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Some Records from Cornelia Memorial
Orphan Home in New Albany, Floyd Co., IN

Children’s Records—Cornelia Memorial Home

Sharpe, John, 8 months; Brought 6/27/81; Died 9/9/1881
Mother: insane asylum; Father: Mathew Sharpe
Died at home of Martin Hanger; Harrison Co. Disease: Summer Complaint
Old Ledger No. 41

Sta_e, Estella,  20 mo.; Brought 8/12/1890; Died 1/13/1891
Mother died in Hospital of United Charities 8/1890; Of consumption.
Received from David Harbeson; Disease Ca Pneumonia
No. 3.

Slafe, Jennie  4 ½ years Brought 9/1/1890 Died 9/30/1890
Became ill in afternoon. Sept 29- Died Sept. 30, 1890
Dr. Chas. Bowman attending Inflammatory croup
No. 144

Grant, Zora; 3 mo.; Brought 1891; Died July 28, 1891
No. 166

Grant, David P. 11 yrs
Died at home of Rev. F. M. Tolbert; Pastor 1st Bap. Church.
Foster parents.

Perry, Bella; 8 yrs; Died 5/4/1884; Age 9 yrs

Last death  listed 7/5/1893
Next death listed  2/3/1933
Interval of 40 years.

Tyler, Eddie Carl; Admitted 1/13/1930; Died 2/3/33/
Flu- & complications
; Age 10 years

These with the exceptions of David Grant are buried in Fairview Cemetery on Orphans Home Lot. No. 8.

Colpin, Franklie; 2 mo; admitted 3/24/1893; Died 7/5/1893

Allen, Maryland; Floyd Co. Ward; Born 5-15-1936; Brot to Home 5-4-1937
Mothers name Mary; Father’s name Charles; Was taken out by  Mr. and Mrs. Claton Jeffersonville Sept 23, ‘37

Atkins Floyd Co.
Herbert born March. 21, ‘32
Mayme born Feb. 24, ‘29
Brot to home April 4, ‘38

Emogene b 11/24/13; Clark Co Ward; Brought to home 3/15/24
Mother lives at Charlestown; Father dead.
Sister, Margery Stailey took her to Terre Haute. ;Later was at Rockville Sanitarium.
Last address: H. C. Helvie, 1115 North St., Logansport.

Askern, Grace L. ; 6/12/19; Ward Harrison Co.; Brot to Home 2/13/28
Mother Viola Reynolds; Half sister to Lucille C____
Taken to Riley Hospital 8-15-32 for skin test; Suspicion Negro blood
Taken to “Brightsides”, Plymouth, Ind. Aug 28, 1932; Writes she is very happy.

Bailey – Ward Floyd co.; George Dallas b 5/10/19; Placed in home 8/7/22
Brot to Home by State Agt. 10/8/19; Had been placed by State with  Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Mullberry
Cointon Co. – 10/20/1922; Placed with Robert Barker; Palmyra – 7/12/31
Brought back 10-8-1930; By Mr. Millican from Mrs. S. B. Smith, Mulheny, Clinton; Out. Robert Barker, Palmyra 7-12-31.
Returned 11-10-32; Out 5/2/33; Henry Wheeler; Budd Road N. Albany; Dallas graduated 8th grade; County school May 1935

Baily, Violet; Violet – removed by State Agt. – placed with Rev. W. C. Rordick, 412 N. Center St. Plymouth.
Born July 4, 1916; Ward    Floyd; Brought    Aug 14-22;

Bane –
Louise born Clark Co. 4-12-23

Dorothy    3-23-25
Norma    1-14-26
Joe    2-20-29
Nadine    1-16-30
Mary    1-2-33
Placed in home Aug 17-37

Bailey    Floyd Co.
Ruth    b    12/3/08
Alva    b    5/23/17
George    b    5/10/19
Mabel    b    7/15/13
Violet    b    7/14/16
Mother – Gertrude Bailey Coleman; Ruth brot to home 8/5/22; Taken out 3/19/23 by Mrs. Ho_k, 1902 – Oak St.
Rumored to have married.; Alva – removed by St. Agt. 10/30/22 – John Windell ;Post Office New Amsterdam
Harrison Co. Central Washington Twp.; Geo. Removed by St. Agt.; Oct 20/22- separate page
Preceeding this – also known as Dallas
Mabel – placed by Mrs. Kurfees; Probation Officer at House of Good Shepherd, Indianapolis 6/4/25

Baxter – Laurence Co.
; Red’d.Feb 6, 1923
Father W. T. Baxter; Mother Jessie Allen
Mary b. 3/1914; Returned to Bedford by Bd. Of Managers 1/19/20
Letha Mattie, bo 2/6/17; Placed with Mrs. Paul Warren, Jeffersonville 8/10/23
Bennie L., 1/1909; Taken out by State Agt 3/23/23; Placed with R. Hackney
P. O. Union Mills RR

Brown – Clark Co.; Brot 3/10/28
Mother feeble minded ; Commitment papers-477
Clark Co. Court 478 479
Lillie May    b    9-6-1922
Steven            11-28-1923
John            12-7-1924
Charlie            11-22-1928
Mother remarried ; Children returned to her July 8, 1929
Lillie May, Steven &John returned – home – 3-22-1935
Charlie brought – 3-22-1935
Lillie placed in Ft. Wayne State School ‘37
Mother died.   

Father in jail.

Stephen  - placed with P. Smith Floyds Knobs. Returned in home and placed with Leonard Coats, Corydon, R. F. D. Jun 9, 1935
Charles – placed Mrs. Ed Hahn, New Salisbury . . June 8, 1935
John placed P. Smith. Floyd Knobs. June 1st.

—Transcribed from the book in the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library in New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana and submitted by Sue P. Carpenter

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