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Knox County Poor Farm

Soldiers and Sailors Orphan Home

Special Census US Deaf and Hearing Relatives 1888-1895

Taking the Census: The following is a dialogue between a census taker and a lady who answered the door.

"How many males in the family madam?" "Five, Sir"

"Please, name them." "Well there's my husband, myself two___ and three children, which makes five."

"You don't appear to understand me ma'am. How many he's are there?" "Oh, yes. I understand you. My husband is the only he about the house."

"Is he able to do military duty?" "No, Sir"

"Then he is an alien I presume?" "Yes, Sir, he is."

"Where was he born?" "He was born in New York."

"Well, I thought you said he was an alien?" "And so I did Sir. He has been ailing, for about five years, poor man."

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