buckley9 Nov 1906Daviess County83 yrFemaleWhite
Edward Buckley3 Dec 1902Daviess County53 yrMaleWhite
Mayme Buckley24 May 1918Daviess County2 monFemaleWhite
Walter Buckley23 Oct 1899Daviess County54 yrMaleWhite
Bridget Buckly17 Jul 1905Daviess County82 yrFemaleWhite
Jas M. Bullock18 Jan 1905Daviess County6 monMaleWhite
Lena Burch3 Jan 1898Daviess County9 yrFemaleWhite
Pauline Burch15 Jan 1919Daviess County FemaleWhite
John Burns16 Nov 1904Daviess County24 yrMaleWhite
Eliza Burris27 Jul 1903Daviess County73 yrFemaleWhite
Rice Burriss16 Jun 1904Daviess County65 yrMaleWhite
Elva Burroughs21 Aug 1899Daviess County7 monFemaleWhite
John A. Bush11 Mar 1916Daviess County85 yrMaleWhite
Theodore Buzan25 Oct 1906Daviess County1 yrMaleWhite
Willis A. Bynum2 Mar 1904Daviess County5 monMaleWhite
John L. Byors28 Jul 1904Daviess County2 monMaleWhite
Herald Byrer25 Jul 1919Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Thomas Byrne2 Nov 1906Daviess County60 yrMaleWhite
William Cahill17 Jul 1898Daviess County84 yrMaleWhite
John L. Calender11 Feb 1899Daviess County28 yrMaleWhite
Stella Callaway23 Jul 1901Daviess County17 yrFemaleWhite
Melvin L. Campbell5 May 1908Daviess County43 yrFemaleWhite
William P. Campbell6 Jul 1919Daviess County69 yrMaleWhite
Arthur M. Canalty23 Dec 1918Daviess County27 yrMaleWhite
Dallas Capehart8 Oct 1918Daviess County16 yrMaleWhite
Sarah Caress25 Nov 1903Daviess County83 yrFemaleWhite
Wm B. Carlin25 Jan 1919Daviess County33 yrMaleWhite
Marks A. Carmickle28 Jan 1902Daviess County1 yrMaleWhite
Louisa Carnahan20 May 1898Daviess County74 yrFemaleWhite
Lousia Carnahan20 May 1898Daviess County74 yrFemaleWhite
Eliza A. Carr6 Apr 1906Daviess County52 yrFemaleWhite
Anna V. Carrico2 May 1920Daviess County FemaleWhite
Earnest Carrico11 Mar 1918Daviess County38 yrMaleWhite
Eugene Carrico6 May 1903Daviess County26 yrMaleWhite
Jno Carrico19 Mar 1905Daviess County73 yrMaleWhite
Wm L. Carrico31 Aug 1903Daviess County9 monMaleWhite
Wm L. Carrico19 May 1908Daviess County4 yrMaleWhite
Margaret Carroll23 Apr 1903Daviess County49 yrFemaleWhite
John Carson10 Apr 1920Daviess County65 yrMaleWhite
T. A. Cavinaugh30 Oct 1903Daviess County4 yrMaleWhite
Catharine Chadd7 Apr 1903Daviess County68 yrFemaleWhite
Molie Chambers12 Aug 1907Daviess County28 yrFemaleWhite
Cora F. Chandler25 Jan 1903Daviess County8 yrFemaleWhite
John M. Chandler18 Nov 1904Daviess County22 yrMaleWhite
Lou Chandler7 Aug 1904Daviess County50 yrFemaleWhite
Mary E. Chandler20 Apr 1900Daviess County45 yrFemaleWhite
Geneva E. Chapman30 Jul 1918Daviess County2 yrFemaleWhite
Nancy M. Chapman15 Jul 1903Daviess County83 yrFemaleWhite
Paul Chappel29 Feb 1920Daviess County3 yrMaleWhite
Harriett Chappell21 Jul 1905Daviess County49 yrFemaleWhite
William Chappell1 Apr 1906Daviess County59 yrMaleWhite
Sarah A. Chattin17 Nov 1906Daviess County48 yrFemaleWhite
Alford L. Chestnut28 Aug 1919Daviess County36 yrMaleWhite
Ethel Chestnut28 Feb 1919Daviess County FemaleWhite
Francis Chestnut24 Jul 1919Daviess County46 yrFemaleWhite
Plebey H. Chestnut7 Jul 1919Daviess County20 yrFemaleWhite
Walter L. Chestnut11 Jul 1919Daviess County25 yrMaleWhite
Wm T. Chestnut25 Jul 1920Daviess County72 yrMaleWhite
Mary I. Christianberry3 Oct 1902Daviess County37 yrFemaleWhite
Walter A. Christie12 Mar 1901Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Delizo A. Clark25 May 1920Daviess County85 yrFemaleWhite
Gula E. Clark4 Aug 1900Daviess County41 yrFemaleWhite
Herbert Jno Clark6 Jan 1910Daviess County23 yrMaleWhite
Homer Clark20 May 1919Daviess County23 yrMaleWhite
Loyd D. Clark3 Jan 1903Daviess County5 monMaleWhite
Mary Clark1 Aug 1906Daviess County23 yrFemaleWhite
Nancy S. Clark9 Mar 1918Daviess County62 yrFemaleWhite
Nellie Clark31 Aug 1899Daviess County9 monFemaleWhite
Ray Clark5 May 1905Daviess County1 yrMaleWhite
Ruth Clark5 May 1908Daviess County FemaleWhite
Sarah Clark10 Nov 1905Daviess County70 yrFemaleWhite
James Clemens1 Feb 1899Daviess County22 yrMaleWhite
Clayborne Clements30 Nov 1919Daviess County75 yrMaleWhite
James A. Clements19 Jun 1919Daviess County23 yrMaleWhite
Mary M. Clements22 Apr 1901Daviess County78 yrFemaleWhite
Stephen T. Clements3 Mar 1920Daviess County55 yrMaleWhite
Mary R. Cochran12 Nov 1900Daviess County29 yrFemaleWhite
William Cochran5 Jul 1906Daviess County81 yrMaleWhite
Herman Coffman8 Nov 1900Daviess County1 yrMaleWhite
Selesta E. Coffman15 Jun 1920Daviess County39 yrFemaleWhite
Arretta M. Colbert15 Jan 1917Daviess County FemaleWhite
Clarisy Colbert16 Jun 1918Daviess County67 yrFemaleWhite
Ethdal D. Colbert30 May 1905Daviess County3 yrFemaleWhite
Jesse Colbert15 Apr 1908Daviess County50 yrMaleWhite
John Colbert18 Jun 1920Daviess County74 yrMaleWhite
James Cole16 Jul 1898Daviess County25 yrMaleWhite
Paul Cole14 Nov 1903Daviess County1 yrMale 
Sarah Cole18 Jul 1898Daviess County35 yrFemaleBlack
Pearl Coleman6 Aug 1905Daviess County FemaleWhite
Clifford Colglazier12 Mar 1919Daviess County3 yrMaleWhite
Rosa Eliz Conlin10 Aug 1905Daviess County1 monFemaleWhite
Frank Conway4 Oct 1901Daviess County17 yrMaleWhite
William I. Cook16 Jul 1902Daviess County19 yrMaleWhite
Christopher J. Cooney9 Jun 1920Daviess County67 yrMaleWhite
Joseph H. Cooper12 Oct 1907Daviess County66 yrMaleWhite
Mary E. Copeland18 Apr 1902Daviess County45 yrFemaleWhite
Mary E. Copeland4 Feb 1919Daviess County33 yrFemaleWhite
David J. Core25 Mar 1918Daviess County71 yrMaleWhite
Jannah Corlett18 Apr 1900Daviess County20 yrMaleWhite
Tannah Corlett18 Apr 1900Daviess County20 yrMaleWhite
Sallie Corning23 May 1906Daviess County49 yrFemaleWhite
Washington Cosby20 Feb 1905Daviess County80 yrMaleWhite
Lew Bryan Cose28 Jun 1902Daviess County1 yrMaleWhite
Nellie Coudlt6 Aug 1904Daviess County3 yrFemaleWhite
Carrie W. Courtney23 Jul 1920Daviess County25 yrFemaleWhite
Inez Courtney29 Jul 1904Daviess County8 yrFemaleWhite
Arthur Cox3 Nov 1903Daviess County27 yrMaleWhite
Laura Cox21 Aug 1900Daviess County6 yrFemaleWhite
Lilian V. Coyle19 Jul 1920Daviess County38 yrFemaleWhite
Nathinel Crawford22 Aug 1900Daviess County83 yrMaleWhite
Wesley Critchlow17 Feb 1904Daviess County70 yrMaleWhite
Rebecca Cromer6 Dec 1900Daviess County90 yrFemaleWhite
Rosa Cross26 Feb 1920Daviess County46 yrFemaleWhite
William Cross13 Feb 1920Daviess County1 yrMaleWhite
Henry Cummings10 Aug 1905Daviess County26 yrMaleWhite
Elizabeth Cunningham14 Feb 1918Daviess County90 yrFemaleWhite
Herman A. Cunningham30 Jul 1905Daviess County17 yrMaleWhite
James L. Cunningham6 Nov 1904Daviess County21 yrMaleWhite
Catherine Dages5 Aug 1918Daviess County74 yrFemaleWhite
Jacob Dagus19 May 1902Daviess County85 yrMaleWhite
John P. Dailey23 Jan 1902Daviess County17 yrMaleWhite
Joseph Dailey2 Jul 1903Daviess County3 monMaleWhite
John Daily17 May 1919Daviess County75 yrMaleWhite
Mary A. Dant16 Dec 1919Daviess County78 yrFemaleWhite
Thos B. Dant4 Jul 1903Daviess County15 yrMaleWhite
James M. Daugherty16 Dec 1920Daviess County72 yrMaleWhite
Oscar Daugherty4 Oct 1900Daviess County20 yrMaleWhite
Nancy Ann Daughtery3 Apr 1907Daviess County86 yrFemaleWhite
Thomas W. Daughtery28 Jan 1904Daviess County68 yrMaleWhite
Lola Davidson15 Apr 1901Daviess County9 yrFemaleWhite
Nancy B. Davidson7 Feb 1903Daviess County50 yrFemaleWhite
Frank Daviess24 Aug 1907Loogootee42 yrMaleWhite
James Daviess23 Aug 1904Loogootee62 yrMaleWhite
Susie A. Daviess11 Oct 1902Daviess County57 yrFemaleWhite
Linord Davis13 Feb 1905Daviess County91 yrMaleWhite
Robt Wilson Davis30 May 1919Daviess County43 yrMaleWhite
Benj C. Dayton19 Jun 1906Daviess County64 yrMaleWhite
Flossie May Dean15 Mar 1919Daviess County19 yrFemaleWhite
Ines Marie Dean23 Mar 1919Daviess County6 monFemaleWhite
James Francis Dean31 Mar 1919Daviess County39 yrMaleWhite
Nancy Deckard9 Feb 1906Daviess County63 yrFemaleWhite
Elizabeth Delaney25 Feb 1900Daviess County23 yrFemaleWhite
Henry, Jr. Dennis16 Jun 1918Daviess County19 yrMaleWhite
Mable Dennis30 Jul 1902Daviess County11 monFemaleWhite
Hattie W. Dew29 Jul 1900Daviess County6 monFemaleWhite
Thadius H. Dilley16 Jul 1904Daviess County6 monMaleWhite
Lidie Dillin24 May 1908Daviess County45 yrFemaleWhite
Frank Dillon6 Aug 1900Daviess County19 yrMaleWhite
Michael Disser25 Nov 1904Daviess County78 yrMaleWhite
Francis A. Dixon17 Jun 1920Daviess County63 yrMaleWhite
Julie M. Doane7 Jan 1905Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Samuel Dobbins6 Jun 1905Daviess County64 yrMaleWhite
Eleanor Dobbyns9 Mar 1918Daviess County50 yrFemaleWhite
Catherine Doges30 Jan 1906Daviess County89 yrFemaleWhite
Resin Dollins20 Jul 1906Daviess County65 yrMaleWhite
Martha J. Donaldson4 Jul 1920Daviess County88 yrFemaleWhite
John W. Doolin4 Jun 1905Daviess County26 yrMaleWhite
Thomas C. Dore3 Feb 1898Daviess County21 yrMaleWhite
Dorthey Dorey19 Oct 1907Daviess County2 monFemaleWhite
Margarette Dorsey4 May 1900Daviess County67 yrFemaleWhite
Anton Dosch18 Apr 1900Daviess County83 yrMaleWhite
Jaunita Dougan5 Jan 1919Daviess County1 monFemaleWhite
Eli Dougherty20 Jul 1918Daviess County75 yrMaleWhite
Mable R. Dougherty6 Jun 1906Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Bray, Jr. Douglass31 Aug 1900Daviess County4 monMaleWhite
Catherine Doyle23 Dec 1918Daviess County19 yrFemaleWhite
Chas E. Doyle15 Apr 1920Daviess County2 yrMaleWhite
James Doyle7 Dec 1902Daviess County57 yrMaleWhite
James S. Doyle22 Jul 1919Daviess County25 yrMaleWhite
Jno R. Doyle2 Nov 1919Daviess County79 yrMaleWhite
Vincent Doyle29 Dec 1918Daviess County3 yrMaleWhite
Rosa Drew15 Mar 1905Daviess County27 yrFemaleWhite
Freddie Drury28 Nov 1899Daviess County9 yrMaleWhite
George W. Drury5 Mar 1914Daviess County84 yrMaleWhite
Jerome Drury29 Dec 1900Daviess County35 yrMaleWhite
Ralph Drury3 Jul 1920Daviess County22 yrMaleWhite
Johnie Duffy27 Jul 1902Daviess County32 yrMaleWhite
Wm Duncan7 Feb 1910Daviess County80 yrMaleWhite
America Duzan27 Jan 1906Daviess County FemaleWhite
David H. Dyer7 Feb 1919Daviess County75 yrMaleWhite
Charity Eads5 Feb 1900Daviess County79 yrFemaleWhite
Floyd E. Eads28 Feb 1919Daviess County21 yrMaleWhite
Virginia May Eads13 May 1920Daviess County3 yrFemaleWhite
Sarah J. Eastman3 May 1918Daviess County82 yrFemaleWhite
Edward L. Eaton15 Feb 1907Daviess County43 yrMaleWhite
Lenora May Eaton23 Jul 1900Daviess County11 monFemaleWhite
Martha Eaton1 Mar 1906Daviess County24 yrFemaleWhite
Martha C. Eaton14 Jun 1900Daviess County19 yrFemaleWhite
Carl August Ebler7 Aug 1918Daviess County9 monMaleWhite
Ivy Eddington14 Apr 1908Daviess County14 yrFemaleWhite
Robert A. Edmondson29 Dec 1920Daviess County MaleWhite
Eliza Edmonson8 Aug 1898Daviess County75 yrFemaleWhite
Bell Edwards23 May 1906Daviess County25 yrFemaleWhite
Emma Edwards25 Feb 1898Daviess County16 yrFemaleWhite
G. W. Edwards11 May 1906Daviess County62 yrMaleWhite
Helen F. Edwards16 Feb 1902Daviess County6 yrFemaleWhite
Bertha Elkins24 Mar 1901Daviess County27 yrFemaleWhite
Nancy Elliott12 Feb 1906Daviess County41 yrFemaleWhite
Cora A. Ellis6 Apr 1905Daviess County31 yrFemaleWhite
Emma W. Ellis6 Aug 1901Daviess County7 monFemaleWhite
Jossie H. Ellis16 Mar 1898Daviess County1 monFemaleWhite
Mary B. Ellis22 Feb 1903Daviess County36 yrFemaleWhite
Mary E. Ellis12 Mar 1918Daviess County40 yrFemaleWhite
Millard Ellis26 Jun 1905Daviess County1 monMaleWhite
Sophia Irene Ellis18 Feb 1901Daviess County4 yrFemaleWhite
Wm H. Emery Daviess County65 yrMaleWhite
Chas J. Emmick29 Jan 1919Daviess County35 yrMaleWhite
Felix C. Emmick17 Dec 1904Daviess County55 yrMaleWhite
Horace Emmick10 Jan 1903Daviess County17 yrMaleWhite
John F. Emmick29 Jul 1903Daviess County1 yrMaleWhite
Lousa Emmick6 Jun 1919Daviess County69 yrFemaleWhite
Oscar Emmick23 Jul 1920Daviess County40 yrMaleWhite
Roy Emmick14 Nov 1918Daviess County17 yrMaleWhite
Alfred Enness6 Mar 1920Daviess County80 yrMaleWhite
Arnesia C. Ennis25 May 1918Daviess County80 yrFemaleWhite
Nicholas Ennis7 Jun 1901Daviess County87 yrMaleWhite
Roy Ennis5 May 1900Daviess County4 yrMaleWhite
Ruba I. Erwin20 Feb 1901Daviess County4 yrFemaleWhite
John Eubanks20 Aug 1919Daviess County15 yrMaleWhite
Beatrice Jane Evans24 Feb 1920Daviess County13 yrFemaleWhite
John A. Evans30 Dec 1918Daviess County69 yrMaleWhite
John T. Evans18 Aug 1900Daviess County9 monMaleWhite
Mary E. Evans8 Feb 1920Daviess County71 yrFemaleWhite
Nanna Everett26 Feb 1920Daviess County26 yrFemaleWhite
Emily J. Fairbanks4 Jun 1903Daviess County70 yrFemaleWhite
Julia Faith27 Nov 1903Daviess County1 monMaleWhite
Violet May Faith15 Nov 1905Daviess County4 yrFemaleWhite
Forest Fellows27 Feb 1906Daviess County10 monMaleWhite
Hazel R. Ferguson19 Dec 1919Daviess County3 yrFemaleWhite
Lew Clark Ferguson9 Jun 1908Daviess County29 yrMaleWhite
Jarann Ferris18 Jul 1898Daviess County27 yrFemaleWhite
Catherine Fielder21 Dec 1904Daviess County35 yrFemaleWhite
Anna Fields14 Dec 1918Daviess County17 yrFemaleWhite
Eliza Fields29 Apr 1901Daviess County41 yrFemaleWhite
Everett Fields29 Jul 1900Daviess County9 yrMaleWhite
Mary Fields29 Aug 1904Daviess County1 yrFemaleWhite
Thomas Fields8 Dec 1919Daviess County10 yrMaleWhite
Gussie Filton13 Mar 1901Daviess County4 yrFemaleWhite
Cassia A. Fisher12 Apr 1903Daviess County37 yrFemaleWhite
Maud Fisher17 Jan 1907Daviess County36 yr  
Agnes E. Flinn25 Jul 1902Daviess County4 yrFemaleWhite
James Flinn2 Feb 1908Daviess County49 yrMaleWhite
Mary Foley7 Feb 1903Daviess County25 yrFemaleWhite
Francis Ford1 Mar 1920Daviess County4 yrMaleWhite
Annie L. Foust29 Jun 1903Daviess County33 yrFemaleWhite
Nord Francis Foust13 Feb 1919Daviess County36 yrFemaleWhite

Source Information:
Original data: Various Indiana county death records indexed by the Indiana Works Projects Administration. Indiana: circa 1938-1941.

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