Millhousen, Indiana, is located in Marion Township, Decatur County, adjacent to Ripley County, and near Jennings and Franklin counties. In 1838 Maximillian Schneider, a German immigrant living in Cincinnati, entered land in Decatur County and proceeded to bring approximately twenty families and friends to settle there. One of the group's first priorities was to build a church in 1840 which became the center of the community. The town of Millhousen was platted in 1858. Here in the hills of Decatur County the German immigrants seemed to be able to perpetuate their language, religion, and culture. In 1859 Father Januaris Weisenberger was sent to serve the church. In 1860 the assistant United States Marshal assigned to take the census for this southern part of Decatur County was William M. English, age thirty five, born in Indiana. According to the census he was living with a female. Eleanor English, age 66, born in Virginia, who could possibly be his mother. It is assumed that English could not speak German, probably could not understand English when spoken with a German accent, and could not or would not spell German names. During the transcription of the 1860 federal census, as a part of the 1860 Census Project of the Indiana Historical Society, the transcribers were surprised to find few German names entered for the area around Millhousen. An ink blot was found to cover the first part of the surname of the priest who was improperly listed as a female. His given name was Januaris, the last part of his surname was "burger." The transcriber was curious about the first part of his surname. A history of Millhousen,1 written in 1934 to celebrate the centennial of the village, yielded the correct surname of the priest as "Weisenburger." The booklet gave the following information about the priest: "in 1860. Father Weisenburger listed the Parish members." The booklet then proceeded to give a transcription of the list, providing a second census of the area! The printed list was compared with the federal census with interest. It was then discovered that the priest's original handwritten list, in Latin, was available at the church. Rita Kneuven, pastoral assistant of the parish, kindly allowed the 1860 census transcribers to exam the original document. Not all persons in the township were listed, only those who were members of Father Weisenburger's parish. Some of the members lived in other counties, namely, Ripley. Franklin, and Jennings.
A comparison of the two censuses is given below. Father Weisenburger's census is listed on the left with information concerning the same families on the federal i ensuson the right. Some families were not found on the federal census. Obviously some births were added to the priests list after I860. The priest's Original his was in alphabetical order by first name of the head of household
John Herman Brinker 12/11/1816 Harmn Brinker502
Catherine Heidemeier 12/11/1816Catharine 40
Mary Cutherine Josephine 10/4/1850Mary 9
Mary Anna Philomena 1/10/1852Mema 8
Diedrich Henry8/14/1854 Henry 5
Mary Elizabeth Heidemeier (sister of wife)1819 Elizabeth Hartmyer 37
Herman Herman Coorman 9/24/1814 Henry Jamen 493
Anna Mary Feldhaus 3/18/1821 Mary40
John2/12/1844 John 15
Catherine 11/6/1846 Catharine 13
Miry 3/14/1849 Mary 11
Bernard 9/22/1851 Barney 9
Philomena 10/20/1853 Wanoh 5
Elizabeth 8/ 2/1856 Eliza 3
Henry4/ 1/1859 Henry 1
Joseph Damann 7/25/1797 Joseph Dorman 634
Mary Arleid Schulten 1815 Mary 46
Anna Mary 6/22/1843 Mary 17
John Francis4/18/1846 Francis 17
Arnold Henry 9/ 3/1848 Henry11
Mary Elizabeth 12/31/1850 Eliza 9
Christina 4/21/1853 Christine 7
Mary Deutschle (widow) 2/ 2/1824 Mary Dutcher 35
Mary1851 Mary 8
Henry Duerstock 12/11/1822 Henry Dcarstock 37
Bernadina Ralker 6/ /1826Denah 31
John Gerard 6/17/1851George 9
Teresa9/ /1852 Tracy 8
Bernard11/ 1/1853 Barney 6
John 2/ 5/1857John 3
Mary Julia 9/11/1860

Gerard Egbert 1794 George Egbert 55
Catherine Korte 8/ 3/1828 Catharine 32
Bernard9/15/1850 Barney 9
John 2/ 5/1857 John 3
Mary Julia 9/11/1860

Gerard Egbert 1794 George Egbert 55
Margaret Kemme (wife) 1804 Mary 50
Clement Fossee 7/3/1825 Clemens Fosse 35
Catherine Korle 8/3/1828


Bernard9/15/1850 Barney 9
Catherine9/13/1853 Catherine 6
Clement2/ 1/1857 Clemons3
Sophia7/21/1859 Elizabeth1

George Forster3/ 6/1833 George Foster 27
Frances Branolt1/ /1833 Frances27
Andrew 1854Andy5

William John
7/ ?/1863


John Henry Funke 7/28/1807 Henry Funkee549
Mary Elizabeth Raschce1804Elizabeth55
Theodore 1839 Tedor 21
Rebecca 14
Josephine Weldam 1841


Henry Wessels 60

Maria Funkee58
Bernard Fye 10/22/1788 Barney Fry628
Marie Catherine Dickhof10/ /1805Catharine 55
Bernard Joseph10/22/1841 Bamhari17
Maria Anna Christina1/20/1844 Mary16
Bernard Dickhof (adopted son)1852

Diedrich Fye11 / 2/ 1810 Theodore Fry 498
Catherine Goedeker 1817Catharine42
Elizabeth2/3/1842 Elizabeth 18
Adelaide8/ 2/1843Mary 16
Catherine 4/14/1845Catharine15
Mary Catherine Teresa3/ 6/1847Treesy13
Mary Anna6/12/1849 Mary A 12
Margaret12/15/1851 Margaret 9
Henry1/12/1853Henry 6
John8/ 1/1856 John4
Bernard Goedeker 1790Barney Harneker 75
John Fye10/ 6/1806 John Fry 54
Margaret Kleinboeling12/25/1806 Margaret52
John8/ 5/1838 John 21
Henry4/17/1841 Henry 20
Catherine 5/7/1846 Catharine14
Anna Mary5/29/1848 Mary 11

Anna Mary Teresa10/18/1850 Tracy10
Francis Luding (adopted) 1831 Frank Lewnng

Anthony Gerwin11/6/1813 Anthony Garvin 
Mary Ann Schroer1820 Mary 38
Francis11/23/1847 Francis13
Herman Henry6/23/1850 Henry9
John Herman Henry 6/ 2/1856John 5
Gerard Henry12/17/1858George 2
Bernard Grote 11/18/1827Barnard Groty332
Maria Elizabeth Brune 11/6/1824 Mary34

Mary 2/12
John Bernard Grote 8/18/ Barney Wrotcy355
Mary Gertrude Schmidt
Mary Margaret Catherine12 7/1848 Catharine12
Herman Henry6/26/1850 Henry8
Mary Elizabeth 10/15/1852 Elizabeth5
Mary Anna1854Jane 2
Bernard Henry5/ 9/1856

Bernard Hardebeck
Barney Herdeback 410
Elizabeth Lott
John Herman 9/1/1842 Harmon 17
John Bernard 3/29/1844 John 16
John Gerard6/23/1848 Garhart 12
Mary Catherine4/15/1850 Catharine 10
Mary Anna 10/28/1853 Mary 7
Mary Philomena8/30/1858 Menah 2
Mary Caroline 7/10/1860


Anna 4/ ?/1864

Emmet Vendun 35

H. Minkey 24

Valentino Shitley38

Henry Herderback 2211

Catherine 1512
Gerard Hardebeck6/24/1813 John Houderback4713
Mary Eliza Voko 1813 Elizabeth40
Henry1/22/I838 14 Henry21
Mary Catherine1841

John Herman1840 Harman18
Margaret Catherine 1843Catharine15
John Bernard3/20/1845 Barney 14
John Henry6/22/1847 John12
Mary Adelaide Hardebeck (adopted)1804 Adaline54
Mary Vogue

Henry Hardebeck10/6/1807 Henry Houderback52
Reginna Buettman 1829Mary34
Herman12/7/1839 Harman21
Henry10/ ?/1841Henry 18
Mary Elizabeth 8/ ? /1843Mary16
John Bernard5/27/1846Barney

Gerard9/ ? /1848Gearhart12


Herman Anthony 6/ ? /1856Anthony 5
Anthony 1857

Arnold 11/ 1/1858Arnold1

Margaret Numann Hardebeck (mother)1781Mary 75
Francis Anthony Hartman
Francis Hartman 50
George9/26/1841Georgeana (female)19
Anna Calherin10/15/1845Calharine 15
Mary Agaiha1/16/1848Agalho12
Josephine7/14/1850 Josephine9
Carolina4/4/1853Caroline 7
Christian Heiderich3/7/1807 Christian Hedrick 53
Elizabeth Heinz 1818Elizabeth41
Elizabeth1843Elizabeth 19
Joseph1844 Joseph17
Mary Anna1845 Mary15
Catherine1848 Catharine 10
Amhony1852 Amy 7
Peter1854 Peter 5
John Herman 5/6/1856Harmin3
John Hessler2/2/1804 John Hosier56
Anna Mary Noessen7/25/1807 Mary53
John 9/8/1832

Adam2/28/1837 Adam19
John1/20/1841 John 18
Mary7/9/1846 Mary13
Joseph Hodap2/25/1820 Joseph Hotop40
Frances Schoch1830 Francis30
Magdalen3/13/1850 Lana10
John1/13/1853 John8
Carl11/3/1855 Charles 5
Mary Anna 7/3/1857 Mary 2


Callas Shook 65

Cathaarine 67

Henry Merring30
Gall Schoch


Ludwig Huegal10/13/1832 Lewis Hugal 2821
Anna Mary Halm 6/ 1/1837 Mary A. 23
Mary Christina 8/15/1856Christina4
Magdalen6/9/1858 Eleanor2
Francis Anthony Jarger 5/22/1817 Francis T. Yarger43
Mary Anna Heunso 2/20/1816Mary 44
Bernard2/ 5/1843Barney 17
Cyriacus 7/27/1844 Sarah 16
Dionysius 10/17/1845 Toney 15
Mary Anna 11/ 3/1846Mary 13
Brigid10/ 7/1848 Bridge 12
Ignatius 7/31/1851 Enach 9
Agatha Apolonia 2/25/1854 Erneline 6
Rosina Gertrude 9/29/1856 Rosanna 3
Dominic Johannigmann 11 /17/1821Barney D. Jonaman 39
Elizabeth Egbert9/ ? /1831Elizabeth29
John8/29/1850 John10
Mary Catherine5/20/1854Mary 6
Matthew8/16/1856 Martin 4
John Gerard10/12/1858Gayhart1
Herman Henry1860

Joseph Bernard3/ 1/1862

John Johannigmann4/ 1/1814 John Hohnaman46
Elizabeth Horsschneider 5/ 12/1823Elizabeth 35
Catherine10/16/1855 Catharine5
John8/15/1857John 3
Mary2/ 7/1859Mary 1

Joseph Laricamp 15
Arnold Henry Koch7/25/1818 Henry Cook42
Catherine Schmidt1828Catharine 32
Bernard1/27/1848 Barney12
Catherine 1852 Catharine7
Elizabeth 4/ 8/1855 Elizabeth6
Carolina 2/26/1857 Carolina 5
Henry 4/ 9/1859 Henry1

Oliver 80
Bernard Kolilmeier12/ 2/1823Bennet Kalmer36
Mary10/ 6/1859Mary 9/12
John Joseph Koors2/18/1819Joseph Carse 4026
Mary Elizabeth Racket6/21/1819Elizabeth 40
John Herman5/23/1853John7
Mary Elizabeth1/10/1856 Elizabeth4
Joseph Clement10/15/1857Harmon J.2
John Bernard Husteden(adopted) 4/ 8/1845 Barnet15
Diederich Kroger11/6/1823Theodore Cregor382
Juliana Husmann1826 Julia A. 32
Catherine3/ 9/1851 Catharine 9
Gerard7/23/1853 George7
John Kuhlman 9/17/1827

Mary Angela Potthoff 10/?/1834

John Henry 12/11/1853

William 5/31/1856

Anna 5/ 5/1859

John Theodore 11/ ?/1861

Matthew 3/30/1863

Joseph Theodore11/ ?/1869

Joseph John William Landschulte 1822 William Lanschoote 37 2222
Mary Calherine Wigelman 1835 Catharine33
John William5/16/1851John8
Mary Anna6/30/1852Mary7
Catherine Elizabeth6/23/1855 Catharine 5
Anna Gertrude7/16/1857 Therressia3
MaryAnna5/ 3/1859 Anna1
Francis Link9/ 4/1804 Frank Link 56
Mary Hessler 8/22/1817Mary42
Adam 3/ 31/1839Adam19
John 10/23/1841John 18
Francis 4/ 23/1844Frank15
Herman Henry2/15/1847 Harman H. 12
Mary Anna9/10/1850 Mary9
Magdalen9/18/1853 Magdaline 7
Henry Losecamp 9/ ?/ 1811 Henry Lostcomp50
Elizabeth Mueller 8/? /1807 Elizabeth55
Mary12/ /1841Mary 19
John5/12/1845John 16
Louise6/28/1847 30Louisa13
Elizabeth 3/8/1849 Eliza11
Bernard Lueken12/8/1821 Barney Looken 43
Bernadine Gossling1/1/1829 Dina33
Bernard9/26/1850 Barney 10
Francis5/24/1851 Frank 8
Anna1/4/1857Hannah 4
Gerard3/24/1859 George1
Bernard Moeller 7/16/1818 Barney Miller43
Elizabeth Schuppmann8/13/1824 Mary E. 37
Bernard10/6/1847 Barnet11
John Henry7/15/1854 Henry5
Anthony John 12/18/1856John3

Anthony Joseph 4/11/1859Joseph1

Maria Elizabeth 7/ 8/1861

Joseph Herman 7/20/1869

Adelaide Helming 3/? /1779 Mary81
John Henry Mueller1809Henry Miller 53
Catherine Hoelcher1800Mary C. 60
Bernard Brankamp (adopted)1842 Barney Barcomp 18
Bernard Mueller1809 Barney Miller5
Elizabeth Redlake1814 Eliza46
Nicholas5/ ?/1838

John1844 John 15
Maria1849 Mary11
Gertrude1854 Catharine 6
William Mueller10/ 5/1836 William Miller23
Mary Gertrude Ranke3/ /1826 Mary G.38
Henry Klene (child of first husband Bernard Klene )1848 Henry12
John Bernard Klene (child of first husband Bernard Klene)6/25/1850 John10
Mary Elizabeth KIene (child of first husband Bernard KIene)12/ 9/1853Mary7
Anna Mary Catherine KIene (child of first husband Bernard Klene)5/18/1856 Mary A.4
Mary Elizabeth Mueller5/25/1858 Elizabeth1
Henry Niemann
Henry Naman 5234
Gertrude (wife)
Henry3/3/1841 Henry18
Mary Catherine4/28/1858Catharine16
Caspar Henry Pabst2/18/1812 Casper Parps48
Bcrnadine Meier1828Dorah32
Mary Rose1/11/1857 Rose3
Retina Philomena11/18/1858 Regnah1
Henry Pickers2/22/1799 Henry Pickery6124
Mary Weiers 1805Mary55
Henry2/ 2/1839Henry 21
Christopher 9/29/1841

Elizabeth (daughter)10/ 8/1864

Aloysia Losekamp 1847
Bernard Poelking7/25/1800 Barney Pulkins60
Mary Weiers 1805 Mary55
John4/1/1845 John16
Francis9/23/1847 Frank 13
Gerard Henry5/30/1851 Henry 9
Henry Ponder10 /8/1809

Genevieve Schmid1811

Catherine 9/ 23/1845

Joseph10/ 8/1840

Elizabeth 1846

Rosalia 2/22/1849

Margaret 1/11/1852

John 9/24/1854

Bernard Pottketter3/19/1823 Barney Pullman39
Catherine Nahrmann1822Mary 29
Mary Elizabeth11/ 6/1852Catherine 6

Francis Henry 1/26/1857 Henry2
Bernard Henry5/ 1/1859 Barney 3


William 22
Joseph Potimcier1803


Anna Voskuhlc1808

Elizabeth Dorothy1846

Mary Teresa1848

John Gerard1850

Joseph Bernard Pottmeier 3/22/1837 Joseph Patmyer23
Mary Elker11/29/1839 Mary E. 22
Elizabeth9/ 2/1859 Mary E. 1

Andrew Cukencamp23
Balthasar Henry Redellmann12/22/1832 Bodis Redleman2837
Rosina Hessler1832

Dulany 22
Maria Elizabeth2/10/1857 Mary3
John 12 /3/1832 John 1

Mary Hesler 14
Gerard (adopted son)7/30/1848 Gahart 11
Francis Redellmann11/19/1825 Frank Ridleman34
Mary Anna Holt7/12/1828 Mary A. 32
Bernard Henry 4/26/1850Barnei H.10
John11/15/1852 John 7
Matthew Ferdinand12/16/1854 Mathias5
Magdalen Rosina12/17/1856 Rosena 4
Mary Christina1/ 7/1859 Christina1
Francis Henry5/26/1861


Matthew Henry RedeImann12/7/1798 Mathtas Ridleman62
Catherine Philomena Romberg 2/1/1801 Mena 59
Gerard Rietlake1808 Graham Ridler 53
Mary Catherine Neuhaus1808 Catharine 53
John Gerard Roelker7/8/1810 Ganncll Roelker 47
Anna Mary Nichting
Elizabeth Christina8/24/1843 Mary15
Anna Philomena 4/24/1853 Hannah8
Anna Catherine 4/18/1856

Gerard Henry6/26/1858 Henry12
John Bernard Rolfes10/17/1825Barney Roffis25
Mary Elizabeth Berstermann2/10/1818 Mary42
John Redellman7/4/1851John Ridleman10
John Henry5/30/1854 Henry Ridleman 6
Bernard Rothmann8/20/1822
Philomena 1831

George Pallien (orphan)

Francis Ruberg4/12/1813 Francis Roback48
Mary Adelaide Goedeker12/3/1821 Mary 39
John Henry11/21/1848 Henry16

Catherine 11
John William5/14/1850 William 5
Mary Elizabeth1/23/1858 Elizabet 2


Christian Ruhl4/17/1806 Christian Ruel54
Beatrice Schneider1804 Ralericks56
Catherine Hoff 1855

Gerald Ruhl12/8/1808 Gayhard Rule 52
Mary Anna Peter 1820 Mary A. 40
Carolina2/6/1842 Caroline18

Maximilian2/15/1843 Maximillian17
Joseph 12/ 7/1844 Joseph15
Christian5/ 1/1846 Christian14
Mary Anna12/29/1849 Mary10
John12/ /1851 John8
Gregory 2/10/1853 Gregory 7
Adam10/ /1854Adam5
Anihony 2/6/1857 Antony3
Catherine Elizabeth4/5/1860 Catharine6/12
John Scheidler1822

Cunigunda Stoeger1832




Adam Schneider4/? /1798 Adam Snyder 63
Adam12/? /1836 Adam Jr.23
Caroline 4/25/1841

Maria Theresa Catherine9/23/1843 Catharine 17
Gregor Schneider 4/4/1831 Gregory Snider29
Margaret Schneider 5/ 1/1835 Margaret25
Catherine12/21/1858Catherine 1
Maximilian Schneider3/28/1799Maxamilian Snider6243
Catherine Pistner 7/22/1806Catharine52
Maximilian1/ 2/1843 Maxamillian 16
Francis Joseph5/17/1845Francis15
John Bernard Schulte 1818 J.B. Schriestry432
Mary Catherine Wehne 8/? /1818 Catharine43
Mary Elizabeth2/14/1843 Eliza 17
Bemadina Mary9/22/1846Mary14
John Henry 1/17/1854John 6
Bernard Henry3/ 4/1856 Henry 4
Joseph Speckbaugh4/ 5/1820Joseph Speekbow 40
Anna Marie Ranke5/11/1816 Mary 44
Josephine10/24/1847 Phena12
Elizabeth5/25/l849 44Elizabeth10
Catherine9/1/1851 Catharine 8
Gerard8/ 3/1853 George 6
Mary2/23/1855 Mary4
Henry6/6/1857 Henry 2
Gregor Staubach3/12/1807Gregory Straubach 50
Emerentia Reber1817Nancy 44
John5/ 7/1844John16
Maximilian11/19/1850 Max10
Gerard8/ 1/1852Gay H. 8
Mary Elizabeth10/12/1854Elizabeth6
Carolina 12/? /1856Caroline 4
Theodore11/9/1859 Theodore 10/12

Caspar Suhre3/ ?/1803 Casper Suhre

Mary Catherine Gerwin 9/15/1802Mary

Ferdinand 9/15/1829

David 1836

Clara Mary10/ 3/1847 Mar 12

Eliza 4
David Suhre 47 9/15/1847

Mary VondcrAhe48 1839

Henry Tcupc10/7/1797 Henry Tiper63
Elizabeth Niermann5/ ?/1807 Elizabeth52
Henry 8/8/1841 Henry18
Elizabeth Specknaugh5/ 2/184

Gertrude Lemon42
Francisn Veerkump1815Frank Farcump 45
Teresa Schneider1820Teresa42
Anna Mary Teresa6/6/1844Mary 16
Henry4/5/1846 Henry 16
John Henry Joseph11/23/1848George 12
Mary Teresa10/27/1850Tracey10
Bernard5/? /1854Barney 6
Gerard Veerkamp 6/6/1809 George Farcamp 5029
Teresa Hemrock1831Tracey 30

John8/ 1/1853 John7
Mary7/25/1856 Mary4
Bernard Voges1809Burncy Fogis5125
Anna Elizabeth Agnes11/19/1812Elizabeth48
John Herman8/15/1844John15
Anna Maria Carolina10/4/1848Carline 11
Henry VonderAhe 9/? /1803 Henry Funder567
Anna Mary Dickhof12/ ?/1812 Elizabeth48
Anthony7/31/1844 Antoney17
Gerard Henry1834


Adam Allendorf1848

John VonderPoll5/ 3/1792John Vanderpool66
Mary Arleid8/27/1808Adline50
John Gerard12/ 2/1838Gahart 24
Mary Agnes10/16/1838Agnes 20
Mary Teresa 8/27/1841 Teresa19
Henry August8/28/1843 August 17
William Wampach12/31/1819William Wamho 39
Frances Krertzberg 12/17/1817Frances42
John William7/17/1847John13
Frances9/2/1851 Frances 8
William Bernard10/14/1856William 3
Mary Anna2/18/1859Ann 1
Bernard Wensirop2/2/1814Barney Winsirock36
Catherine Orthmann1827Catharine33
Elizabeth5/18/1852 Elizabeth9
Mary 12/15/1853 Mary 6
Philomena7/23/1858 Philemena2

Gertrude Wilkins70
William Wlllker1828 William29
Anthony (brother) 1825 Amy 30
Henry Vogel (grandfather)1776 Henry Fogle 72

Alex Clastercamp30

William Rafer11
Theodore Willmer10/4/1804Theodore Wilmer52
Mary Elizabelh1814 Elizabeth 42
Theodore12/11 /1841Theodore18
Gerard George 3/22/1844George16
Mary Agnes1/21/1846Mary14
Mary Elizabeth2/13/1848 Elizabeth 12
Mary Clara 3/29/1850 Clarric10
Barnard Henry7/27/1855 Henry 7
Frances Henry11/14/1856Frank

(adoped)1780 Mary Srader 80
Joseph Wittkemper1823 Joseph Wertkemper37
Anna Maria Wigelmann1820 Mary A. 38

Anthony John1853

Mary Elizabeth 1854 Mary 4
John William1856William 2
John Gerard Wolters5/ 8/1822 George Walter 37
Mary Teresa Fischer4/8/1826 Teresa33
Teresa Elizabeth 5/24/1851 Eliza 9
Mary Gertrude 3/4/1855 Mary 5
Bernadine 11/12/1856 Denah 1
Mary Teresa 3/10/1860

Anna Catherine 11/4/1863

Hyacinth Wuerth5/13/1834 Hardsouth Wirth26
Christina Scherrer
Richard2/12/1857Richard 3
Stephania8/26/1859 Fanney1
Matthew Wueitz

Catherine Leichtner (mother )2/6/1821 Catharine Wertz38
Anna Mary 2/14/1842Mary18
John3/30/1844 John6
Elizabeth 2/2/1846 Elizabeth14
Michael 1/22/1847 Michael 11
Catherine 7/29/1851 Catharine 9
Gregory2/2/1854 Crager6
Carolina7/9/1856 Caroline2
Mary Magdalen 9/25/1858 Mary2

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Originally Published in The Hoosier Genealogist Volume 33 Number 4 December 1993
Transcribed and Contributed to Genealogy Trails by A Friend For Free Genealogy

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