Heth Township, Harrison County, Indiana

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Hervey (Harvey) Heth, son of Capt. Henry & Agnes McMahon Heth, born April 28, 1770; died Nov 2, 1816.  Harvey Heth is buried on the Phoebe Miller farm (widow of Hardin Miller) on the west side of Buck Creek in Heth Township, Harrison County, Indiana. This grave is not too far from the old Squire Boone place. Hervey Heth was supposed to have been buried in the cave with Squire Boone but his family objected so he was buried on his farm.


Hervey Heth bought William Henry Harrisons patent for the land where Corydon stands and is credited with laying out the Town of Corydon.


HarveyHeth entered fractional sections 2 & 11, T6, R3, 684 acres in 1807. This land is east of Mauckport on the Ohio River and opposite Brandenburg, Kentucky.


The heirs of Harvey Heth entered the west half of Section 25 on Buck Creek in Heth Township in 1818. Here is where Heth’s Mill stood


Heth Township was named for Hervey Heth.


It is said that a Mr. Jinkins cut up Harvey Heth’s head-stone into whetstones. It is not known whether there were other graves near Harvey Heth’s or not.



Source of Information : The above was typed as found in Frederick P. Griffin’s book, “Harrison County Cemeteries.” This three volume set is maintained at the Frederick Porter Griffin Center for Local History and Genealogy, 117 West Beaver Street, Corydon, Indiana, 47112, Phone: (812) 738-4110.


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