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Martin A. Gosman died 14 Jan. 1929
born 18 July 1860 in Pa
Father Andrew
Mother Mary C.

Mary Gosman age 4 died Dec. 21, 1906
Cause of Death - Diphteria
Parents Martin and Mary (Theising) Gosman
Dr. J.P. Salb, Jasper Ind.
File Date Dec. 21, 1906
Recorded Book #1 Jasper Deaths Page 12 Local #268

Elizabeth Brang widowed
Date of birth Feb. 26, 1877
Date of Death Jan. 27, 2955
Cause of Death Artewriosclerosis & Cerebral Hemorrhage
burial Date Jan. 29, 1955 Celestine Cem.
Funeral Director Becher & Son, Jasper Ind
Recorded Book 7 County Deaths Page 181 Local #1807

Mary E. Brang age 54
Date of DeathL May 25, 1896
Parents: Fred Gossmann and Mary Friedel Gossman
Place of Death: Jasper, Indiana
Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Jasper Book #1

Mary T Gossmann age 34
Date of death: Oct. 18, 1902
Parents: Andrew J Gossman (birthplace Germany)
and Mary C. KeirGossman (birthplace Germany)
Place of Death: Jasper Indiana
Cause of Death: Typhoid Fever
Jasper Book #1

Mary C. Gossman age 52
Dateof Death: July 6, 1883
Married - Housewife
Parents: David Kerr and (no first name) Menifold Kerr
Cause of Death: Paralysis of Gastric Nerve, Pneumonia, Asthma
Filed Oct. 31, 1883
County Book #1

Andrew J Gossman age 58
Date of Death Dec. 14, 1888
Married: Sewing machine salesman
Parents: not recorded
Cause of Death: Cancer of Stomach
Duration of Illness 5 or 6 months
County book #1

Jacob Gosman
Deid May 28, 1888

Josephana Theres Gosman
Died Aug. 29, 1887
Daughter of Martin Gossman and Anna Knies

Andrew Gosman
Died Dec. 17, 1888

Elizabeth Gosman
Died Nov. 1, 1890
Daughter of Martin Gosman and Anna Knies

Theresia J Gossman
Died October 18, 1902 age 40

Helen Gossman
Died July 2 1903 age 19 daughter of Jacob

Peter Joseph Gossman
Died nov. 21, 1908 age 38 son of Andrew and Mary

Mary Rosa Gossman
Deid Dec. 21, 1906 age 5 daughter of Martin and Anna

Martin Gossman
Deid Jan. 14, 1929

Anna Gosman
Died Sept. 12, 1944

Source: Contributed Data from Kathyrn Todd
taken from Courthouse records

Record Number 302 - 9    -     Certificate of Death       Place of Death - County of Dubois - Twp. of Hall       Full Name  -  Louis Brang       
PARSONAL AND STATISTICAL PARTICULARS:    Sex  Mail (as written)  Color  White    Date of Birth  Aug 4, 1839    Age 62yrs 11 months 29 days.     Occupation:  Farmer     Birthplace:  Indiana    Place of Death:  Celestine , Ind.   Name of Father:  Andrew Brang   Birthplace of Father:  Germany    Maiden name of mother:  Mary Herbig    Birthplace of Mother:  Germany.     The above stated personal particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.  Signed:  Informant John Bleemel    Address:  Celestine, Ind.         
MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OF DEATH  -    Date of Death  Aug. 1st, 1903.    I Hereby Certify, That I attended deceased from 11 o'clock A.M. 1903 to ++ past 11, 1903  that I last saw him alive on Aug. 1, 1903 and that death occurred on the date stated at 12 o'clock A.M.   To the best of my knowledge and belief the cause of death was as follows:   Chief Cause:   Injury of chest and abdomen    Duration: about 1 hour     Signed: F. W. Schellhase, M.D.   August, 1903  Address:  Celestine, Ind.  Place of Burial or Removal:  Celestine, Ind.   Proposed date of Burial: Aug. 3, 1903     Undertaker:  Anton F. Miller    Address:  Celestine, Ind.  1903     Filed:  Sep 3, 11903    Anton F. Miller  Health Officer of Deputy.             
This transcribed and submitted by Kathyrn Todd (great granddaughter)    [only see one thing wrong and that is place of birth was W. Virginia, he came to Indiana as a child  and buried in church cemetery, Celestine]