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Date: 1874-12-04; Paper: Indianapolis Sentinel
After twelve years faithful service as watchman on the O.& B. railroad bridge that crossed the Big Miami River, two miles from Lawrenceburg, Robert McLane at last slipped and had his leg cut off under the unmerciful car wheels.

Date: 1874-02-23; Paper: Indianapolis Sentinel
The strange and wild infatuation of old and in most respects, good men: the greatest sensation of the year is the elopement last week of Mr. F. Souders, late county commissioner, with Marla Stevens, widow of Frederick Stevens, who was a member of the 83rd regiment, and died in the service, taking with them her five children, the oldest being a daughter about sixteen years old, and the youngest about five years old. Mr. Souders had disposed of his crops, sold considerable stock and personal property, and gathered up his loose cash, taking with him, it is supposed about $1500 or $2000. His home farm and another place owned by Mrs.. Souders, we understand, are unencumbered. Up to the hour of his departure, few men stood higher in public estimation than "Uncle Fred" Souders. Industrious, economical, liberal and public spirited, he was a universal favorite wherever he was known, his only apparent failing being too great a fondness for convivial society. Mr. Souders is about sixty-five years old, and Mrs. Stevens is a buxom English woman about thirty-five. He leaves behind him an estimable family, his wife, and four married and one single daughter.

There was an explosion in the Crescent brewery at Aurora, Ind., on the 17th. Two men, named Pfeister and Swift, were killed and four others seriously wounded.
Date: 1891-01-19; Paper: Repository

Mr. Ahaus, bitten by a mad dog at Lawrenceburg, is recovering.
Date: Thursday, June 18, 1891  Paper: Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart, IN)  Page: 2

Lawrenceburg the other day had a mad dog scare. Jos. Ahouse and several animals were bitten.
Date: Thursday, June 18, 1891  Paper: Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart, IN)  Page: 2

Dearborn circuit court, May term 1817. Eleanor, alias Hanner Cooper, versus William Cooper, On a Bill for a divorce, now filed. This day came the complainant aforesaid by her attorney and filed her bill praying a divorce from her husband William Cooper, the defendant aforesaid; and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that the defendant aforesaid is not a resident of this state: It is therefore ordered that notice of the pend-ency of the said bill, be published for eight weeks successively, in the Indiana Republican, printed at Madison: and that unless the said defendant appear at or before the next term of this court, and answer to the bill aforesaid; the said cause will then be heard in his absence. JAMES DILL, Clk. Public Leger, dated 15 January 1825 Submitted by , Teresa Haines.

Compensation for Alienated Affections
Bendigo Advertiser, Wed 10 Feb 1892
In the Circuit Court of Dearborn County, Indiana, recently Mrs. Leah Haynes sued Flora Knowlin for 5,000 francs damages on the ground that defendant had alienated the affections of plaintiff's husband from her. The defendant demurred that in common law and by the custom of the country plaintiff had no grounds for action, and this view was also taken by the judge, who help that a husband could claim damages for the alienation of his wife's affections, but that no correstponding right was enjoyed by this wife. On appeal, however, the wife's equal right of action in this respect has been upheld by Chief Justice Elliott, of the Supreme Court of Indiana, all his colleagues concurring.

A List of Letters
Dearborn County Register, Vol 2, No 4, Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, 9 Apr 1842 - transcribed by J.S.
Remaining in Post Office at Aurora?, Dearborn County, Indiana, on the 1st day of April 1842, which if not taken out on or before the first day of July, will be sent to the General Post Office as dead letters. Those calling will please say they are advertised.
Allen, Hugh M; Abbitt, Robert; Bush, B.M&L.N - 2; Balwin, F&H; Bennett, Jacob J; Bradley, Bonaparte; Broos, Eliza; Criswell, Alexander; Choek, George; Cochran, George W - 3; Campbell, Ann C; Carpenter, Annanias; Dean, Mr. T; Dyke, Mory J; Folbre Baldwin & Co; Ferris B.F - 2; Forrester, Andrews H; Gonid, Philip; Griffin, David - 2; Grove, Joseph M; Harshee, Andrew - 2; Howard, William; Hadley, J.W; Johnson, Penina; Johnson, John W; McDaniel, John; Morgan, Mr. A; McKee, Emma, Mad, John; O'Neal, Perer L - 2; Osborn, Ann; Othoud, Isaac; Porter, Horrace; Servert, Wiliam; Seth, Joshua; Smith, Receckah Ann; Stevens, Uriah; Steel, Thomas; Taylor, John; West, warner or stephen, Willson, John

The McCoole-Coburn Prize Fight A Fizzle
A Chicago dispatch, dated May 27th says:
The prize fight between McCoole and Coburn, which has elicited great interest among pugilists, had been arranged to come off in Dearborn county, Indiana. McCoole was arrested near the battle ground at three o'clock this morning by the Sheriff. An immense crows had assembled on the grounds. McCoole was finally released on $2,000 bail, and went to the ground for forfeit his bail, and was enthusiastically received. The officers are after Coburn since last night, but he has succeeded in dodging them. A sharp shower came up and drove the spectators into the woods. The betting was two to one on McCoole. While waiting the appearance of Coburn, two light weights, Joe's brother, Mike Coburn and Patsy Sheppard, commenced a catch fight, but roughs broke into the ring and many were hurt and everything was in confusion. Coburn drove up to the field at a quarter to two o'clock, but before arriving on the ground was arrested by the Sheriff. An attempt was made to rescue him, but without effect. McCoole entered the ring at ten minutes before three, and Coburn not appearing, claimed the battle and money. The crowd then dispersed.
Mariposa Gazette, No 49, 5 Jun 1868 - transcribed by J.S.

SPOTTED FEVER.—This most singular disease is growing most fatal in Miller township, Dearborn county.  Persons attacked with it frequently die in two hours from the time the first symptoms are discernable.  Amongst other fatal cases in that township, we note the death of the wife of Cornelius Coner, and two children, within four weeks.  This is in deed a sad affliction.  (The Putnam Republican Banner., Greencastle, Ind., Thursday, March 8, 1866; Transcribed by SallyH)

Accident - A man by the name of Spears, lost his life a few days since in the lower part of this county, in a very singular manner. He had, as we are informed, been to Rising Sun with an ox team & wagon for salt, and on his return home was driving round a tree fallen in the road, when one of the wheels struck an old tree and broke the top off, which, falling upon him in the wagon, killed him instantly. Mr. S. was a single man, of about 25 or 30 years of age.
Indiana Palladium, Vol 4, No 34, Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, 30 Aug 1828 - transcribed by J.S.

In our paper to-day will be found an article from the Charlestown Indiana paper, stating that Lieut. Gov. John H. Thompson, is not a candidate for Governor; his name has therefore been discontinued from our list of candidates. We have been informed that Ratliff Boone has declined as a candidate for Lieut. Governor. If this information be correct, it is probable that Mr. Stapp will be the only candidate out for that office. As it respects governor, we have no reason to change our opinion, as heretofore expressed, that Mr. Ray would be re-elected without any regular opposition.
Indiana Palladium, Vol 4, No 14, Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, 12 Apr 1828 - transcribed by J.S.


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