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DeKalb County, Indiana

Obituary of   Anthony Palmer

3 JUN 1880 

Auburn Courier, Auburn, Indiana

During a lull in a heavy rain and thunder storm, while several groups of people were standing around the streets of Garrett, thinking that the storm had about subsided and wholly unmindful of any danger, there was a deafening clap of thunder instantly accompanied by a vivid flash of lightening which dealt a fatal blow to Anthony Palmer and put seven other people on the ground.

Several persons who were affected by the shock though standing on the opposite side of the street, say that they could distinctly see a ball of fire making the crescent several seconds before it struck.  That it was as large as an ordinary coconut, and that it tore away the corner of the building, passed through the awning and struck the deceased on the shoulder, turning him partly around before he fell, though he uttered not a sound.  Anthony was 32 years old and married.  They had no children.                           

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