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Claude White Dead of Typhoid Pneumonia
Probably Best Known Young Negro In Town Falls Quick Victim To Disease
Claude White, probably . the best known young negro in Elkhart, died at 11 o'clock this morning of heart failure brought on by typhoid-pneumonia. While "Whitey," as he was known, complained of ill-health at various times during the summer his death occasions surprise   as all of his acquaintances thought that his powerful constitution would pull him through. White, who was but little more than 21 years old was an athlete of marked ability. Although a fair baseball player, his greatest reputation was as a football player.. He played on the old Indian eleven and also on several smaller teams in Michigan. His love for the game was probably the indirect cause of his death. Against the .advice of friends he insisted on going to the game October 23 between the Astors and the Polish. Athletic Club of South: Bend. Here he contracted a cold which settled on his lungs and ultimately brought about his death.  He fought off the disease as long as possible but was compelled to take to bed last Wednesday. , He was somewhat better this morning and was sitting on the edge of the bed at the home of his parents in the rear of the elder White's barber shop, 120 West Jackson street, when the end came. His mother who was in the next room heard him when he fell to the floor and ran to his assistance. When she reached his side he was frothing at the moutlf. Dr. Frink was summoned but the end came before the arrival of the physician. Young White was a barber by trade but since the Truth fire in January he had been employed as night watchman at the Truth. Besides his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allan White, he is survived by a sister, Nora..Funeral arrangements have not been made.  [1904-11-03; Paper: Elkhart Weekly Truth]

Claude White's Funeral Tomorrow.
The funeral of Claude White who died suddenly yesterday will be held tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the house, 120 West Jackson street-
WAS NOT A NEGRO Father of Claude  White  Says He Came of Arabian Descent. The death of Claude White develops the fact that instead of being a negro as has been supposed, generally he was of mixed, descent, having Arabian, Indian, French and Italian blood in his veins. His father, Allan White, submits the.following to back up his statement: "Claude White's father was born in Green Isle, Arabia, and his mother in America. His father's father was born in Italy and and his father's mother in Arabia. His mother's father was a Frenchman and his mother's mother an Indian." [Date: 1904-11-03; Paper: Elkhart Weekly Truth]

Goshen, Ind. Nov. 28 -- Mrs. John M. Berkey of Goshen, wife of a retired farmer, today received a War Department message informing her that her adopted son, Merl J. White, an infantryman, was killed in action in France Nov. 4. [Indianapolis Star, Friday November 29, 1918 Transcribed by K. Torp ]

Mrs. John M. Whitehead of one mile west of New Paris died of a spinal trouble this morning, aged sixty-nine years. Her husband, to whom she was married forty-nine years ago, and two sons and three daughters survive. [1907-11-09;  Paper: Elkhart Weekly Review]

William Wilkinson, one of the oldest citizens of Elkhart County, died last Wednesday, from injured received in a fall. he for many years kept the Prairie Hotel, a favorite pleasure resort, in the neighborhood of Irwin and Moorehead. [Indianapolis Sentinel, 1872-08-05 ]

Mrs. Mary A. Wolf, formerly Mary A. Richards, was born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, March 27, 1826 and died at her home two and one half miles northwest of this place June 22, 1887, aged 61 years, 2 months and 26 days. She married L. J. Wolf at Richville, Elkhart County, Ind., November 26, 1854. She joined the M.E. Church at 16 years of age. She and her husband moved to Garfield County in December 1886. She leaves a husband and three children, two here and one in Warsaw, Ind. [The Ravanna Chieftain, June 30, 1887. Contributed by Peggy Thompson]


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