Genealogy Trails


Cemetery  Name Latitude Longitude
Alexander Cemetery 382312N 0865936W
Armstrong Cemetery 382402N 0870026W
Augustana Cemetery 381422N 0870301W
Bailey Cemetery 382533N 0864527W
Bethel Cemetery 382625N 0870334W
Bretzville Cemetery 381736N 0865127W
Burton Cemetery 383021N 0864229W
Cavender Cemetery 382708N 0865455W
Central Cemetery 381559N 0870026W
Chattin Cemetery 382857N 0865546W
Cooper Cemetery 382849N 0865609W
Cox Cemetery 381726N 0864516W
Dillin Cemetery 382246N 0865851W
Dungan Cemetery 381828N 0864642W
Evans Cemetery 382322N 0865757W

Ewing Cemetery 382654N 0864826W
Fairmount Cemetery 381643N 0865745W
Gwin Cemetery 382931N 0865332W
Hagen Cemetery 381539N 0865450W
Harbison Cemetery 382839N 0865126W
Hardin Cemetery 382704N 0864809W
Hobbs Cemetery 382406N 0870202W
Hope Cemetery 382850N 0865305W
Main Cemetery 381840N 0865411W
Mayo Cemetery 381900N 0870056W
McKee Ditch 382234N 0865843W
Mount Vernon Cemetery 381227N 0865825W
Mount Zion Cemetery 381234N 0865923W
Mount Zion Cemetery 382345N 0870103W
Mount Zion Cemetery 382857N 0864859W
Payne Cemetery 382105N 0870017W
Reed Cemetery 382814N 0865452W
Risley Cemetery 382057N 0870420W
Robinson Cemetery 383026N 0864125W
Saint James Cemetery 381434N 0870301W
Sherritt Cemetery 382748N 0865734W
Wilhoit Cemetery 382321N 0865836W
Wininger Cemetery 383117N 0864252W
Adkins Cemetery 382222N 0864147W
Garland Cemetery 381757N 0864145W
Spencer Cemetery 381545N 0864300W
Taylor Cemetery 381602N 0864248W
Waddle Cemetery 381812N 0864211W
Saint Paul United Church of Christ Cemetery 381550N 0870247W

Bethlehem - Mentor Cemetery
Jefferson Township

Catholic Cemeteries
Jasper Township

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