Dearborn County Indiana

Territorial Judges


Benjamin Chambers, March 7, 1803 to December 14, 1810.
Jabez Percival, March 8, 1803 to January 6, 1814.
Barnet Hulick, March 7, 1803 to December 14, 1809.
John Brownson, March 7, 1803 to January 6, 1814.
Jeremiah Hunt, March 7, 1803.
Richard Stevens, March 7, 1803.
William Major, March 7, 1803 to January 6, 1814.
James McCarty, March 7, 1803.
Isaac Duun, March 17, 1812 to February 14, 1817.
Elijah Sparks, January 16, 1814 (died in May 1815).
James Noble, appointed to till the vacancy and served until 1816.
Jesse L. Holman was also a Territorial judge at the time of the admission of Indiana into the Union.


John Test, of Franklin County, 1818-19.
John Watts, of Dearborn County, 1819-20.
Miles C. Eggloston, of Jefferson County, 1820-45.
Courtland Gushing, of Jefferson County, 1845-47.


George H. Dunn, of Dearborn County, 1847-50.
   William M. McCarty, 1850-53.
Reuben D. Logan, 1853-65.
Jeremiah M. Wilson, of Fayette County, 1865-69.
Robert N. Lamb, 1869-71.
  Henry C. Hanna, 1871-73.
Omar F. Roberts, of Dearborn County, 1873-79.
Noah S. Givan, of Dearborn County, 1879-85.
W. H. Bainbridge, of Dearborn County, 1885.


William S. Holman, of Dearborn County, 1853-56.
Charles N. Shook, 1856-61.
Francis Adkinson, 1861-65.
Robert N. Lamb, 1865-69.
Scott Carter, 1869-72.


Solomon Manwarring, 1816-30.
John Livingston.
Isaac Dunn, 1830-38.
John M'Pike, 1830-35.
Samuel H. Dowden, 1835-38.
John Livingston, 1838-45.
Alfred J. Cotton, 1838-45.
David Conger, 1845-51.
John A. Emrie, 1845-51.


George H. Dunn, 1829-31.
John Livingston, 1831-37.
John M'Pike, 1837.
John Palmer, 1837-43.
Theodore Gazlay, 1843.
William S. Holman, 1843-47.
Alfred J. Cotton, 1847-52.


The first Territorial Legislature met at Vincennes July 29, 1805. Benjamin Chambers, of Dearborn County, was president of the Legislative Council,
and Jesse B. Thomas, of the same county, speaker of the House of Representatives.
The Second Territorial Legislature met September 20, 1808. Jesse B. Thomas, of Dearborn Comity, was again speaker of the House.
The Third Territorial Legislature met November 10, 1810.
The Fourth Territorial Legislature met February I, 1813. James Dill, of Dearborn County, was speaker of the House at the first session,
and Isaac Dunn, of the same county, was speaker during the last seven days of the second session.
The fifth and last Territorial Legislature of Indiana met at Corydon, August 14. 1814. Jesse L. Holman, of Dearborn, was elected president of the Legislative Council.


Convention of 1816: James Dill, Solomon Manwarring and Ezra Ferris.
Convention of 1851: William S. Holman, John D. Johnson and Johnson Watts.


1816-18.—Ezra Ferris, at Cory don.
1821-22.—John Grey, at Corydon.
1825-30.—John Watts, at Indianapolis.
1831-32.—James T. Pollock.
1833.—D. V. Culley.
1834-35.—Daniel Plummer.
1838-43. — Johnson Watts.
1844-45.—George P. Buell.
1849-51.—James H. Lane,
president of the Senate.
1846-51.—James P. Milliken.
1852-57.—Richard D. Slater.
1859-61.—Cornelius O'Brien.
1863-65.—James W. Gaff.
1867-69. -Elijah Huffman.
1871-73. - Richard Gregg.
1875. - Noah S. Givan.


1816.  - Amos Lane, Erasmus Powell.
1817.  - Amos Lane.
1818.  - Erasmus Powell, John Watts.
1820. - Ezra Ferris, Erasmus Powell.
1822 - Pinkney James, Horace Bassett, Ezekiel Jackson.
1823 - Samuel Jelley, Benjamin J. Blythe, David Bowers.
1825.—Abel C. Pepper, Horace Bassett, Ezekiel Jackson.
1825. —Ezekiel Jackson, Abel C. Pepper, Thomas Guion.
1826. —Ezra Ferris, Ezekiel Jackson, Horace Bassett
1827. —Horace Bassett, Ezekiel Jackson, Joel Decoursey, James T. Pollock.
1828. —Horace Bassett, James T. Pollock, Arthur St. Clair, George H. Dunn.
1829-30.—Horace Bassett, James T. Pollock, Thomas Guion, Walter Armstrong.
1830. —James T. Pollock, Walter Armstrong, Ezra Ferris, Samuel H. Dowden.
1831. — David V. Culley, William Flake, Warren Tebbs.
1832. —George H. Dunn, David V. Culley, Oliver Heustis.
1833. —George H. Dunn, Thomas Guion, David Guard.
1834. — Nelson H. Torbett, James Walker, Thomas Howard.
1835. —Henry Walker, Thomas Howard, Milton Gregg.
1836. —David Guard, Pinkney James, John P. Dunn, Abel C. Pepper.
1837. —George Arnold, Abram Ferris, Enoch W. Jackson, Alexander E. Glenn.
1838-39.—George Arnold, Jacob W. Eggleston, William Conaway,
1839- 40.—Amos Lane, William Lanius, William Conaway, William Perry.
1840- 41. —Abijah North, John B. Clark, Isaac Dunn, William R. Cole.
1841.—Ethan A. Brown, James P. Milliken, James Rand.
1842- 43.—Ethan A. Brown, John Lewis, James P. Milliken.
1843- 44.—Pinkney James, David Macy.
1844.—Oliver Huestis, John Lewis, William Lanius.
1845-46.—George Cornelius, Richard D. Slater.
1846-47.—A. G. Tebbs, John D. Johnson.
1847. —George W. Lane, Richard D. Slater.
1848. —John D. Johnson, Alvin J. Alden, George M. Lozier.
1849-50.—Daniel Conaway, Joseph A. Watkins.
1850.—Ebenezer Dumont (speaker of the House), John B. Clark.
1850.—(Special session) Oliver B. Torbett, William S. Holman.
1853.—Oliver B. Torbett (speaker of the House), Noah C. Durham.
1855.—Alvin J. Alden, John Crozier.
1857. —John Lewis, George W. Lane.
1858. —Noah C. Durham, Warren Tebbs.
1859. —Warren Tebbs, Noah C. Durham.
1861.—Omer F. Roberts, Charles Lods.
1863.—Omer F. Roberts, Alfred Brogan.

1865.—John C. Stenger, Richard Gregg.
1867.—Edward H. Green, Warren Tebbs, Jr.
1869-71.- Warren Tebbs, Jr.
1872-73.—(Special) Noah S. Givan.
1875.—Columbus Johnston.


From 1826 to 1831 the business of tho county was controlled by a board of magistrates from the several townships, one of whom was elected president.
The old records having been burnt, the first meeting of which any record exists was held in 1826 with James Dill, clerk. The following names appear.
1826. —Mark McCracken, president; John Porter, James Lewis, William Brundye and Laban Bramble.
1827. —Mark McCracken, Cornelius S. Falkner and Job A. Beach.
1828. —Philip Eastman, James Murry, Delia Elder, Isaac Colwell, John Godley, James W. Hunter, Martin Stewart and William Flake.
1829. —David Bowers, John Glass and Israel W. Bonham.
1830. —Joseph Wood, Ulysses Cook, John Columbia and John Neal.
The law was changed in 1831 and the county was divided into three districts, and one man was elected from each district to compose a board of county commissioners.
The following persons have been elected and served on this board.
1831.—District No. 1, Joseph Wood, elected for one year;
District No. 2, Mark McCracken, elected for two years;
District No. 3, George Arnold, elected for three years—all serving from the first Monday in August, 1831.
From this date one county commissioner was elected annually as follows:
1832. —William Conway.
1833. -Charles Dashiell.
1834. —George Arnold.
1835. —John Neal.
1836. —Benjamin Sylvester.
1837. —David Nevitt and William Conway.
1838. —David Walser.
1839. —Aaron B. Henry.
1840. —William S. Ward.
1841. —Charles Dashiell.
1842. —John Columbia.
1843. —William S. Ward.
1844. —David Walser.
1845. —James Grubbs.
1846. —Daniel Taylor.
1847. —Martin Truster.
1848. —Jonathan Hollowell.
1849. —William S. Ward.
1850. —Zera Vinson.
1851. —Jonathan Hollowell.
1852. —John Heinberger.
1853. —Benjamin Burlingame.
1854. —Mason J. McCloud.
1855. — Asahel Tyrrel.
1856. —Benjamin Burlingame.
1857. —John Anderegg.
1858. —Asahel Tyrrel.
1859. —Francis Buffington.
1860. —John Anderegg.
1861. —Charles Briggs.
1862. —Francis Buffington.
1863. —Charles Briggs.
1864. —John Anderegg.
1865. —Francis Buffington.
1866. —Frederick Sonders.
1873. —James Grubbs, Smith Piatt.
1874. —Frederick Slater.
1876. —Michael Hoff, Abraham Briggs.
1877. — Frederick Slater.
1879. —Abraham Briggs, Michael Hoff.
1880. —Garrett Bosse.
1882. —Charles Lods (by appointment to till vacancy caused by the death of Hoff), Henry Bulthaup
(by appointment to till vacancy caused by the death of Bosse),
T. T. Annis, John Buchert—Bulthaup (elected).
1883. —Charles Fisk, John Feist (by appointment to fill vacancy caused by the death of Buchert.
1885.—Nicholas Vogelgesang.


Daniel Hagerman, died 1829.
Thomas Palmer, 1829-31.
Walter Armstrong, 1831-36.
Robert Moore, 1837-38.
William G. Monroe, 1838-40.
Ebenezer Dumont, 1840-45.
Nelson S. Torbet, 1845-47.
Cornelius O'Brien, 1847-50.
Noble Hamilton, 1850-53.
Strange S. Dunn, 1853-55.
Thomas JohnsoD, 1855-57.
Francis M. Jackson, 1857-61.
Marcus Levy, 1861-63.
William F. Crocker, 1863-65.
Thomas Kilner, 1865-70.
Francis Lang, 1870-74.
Charles Lods, 1874-78.
William H. Kyle, 1878-80.
Dr. James D. Gatch, 1882.


Samuel C. Vance, March 7. 1803, to September 6, 1813. James Dill, September G, 1813
until his death, in 1838, and was succeeded by Alexander Dill, appointed clerk pro tern.
William V. Cheek, 1839-51.
Cornelius O'Brien, 1851-56.
Samuel L. Jones, 1856-61.
John F. Cheek, 1864-68.
John A. Conwell, 1868-78.
Warren Tebbs, 1878.


James Dill, March 7, 1803 to August 30, 1803.
James Hamilton, August 30, 1803 to February 14, 1817.
James Dill, 1817-31.
Thomas Porter, 1831-34.
Asa Smith, 1834.
Thomas Palmer, 1835-55.
Tobias Finkbine, 1855.
John Heinberger, 1855-63.
Alvin J. Alden, 1863-67.
Alfred Brogan, 1867-71.
Francis M. Johnson, 1871-79.
George C. Columbia, 1879-85.


David Lamphere, August 23, 1803, to November 23, 1804.
James Haiuiltou, November 23, 1804, to December 30, 1816.
John Hamilton, February 14, 1817, died May, 1818.
William Hamilton, May 29, 1818, to August 18, 1818.
Thomas Longley, August 18, 1818 to August 18, 1822.
John Spencer, August, 1822, to August, 1826.
Thomas Longley, August, 1826, to August, 1828.
John Spencer, 1828-32.
Milton Gregg, 1832.
William Dils, 1832-37.
John Weaver.
Samuel Osgood.
Thomas Roberts.
Frank M. Riddle.
John Brumblay.
John Boyd, 1858-60.
Edward A. Conger, 1860-64.
Richard C. Arnold, 1864-68.
Frank R. Dorman, 1868-72.
Lewis Weitzel. 1872-76.
Elijah Christopher, 1876-80.
John C. Sims, 1880-84.
Daniel M. Guard, 1884.


George W. Lane (first auditor), 1841-46.
Reuben Rogers, 1846-55.
Elias T. Crosby, 1855-64.
Richard D. Slater, Sr., 1864-68.
Richard D. Slater, Jr., 1868-75.
Myron Haynes, 1875-79.
Alexander Pattison, 1879-83.
Julius Severin, 1883.


The following named citizens of Dearborn County have held offices under and by authority of the General Government:
Jesse L. Holman, Judge of the United States Court for the District of Indiana.
Horace Bassett, clerk of the District Court, Indiana.
Abel C. Pepper, United States marshal for State of Indiana.
Thomas Porter, receiver United States land office, Fort Wayne.
Arthur St. Clair, register United States land office, Indianapolis.
John Spencer, receiver United States land office, Fort Wayne.
Abel C. Pepper, Indian agent.
David V. Culley, register United States land office, Indianapolis.
B. T. W. S. Anderson, United States mail agent.
D. M. Skinner, United States mail agent.
Servetus Tufts, assistant door-keeper United States Congress.
Samuel J. Johnson, assistant door-keeper United States Congress.
R. D. Slater, Sr., assistant door-keeper United States Congress.
Geo. W.Lane superintendent United States branch mint, Denver, Col.
Benjamin F. Spooner, United States marshal for the State of Indiana.
R. DeLoss Brown, assistant door-keeper United States Congress.
James I. McConnell, assistant door-keeper, United States Congress.
Jason D. Brown, secretary of Wyoming Territory.
Henry W. Blasdal, governor of Nevada Territory.


Jesse L. Holman, judge of the supreme court.
George H. Dunn, treasurer of State.
John P. Dunn, auditor of State.
James H. Lane, lieutenant-governor.
R. DeLoss Brown, librarian.
E. G. Collins, secretary of State.
James DeSano,- librarian.
Ebenezer Dumont, president of the State bank.

  Source: History of Dearborn and Ohio counties, Indiana


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