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Bloomfield IN
March 21, 1899
Twelve years ago Elisha Rainbolt was murdered  in the eastern part of Green County by John and William Brown, who escaped. Last Wednesday Sheriff McLaughlin, of this county arrested the two men at Humboldt, Illinois. and they are now in the Bloomfield jail. The murder was committed in August 1888, in the little town of Jonesborough. The Brown boys are brothers, and a few days before the murder Rainbolt, who was a constable, had arrested a cousin of the Browns, handling him so severely that the Browns swore to have vengeance.  The following Saturday they came to Jonesborough, picked a quarrel with Railbolt and beat him to death. The murder was committed in day time in the presence of a crowd. The grand jury at the last term of court found a new indictment against the Browns.

Bloomfield, In.
Dec. 30, 1898. Dr. E.E. Gray, who stabbed to death his companion, Lizzie Skinner, yesterday, got out of Bloomfield none too soon yesterday. The prisoner was taken to Bloomington by Sheriff McLaughlin to avoid a mob and then to the prison in Jeffersonville. For Three yrs, Lizzie Skinner had been living with Gray. Recently she became false to him and received attention of men at Bedford and Bloomington, which aroused Gray’s jealously and he announced his intention of taking her life. On the evening before the murder the woman failed to keep and engagement, and yesterday, when he learned she was going away, he killed her. Lizzie Skinner’s body was taken to the home of her parents today, and buried this afternoon.

Indiana Notes.9,14,1898
The 8th annual meeting of the Greene County teachers’ institute is being held at Bloomfield, County Superintendent H.E. Cushman presiding. The instructors are Prof. W.H. Mace, of Syracuse, N.Y. and Prof. D.A. Owen, of Franklin, IN. About 200 teachers are enrolled.

Indiana State Journal 1899-12-13
The State Board of health has received word of the prevalence of anthrax near Switz city, Greene County. the local health officer said that within five days one-half of a herd of sixty cattle had died from the disease. Dr. Hurty said that the case at hand emphasized the need of a veterinarian in connection with the State board Of Health.

Bloomfield. Ind, July 7.- Superintendent A. T. Hert. of the Indiana Reformatory, was here to-day and gave out that John A. Pate, cleric of the Reformatory, resigned last Monday. Mr. Hert announced the appointment of Joseph E. Shryer,
of Bloomfield, to till the vacancy. Mr. Pate Is also a Bloomfield man.
News Of the Week Current Events (News Article) Date: 1897-07-14; Paper: Indiana State Journal

A telephone system is to be established in Green county connecting Worthington, Linton, Bloomfield and Switz City.
The Warren Republican February 28 1895Daily Eugene Guard (Eugene, OR) – Thursday, May 7, 1896

Honored Abroad – Salem Statesman: “Charles E. Henderson, well known in Lane, Linn and Marion counties, a graduate of the state university and an unsuccessful champion, in the big oratorical contest of 1893, in Salem, has been nominated for the legislature of Indiana, from Green county, and stands a fair show of going in along with the rest of his republican colleagues.”  His many friends in Eugene hope he may be successful.
Jim Dezotell

Sangamo Jounal, Vol 9, No 87, 23 Sep 1856
On the 6th instant, Dr. P.M. Meause, a druggist of Bloomfield, Greene county, Indiana, shot a young man named J. Rainwater, in the most cold-blooded manner. The Doctor had got enraged at him and was proceeding to cowhide him, but the young man fled, whereupon Dr. Meause deliberately drew his revolver and fired two shots after him, the second on taking effect in the abdomen and causing death in fifteen minutes.

Sangamo Journal/Illinois State Journal, Vol 9, No 115, 3 Nov 1856 - transcribed by J.S.
Notes are in circulation purporting to be the issue of the Indiana State Bank at Bloomfield, Indiana. There is not such bank in existence.

Indiana Farmer, Vol 2, NO 29 (Salem, Washington, IN) 9 Jan 1824 - transcribed by J.S.
From the Indiana Gazette.
14. An act for the re-location of the seat of justice of Green County.

Western Sun & General Advertiser, Vol 18, No 9 (Vincennes, Knox County, IN) 7 Apr 1827 - transcribed by J.S.
Mr. Sheldon Cadwell of Windham, Green County, has invented a Set Augur, for the purpose of boring the hubs of wheels, for the reception of boxes of any dimensions. The machine is very simple in its construction, of course cheap, and not liable to get out of repair. It combine exactness in its operation, with ease and despatch. A single hub can be prepared for the reception of the boxes, in fifteen minutes. The expense is about five dollars.


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