Genealogy Trails
Franklin County, Indiana

Klemme, William H.Feb. 17, 1849Franklin Co., IN
Harrell, EdmundJune 29, 1809Franklin Co., IN
Harrell, Samuel S.
Jan. 18, 1838
Fairfield Twp. Franklin Co., IN
Higgs, John Milton
Apr. 5, 1842
Brookville, Franklin Co., IN
Lewis, Moses
Feb 5, 1830
Franklin Co., IN
Whitney, Lee R.July 28, 1866Cedar Grove Franklin Co., IN
Whitney,Feb. 8, 1839Cedar Grove Franklin Co., IN
Moore, Mary AnnFeb. 28 1815Franklin Co., IN
Hawkins, ReubenJan. 21 1834Franklin Co., IN
Schwegmann, Henry F.Nov. 10, 1866Franklin Co., IN
Poague, NancyFeb. 16, 1840Franklin Co., IN
Davidson, James O.Mar. 8 1839Franklin Co., IN
Shafer, Daniel S. (Captain)Nov. 28, 1838Franklin Co., IN
Saylor, John B.Apr. 11, 1807Franklin Co., IN
Simmons, Sarah A.Mar. 9, 1849Franklin Co., IN
Kendal, AlbertDec. 25, 1854Franklin Co., IN
Piatt, WilliamOct. 23, 1816Franklin Co., IN
Burch, Mary AJDec. 15 1824Franklin Co., IN
Davis, AlmiraAug. 30, 1816Franklin Co., IN
Peterson, FlorenceSept. 13, 1848Franklin Co., IN
Peterson, Benjamin FranklinNov. 22, 1849Franklin Co., IN
Peterson, WilliamAug. 23, 1842Franklin Co., IN
Peterson, Samuel GilletteJune 3, 1839Franklin Co., IN
Spadling, AlfredMay 17 1823Franklin Co., IN
Halberstadt, ZipporahAug. 22, 1817Franklin Co., IN
Piatt, WilliamOct. 23, 1816Franklin Co., IN
Craig, John M.D.Apr. 23, 1835Franklin Co., IN
Cumback, WillMar. 24, 1829Franklin Co., IN
Neff, Henry B.Oct. 14, 1821Franklin Co., IN
Wagner, John F.May 22 1877Franklin Co., IN
Longfellow, William JohnsonDec. 30, 1842Franklin Co., IN
Marlin, WilliamFeb. 19, 1852Franklin Co., IN
Wallace, Lewis
Apr. 10, 1827
Brookville, Franklin Co., IN
Hammond, Edwin P
Nov. 26, 1835
Brookville, Franklin Co., IN
Martin, Charles B.
May 28 1841
Brookville, Franklin Co., IN
McClure, John
Sept. 16, 1849
Brookville, Franklin Co., IN

Source: Researchers Contributions

History of Wayne, Fayette, Union and Franklin Counties, Indiana
The Lewis Publishing Co., 1899

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