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Bios: Mrs. Anna Featherstone
Marriage Announcements: Engagement of STIGDON-JOHNSTON
News: Fond Hopes of Riches Dashed by State Geologist Blatchley;Notice Louis Kraus left an estate of $1,000; Friends Appointed to Hold Meetings; At The Stock Yards; Army Worms; Fish Fights Turtle; Mrs. John Hughes bitten by a mad dog; Johnson's Body Not Found; Thew Keifer Tragedy; Building at Scipio Was One of Old Landmarks, Built 1852;
Obits: Mrs. Eli White; Mrs. Fred Fenstermaker; Mrs. Hendrika Poortinga; Minnie Peterson; Mrs. Florence A. Geeting; Mrs. Suzan Beard; James P. Tolen; David Yoder; Horace Eastman; James Connell; Mrs. Mary Lafferty; Edward Tierney; John Casey; Robert Blacker and child;
State Executions: George Sage

Bio: J. W. Robb

Bios: Solon Robinson, Horatio C. Newcomb,
Marriage Notices:Henberlain-Burkman; Marriage License: Owins-Davis, Steward-Reichle;
Military: Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications 1889-1970
Otis Barton Allyn; descendant of Cornelius Bradley
Charles Aleysius Hall, Descendant of Evan Thomas
Cecil Gardner Harrod; Descendant of Jethro New
Merrill Aubrey Jones, Descendant of Simon Jones
William Paul Purcell, descendant of Ralph Morgan
Lorring Russell Stott by descent from Raliegh Stott
Frederich Charles Uhlmann, Descendant of Moses Brown
John Meredith Wilson, Descendant of Lt. Col. Jacob Reed
Military News: Honorable Discharge for Grimes Brothers;
Disasters-Tragedies: Mrs. M.B. Patrick met with serious accident; Suicide of a Young Lady, Lightning Struck,
Court-Crime News: Penitentiary, George W. Sage Murdered Child,  Pleads Guilty, Notice of Assignee in Bankruptcy,
Land Records-News:  Transfers;
News: East Lovett News; Local Jennings County Items, Scipio News, Telegraphic Brevities,
Obits: Natalie B. Mann Owen,  Marshall  Pugh,  Charles O. Lawson,  Mrs. Charles B. Schomaker, Carrie C. Lesh, Caroline Whitcomb, Pleasant W. Randall, Franklin P. Hacock, William M. Cheever,  Matilda Hamilton,  Jerry Clealand,
Probate & Wills: John Overmyer, Mrs. Charles Rayburn,

Bios: Who's Who in Finance, Banking, and Insurance, 1911

News: Whittier Reunion
Obit: Leroy Lewis, Mrs. Edward P. Nellis

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Military: 1835 Pension List

additional Jennings County History, National Protected Areas, Notable Residents, listing of Townships, Cities and Towns, Unincorporated Communities, 1884 Communities - Main Index Page
Census: 1850 Federal Census, Montgomery Township, pg 9;
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: Charles M. Cooper,
News: Accident-David Hulse's sawmill exploded, Pat Ferry fell from 3rd story; Klan Fight is Aired in Hearing; Executor's Sale of Real Estate-Alice K. Smith; A Sheriff Locked Up, The Voice of the People - Another Revolutionary Soldier, Joseph Wilkerson, Executor Sale - Frank F. Freckling, Sixty-Three Years of Wedded Life Celebrated by an Aged Couple Mr. and Mrs. Randall,
Obits: Mrs. Jane E. Bruner, Ovid Bulter Sr., Charles Stoddard, William Kellar, Levi Butler, J.N. Howlett,

: 101 Years Old - Patrick Noon,  Large Gathering of Indianaians,  Center of Population 1882, Vernon, Governed Under Charter by Indiana Constitution of 1816, Accommodating Editor, Josel Pancoast Charged with Bigamy, The Deadly Cyclone, New Catholic Church Cornerstone Laid, Shot by a Butternut, Seduced and Murdered, Harry Richerson, of North Vernon, Caught at Louisville, Horrible Tragedy at Todd Home , Barney Barnum Becomes Heir 1869, Jennings County Claims Oldest Inhabitant 1868, Meeting of Butternut Democracy of Sand Creek 1863, Hymeneal Marriage 1855, Ate on Porch 1882, Petrified Turtles 1868, Swindle 1876, Oscar M. Garrett Acquitted 1882, Hick-Theobald Company 1901, Mrs. West Committed Suicide 1886, Executor's Notice - Julia Hoffman 1866, Farm for Sale 1876, Stinging Letter from one of the "Boys in Blue" 1866
Obits: Catharine Giles, Joseph Thomas, Samuel James, Mrs. O.D. Allison, Miss Margaret McKeehan, Dr. G.W. Baker, J.P. Gibbs, David Overmyer, W.C. Burdge, Aaron Hinchman, Jesse Riggs, James Henry Bramwell

Bio: W.M. Deputy, Rosabell T. Keefer, Jeptha D. New,
News: Patrick Noon 101 years old, The Cope-Shuck Case, Today's Birthday Honors, Crime-Thomas Condon, Fatal Accident at Standing Rock, Indiana Constitution of 1816, Russell Couple Wedded 50 Years, Need Help Finding Father, J.R. Clarke Indicted, Sixty-Third Wedding Anniversary, County History, Suicide, Business, Robbery and Murder, Marriage of Ogle-Cooper, Jennings County Republicans, Lays Wreck Blame on Disobedience of Train Orders, Madison Personals, Odd-Fellows in Session, North Vernon Personals, Found Dead in Outhouse, North Vernon Notes, Engagement, An Actress with a Family History, Politics at North Vernon, Currency Controller,
Obit: Sarah Beaty, Edward Vawter, Jemina F. Eckley, Emma L. George, J.H. Huckleberry, Zebulon Haeberlin, William F. Kinnan,

Census: 1830 Census Montgomery township, 1860 Census North Vernon, Indiana

Church: Rural Church Life in the Middle West
Probate and Wills: Jacob Klein, Phillip Kline, Sr.

Bios: Men of Progress Indiana - John J. Cooper, Lincoln Dixon, John C. New
Cemeteries: Hayden (A-N) completed
Church: Rural Church Life

Cemeteries: Old Scipio (Hagar),  Old Bear Creek Church (Herring), Bear Creek (Montgomery twp),   Bear Creek (Sand Creek twp), Hayen (A-M) completed,
Directories: Historic Markers, National Register of Historical Places

Cemeteries: Hayden (work in progress)

News: Marriage: Powell-Parker, and marriage licenses for Gruners-Scheller, Bertram-Herron, Powell-Parker, McGill-Wilkerson, Southerland-Richie - thanks to Teresa Haines Rigney;
News: Church-Rev. J.M. Baxter, Sale of Real Estate for Alice K. Smith; marriage - Sherlock Holmes reports; Accident-horse drowned and several men barely escaped; Bank robbery or joke; marriage - WILSON-HALL, MILLER-NIPP; moved-Wm. Robinson; Drown on way to marry; suicide Charles Lowry, Hudson farm for sale, J.E. Graham takes charge of Paris Crossing schools; New Automobile-Chas. Wright; Hunting Maynard; injuries to James Haas; tramp burned to death; poisoned by matches; marriage -BLOCHER-HUTSEL; a tribe of Red Men; Indiana bandit flees after knocked down
Obits: Mrs. Melvin McGannon, Mrs. America Hudson, Hannah McGannon, Charles Wright, Nancy J. Hudson, A.V. Hudson, Thomas Adams II, Mrs. Percy Binford. Mary James, Henry Deputy
Probate & Wills: James A. Hall

Obits: Mrs. Martha J. Dunham, Elisha Thomas, Dr. W.H. Richardson - submitted by Teresa Haines Rigney
Probate & Wills: Edgar Holland, Richard T. Grinstead, Thomas P. Richards, Emily Wetzel

Bios: John C. New
Land Records: Isaac Hall, Junior
News: Marriage Licenses 07Nov1919 - thanks to Raymond Rigney
Probate & Wills: James A. Hall

Cemeteries: Barkman, Hayden, Smith, St. James
Map: Jennings County
Obits: Lizzie Carney, Joseph Hendricks, Walter L. Judd, Richard Kennedy, Ethel Vernon Kidd, Henry Lange, Mittie Lewellen, Mary A. Manville, Alfred Bridges
Probate & Wills: Townsend Dickinson, George F. Spencer, Richard H. Stott, Morris Wildey, Peter Cline
Schools: Paris Crossing Alumni - Class of 1899 - 1923

Census: 1820 Jennings County Census
Directories: Patron Directory 1884
Obits: Cline, Phebe; Corya, Melville S; Fields, Sarah; Harlow, Ralph; McCaslin,Elizabeth; Wilson, Moses

Births, Deaths
History: Population of Jennings County, Indiana in 1870 and 1880
Marriages: Application for marriage HARVEY CLINE and MARY CLUTCH; Marriages in Jennings County, Indiana in 1919
Obit: John H. Bolser

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