New Albany Daily Ledger August 1, 1864 
Among the soldiers transferred to the hospital at Nashville are the following
J. Gresham, G 42nd Indiana; right arm.

New Albany, IN. Dec. ?(unreadable) .1898.. 
An effort is to be made by the commercial clubs of this city and Jeffersonville to have a cavalry and infantry post established by the War Department at some point on the Ohio River between the 2 cities.  The movement has been agitated for several years, but no concerted action was taken until recently. Today committees composed ofJudge J.H. Stotsenburg, Charles Day, and Jacob Sapinsky, of this city, and Mayor T.B Rader, I.F. Whitesides andM.H. Myers of Jeffersonville, drafted a letter, copies of which was sent to Senator Fairbanks and the Indiana congressmen, urging them to assist in this movement. In May, 1893, the major general then commanding the army, in a report to the secretary of war in reference to a post between new Albany & Jeffersonville, stated that “the place suggested would be a very good site for a military post, and it may be anticipated that the interest of the military service will make it desirable that a post be located there at some future time”. During the civil war Camp Jo Holt was located on the site of the proposed military post.

Local Families date to Revolutionary War

Some of the familiar local family names are among those of 71 Revolutionary War soldiers who were brought home to Harrison County for burial or came here to live and died here. Arville L. Funk, president of the Corydon Rotary Club, discussed the lives of some of the soldiers in his talk Tuesday at the club luncheon.

The Applegate name Is a historic one that dates to the 1630's when the family lived on Long Island, N Y. Some Applegales moved to Pennsylvania and Indiana In 1800, and some settled In Heth Township.

John Baldwin (1763-1838) settled near Central and married Into the Rhoades, family. James Bliss came here In 1810 from Connecticut, aettled In Heth Township, died In 1831 and was burled in the Applegale-Pitman Cemetery Squire Boone wan talked Into coming here from Pennsylvania by his famous brother. Daniel He lived In Shelby County, Ky for some time and became the largest land owner. He fought In many Indian battles but was never captured Congress officially recognised Squire and Daniel as veterans of the Revolutionary War while Squire was living in Harrison County In 1813.

George Charley, another highly-respected local citizen, who lived from 1763 to 1833, is buried on the David Charley farm northeast of Corydon, which was owned by a descendant of Mrs. George Miles, who died just a few years ago.

John Cline. the first Cline in this county, lived near Lanesville and is buried on the Blank Farm. Peter Deatrick, who was responsible for starting Catholic churches in Dogwood and Buena Vista, was buried in the Deatrick Cemetery in Boone Township in 1832. John Frakas, a Kentucky Indian fighter, came here in 1838 and is buried at Cross Roads Cemetery.  Henry Funk (1739-1815) and John Lemmori (1740 - 1811) were with the George Rogers ClarkCommand and helped  create the town of Clarksville. They both later sold their land grants and settled here, Funk near the Overflow Pond, where  he was buried, and Lemmon near New Middletown.

The first white man in Harrison County was John Harbeson (1755-1829). He fought in some 71 Indian battles and was  influential in politics when Corydon was the territorial capital. He was buried on the Harbeson farm west of Lanesville. Phillip Shuck (1760-183S) settled east of Corydon where Dr. Carl Dillman now lives.
Edward Smith, born in England in 1754, was the first settler to five near the spring in Corydon (Harrison County Fairgrounds). William Henry Harrison stayd at the Smith home, and it was Smith's daughter who, the story goes, sang the song "Corydon" and inspired Harrison

Proof 71 Harrison  In the Revolutionary War Harrison Countians served in the Revolutionary War is documented

At least 71 Revolutionary War veterans were either pensioned or buried in Harrison County, the new Bicentennial Book published this year by Arville L. Funk and the County Bicentennial Committee shows.

"In addition," Funk says, "there is scattered information on 14 other persons which in one source or another are listed as Revolutionary War soldiers and are buried in Harrison County." Complete proof so far is not available on the 14, Funk says.

Harrison County is one of the leading counties in Indiana in the number of Revolutionary War soldiers who died or were pensioned here. This is probably because of her importance in the early history of the state. Many migrating war veterans settled in Harrison County at about the time of statehood.

Also, pointed out by Historian Funk, "George Rogers Clark's expedition stopped in the county during his expedition to Vincennes in 1778."

Henry Funk and John Lemmon who were with Clark returned to Harrison County to settle. Edward Smith, a supposed deserter of the British Army, and later a British prisoner of war after he joined the American Army, settled near the present site of the fairground spring. Smith was the first settler of Corydon.

Other early Harrison County settlers are mentioned in the Bicentennial publication.

Patrick Hunter, now buried at Rhoboth Cemetery, survived the famous Lochry Massacre that occurred near Aurora. After his release by the British, Lochry returned to Indiana and settled in Boone Township.

John Gaither, buried at Little Flock Cemetery in Taylor Township served in the First Maryland Battalion as a First Lieutentant.

William Marsh, buried at the Marsh Cemetery  near Laconia, served as a Captain in the Pennsylvania Militia. Other famous early pioneers of Harrison County were veterans George Charley, John Hurst and John Harbison.

First one is Philip Acre. He was born in Pennsylvania Aug. 20 1754. He married Catherine Acre. He dM Aug. 8, 1843 and was buried in Harrisorf County. Hie book lists "proof of service" as "Pension Claim W 9600." John Alibi, born in 1799, is the second name listed in the book. Hie married Polly Allin. John All in served in the North Carolina Militia, and served three tours in North Carolina against the Indians. He died Dec. 28, 1832. Pension claim R. 135.

Garrett Applegate. Born Nov. 2, 1752 in Virginia; married Mary Johnson. Received six promotions; progressed from private to colonel. Died Sept. 21, 1837. Buried in Applegate Cemetery, Heth Township Harrison County, Ind. Proof of service Pension Claim Inv. File 32098.

Robert Applegate. Born Mar. 13, 1759, near Princeton, N. J. Married Mary Applegate. Drafted in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Served as private, and became captain in Minton County, Virginia. Died "after Oct. 11. 1845 ". Probable burial was in Applegate Cemetery. Heth Township, Harrison County, Ind. Proof of ser: Pens. S. 32097..

George Armstrong. Born before 1780 in Ndw York. Married Sarah Faix. Served in New York Regiment of the Continental Army. Died about 1808, Buried at Corydon. Proof of service: Revolutionary War Record of New York Regents.

Sherman Babcock. Served in Continental Army. Birthplace unknown. Died in Missouri. Buried in Knox County, Missouri. Proof of service: Pensioned in Harrison County.

John Baldwin. Born April 12, 1736 at Washington Pennsylvania. Married Jane House. Served in Pennsylvania Ranger Regiment. Died in 1838. Buried in Harrison County, Ind. Proof of service: Pennsylvania Archives Vol. 23, page 212; D. A. R. No. 58285.

John Barnett. Probably born in Virginia Married Miss O'ConneL Was a private in Virginia Continental Line. Died in October 1816. Buried in Harrison County, Ind. Proof of service: Pen. S. 12963.

Joshua Bennett. Bom in 1763, Bennett served in the Militia of Charles County, Maryland in 1781. Died about 1840. Buried in Rehoboth Cemetery, Boone Township, Harrison County, Ind. Proof of service Maryland Archives Vol. 18, page 406.

James Bliss. Born in 1762 at Middletown. Conn. Served as private and captain in James Davtas' County, Waterbury's Brigade, Connecticut State Militia. Died Aug. 2, 1831. Buried in Applegate Pitman Cemtery, Heth Township, Ind "stone." Proof of service: Record of Service of Connecticut men in Revolutionary War.

Andrew Blunt. Born in 1760. Married Mary Calhoun. Service included three years Westmoreland, Pa., 8th Pennsylvania Regiment. Died May 6, 1821 Buried Blunt Cemetery, Webster Township, Harrison County, Ind. Proof of service: Pension Claim r. 987.

Squire Boone, Jr. Born Oct. 8, 1744 in Bucks County, Pa. Married Jane Van Cleve. Service, "Patroit Kentucky, defense of Boonesborough." Died August 1815. Buried in natural cave on east bank of Buck Creek, Harrison County, Ind. Proof of service: The Boone Family, pages 72 and 82 to 88.

EDITOR'S NOTE: this concludes the listings of the Revolutionary War soldiers tailed In Harrison County whose names begin with A .and B. Names of these whose names begin with C, D, E, F and G will be given in the next Installment.

Fifteen Revolutionary  Soldiers under H, I, J, K, L (Some graves found in county)

A number of the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers in Harrison County are known and listed on maps. Some are marked fairly adequately, while others should be given additional attention. As listed in the Bicentennial Book of the Harrison County Bicentennial Committee edited by Arville L. Funk, Revolutionary War soldiers whose bodies were buried in Harrison County, printed alphabetically under H, I, J, K and L these names are found:

John Harbison (Harbeson). Born 1755, Perm. (Catherine English, Patsy Randall and Nancy Morgan). Service 5th Battalion, Ph&la. Militia, Lincoln Co., Ky Militia. Died May 1,1829. Buried Harbison farm,  one  mile  west  of Lanesville, Harrison County, Ind. Proof of service: Penn. Archives.

Abraham Hiested. Born Aug. 11, 1782, Northamton, Perm. Married Magdalina Strickler. Service Pvt., Capt. Peter Kooken's Co., 1st Battalion, Northamton Co. Penn., Militia. Died Feb. 13, 1848. Buried New Albany, Ind. Proof of service: Family records.

Prosser Hogan. Born 1764. Service Guilford Co., N.C., Capt. Anthony Sharp Co., Col. Clarke Regt. Died 1830. Burial place unknown. Proof of service: Pension Claim S. 36592.

Patrick Hunter. Born 1760, North Ireland. Married Nancy Jack. Service Ensign, Lieut. Isaac Anderson Co., Col. Archibald Lochry Regt. (Captured —Lochry's Massacre.) Died May 9, 1848. Buried Rehoboth Cemetery, Boone, Twp., Harrison County, Ind. "Stone." Proof of service : Pension Claim S. 17501.

John Hurst. Born 1732, Shenandoah Co. Vir. Married Ludia Smith and Mary Lindsey. Service Lieutenant, militia of Shenandoah Co., Vir. Died 1825. Buried in Old Hursttown Cemetery, Jackson Twp., Harrison County, Ind. "Stone." Proof of service: History of Shenandoah Co., Virginia.

Samuel Irvin (Irwin). Bom Feb. 1760, Virginia. Married Janet Brewster. Service: S.C. Militia (in Battle of Gowpens.) Died Aug. 3, 1837. Buried Cedar Hill Cemetery. Corydon, Ind. "Stone." Proof of service: (none).

Hensons Johnson. Born Feb. 25, 1763, Frederick County, Virginia. Service in Virginia Militia, Col. Willis Regt. Died Jan. 19,1858. Buried Blunk Cemetery near Elizabeth, Harrison County, Ind. Proof of service: Pension Claim S. 18171.

John Keithley. Born Jan. I, 1755, Germany. Married Mary Ann Riblen. Service Patroit, N.C., supply service. Died July 28, 1835. Buried Harrison County, Ind. Proof of service: D.A.R. No. 153574.

John Keller. Born 1750, North Tampton Penn. Married Mary Keller. Service: (supply service.) Died Nov. 29, 1815. Buried Harrison County, Ind. Proof of service: D.A.R. No 392164

Casper Kemp, Born 1757. Service Philidelphia Co., Col, Dark Regt., Capt. Bell Co. died after 1822. Buried near Alton, Crawford County, Ind. Proof of service: Application for pension, Old Record Book, Harrison County Courthouse, Corydon.

Robert Kirkham. Born 1754 Augusta Co., Virginia. Married Jane Boyd. Service John Holder's Co., Madison Co., Ky., Militia. Died after 1800. Buried in Harrison County, Ind. Proof of service: Collins History of Ky. Volume 1, page 13.

George Lefler. Born about 1752. Service Pvt., Capt. Bell Co., Col. John Gibson Regt., Vir. Line (2 years). Died, unknown. Buried, unknown. Proof of service: Pension Claim S. 35522.

John Lemmon. Born Nov. 6, 1740, Ireland. Married Sarah Stansburg. Service Artillery, Providence of Maryland, Gen. George Rogers Clark Command. Died Mar. 31, 1811. Burial place unknown. Proof of service: Clarks Land GrantRoster.

John Long. Born Dec. 25,1755 Louisa Co. Vir. Married Delila Elliot. Service Pvt., Col. Muhlenburg Regt. Vir. Line 4 years. Died May 20, 1828. Buried in Highfill's burying ground near Corydon, Ind. "Stone." Proof of service: Pension Claim W. 10200.

Mason  Lunsford. Born about 1765. Service Pvt., Capt. Bailey  Co., Col Montgomery Regt. Vir. Line 2 years. Died 1843. Burial place unknown. Proof of service: Pension Claim S. 32387.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Names of Revolutionary War partially Identified with Harrison County total 71. Forty-three of the names are listed In articles In the Dec. 24, Dec. 31 and this Issue, above. Names of Revolutionary War soldiers, alphabetically, under M, P, R and 8. will be listed In the Jan. 14 Issue of
The Corydon Democrat. The remainder, under T, V and W. are expected to be published in the Jan.

THE CORYDON DEMOCRAT, Corydon. In... Wednesday, Jan. 7 1976

'Thompson' to 'Wood' in final  seven Revolutionary names (Patriots of colonies buried here)

Names of men for whom proof to reported available showing that they served in the colonies military force during the Revolutionary War and were buried in Harrison County total 71. Sixty four of the names have been printed In the four issues of The Corydon Democrat, Dec. 24 through Jan 14

The remaining seven names, those. those staring with T, V, and W, are :

John Thompson, born 1757. Capt Charles Porterfield Co., Col. Daniel Morgan Regt., Vir. State Line. Died Nov. 15 1827. Buried Harrison County Ind. Proof of Service: Pension S36828

Anthony Daniel Trout. Bom Dec. 13, 1751 Married Mary Catherine Grubb. Served in Tyron Co., N.C. five years. Capt. Henry  Hampton's Co.. Col. Sumter's A. C. Regt. Died 1844. Buried Luther's Chapel Cemetery. (Stone). Proof of service: Pension Claim W9863.

Peter Vandeventer. Born about 1740. Pvt. Capt. Savage's Co.; Vir.  Line. Enlisted at Millerstown, Vir. Date and
place of death and burial unknown. Proof of service Pension Claim S36833.

Philip Weaver. Born Oct. 19, 1764, Loudoun Co., Vir., Married Ann Swartz. Served in Loudoun Co., Vir. Pvt, Capt. Josiah Moffet Co., Col. Weak  Regt. Died 1835. Burled Potato Run, Cemetery, Old Scott Township, Harrison Co, Ind.  Proof of service: D.A.R.

lsaac Willams, Born February 1760, Craven County, South Carolina. Sergt. Capt. Chapman Co., Col. Crackett Regt,, Vir. Line two years. Date and place of death and burial unknown. Proof of service: Pension Claim S16297

John Willams, Born 1765, Orange Co N.Y. Married Mary Donaldson, Served with Capt. Atwater's Co. of Rangers. Died April 19, `844, Floyd County, Ind. Buried in  The Breedlove Cemetery, Harrison Co., Ind. Proof of service: DAR No 118212 Pension Claim S32069

William Wood, Born July 1, 1761 Augusta County, Virginia. Service Augusta Co Vir., Capt. John White Co., Vir. State Troops, Died after 1834. Burial place unknonw. Proof of service Pens. S32615 Virginia.

Following the listings of the seventy-one names of Revolutionary War Soldiers apparently associated with Harrison County in Historian Arville L. Funk's book, reference is made to 14 additional names of persons who have been said to have served in the Revolutionary War in the years of the colonies.
According to the book, "The following have in one source or another been mentioned as Revolutionary War Veterans who lived at one time or another in Harrison County, however there is insufficient evidence of their war service, residence or burial to be included with the known list of soldiers or pensioned in Harrison County."

They are listed as:
Davis, Edward
Downs, Thomas
Harmon, Abraham
Heth, Richard M.
Kron, George
Lane, Thomas
Leffler. Procter
McRae, Alexander
Raugh, Samuel
Smith, John
Sonner, Philip Peter
Stevens, James
Veatch, Nathan
Wood, Ellhu

This concludes the series of articles about Revolutionary War soldiers of Harrison County in the Bicentennial Corner. Other data and comment in connection with the Bicentennial of the United States are expected to appear later.

THE CORYDON DEMOCRAT, Corydon. In... Wednesday, Jan. 21 1976

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