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North Vernon, IN. Aug. 12,1897. * POLITICS *
The official count was completed here today and resulted as follows: Lee, 1,669: Griffith, 1,266: Browder, 166. Major Lee’s plurality is 403. All factions of the Republican Party united in the work of getting out the Republican vote, and the result is gratifying to all Republicans.

North Vernon, IN. Sept. 24,1898. * POLITICS *
Hon. Sardis Summerfield, of Reno, Nevada, who left this city a poor boy 18 yrs ago to seek his fortune in the west, is now enjoying his first visit home since leaving here in 1880. Mr. Summerfield has served as a state senator of Nevada, and is now United States district attorney for that state, by appointment of President McKinley. Mr. Summerfield is an advocate of sound money in Nevada.

Indianapolis Sentinel Dec. 4, 1874 * MISC *
Mr. Upjohn, who illicit distillery, collector Cumback lately confiscated, is the father of 26 children. No wonder he wanted to make his own whisky. It is hardly fair to prevent a father from providing for his own household, thus making him worse than an infidel.

New Albany Daily Ledger Contributed by Erica Beatty, Feb 11, 1854 * HEALTH *
The small pox is prevailing to an alarming extent in some portions of Jennings county, On Indian creek, some six miles from Vernon, there are thirteen cases in two families and about two miles south-east of the same town, there are five or six other cases

Seymour Daily Republican 28Jan1918 -transcribed by J.S. * SCHOOL *
J.E. Graham left this morning for Paris Crossing, where he has accepted a position as superintendent of the public schools there, the former superintendent having resigned. Although having been out of school work for several years. Mr. Graham stated this morning that he would no doubt feel more at home at that work than any other line, having followed it for twenty years. He was principal of the Seymour public schools for several years.

Seymour Daily Republican 5Aug1908 -transcribed by J.S. * NEW AUTOMOBILE *
Chas. Wright, of Paris Crossing has purchased a new automobile. It is a large Auburn runabout and a very handsome machine. Ed. Vehslage made the sale some weeks ago.

The Calumet News, Feb 28, 1911 (Calumet, Mich) *INDIANA CONSTITUTION OF 1816*
Vernon, the seat of Jennings County, Indiana, is believed to be the only town in the entire state that is still governed under a charter granted by the Indiana Constitution of 1816. Thought the town has only five hundred inhabitants it boasts of a mayor and other officials the same as the largest municipalities.

The Lake County Times (Hammond, Indiana), Feb 22, 1913 * COUNTY HISTORY *
Vernon, the sent[sic] of Jennings County, Indiana is believed to be the only town in the entire State that is still governed under a charter granted by the Indiana Constitution of 1816. Though the town has only five hundred inhabitants it boasts of a mayor and other officials the same as the largest municipalities.
The Lake County Times (Hammond, Indiana), Feb 22, 1913

The Indianapolis Journal, Jan 14, 1890 * Jennings County Republicans *
Special to the Indianapolis Journal
Vernon, Jan 13 - The Republicans of Jennings County met in mass convention, Saturday afternoon, and organized the county central committee. Capt. P.C. McGannon, of North Vernon was selected as chairman of the new committee, and Townsend Cope, of Butlerville, as secretary. Twenty-one delegates were selected to attend the congressional convention, to be held at North Vernon, Jan 23. The convention was largely attended, and the Republicans are preparing for an aggressive campaign.

Indianapolis Journal, Jan 24, 1892 * Madison Personals *
Mises[sic] Ida Varberg of North Vernon, is visiting Miss Grace Myres
Seymour Personals
Mrs. J.F. Mitchell, of North Vernon was the guest of Mrs. W.F. Crist Monday.

Indianapolis Journal, Nov 16, 1892 * Odd-Fellows in Session *
The Forty-Fifth Annual Convention Meets-Report of Officers Read
North Vernon Encampment No. 204, was instituted at North Vernon, Jennings County, July 26, 1892, by J.W. Cooper, grand patriarch.

Indianapolis Journal, Sep 20, 1891 * North Vernon Personals *
Miss Kittie Jones is attending the female university of Oxford
Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Meloy are home from their wedding trip
The Ladies' Musicale was reorganized on Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Eldo Hicks
Misses Vida Miller, Mary Edwards, Anna Jones, Addie Smith and Debbie Henderson, all of Columbus, were recent visitors here
Mrs. Emily Covert is at Franklin for a month's visit
Miss Sarah Gallagher, of Madison, is here visiting
Mrs. Dr. Stratford and daughter, of Indianapolis, are the guests of Mayor Prather
Mrs. Charles Stoddard, of St. Louis, is visiting her parents in this city
Mrs. Martin, of Indianapolis, was the guest of Mrs. O. Bacon one day recently
Professor Gardner, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Wagner for some time past, has gone to Bloomington
Miss Myrtie Reeder spent a few days recently with her brother at Plainfield
Francis Brolley is visiting his daughter, Mrs. John Cooney, at Indianapolis
Harry Bain, of Moore's Hill, is visiting relatives here
Mrs. P.D. Baughn is visiting friends at Rushville
Miss Stella Hill is at home form a visit with friends at Indianapolis
Mrs. Jane Balser and sone are at Madison with friends
Seymour Personals
Mrs. Joseph Mills went to North Vernon on Friday to visit Mrs. Andrews, her mother

Indianapolis Journal, Dec 10, 1903 * North Vernon Notes *
George F. Lawrence, who for the last twenty years has been a practicing attorney of the Jennings county bar, and who during six years of that time, served as the Democratic mayor of North Vernon, is preparing to remove from this city to Nashville, Tenn., where, with his son, he will engage in the practice of law, under the firm name of Lawrence & Son
The stockholders of the North Vernon Glass and Manufacturing Company have selected the following directors: V.C. Meloy, A.A. Tripp and Jacob Frisz, Jr.

Indianapolis Journal, Aug 6, 1893 * An Actress with a Family History *
Miss Annie E. Davis and Miss Marie Bonsall, whose grandfather, John W. Davis, was the first Commissioner to China, first Speaker of the National House of Representatives from Indiana, Governor of Oregon in 1853 and 1854, and lacked but a vote or two in the Democratic convention of 1852 of being nominee for President of the United States, are members of the Riley Democratic Company, which opens the season at North Vernon to-morrow night

Indianapolis Journal, Mar 7, 1902 * Politics at North Vernon *
Special to the Indianapolis Journal
North Vernon, Ind., March 6 - The city campaign is warming up and candidates are numerous for the various city offices. Harry C. Meloy, W.S. Prather and Squire J.M. Rash are the Republican candidates seeking the nomination for mayor, and the race between them is earnest but good natured.
Lecture by General Gordon
Special to the Indianapolis Journal
North Vernon, Ind., March 6 - Gen. John B. Gordon, delivered his lecture on "The Last Days of the Confederacy" before a large and appreciative audience at Whitcomb's Opera House in this city last night. The decture was pronounced the lest that has ever been delivered here.

Indianapolis Journal, Jan 14, 1892 * Currency Controller *
The Controller of the Currency has authorized the First National Bank of North Vernon to begin business with a capital of $60,000. An effort has been made for some time to secure a charter for the First National Bank of Vernon, which is really a part of North Vernon, but the effort up to this time has not been successful on the ground that the First, of North Vernon, absorbs the title for the entire city, both North Vernon and Vernon.

The McCook Tribune, Jun 1, 1900 (McCook, Neb) * Large Gathering of Indianaians *
A large gathering of old Indianaians assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B.E. Ashton, last Sunday, May 27th, and partook of a beautiful spread in the grove, in honor of Grandfather Henry Naden and Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson of Paris, Indiana, who were here on a visit with relatives. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. B.E. Ashton, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Ashton and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson and Grandfather Naden of Paris, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Naden and family, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Witham of Bird City, Kans.; Mr. and Mrs. Barnet Witham and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clint Pew, Mr. and Mrs. U.S. Leisure, Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Smiley, Miss Maud Eno, Miss Mary Andrus and Frank Fanta. The dinner consisted of good things too  numerous to mention; ice cream, cake and lemonade were served in the afternoon, and the entertainment of the day consisted of telling stories and jokes of their boy and girlhood days in and around their old homes near Paris in Jennings County, Indiana. A photograph of the gathered members was taken that they may recall to memory their happy visit, this day had, in the future.

The Lake County Times, Feb 22, 1911 (Hammond, Ind) * Vernon Governed Under Charter Granted by Indiana Constitution of 1816 *
Vernon, the sent[sic] of Jennings County, Indiana, is believed to be the only town in the entire State that is still governed under a charter granted by the Indiana Constitution of 1816. Though the town has only five hundred inhabitants it boasts of a mayor and other officials the same as the largest municipalities.

Democratic Banner, Feb 8, 1845 (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) * Accommodating Editor *
The editor of the Jennings County (Indiana) Reporter, expresses his willingness to receive wood, butter, pumpkins, Jew, ed[sic] sixpences, pistureens and short shillings in exchange for his paper, but boldly protests against Sherman's Lozenges and old almanacs.

The Indianpolis Journal, Jul 31, 1901 (Indianapolis, Ind) * Trip Not Worth While *
Harry Richerson, of North Vernon, Caught at Louisville
Governor Durbin yesterday issued a requisition on the Governor of Kentucky for the return of Harry Richerson to North Vernon, Jennings county, Indiana. The sherriff of Jennings county, who asked that the requisition be issued, forwarded papers showing that Richerson is guilty of burglary committed by breaking into the plant of the City Electric Light  Company of North Vernon and stealing a coast valued at $6, a pair of men's "pants" valued at $4, a man's hat valued at 75 cents, a bunch of keys of the value of 25 cents and $1 in money, all the property of Albert I. Clifford.

The papers state that, instead of lingering about North Vernon after committing these depredations, Richerson at once boarded a Big Four train and went to Louisville, "beating his passage" to Louisville. the conductor suspected Richerson of being a thief and turned him over to the authorities of the Falls City, and the man is now being held in jail at Louisville awaiting requisition papers.

The Cambria Freeman, Mar 4, 1869 (Ebensburg, Pa) * Barney Barnum Becomes Heir *
Barney Barnum, a chap in Jennings county, Indiana, who has heretofore had hard work to make buckle and strap come together, will now find them lapping a long ways over, having become heir to $2,200,000, left by an able and efficient uncle who lately died in Germany.

The Daily Evansville Journal, Apr 3, 1863 (Evansville, Ind) * Meeting of Butternut Democracy of Sand Creek *
"There will be a meeting of the Butternut Democracy of Sand Creek township, Jennings County, Indiana, at Brewersville, Saturday, March 28th, 1863, for the purpose of nominating candidates to fiill[sic] the various offices of the township.

Juniata Sentinel and Republican, Mar 15, 1882 (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa) * Ate on Porch *
A peculiar story comes to us of a family who have resided in Jennings county, Indiana for many years, and during all this time have eaten their meals in an open porch facing the east. No weather has been cold enough to drive them from this porch to take their meals. A gentleman says he dined with the family when it was cold enough to freeze the victuals on the table, yet the family sat at the table as indifferently as if they had been in a comfortable room.

Nashville Union and Dispatch, May 2, 1868 * Petrified Turtles *
In the bed of Muskatatak creek, near North Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana, a large number of petrified turtles have been found. Mr. Dickson, a coal dealer in Indianapolis, has received one of them of very large size.

The Cincinnati Daily Star, Oct 2, 1876 (Cincinnati, Ohio) * Farm For Sale *
For sale farm of 113 acres, situated in Jennings County, Indiana, four miles form Ohio and Mississippi Railroad; will be sold cheap or exchanged for a stock of dry goods or groceries. For particulars inquire of J.H. Schoopmire, Colton, Indiana

Belmont Chronicle, Sep 27, 1866 (St. Clairsville, Ohio) * Stinging Letter from one of the "Boys in Blue" *
R.A. Cooper, a soldier who was wounded and captured at the battle of Chicamauga, and suffered all the horrors of rebel prison pens, except death, has been removed from the office of Postmaster of North Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana, and a Copperhead supporter of "my policy" takes his place. Mr. Connor publishes sixteen reasons why he was removed, all of which are conclusive against his holding an office under the present administration.
The Vernon Times, Vol 7, No 51 (Vernon, Jennings County) Jun 5, 1919 * Commiskey News *
Price Williams is clerking for Glosser and Corya. The latter firm have a new automobile truck in connection with their business.
H.C. Semon of Vernon was in this vicinity last week taking orders for the Missing Link Apple Co., Nurserymen of Clayton, Ill.
The Vernon Times, Vol 8, No 1 (Vernon, Jennings County) Jun 19, 1919 * Local Jennings County Items *
J.P. Ball and son of N. Vernon wired the residence of J.R. Carney last week.
Dr. Will Case of Zenas and James Smith who are on the Equalization Board visited their respective homes over Sunday.
Roy Pettiford arrived home Tuesday from overseas, honorably discharged.
The Vernon Times, Vol 8, No 1 (Vernon, Jennings County) Jun 19, 1919 * Scipio News *
Little Catherine Carey has the mumps.
C.T. Green and family, John E. Amick and wife, Mrs. Eliza Hutchings and Miss Agnes Green attended the funeral of Mrs. Wm. Whitcomb at Hayden Sunday.
Chas. Cain was painfully injured Monday while working at Byron saw mill. A belt slipped striking him, badly bruising his side and face. He was brought here and taken to the home of his mother.
Word came announcing the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Archie Wilson north of Indianapolis, June 11.
Clarence Wilkerson, Willard Milholland, John E. Amick, C.A. Whitcomb and Stanton Clapp attended the funeral of Louis Foist at Reddington Saturday.

The North Carolinian (Elizabeth, NC) Aug 18, 1870 * Harmless Crazy Woman *
A harmless crazy woman in Jennings County, Indiana has a singular fancy for ganders, of which she keeps some seventy or eighty.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, NY) Sep 8, 1870 * Silver Dollars *
A man named Hunnel, in Jennings County, Indiana, has found five hundred silver dollars in digging a well.

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) Oct 28, 1875 * Telegraphic Brevities *
Considerable excitement exists over the discovery of gold in Jennings County, in the southern part of Indiana. It does not pan out in paying quantities, however.

Whittier Reunion
Los Angeles Herald, No 159, 6 Mar 1904
A reunion of Jennings county, Indiana, people residing in and near Whittier was a recent event in which nearly fifty people participated. C. Trueblood's large barn was converted into a dining hall, where the party enjoyed an excellent repast and indulged in reminiscences of the Hoosier state.

Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Marion County, IN) 13 Jan 1891
The suit brought by the heirs of Abram Cline, of Scott county, against the Odd Fellows' Mutual Aid Society to recover $5,000, has been transferred to Marion County. Abram Cline is the part who disappeared one year ago. Recently a skeleton was found in a cave which was identified by the family as all that remained of Cline, and this is disputed by the defendant company. The disappearance of Abram recalls that in 1840 Elias Cline, his brother, killed Aaron Hougland, his step-father, and from that hour to the present time his whereabouts was never known. Elias undertook to chastise his own brother Jonathan, and upon Mr. Houghland interfering, a bitter quarrel followed, which resulted in Elias dashing out his step-father's brains with an ax.

Indianapolis New (Indianapolis, Marion County, IN) 24 Jan 1898 - transcribed by J.S.
To the Editor of The Indianapolis News:
Having once had some acquaintance at Scipio, Ind. I feel an interest in the shocking tragedy which lately occurred there. I have been reading the evidence brought out in the Keifer trial at Madison, last week, and I must say that the inference seems very plain to me that the good people of Scipio were derelict in duty, or this state of affairs would never exist. They must have known that old man Keifer's mind was badly affected; that he was not a safe man in a community, and unfit to have control of his own affairs, much less to have control of a family of children.

They should long ago have put proper restriction on him, either by confinement or by a guardian, or at the least, by putting him under bonds to keep the peace. The first proposition would have been of anything of this kind, they stood by and permitted this state of affairs to grow worse and worse until the boy imbued his hands in the blood of his own father, and then many of them seems to exult in it, as appeared at the trial.

They may each one say, "I am not my brother's keeper," but, methinks, if they pass the grave of this poor old man who lost his life - because he had lost his mind - they will at least feel sad. Of course, this criticism is not aimed at any man, but at the town at large. I hope we may live so as to avoid all such tragedies in the future. L.R. Danville, Ind.

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