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DeKalb County, Indiana

Obituary of Henry Heins

1897 Jul 14
Indiana State Journal

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AUBURN, Ind July 6

Henry Heins, treasurer of De Kalb county, dropped dead from heart failure while eating breakfast at home in, this city this morning.  He was in his usual health, never having suffered from heart disease before.  He leaves a wife and several  son and daughters, among whom is Dr. F. M. Heins of this city, who, when he heard of his father's death, fell in convulsions, and for some time his life was despaired of, but he is now recovering.  Mr. Heins has only been treasurer since Nov. 21, being elected by the Democrats. His successor will probably be B. C. Robbins, a Republican, cashier of the Farmers' Bank of this city. Who will be appointed by the County Commissioners.  Mr. Heins stood high In the county as an official and citizen.

The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon in this city.

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