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 Muncie, Ind., Nov. 30 George H.  Andrews, aged fifty, died this morning after suffering four strokes of paralysis. For more than twenty years he had been a leading druggist in Muncie, having recently disposed of his store In the Anthony block to J. E. Dunlavy, of Greencastle.
The deceased was born in Lebanon. Ind., but spent his boyhood days in Covington, Ky., and Cincinnati. He was prominently connected with Masonic lodges. The funeral will take place Thursday afternoon at the First Presbyterian Church. A wife and the following children survive: Mrs. P. K. Morrison. Miss Carrie Andrews and Clifford, "Waller and Arthur Andrews. Mr. Andrews came to Muncie twenty-eight years ago, and since that time has owned several drug stores In different parts of the city and has been agent for the Indianapoiis Journal more than twenty years.
Date: 1897-12-08; Paper: Indiana State Journal

Greencastle Herald, Greencastle, Putnam County, 9 Jul 1920 - transcribed by J.S.
The death of Samuel L. Bament, age 75 years a prominent farmer and stock buyer who resided near Morton occurred Thursday at near noon at his home in Maorton. Paralysis was the cause of his death. Beside his widow, Margaret Rambo Bament he leaves one child, Mrs. William Lane of this county. The funeral will by held on Saturday morning at 11 o'clock at the Dunkard church. The service will be conducted by Elder Miller of Gaston, Indiana. Mr. Bamert was born and reared in Putnam County. For the past twenty years he had resided in Morton.

Muncie, Ind., Dec 3
The news of the suicide of Charles Bayliss In the Avery Hotel, at Mount Clemens, Mich. Wednesday, by shooting himself through the heart, was no surprise to Muncie people, and is not the mystery here it seems to be there. He was a intelligent young man, and his wife was very beautiful and a society belle of Massillon, O. He brought her to Muncie when he became superintendent of the Muncie street-railway. Her beauty attracted the attention of Muncie young men, and it was here that her affections for her husband were alienated, and three different times tragedies were narrowly averted when he found her late at night in the company of her admirers. He lost his position on this account, and went to Mount Clemens. When persuaded to leave the woman hero the man said he could not live without her.
Source: Indiana State Journal December 9, 1896

MUNCIE Ind. May 9.—The wife of Justice Besack, a well-known business man, died yesterday, after a long illness
Date: 1898-05-11; Paper: Indiana State Journal

Sad Death of Mrs. Robert Bly
MUNCIE Ind., Jan, 12—Mrs. Robert Bly, aged twenty-one, who with an eighteen-months-old baby was abandoned by her husband, died to-night, penniless, at the New Southern Hotel. Her mother in Chicago was telegraphed for by Iandlord
Rapp Tuesday. She came, but after a few minutes interview with her daughter, returned home.
Date: January 13, 1897 Paper: Indiana State Journal

Indianapolis Sentinel 1878-10-25
A small child of William Beauchers, of Delaware fell into a wash boiler of hot water Tuesday, and died from its effects Wednesday evening
Name of Deceased: Christian Reeser Newspaper: Gospel Herald Obit: Gospel Herald Obituary 2-8-1923

John Case a cigarmaker of Huntington, Ind., was fatally injured at Largo, Ind., while stealing a ride on a freight train.
[The Pioneer express.(Pembina, Dakota [N.D.]), September 07, 1900]

Queer Case at Muncie
Muncie Spercial: Miss Jessie Crow, 21 years old, of Pennville. died Wednesday morning under circumstances which arc causing investigation by the police and coroner. The young woman visited Harry Galloway at his barber shop in the suburb of Avondale Tuesday noon and was taken sick at the shop. The young man did not call a physician until too late and she died on a bed in the rear room. The body was; taken to the morgue, where anexamination was made. Galloway, being detained at the police station In the meantime. The examination showed cause for holding the man until a further investigation  is made. The young woman had been employed as a hotel waitress in Muncle for some time, and once before was taken ill at the barber shop and was removed to the hospital.
Date: 1900-12-01; Paper: Recorder

MUNCIE. Ind., Feb. 1—Mary Diffenderffer, aged eighty-four, died In the hospital here to-day from the effects of a fall. At one time her husband owned, a mansion in Philadelphia that covered & block of ground and cost over $100,000.  She died In poverty.
Date: 1896-02-05; Paper: Indiana State Journal

Slight Accident Causes Death,
MUNCIE Ind., Feb. 13.—Dr. O. Dill, of Desota, aged thirty-six, died today of blood poison, contracted by injuring his shin bone while climbing in his buggy
Date: 1897-02-17; Paper: Indiana State Journal

Old Resident Drops-Dead.
Muncie Ind., Feb. . 17.—James S. Duckett, 70 years old, dropped dead Saturday evening of heart  disease at his home in this city, where he has resided nearly all of his life.
Date: 1896-02-20; Paper: American Nonconformist

Muncie, IN Sunday Star dated Nov 18, 1934
After preparing several letters to relatives and friends and one directing disposal of his body to a funeral director, Benjamin Evilsizer, aged 67, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a 12-gauge shotgun early yesterday in a local hotel. Evilsizer formerly lived at 723 North Madison Street but had recently been in Marion seeking employment. He came to Muncie Friday night and registered at the hotel and was seen in the lobby at 2:00 yesterday morning mailing a letter. Another letter found in his room was timed at 3:30 A.M. Guests adjacent to his room did not hear the shot and the body was not discovered until about 9:00. His failure to secure employment and also the death about a year ago of his wife were given as motive. The body was removed to the Meeks Mortuary according to his written directions after police had been called and an investigation made in co-operation with Coroner C G Plepho. Grave side services will be at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the Beech Grove Cemetery. Surviving are four sons, Max D Evilsizer, Charles H and Daniel, all of Muncie, and Paul A, a member of the Navy Station in Norfolk, VA. The mother, Mrs Rachel Hobbs, of Marion, and two half - brothers, Henry and Ernest Hobbs also of Marion. He was a member of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty and the Red Mens Lodge.

Name of Deceased: Robert Charles Garner
County Name: Delaware State: IN Newspaper: Muncie Star Press, Anderson Herald-Bulletin
Obit: Robert Charles Garner died, of cancer, at his residence in Yorktown, IN on March 13, 2002.  He is survived by his wife, Lillian May Irwin Garner, and his children, Gail Lynn Vashti Garner Tuckerman, Mark Stephen Joel Garner, and Deborah Kay Leon Garner, and grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews.  He was preceded in death by his siblings, Fern Leon Garner Cash Kingery and Milton Eugene Garner, and their parents,  Herman Charles Garner and Vashti Elvira Fadely Garner. Services were held at the Ballard and Sons Funeral Home and interment took place at Miller Cemetery in Middletown, IN.
Submitters Name: Gail Garner Tuckerman Date: Mar 14 2002

Miss Flora Gates County Name: Delaware State: IN Newspaper: Crawfordsville Star Date: 04 March 1880 Submitters Name: Teresa Haines Rigney Obit: Miss Flora Gates, daughter of Albert Gates, a farmer living about four miles southeast of Muncie, was fatally burned, her clothing catching fire while she was engaged in smoking meat in a smoke house, near her fathers residence. A sister was also badly burned in attempting to extinguish the flames.

Date: 1896-08-12; Paper: Indiana State Journal
Muncie, Ind.  Aug. 10.—Amanda Hartley, aged thirty-six. wife of John J. Hartley, well-known capitalist and real estate man, died  tonight of cancer; contracted under the arm while in Europe two years ago from a bruise sustained In a bath  tub.

MUNCIE Ind., Feb, 7-—Frederick Huber. aged sixty-three, for many years proprietor of the flouring mill at Gaston, died yesterday of lung fever. He has resided in Delaware county since 1858. The remains of Miss Olive Ardery. who died at Indianapolis Saturday, will be brought to Muncie and interred to-morrow. She lived here for many years, but of late resided in Anderson.
Date: 1898-02-09; Paper: Indiana State Journal

MUNCIE, Ind, Nov, 4— Despond over family troubles, John W Huff, 33, a machinist committed suicide here yesterday by sending a bullet through his head Huff was divorced from his wife two weeks ago.
Date: 1918-11-04; Paper: Fort Wayne News Sentinel

Warren Weekly Jan 3 1890
In a note from Mrs. Johnson, of Wheeling, Delaware county, the News is surprised to learn that her husband, Elbridge Johnston, died on the 20th of August last. Mr. Johnson formerly lived in Jackson township and was an excellent citizen.

Charles KARN, aged nineteen, of Delaware county, while driving a team of horses, was thrown against a log. He walked home, but died soon after reaching there.
Indiana General News Items from the Indianapolis News 15 December. 1890 Page 6 Column 5 and 6

In Memory of Henry L. and Nancy J. Kesling
Henry L. Kesling was born in Preble county, Ohio, in 1827. He died at Ironton, Iron county, Mo., in September 1901. At an early age he showed a tendancy toward literary pursuits. He taught school; went to the famous college at Oxford, Butler county, Ohio, then the greatest college west of the Allegheny Mountains, and now known as the Miami University; from which college he was graduated in June 1854. On the fourth day of the following July he was married to Nancy J. Kesling, who was born in Warren county, Ohio, in December 1835, and died at Ironton, Iron county, Mo., March 11, 1903. At the time of the marriage just mentioned both Mr. and Mrs. Kesling were residents of Preble county, Ohio.

The first few years of the married life of Mr. and Mrs. Kesling were spent at Muncie, Delaware county, Indiana, where Mr. Kesling was the principal of a Normal College. At the close of his work there they removed to Tipton, Tipton county, Indiana, and from there back to Preble county, where he studied law, and for a time was the editor and proprietor of the Eaton Democrat. In 1867 Mr. Kesling, with his wife and two children, removed to their farm in Iron county, Mo., near Ironton. The next move was to Ironton, where they remained until their death.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Kesling were raised by Christian parents. After coming to Missouri they united with the Southern Methodist Church, under the pastorage of Father Berryman. They had hope and faith and confidence in the meditation of our Saviour. As neighbors they were kind and obliging, always ready to lend a helping hand; as husband and wife, kind and true and obliging; as parents, indulgent and helpful to the fullest meaning of those words; their children loved and respected them. They leave one son, Marcus T. Kesling, two daughters, Mrs. Belle Patton and Mrs. Hattie Block, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Mr. Kesling leaves one sister; his wife, three brothers and four sisters, together with a number of neighbors and friends to mourn their loss.
Iron County Register 9 Apr 1903 (Ironton, Iron County, Mo) - transcribed by J.S.

Muncie, Ind.  March 30 - Frederika Kirby, the six-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Kirby, died, last night, of pneumonia.
The Indiana State Journal, (Indianapolis, IN) Wed., April 1, 1896; pg. 5 [Candi]

MUNCIE, Ind., Jan. 9.—Mrs. Lewis Kress, aged twenty, died yesterday after two days sickness. Her husband is a well-known grocer.
Date: 1898-12-28;  Paper: Indiana State Journal

Farmer Drops Dead
MUNCIE, Ind. Sept. 27 Just as he was entering the office of his family physician to get some medicine, Sherman Lee, 54, a retired farmer dropped dead. Death was due to heart trouble.
Date: 1918-09-27;Paper: Fort Wayne News Sentinel

On May 26th, Joel W. Long, living near Granville, Delaware county, drowned himself, He has shown signs of insanity, and on the night named be arose suddenly from his bed, and broke forcibly away from, bis wife, who tried to restrain him, ran directly to the creek near by, and threw himself in. He was 52 years old, was one of the oldest settlers of the county, and bore an excellent character.Date: Monday, June 7, 1869   Paper: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Cincinnati, OH)  Page: 1

Elias Lyons, pioneer, died near Muncie, Ind. He possessed a marked peculiarity, in the fact that he never had any hair on his head. Children the same way.
Date:  February 27, 1891 Paper: Bloomfield Democrat, Indiana Page 2
Submitted by Tam (Our Randolph County Indiana Host)

Ralph F. McKinley
Steamboat Pilot (Steamboat, Colo) 30 Sep 1925 - transcribed by J.S.
Ralph F. McKinley, who was crushed to death at the Butcherknife coal mine on Monday, was born at Gaston, Indiana, March 4, 1896. He was an ex-service man. His sorrowing wife, Catherine McKinley, and two little daughters, 4 and 6 years of age, left this morning with relatives for Canon City. The body, prepared by Undertaker Heyre, will be shipped to Canon City this evening.

The explosion of a boiler in an old field near Mollie, north of Muncie, Ind., fatally injured Timothy McMahan and destroyed the engine house. [The Pioneer express.(Pembina, Dakota [N.D.]), September 07, 1900]

Mrs. Mary Marsh, Of Muncie.
Muncie, IN. Dec. 18,  1899.
The death of Mary Marsh, aged 77 years, occurred this morning. She was the widow of John Marsh, who established the Indiana State Bank, Muncie’s first banking institution, 40 years ago. Until his death he was at the head of this and the Citizen’s national, now the Union national Bank. Ten years ago Mr. Marsh died suddenly. A son is Lieutenant Charles C. Marsh, private secretary to admiral Sampson during the late war with Spain. Other children are Mrs. P.E. Mutchner, Indianapolis, Mrs. James L. Streeter, J.R. Marsh, William N. Marsh, and Mrs. Harriet Johntson.

Mrs.  Mary Marsh,  of Muncie
MUNCIE Ind., Dec. 18.—The death of Mary Marsh, aged seventy-seven years, occurred this morning. She was the widow of John Marsh, who established the Indiana State Bank, Muncie's first banking institution, forty years ago. Until his death  he was at the head of this and the Citizen's National, now the Union National Bank. Ten years ago Sir. Marsh died suddenly. A son is Lieutenant Charles C. Marsh, private secretary to Admiral Sampson during the late war with Spain. Other children are Mrs. P. E. Mutchner, Indianapolis, Mrs. James L. Streeter, J. K Marsh. William M. Marsh and Mrs, Harriet Johnston.
Date: 1899-12-20; Paper: Indiana State Journal

Muncie Policeman Suicide,
Muncie, Ind., May 22.—(A. P.)— Albert Martin, 28, sergeant of Muncie police until Jan. 6, fatally shot himself in the head at his home here last night. He was said to have been despondent over ill health.
Kokomo Tribune Kokomo Indiana May 22 1930 page 2

James Meeks Choker to Death.
Muncie Ind., Nov. 23.—James Meeks, the eighteen-year-old son of John Wesley Meeks. choked to death tonight as the result of a gathering in his throat he resided near Selma,
Date: 1896-11-25; Paper: Indiana State Journal

Died of Nose Bleed
HARTFORD  CITY,  lnd.,  March 22—
Arthur Mock, the twelve-year-old son of James M Mock a prominent manufacturer of this city, died yesterday morning from the effects of nose bleeding. About six weeks ago his nose began to bleed and almost daily since that time it bled until the loss of blood resulted in death. A year ago while the boy was attending school at Muncie a playmate struck him the nose and it is believed that the blow caused the hemorrhage. His father is owner of the Hartford City foundry and machine works and is quite prominently known at Muncie where he resided before coming here.
Date: 1897-03-24; Paper: Indiana State Journal

Name of Deceased: Pettinger, Rebecca
Obit: NAL 12 Feb 1872 p4 c4: Died, Pettinger — At Muncie, Ind., January 17, 1872, Rebecca Pettinger, aged 18 years.
County: Delaware State: IN
Newspaper: New Albany Ledger
Submitters Name: Sue P. Carpenter

Muncie, Ind., April 13—Wlliam C. Pyle, employed at the C. H. Over pot factory, was lifting a heavy load two months ago and caused injuries that resulted in cancer and death Saturday evening. He was to have been married to Miss Ella Hutchings several weeks ago. Pyle came to Muncie from Bellaire, O.
Indiana Journal April 15, 1896

MUNCIE, Ind., April 13.—William C. Pyle. employed at the C. H. Over pot factory, was lifting a heavy load two months ago and caused injuries that resulted in cancer and death Saturday evening. He was to have been married to Miss Ella Hutchings several weeks ago. Pyle came to Muncie from Bellaire, O.
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 1896   Paper: Indiana State Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana)   Volume: LXXIX   Issue: 16   Page: Copy of 5

Reeser. - Christian Reeser was a native of Alsace, Lorraine, (Sangamese) which at the time of his birth was a part of France. He was born Sept. 15, 1819, a son of French and German parents. His father, whose name was John, was a Frenchman and native of Lorraine. While a soldier in France he met and afterwards married a German lady, who was born and reared in Germany. The father died while comparatively young, at the age of thirty-five years. His widow came to America and settled in Indiana, at which place she was laid to rest, at the age of sixty years. To this union were born four children, John, Joseph and Mary deceased; Christian, the subject of this sketch, being the only one living. He was reared in France and educated in the French language, but, as usual in those border provinces, he also learned to speak German. While a boy his occupation was herding sheep. In 1839, at the age of twenty years, he came to America with his brother John and a friend, Nicklos Murrier. The voyage was made in a sailing vessel, 45 days being spent on the Atlantic. He located on a farm in Butler County, Ohio. Thirteen years later, at the age of thirty-three years, in Delaware County, Ind., he was married to Miss Barbara Zimmerman, a native of Baden, Germany. To this union were born thirteen children; Joseph and Andrew deceased. The living are: John P. Reeser and Mrs. Fannie S. Ulrich of Nampa, Ida.; C. B. Reeser and Mrs. Anna D. Ulrich of Eureka, Ill.; Jacob of Albany, Oreg.; Mrs. Barbara B. Ummel of Reeds, Mo.; Samuel of Goodfield, Ill.; Mrs. Wm. Plaag of Peoria, Ill.; and Peter E. of Seattle, Wash. There are also 82 grandchildren and 101 great-grandchildren. Christian Reeser came to Montgomery Township, Woodford Co., Ill., in 1858 from Delaware Co., Ind. By wagon immigration. In 1895 he decided to quit farming and in doing so moved to Eureka, Ill., at which place he lived ten years. In 1903, at the age of seventy-two, his wife died. He then made his home in Missouri, with his daughter, Mrs. Ulrich, and came back to Illinois with her about four years later. In 1867 he was called to the ministry in the Mennonite Church, with which he united when a young man. He experienced pioneer experiences in the work of the ministry. Years ago his services were used largely in the community at large for funerals. His period in the ministry was 56 years. When he was 100 years old he spoke the last time. He enjoyed his work greatly, and his death was appropriately on the Lord's Day, for that is the day he appreciated most. He passed away on Sunday, Jan. 14, 1923. His age was 103 y. 3 m. 29 d. The funeral was held on Jan. 17. The church was crowded beyond capacity. Bro. Andrew Schrock preached in German on II Tim. 4:7, 8. Bro. Clayton F. Derstine preached in English on Acts 13:36. Bros. Sam Gerber and Valentine Strubhar assisted in the service. Peace to his ashes.
Submitters Name: Rollin Ulrich

YORKTOWN - Jack D. Robbins, 50, Yorktown, passed away September 25, 2006 at his residence following an extended illness. He was born March 28, 1956 in Muncie to the late Jack and Geneva (Dalton) Robbins and has been a resident of this area most of his life.
Mr. Robbins graduated from Southside High School in 1974. He joined the United States Army in 1980 to 1983 as a Military Police Officer and then re-enlisted with the Army again from 1987 thru 1993 where he was a Gulf War Veteran. He was a recipient of the Medal of Congressional Honor, the Bronze Star and the Good Conduct Medal. He was a local truck driver for thirteen years.
Jack was a member of the American Legion Post 327 of Cammack. He enjoyed being around family and friends, playing golf, NASCAR racing and also enjoyed being a natural comedian.
Mr. Robbins is survived by his wife of 20 years, Debby (Mantock) Robbins whom he married January 24, 1986; son, Josh Robbins; daughters, Megan Robbins and Emily Robbins all of Yorktown; step-daughter, Jody (husband - Jason) Brown of Yorktown; two brothers, Larry Stilts (Companion - Leslie) and Johnnie (wife - Beth) Robbins of Gaston; one sister, Rose Robbins (companion - Chad) of Muncie. Several nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins. Jack will be sadly missed by his family, friends and especially his two pets Oscar and Buck.
Mr. Robbins was preceded in death by his parents, Jack and Geneva (Dalton) Robbins, and one sister, Ruth Byrd.
Services will Saturday September 30, 2006 at 11:00 A.M. at Elm Ridge Funeral Home with Rev. Michael Osborn officiating. Burial will follow at Elm Ridge Memorial Park with Military Rites conducted by the Veterans of Delaware County Honor Guard.
Family will receive friends at Elm Ridge Funeral Home on Friday September 29, 2006 from 4:00 to 8:00 P.M.
In lieu of flowers a Trust Fund has been set up for Jacks children at Old National Bank of Yorktown, 8919 W. Adaline, Yorktown, IN 47396.
The Star Press Muncie - Sept 28, 2006
Newspaper: The Star Press Muncie
Submitters Name: Martha M Giggard

Mrs. Clara Ann Shimer
County Name: Delaware Co.
State: IN
Newspaper: Muncie Post-Democrat
Date: Oct 5, 1934
Submitters Name: Teresa Haines Rigney
Obit: Daleville---Funeral services for Mrs. Clara Ann Shimer, 67, wife of Marion Shimer, who died Monday night at her home south of town, after a brief illness, were conducted at 10:30 o'clock Thursday morning at the Pleasant Run church north of Daleville. Burial was made in the Jones Cemetery. She is survived by the husband, four daughter, Mrs. Mae Haydon, Mrs. Freda Cortwirght, Mrs. Grace Hoppes, of Anderson, Mrs. Hazel Rector: one son Forrest, of Anderson; a brother, B.O. Clevenger, of Alexandria; ten grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

MUNCIE Ind. July 18.—John A, Singleton, for several years superintendent of the city electric-light station, died this evening.
Date: 1898-07-20; Paper: Indiana State Journal

MUNCIE Ind.. Sept. 20.—William Stephens; of Findlay. died to-day at the home of his son. at Albany. The cause was  paralysis, superinduced from the excitement caused by his being robbed two weeks ago at Lima, while coming to Muncie. The old gentleman was quite wealthy, but the excitement incident to the hold-up unnerved him, and he was soon afterwards stricken.
Date: 1897-09-22; Paper: Indiana State Journal

At Daleville the 9-year-old son of Michael Stephenson fell under its father's wagon and was Instantly killed.
Date: Tuesday, December 15, 1891   Paper: Elkhart Daily Review (Elkhart, Indiana)   Page: 1

Date of Obit: May 17, 1968
    Carl C. Tolbert, 64, 3206 S. Pershing Dr., died Thursday in Ball Hospital.  He had been in poor health for several years, but was admitted to the hospital only Wednesday.
A native of Fairfield, Ill., Tolbert lived in Muncie most of is life.  He was a former employee of Ontario Manufacturing Co., Bell Machine and Engineering Co., and Ken-Bar Tool and Engineering.
    Surviving are his wife, Ama; three sons, Robert L. Tolbert, Sr., Carl E. Tolbert, and Forrest Tolbert, all of Muncie; a daughter, Mrs. Wanda Snider, also of Muncie; a sister, Mrs. Nora Helms, Daleville; two brothers, Kellie B. Tolbert, Muncie, and Clifford Tolbert, Farmland; two half-sisters, Mrs. Farris Searfoss, and Mrs. Esther Favors, both of Muncie; three half-brothers, Raymond and Roy Shell, and Fred Wells, all of Muncie, and 12 grandchildren.
    Friends may call at Meeks Mortuary from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday.  Services will be there at 1:30 p.m. Saturday with Dr. Homer Achor officiating.  Burial will be in Tomlinson Cemetery.
Delaware Newspaper Name: Muncie Star Press
(Submitted by Vickie Tolbert cabin_girl@msn.com)

A.M Van Nuys Died At Home In Muncie
Muncie Ind, Nov. 22 A.M. Van Nuys, 60, a veteran attorney and former judge of juvenille court here is dead following a stroke of paralysis. He was widely known in Indiana legal circles.
Date: 1922-11-22; Paper: Fort Wayne News Sentinel

Jane (Blease) Weeks
County Name: (Muncie)
State: IN
Newspaper: The Muncie Star
Date: Nov 27, 1963
Submitters Name: MMH
Obit: Death:
Nov. 26, 1963
  Mrs. Jane (Blease) Weeks, 45, Hartford City, wife of Claude Weeks, former Hartford City basketball coach, died in Ball Hospital Tuesday morning, following a brief illness. She was a Muncie native and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Blease, 121 Meeks Avenue. She was a 1936 graduate of Central High School, attended Franklin College and received both her bachelor and master degrees from Ball State College.
  She taught at Emerson School until about a year ago and before that had taught at Hartford City, North Vernon, and Ninevah. She was a member of the High Street Methodist Church in Muncie, and the Hartford City Psi Iota Xi Sorority. Mrs. Weeks was an employee of The Muncie Star society department while a student at Central High School.
  Surviving beside her husband and her parents are a son, Michael, a junior at Wabash College, and a brother, Cole Blease, Muncie.
  Friends may call at the Meeks Mortuary after 5 p.m. Wednesday and before services there at 10 a.m. Thursday. Rev. Sheldon Duecker, pastor of Grace Methodist Church, Hartford City, will officiate. Burial will be in Mount Tabor Cemetery.
  Her husband has been a patient in the Veteran's Hospital at Marion since Friday night. He was reported to be in serious condition Tuesday. He will not be able to attend funeral services.

Obituary from: The Muncie Star, Wednesday, Noverber 27, 1963, page 2.
Delaware County
Muncie, Feb. 1. Special. At an early hour this morning Mrs. Oliver Williams of Dunkirk, Jay county, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. H. Haus, in this city.
Several days since Mrs. Williams came to this city to visit her daughter, who was sick. Her worthless husband was in the soldiers' home at Marion. Learning his wife was here, Williams came to this city and at once went on a protracted spree. When his money, had expired he implored Mrs. Williams to replenish him with money that she had made keeping a boarding house. This the woman refused to do, and a quarrel ensued, which terminated in the drunken husband pulling an ugly pocketknife which he plunged into the left side of her neck, severing the outer jugular vein and inflicting a terrible wound. The man was jailed, where he has since been awaiting the result of his crime. The woman has for a long time been afflicted with asthma, to which the daughter attributes the direct cause of her mother's death, but that is thought to be only a scheme to protect the father from the awful charge of wife murder. Coroner Driscoll is closely investigating the case and will make a post-mortem examination.
Although the parties are nearly total strangers to our citizens indignation is very high, and a charge of murder in the worst form against Williams is what they want to sue him answer to. The man was much allected when he learned of his wife's death. He makes the same old plea, "Whisky did it."

Delaware County
Cambridge City Tribune (Indiana) June 19, 1873 Vol 9 No 7
Samuel P. Wilson, an old and respected citizen of Muncie, and long and familiarly known in connection with the Muncie National Bank, died on Friday evening at 10:50, of inflammation of the bladder, and after an illness of two weeks, at the advanced age of 77 years. He served with distinction as a soldier in one of the Virginia regiments in the War of 1812. He was the father-in-law of the lamented J. W. Burson, and formerly resided in Eaton, Preble County, Ohio.
Cambridge City Tribune June 19 1873 page 2 Transcribed and contributed by Barb Z.

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