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Abstracts of Wills – Book A, 1818-1829

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Anders, Mary Ann
Anthony, John H.
Antwyne, John
Abhold, John
Armbruster, Louise C.

Barbey, John C.
Bentley, Laura J.
Blossom, James H.
Blum, John B.
Blunk, Joseph
Borkenheim, Elizabeth
Bostock, Mary
Brickler, Frantz
Briggs, Charles A.
Brocard, Magdaline
Brown, Edward Sr.
Brown, John
Brown, Nancy
Budd, William
Burns, Michael
Beard, Jonathan
Belser, Rosina

Callahan, Ida May
Cheatle, George
Connor, Benjamin
Connor, William C.
Cousins, Cora M.
Crawford, Randall
Conner, James H.
Dannecker, Frederick Albert
Dannecker, Mary
Davis, Squire
Dayton, Caleb C.
Dean, Annie
Didelot, George
Dieble, Mary
Dowerman, Mathais
Drysdale, Thomas
Day, Elizabeth
Duffer, William W.
Eberle, Adam
Edwards, David
Eicholz, John
Eismann, Gottlieb
Elliott, Theodore
Ellis, Runion
Endress, Josephine C
Farrell, John
Fitch, Marshall Mason
Fowler, Joshua W.
Freeman, Catherine
Garletz, Sophia
Garretson, Millicent
Gillig, John P.
Glenn, Rachel
Graff, Francis
Green, Alta A.
Gunkel, Ziprian
Hagan, John
Hagen, Joseph
Hamilton, Alexander
Hancock, William Sr.
Hand, Levi T.
Hasenstab, Mary Anna
Haslette, Ann
Hedden, Stephen
Heib, John
Henn, Franz
Herter, Jacob
Herzen, Wesley R.
Hinton, Sarah Ann 
Hicks, Mary
Hunter, David
Hutchinson, Charles
Himer, Mary
Hoppanjan, John

Isreal, Andrew F
Irion, Mary
Jennings, Francis
Jaegers, Theodore
Kegler, Peter
Keller, Susannah
Kelly, Sarah
Kihn, Gregore
Kirkwood, Anne
Korb, Margaret
Krousgrill, Conrad
Kesler, Christina Mary
Killian, Rudolph
LaFollette, Jacob
LaFollette, Robert
Lake, Mrs. Francis
Leach, John L.
Lentz, Frank
Lips, Lawrence
Livers, Anthony
Lutz, Mary
Lindemann, Nicholas
Louis, Claude
Mallory, Garrett
Manus, Christian
McCloud, Elizabeth
McQuirk, Josephine
Merriwether, John
Missywill, Michael
Mullineaux, Thomas L
Mann, Mary J.
Jeptha Martin
Nelson, Francis R.
Newburger, Samuel W.
Nicholson, John
Navill, Michael
Norton, Josephus Sr.
Ormond, James
Ott, John
O’Donnell, John
Payne, George W.
Plaiss, John
Pleiss, Anna B.
Plummer, Sally Ann
Plummer, William
Palmer, Jerry
Pey, John 

Rager, Kenard D.
Redman, Isaac
Reilly, Cornelia
Rice, Henry
Richards, Isaac
Ross, Peter Sr.
Rough, Rebecca
Russell, Rebecca
Sampson, William
Sarles, Henry
Sease, Jane
Shirley, Christian
Smith, Alonzo T.
Smith, Ann M.E.
Smith, Anton F.
Smith, David
Smith, John
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Martha
Smith, Minnie Augusta
Smith, Philip
Smith, Samuel L.
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Washington
Snider, George W.
Spickert, Nicholas
Stangle, Michael
Stein, Nicholas
Stoy, Henry B.
Stubblefield, Samuel
Swarthout, Joseph H.
Sinex, Carol
Salyards, Lester R.

Theiman (Thurman), Philip

Vance, Charles L.
Von Almon, Fred
Vredenbrugh, Richard Varick
Walker, Howard
Williamson, Catharine
Willson, Hiram
Wilson, Mary Daimon
Wininger, George
Wolfe, George H.
Woodruff, William C.
Wright, Susan
Wey, Michael
Warr, Fielding
Whitten, Mary
Yenawine, John
Yocum, Eva

Ziefull, Frederick August
Ziefull, Lucie
Will Newspaper Articles

Floyd Co., IN Wills
New Albany Ledger Standard 7 Apr 1877 p4 c6: Peter Buchheit's Will. The will of the late Peter Buchheit was today probated in the Circuit Court. He bequeaths all his property, real and persoNew Albany Ledger  to his widow, Barbara Buchheit, and appointed her as his executrix. At the time of his death, Mr. B. was possessed of considerable property. The witnesses for his signature are Jacob Herter and John H. Richards.

New Albany Ledger Standard 25 Jun 1877 p4 c2: The last will and testament of J. B. Fresco was admitted to probate in the circuit court today. He bequeathed the most of his property to his widow.

New Albany Daily Ledger Standard  23 Jan 1874 p4 c1: The last will and testament of Harriett Gott deceased, was admitted to probate today. Mr. John McCullough qualified as executor. She willed all her property, real and persoNew Albany Ledger , to her ___ [two?] daughters.

New Albany Ledger Standard 11 Dec 1876 p4 c5: Mrs. Keigwin's Will. The will of Mrs. James Keigwin, who died in Louisville last Thursday week has been admitted to probate. She bequeathed $500 to each of her grandchildren, who have lost their parents, $500 to the widow of Wm. Keigwin, in Texas, and $4,000 to her daughter, Mrs. Rebecca Merriwether, of Jeffersonville. The balance of the estate will be equally divided between her remaining seven children, James, Albert, Ephraim and Henry and her three married daughters. The estate is worth $100,000.

New Albany Ledger Standard 12 Aug 1876 p4 c1: The last will and testament of George Keller was read today.

New Albany Daily Ledger  Wed., 10 Jul 1850 p2 c5: State of Indiana, Floyd County, Sct. In the Floyd Circuit Court, May term, 1850. It is ordered by the Court that notice be given to Philip Lindsley and Mary Ann Lindsley, by publication in some newspaper of Floyd county, Indiana, for three successive weeks to appear at the next term of this court, on the first day thereof, and show cause why the letters testamentary heretofore granted to said Mary Ann, under the will of said Elias Ayers, deceased, should not be revoked. A true copy from this record and the next term of said Court will be holden at the court house in the city of New Albany, on the second Monday of August.  I. N. Akin, Clerk

New Albany Ledger Standard 23 Oct 1876 pr c2: The will of John O'Donnell has been admitted to probate.

New Albany Ledger Standard 2 Jan 1877 p4 c3: A Curious Will. Mr. John O’Donnell, for many years one of our most respected citizens, made the following will a short time before his death. He was an earnest, faithful Catholic and died strong in n the faith. Here is his will, which will no doubt seem curious to many readers: In the name of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I , John O’Donnell, being of sound mind, and after mature deliberations, of my own free will, make the following my last will and testament. I hereby direct my executor to pay, first of all, my funeral expenses and just debts; also to have one mass said for my soul in each week for one year after my death, also one mass for the souls of purgatory in each month for one year after my death, also one high mass on the anniversary of my death for seven years after my death; also, two masses for the souls of my parents inside of one year after my death. I give and bequeath unto my loving wife all the real and persoNew Albany Ledger  property which I may now possess, subject to the clause mentioned above, for her to hold and administer as she may think proper, as long as she may or will remain my widow. In case my wife should marry again, then I will that my property be divided equally between her and each one of our then living children. I hereby appoint my loving wife, my executor, and commend my soul to God, and request the prayers of my wife, children and friends. September 11, ‘76

New Albany Ledger Standard 29 Aug 1876 p4 c4: The wills of Susannah Rehfuss and Susan Roberts were admitted to probate yesterday. The former bequeaths all her property to Maria Schlermer, in return for the care bestowed upon her by the latter in nursing her while she was sick.

New Albany Daily Ledger Standard  Tues 21 Apr 1874 p4 c1: The will of Frederick A. Renz was admitted to probate today. Catherine M. Renz is named as executrix. Also the will of John Ott, with Barbara Mary Ott as executrix.

New Albany Ledger Standard 31 Oct 1876 p4 c5: Local PersoNew Albany Ledger Standard — Mr. James R. Shields executed no will.

New Albany Ledger Standard 23 Oct 1872 p4 c1: The Late Mr. Snively's Will. — The will of the late Daniel Snively was admitted to probate yesterday. The widow, Mary A. Snively, and her brother, John C. Culbertson, are named as executrix and executor. Mr. Snively left a handsome estate, real and persoNew Albany Ledger , which he bequeathed equitably to his wife and children. He held policies of life insurance in the Connecticut Mutual, American Life of Philadelphia, and Mutual Benefit of Newark, New Jersey, each $5,000. The will was written by himself, in lengthy, setting out the various bequests with exactness and without the least ambiguity. The only peculiarity in it, is an item enjoining upon one of the devises to appropriate the interest of $150 in bank stock to purchase yearly twelve bushels wheat for his nephew.

New Albany Daily Ledger Standard  26 Apr 1875 p4 c2: City Court. In the Circuit Court this morning, Judge Bicknell rendered an opinion in reference to the will of Joseph St. John, deceased, allowing the widow one-third of certain real estate, provided certain deeds are set aside., in addition to her statuary allowance of $500. In addition to this number of demurrers were argued, and all cases set for trial on the first day were continued.

New Albany Ledger Standard 13 Nov 1877 p4 c4: The will of George Stiller was probated today. He wills his entire estate to his widow, Louisa Stiller.

New Albany Ledger Standard 5 May 1875 p4 c1: Will of Jno. G. Tompkins. The will of John G. Tompkins was probated in the Circuit Court today. He bequeathed to his wife Nancy P. Tompkins, his real and persoNew Albany Ledger  estate to have and to hold during her natural life. His daughter, Martha J. Whitten, having received $1,000 to be charged to her, and at the death of his wife each of the surviving heirs to have the sum of $1,000. The residue of his estate, after making the balance of the heirs equal with said Martha J. Whitten. We do not know the value of the property of deceased, but he was wealthy and out of debt, comparatively.

New Albany Ledger Standard 14 Nov 1877 p4 c2: The will of Henry Twacthman was admitted to probate today. He bequeathed all his property to his wife, Minnie Twacthman.

New Albany Ledger  6 Feb 1872 p4 c2: The oldest Will Out. One of the oldest wills that perhaps was ever admitted to probate in this State was presented and proved this morning, in the Court of Common Pleas, by Judge Lafollette, attorney for one of the legatees. The will was executed by Jacob Yanawine, recently deceased in Georgetown Township, on May 2d, 1850, nearly thirty-two years ago. Both of the executors, and the two subscribing witnesses named in the will have long since passed away, years before the testator himself died, and the only way the will was proved as genuine was to prove the hand writing of the attesting witness. It seems a little singular that a person would neglect to change a will when he knew that the executors and witnesses to the instrument were dead.

NAET 12 Mar 1908 p4 c2: The will of Robert Boyden was admitted to probate today. He bequeaths his entire estate to his wife, Mrs. Sarah C. Boyden, whom he appoints to act with Karl C. Boyden as executrix of the will. The instrument is dated February 28, 1908, and is witnessed by William Deming and Theobold M. Sherlock.
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