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DeKalb County, Indiana

Obituary of  Andrew Keelan

A FATAL QUARREL. Cincinnati, July 24.—The Gazette's special from Auburn, Ind., says that last night, at Garrett City, two engineers on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, named Andrew Keelan and John Graves, became involved in a quarrel, in which Graves seized a hatchet and dealt Keelan a terrible blow on the head, burying the weapon in his skull, causing death in a few hours. Graves took refuge in a neighboring dwelling. The murder caused intense excitement among the railroad men, who collected in considerable numbers, armed and provided with ropes determined to hang Graves. Sheriff Leese hastened to the scene, and with the assistance of a posse, rescued the murderer from the mob and lodged him in jail.
Date: Monday, July 26, 1875 Paper: Cleveland Leader (Cleveland, OH) Page: 1 .                                      

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