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Jennings County Courthouse in Vernon, Indiana

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 Jennings County, Indiana

This county bears the name of Jonathan Jennings, the first governor of the State of Indiana (as well as the nine term congressman). Near the streams the surface of the county is hilly and broken, and moderately fertile, except in the beech flats, at the head of the streams, where it is only fit for grass. There is an abundance of excellent timber in the county, of which large quantities are exported. There are also good quarries of lime stone, from which the interior of the State is largely supplied.

Vernon, a thriving town in the center of the county, is the seat of justice of Jennings County, but North Vernon, in Center Township, is the largest town, having a population of over two thousand, good public improvements, excellent school facilities, and increasing commercial interests. The county is a good one, farming is profitable, and the farmers are prosperous. It is traversed by three railroads.

National Protected Areas
Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge
Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

Notable Residents
Lincoln Dixon, U.S. Representative from Indiana 1905-1919
Jeptha D. New, U.S. Representative from Indiana  1875-1877, 1879-1881
Hannah Milhous Nixon, mother of President Richard Nixon
Pat O'Connor, polesitter for the 1957 Indianapolis 500 and member of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame
Jessamyn West, author
Albert Edward Wiggam, psychologist, lecturer and author
Edgar Whitcomb, 43rd Governor of Indiana
Albert Gumble, ragtime composer
Moses Gumble, ragtime composer

Jennings County is organized on February 1, 1817, and is divided into 11 Civil Townships as follows:

Bigger - Campbell - Center - Columbia - Geneva - Lovett - Marion - Montgomery - Sand Creek - Spencer - Vernon

North Vernon - Vernon

Brewersville - Butlerville - Commiskey - County Squire Lakes - Four Corners - Grayford - Hayden - Hilltown - Lovett - Nebraska - Paris - Paris Crossing - Queensville - San Jacinto - Scipio - Walnut Ridge - Zenas

Barnes - Benville - Buena Vista - Butler Switch - Cana - Commisky Station - Dupont - Elizabethtown - Hardenburg - Hege - Hilltown - Oakdale - Poplar Corners - Seymoer - Sherwood - Six Mile - Slate - Tannersville - Weston


County Seat: Vernon
Year Organized: 1817
Square Miles: 378 (377 land, 1 water)


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Directory: 1868 for Queensville, Scipio, Vernon, Zenas

Directory 1868 - Butlerville, Nebraska, North Vernon

Bios: Hon. John Tipton Shields, Hon. D.J. Hefron, Hon. Smith Vawter, Hon. Jason B. Brown; HON. JOHN BENZ

Land: Notice of Caution by David McCollister
Obits: John C. New, Peter M. Foley,

Death Certs: 1909 A-C

Census: 1850 Mortality; 1910 for North Vernon City pg 1A-1B
Family Bibles: Records of Williamson W. Dixon
News: several Social/gossip/visiting items
Obit: Emma Stephens


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Where to find information in Jennings County, Indiana

Jennings Co. Historical Society
134 E. Brown St, P.O. Box 335
Vernon, IN 47282
Jennings County Public Library
2375 N. State Highway 3
North Vernon, IN 47282
Jennings County Recorder
15 Pike Street
Vernon, IN 47282
Jennings County Clerk
24 Pike Street
Vernon, IN 47282
Jennings County Circuit Court
Courthouse, P.O, Box 385
Vernon, IN 47282
(marriage, divorce, probate records)
Jennings County Health Department
P.O. Box 323
Vernon, IN 47282-0323
(birth & death certificates)


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