Genealogy Trails


Name of PensionerPost Office AddressCause for which pensionedMonthly RateDate of Original Allowance
Folgerson, WiljenEdwardsvillechr. rheum.$6.00Oct., 1880
McGunn, JamesEdwardsvilleshell wd. rt. should.$2.00Oct., 1882
Mottweiler, JacobEdwardsvilleg. s. wd. l. knee$1.00June, 1881
Ratliff, James H.Edwardsvilleinjury to abdomen$4.00--
Fisher, George W.Edwardsvilleshell wd. fing. l. hd.$2.00--
McMaster, MyronEdwardsvillefract. rt. leg$4.00--
Mottwiler, ElizabethEdwardsvillemother$8.00Jan., 1876
Fisher, JaneEdwardsvillewidow 1812$8.00Oct., 1878
Siltings, NancyEdwardsvillewidow 1812$8.00Feb., 1879
Holmes, ElizabethEdwardsvillemother$8.00Mar., 1863
Meriwether, John M.Floyd's Knobschr. diarrh.$6.00June, 1882
Hollis, Lewis A.Floyd's Knobsg. s. wd. rt. knee$2.00Dec., 1882
Parad, CharlesFloyd's Knobswd. through body$4.00Aug., 1866
Minshall, ElizaFloyd's Knobswidow 1812$8.00Mar., 1879
Long, WilliamGalenag. s. wd. r. shoulder$2.00--
Yerks, AndrewGalenainjury to abdomen$4.00May, 1873
Conrad, HenryGalenaminor of$10.00--
Treseuriter, MaryGeorgetownmother$8.00Aug., 1879
Brubeck, Elizabeth J.Georgetownwidow$8.00--
Fox, EmilyGeorgetownwidow$10.00June, 1879
Hise, GranvilleGeorgetowndis. of ankle$8.00May, 1876
Lafollette, Robert A.Georgetownloss r. eye$18.00--
Hinmelhaver, LawrenceGeorgetownw. wrist, &c$8.00--
Thomas, AbrahamGeorgetowninjury to abdomen$2.00Oct., 1880
Miller, Benjamin F.Greenvilleg. s. w. l. thigh$4.00--
Sampson, AlexanderGreenvilleinjury to abdomen$4.00July, 1882
Brown, Robert J.Greenvillewd. of abdomen$2.00June, 1879
Dodge, ThomasGreenvilleinjury to abdomen$4.00July, 1877
Martin, SarahGreenvillemother$8.00Mar., 1864
McDougle, ElizabethGreenvillewidow 1812$8.00May, 1879
Senseney, Peter G.Greenvillesurv. 1812$8.00Dec., 1872
Winchester, Fr'm'n H.Greenvillesurv. 1812$8.00Aug., 1878
Parsons, BurtonNew Albanyg. s. w. r. leg$10.00--
Irvin, Wm.New Albanyw. l. arm$6.00--
Neely, Winfried S.New Albanydis. stomach$18.00Feb., 1882
Creveston, Thos.New Albanyw. l. arm$4.00--
Volez, JohnNew Albanyrheum.$4.00July, 1882
McCoy, John C.New Albanyinj. of rt. hip$2.00Jan., 1877
Perry, WarrenNew Albanywd. l. thigh$6.00Feb., 1868
Payne, OliverNew Albanyloss r. leg$18.00Nov., 1865
Winterhalter, JamesNew Albanywd. left leg$2.00Aug., 1872
Nenemacher, Charles B.New Albanydiabetes$20.00Aug., 1881
Newcomb, ThomasNew Albanywd. rt. knee$2.00May, 1881
Neff, NicholasNew Albanywd. left thumb$2.00Dec., 1881
Thomas, WilliamNew Albanyg. s. wd. l. thigh$6.00May, 1876
Sendlewick, JohnNew Albanyg. s. wd. rt. hip$2.00Apr., 1878
Farabee, Alfred P.New Albanywd. left shoulder$4.00--
Glanville, JamesNew Albanywd. ft.$4.00--
Neafus, David B.New Albanywd. left leg$6.00--
Kennedy, PeterNew Albanyg. s. w. rt. leg$6.00--
Hammond, David M.New Albanyef. of typhoid fever$8.00--
Myers, John D.New Albanyinjury to abdomen$8.00--
Flanigan, EdmondNew Albanywd. left hand$18.00--
Bladen, Henry P.New Albanydiarrh. & piles$18.00--
Courdier, FrankNew Albanywd. l. thigh$2.00--
Bunch, James W.New Albanyw. rt. arm$12.00--
McMullen, Daniel H.New Albanypart'l deafness$4.00--
Krey, ChristinaNew Albanywd. rt. thigh$2.00--
Jackson, Thomas J.New Albanymal. pois. & chr. diarrh.$30.00--
Stroud, WiliamNew Albanydis. of abd. visc. & dis. lungs$14.00Oct., 1876
Stout, LeonidasNew Albanychr. diarr. & dis. lungs$20.00Dec., 1882
Shaw, Alvin B.New Albanyvaricose veins rt leg$4.00July, 1881
Yeats, Geo. W.New Albanyg. s. w. l. side$4.00--
Whitten, JohnNew Albanyepilepsey$18.00--
Wilson, James A.New Albanyinjury to abdomen$4.00--
Ryan, PatrickNew Albanypleuratic adhesion$18.00--
Willis, James H.New Albanywd. r. arm$6.00--
Wideran, ChristianNew Albanyinjury to abdomen$6.00--
Weber, JosephNew Albanyfract. of patella & wd. rt. knee$8.00--
Shook, JohnNew Albanyloss l. hand$18.00
Sittison, Laban B.New Albanywd. rt. leg$14.00
Stockdale, JamesNew Albanygran. conjuc.$18.00--
Schester, JacobNew Albanyophthalmia$18.00
Dawson, Benj. F.New Albanyinjury to abdomen$8.00Nov., 1881
Atkins, William R.New Albanysunstroke & res.$2.00Mar., 1882
Appleby, James R.New Albanyloss big toe rt. foot$2.00Oct., 1866
Beers, George H.New Albanywd. of back$5.00June, 1882
Davis, CorwinNew Albanyloss l. arm$18.00Sept., 1867
Brasher, Albert L.New Albanydis. eyes$8.00May, 1882
Atkins, HenryNew Albanyinjury to abdomen$4.00June, 1876
Carpenter, WilliamNew Albanywd. l. breast$4.00June, 1881
Humphrey, RichardNew Albanywd. l. side$2.00Sept., 1881
Kelly, Frank W.New Albanywd. rt. forearm & rt. thigh$2.00July, 1881
Kremenz, ThomasNew Albanywd. left hand & thigh$5.00Apr., 1866
Lemon, John H.New Albanychr. diarrh.$6.00Sept., 1881
Gowen, IsaacNew Albanydis. of lungs$4.00May, 1880
Moore, Harbin H.New Albanychro. conjunc.$4.00Aug., 1869
Morrison, Thomas G.New Albanywd. r. shoul.$25.00Apr., 1866
Miller, ConradNew Albanywd. l. thigh$5.33 1/3Apr., 1865
Green, Charles F.New Albanyg. s. wd. r. ankle$3.00Mar., 1878
Morris, Wm. C.New Albanyg. s. w. l. hd.$6.00--
Bargdolt, JohnNew Albanydis. eyes$12.00--
Long, Wm.New Albanyw. l. arm$6.00--
Saddler, Wm.New Albanyw. l. hip$2.00May, 1873
French, Stephen S.New Albanyamp. r. thigh$24.00--
Clark, Thos.New Albanyg. s. w. neck$10.00--
Daley, Wm. H.New Albanyg. s. w. r. hip$8.00--
Gillock, EdwardNew Albanyepilepsy$8.00June, 1882
Whetsel, Isaac H.New Albanyg. s. w. r. thigh$4.00July, 1879
Humphreys, MaryNew Albanymother$8.00Aug., 1868
Pre?at, FrancesNew Albanymother$8.00Mar., 1867
Martin, Mary A.New Albanymother$8.00Jan., 1878
Masch, RebeccaNew Albanymother$8.00July, 1876
Zulanf, HannahNew Albanymother$15.00Dec., 1875
Hislop, SallyNew Albanymother$8.00May, 1869
Hittner, SophiaNew Albanymother$8.00Sept., 1868
Courier, Mary M.New Albanymother$8.00Apr., 1865
Carpenter, LavinaNew Albanymother$8.00Oct., 1878
Schafer, CatharineNew Albanymother$8.00Apr., 1869
Fowler, JaneNew Albanymother$8.00Mar., 1876
Veron, MariaNew Albanymother$8.00--
Withers, Mary H.New Albanymother$8.00--
Richardson, AnnNew Albanymother$8.00--
Watkins, NancyNew Albanymother$8.00Feb., 1868
McMichael, MargaretNew Albanymother$8.00May, 1875
Gutfried, MargaretNew Albanymother$8.00July 1876
Bunk, Mary S.New Albanymother$8.00Feb., 1867
Knight, MillyNew Albanymother$8.00Apr., 1871
Smith, Lucinda C.New Albanymother$8.00Apr., 1863
Steller, MaryNew Albanymother$8.00Dec., 1879
Taylor, Mary A.New Albanymother$8.00Apr., 1869
Knapp, RebeccaNew Albanymother$8.00Nov., 1867
Manly, SilvaNew Albanymother$8.00--
Ruckert, CasperNew Albanyfather$8.00--
McAffee, JamesNew Albanyfather$10.00--
Byrn, MarthaNew Albanywidow$8.00Jan., 1868
Graham, Annie R.New Albanywidow$8.00Jan., 1882
Dunham, Melvina B.New Albanywidow$30.00Dec., 1882
Carman, Rosa A.New Albanywidow$8.00Mar., 1872
Weaver, SarahNew Albanywidow$8.00Oct., 1880
Sullivan, MatildaNew Albanywidow$8.00Nov., 1872
Richmond, EllenNew Albanywidow$8.00--
Martin, CleopatraNew Albanywidow$20.00--
Brooks, NancyNew Albanywidow$8.00--
Williams, Serelda E.New Albanywidow$8.00--
O'Connor, MaryNew Albanywidow$8.00--
Miller, MatildaNew Albanywidow$8.00--
Turner, Caroline A.New Albanywidow$8.00--
Springer, MatildaNew Albanywidow$8.00--
Davis, Belle R.New Albanywidow$22.00--
Briggs, Rheuhama D.New Albanywidow$20.00--
McBride, Martha E.New Albanywidow$17.00--
Buzby, LetitiaNew Albanywidow$17.00--
Keen, Margaret L.New Albanywidow$12.00--
McClelland, Ada E.New Albanywidow$34.00June, 1876
Peters, Mary E.New Albanywidow$8.00Jan., 1867
Roberds, Sarah E.New Albanywidow$10.00Feb., 1871
Ravenscroft, ElizabethNew Albanywidow$20.00Aug., 1871
Reswich, Sally H.New Albanywidow$8.00Aug., 1864
Stein, CatharineNew Albanywidow$8.00Dec., 1881
Ferry, DorothaNew Albanywidow$8.00--
Lowry, EmilyNew Albanywidow$25.00--
Christison, ElizabethNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Apr., 1879
Childs, AnnNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Mar., 1879
Smith, Mary AnnNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Oct., 1878
Dueker, NancyNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00July, 1874
Creamer, SarahNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Jan., 1879
Love, LucyNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Oct., 1878
Lightner, ElenoraNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Aug., 1878
Johnson, Sarah AnnNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Jan., 1879
Budd, Cynthia AnnNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Nov., 1878
Armstrong, MahalaNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Apr., 1879
Reisinger, AmandaNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Feb., 1879
Riley, AbigailNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Nov., 1878
Williams, MaryNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Feb., 1879
Monroe, FannyNew Albanywidow 1812$8.00Aug., 1876
Gibson, Mary F.New Albanywidow 1812$8.00Mar., 1879
Wesel, AgnesNew Albanywidow$8.00Feb., 1867
Muir, KeziahNew Albanywidow$8.00May, 1864
Stilts, Sarah M.New Albanywidow$8.00Apr., 1868
Rufsrecht, SarahNew Albanywidow$8.00Apr., 1876
McIntire, Catharine A.New Albanywidow$8.00--
Fleming, Mary J.New Albanywidow$10.00--
McFall, ElizabethScottsvillemother$8.00June, 1866
Hunt, MassaScottsvillesurv. 1812$8.00Apr., 1879

Transcribed by Mary Saggio


Barbara Ziegenmeyer 2006
Genealogy Trails

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