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October 13, 1897..
Attica, IN. Oct. 6, 1897. 
 Incendiaries got in their work in Fountain county today. This afternoon about 2 o’clock the torch was applied to the buildings of the Newton Fair Association, located about 1 mile north of Newton and 9 miles south of this city. The flames were discovered before any great damage was done, and the fire was extinguished by the citizens. About y 0’clock tonight another fire was started and the large barn of Lew Kerr is now in ashes, together with its valuable contents, consisting of hay, grain and farming implements. Among the burned animals was the famous horse yellow jacket, with a record of 2:19. word was sent to “Williamsport”, just across the river from Attica, for Messner’s bloodhounds, and before 8 o’clock Mr. Messner and his dogs were en route to the scene. The loss to the Newton Citizens will be considerable.
Covington, IN.
Feb.4,1898. Azro Arms, who went to Florida to bring to justice the assassins of his brother, will soon leave that State to return North. Ira Arms owned 400 acres of land near Esmeralda, Fla. Which he fenced up, incurring there the dislike of cattle owners in the neighborhood.  ____ crackers wanted this land to graze their own cattle. He was also an active party worker for the Republicans.  It is thought these are the reasons for his murder. Azro Arms has been notified that if he does not wish to share the fate of his brother he will get out of the State at once.
Covington, IN.
June 25,1898. The Fountain County Republican convention met at Veedersburg this afternoon, and nominated the following ticket: Clerk, Ben Wilbur, Attica;   *  Auditor. Challen Spinning, Covington,   *  Treasurer. Lincoln Lang, Aylesworth;  *  Sheriff, Cal Scherer, Veedersburg,   *  Coroner, Dr. Jackson, Kingman.   *  Recorder,  James T. Bell, Covington,    *  Commissioner. Thomas Ratliff.
COVINGTON, Ind, July 10.—The Covington Republican, formerly the Covington People's Paper,  the oldest in Fountain county, has been sold to Mr. Thomas Clifton. ex,-editor of the Warren Review. On the death of Editor Gwynn Mr. Clifton tried to secure possession of the paper, but could not succeed In closing a deal with the owners until this week. Mr. Clifton is an old man in newspaper work and will edit the Republican on a strictly Republican basis.
News Of the Week Current Events (News Article) Date: 1897-07-14; Paper: Indiana State Journal
Seymour, Ind, July 11—The severe storms which passed over this section the psst two days have done great damage to growing crops. Yesterday morning a heavy wind and rainstorm; accompanied by lightning, struck this city from the northeast. Lightning struck the smokestack on the "Gold Mine" dry goods building, a three-story structure, completely shattering It, and knocking down several of the employees of the pants factory, which is on the third floor. Trees and telegraph poles were blown across the P. C. C. & St. L. Railroad track, causing a delay of trains for several hours, A portion of the stack on the save factory was blown away, fields of corn were blown down, and even stalks broken, melon and nutmeg vines were ruined and awnings all over the city were blown down.
News Of the Week Current Events (News Article) Date: 1897-07-14; Paper: Indiana State Journal
Covington,  Ind.. July 11 - In the latter part of June, John Hays, of Attica, came to Covington as a detective to find out who of the saloon keepers were violating the liquor law. He succeeded in bringing Indictments and having fined all of the saloon men but one. A few days ago an accomplice ot the saloon men took out a warrant for the arrest of Hays on a charge of drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Hays was brought to this city yesterday, pleaded guilty, paid his line and was discharged.
Last night one of the saloon men who had been fined, together with the accomplice who had Hays arrested, called on Hays at his boarding house and called him to the street. Without ado they began to pelt him with beer bottles and bricks Hays succeeded in escaping from the hoodlums, but was considerably cut and bruised. Hays was taken to the railway station under  police escort and returned home.
News Of the Week Current Events (News Article) Date: 1897-07-14; Paper: Indiana State Journal
Covington, Ind.. Sept 30.—Mrs. Sobrina Shoemaker celebrated the one-hundred-and-thlrd anniversary of her birth at the home of Mrs. Rebecca. Bever. In this county, last Saturday. Mrs. Shoemaker was born In .North Carolina, in 1795 and moved to this county in 1832. Her husband was a soldier in the war of 1812 and she now receives a pension. She has been successful in directing her farm and is considered a wealthy woman.
Source: Indiana Journal Oct 5, 1898
Covington, Ind., Jan. 13. — The case of Gilbert Crumley under Indictment for the murder of his, wife Anna, was called for trial to Fountain circuit court. Mrs. Crumley was murdered In her, home In Attica, the night of October 1.
Date: 1913-01-13; Paper: San Jose Mercury News
COVINGTON, Ind., Aug. 13.—The old settlers' of this county had their annual reunion at Yeddo today. Over 5.000 people were present. Hon. James A. Mount. Republican candidate for Governor, delivered the principal address, being listened to attentively as he described the conditions of the past and present. His address was one that pleased the large audience as well as being highly Instructive. A sad Incident happened this afternoon to mar the otherwise most pleasing gathering. The ten-year-old daughter of William Hutts was standing near a "merry-go-round" when one of the wooden horses, becoming loosened, swung out and struck her in the left temple. In falling she struck against something that caused another wound just opposite In her right temple. The blood gushed from both sides of her head, and although tenderly cared for, she soon died.
Date: 1896-08-19; Paper: Indiana State Journal
John A. Froyd, of Attica, a Swede, went home last winter as the agent of an emigration company, and returned recently with about one thousand Dane and Swede emigrants, one car load of whom will settle at and near Attica.
Date: Monday, June 7, 1869   Paper: Cincinnati Daily Gazette (Cincinnati, OH)  Page: 1

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