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DeKalb County, Indiana

Obituary of  O A Mader

1919 Dec 2
Fort Wayne News Sentinel

Dekalb County
Man hurled to His Death in Runaway
Faithful Old Family Driving Horse Frightened by Sparks from Fallen Wires, Wife observed Accident
Auburn, Ind. Dec 2

One mile and a half south of here, Monday afternoon, O.A. Mader was thrown from his buggy in a runaway and died soon after.  He was starting from home to Auburn, when the horse he was driving became frightened over some wire which had fallen to the ground during the storm of Saturday and Sunday, and had become entangled in the wheels of the buggy. Sparks began to fly as the buggy wheels toughed the live wires from the telephone poles and at this the family horse became frightened and started to run and overturned the buggy.  Mr. Mader was thrown out head first and crushed his skull and face as he fell to the ground.  Mrs. Mader was standing in the yard and saw the accident. John Able was coming up the road and was the first to reach the scene and give aid.  When picked up Mr. Mader was unconscious and remained so until his death which took place about an hour after he was taken into the house.  Mr. Mader was 65 years of age.

At one time he was justice of the peace in Union township.  He spent all but two and one half years of his life in DeKalb County.  He was born in Chillacothe Ohio. He was married about thirteen years ago and besides his wife he leaves one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Marty? of Big Rapids Mich. He was a member of the Lutheran Church.

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