Genealogy Trails

Dearborn County, Indiana

Name Date Location Age Gender Race
Joseph Lage1 Dec 1883Dearborn County4 yrMaleWhite
William Lage4 Aug 1882Dearborn County MaleWhite
Elisie Mason3 Jan 1899Dearborn County87 yrFemaleWhite
George Schwab22 Jun 1888Dearborn County53 yrMaleWhite
Harry Seals18 Jul 1882Dearborn County1 yrMaleWhite
John Wilbert27 Apr 1882Dearborn County56 yrMaleWhite
George Wilkslum12 May 1884Dearborn County11 yrMaleWhite
Hazel M. Wine1 Oct 1902Dearborn Township2 yrFemaleWhite

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